TUNE IN 2022 for Aries :: By Eric Francis

Lanvi Nguyen

TUNE IN 2022 for Aries

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Last year’s reading — All of Us Here for Aries

Resource Area for Tune in 2022

PDF of all 12 charts used in Tune In 2022

Chiron in Aries: Time for the Courageous, Solitary Soul
by Dale O’Brien

Essential :: Reference Astrology Readings

For the past two written readings, INTELLIGENCE and Aquarian, Era, Aquarian Age, I have offered reference readings that sum up the essence of the astrology. I consider them to be essential reading and some of my best work. We are offering these to all customers of TUNE IN 2022. Even though one is written for Aries and one is written for Cancer, you will see that this information is generally applicable and contains useful historical context. These are offered at no charge. If you want to get your sign or all 12 of INTELLIGENCE 2020, please use this link. If you want to purchase your sign or all 12 signs of Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, please use this link.

How To Remember Who You Are :: INTELLIGENCE 2020 for Aries

The Great Reconciliation of Accounts and of Humanity :: Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Cancer 2022-2026

Video Introduction to Cardinal Signs:

Saturn, Pluto, Eris and the Centaurs: Melanie Reinhart and Eric Francis in a conversation about 2022:

Aries Chart for 2022 hand drawn by Eric Francis

PDF of all 12 charts used in Tune In 2022

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