Chiron in Aries :: Time for The Courageous Solitary Soul

(When Conscious Non-Action IS Action)


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What’s in a name? This astrologer, for one, sees and hears Chiron, each planet, relevant asteroid, etc. as a “Who” — not a “what”, not some abstract jumble of key words. Unlike the immortal Gods and Goddesses of Greco-Roman mythology, Chiron, was/is mortal on his mother’s side and immortal via his father (Cronos/Saturn).

The late depth psychologist James Hillman said that when spirit incarnates into matter, there be soul. So, natal astrological Chiron indicates the initial situation, circumstances, predispositions, challenges, etc. of a particularly unique Soul. Understanding the wide diversity of the mythology of Chiron, far more than just the “wounded healer” cliché, shows us which parts of Chiron’s story that are applicable to a unique individual in terms of house and sign placement, aspects, etc.

The Greek term planet means “wanderer,” so as each planet, or Chiron, changes signs and houses, that character’s story and experience changes. The movement of Chiron from sign to sign, house to house, indicates a Soul’s journey through time, experience after experience.

At a collective level, we can also track Chiron, simply through each sign of the zodiac, or relative to some chart of the collective, such as the chart of a particular nation.

Chiron and its Discovery Chart

Yet another way to look at Chiron’s journey is in term’s of Chiron transits in relation to Chiron’s astronomical discovery chart: November 1, 1977, 10 a.m., Pasadena, California: to paraphrase Jan & Dean, we can say that Chiron, “He’s the little old centaur from Pasadena!” Chiron’s starting point was in early Taurus, so Chiron transiting now through Aries has yet to return. (Chiron returns to its natal position on June 8, 2027).

Chiron’s discovery chart.

Mythic Chiron was described by a variety of superlatives, including the wisest of all beings, human or divine. For an individual, Chiron’s return culminates enough life experience to merit wise man or wise woman status for anyone attuned to his or her soul.

Note that the time of the Chiron return approximates the post-menopausal status necessary to be deemed a wise woman in various traditional indigenous cultures. So, perhaps we can say that modern humanity, especially the people of the United States have yet to come into collective wisdom, or even the possibility of such.

For a human individual, the time period immediately before the Chiron return, analogous to the increasing darkness of the late phases of the Lunar Cycle, tends to be a time of the end of what was, whether in real life terms and/or in perception and value. For instance, for some, there is the realization that the children are grown, perhaps parents now themselves. Others may have health crises at such a time. Different others may lose their jobs, and/or find a former career meaningless.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

The Calling of the Soul

What does one’s Soul want? Chiron speaks in a little voice within, heard and heeded, or denied and disregarded. The former choice leads to Soul Satisfaction; the later choice of denial begins a process of Soul Loss, a sense of emptiness unheeded, a dull, aching painful woundedness unhealed.

Planets conjunct, square and opposite Chiron at the time of the discovery. We did not remember that Chiron was discovered conjunct Sedna.

The people of the modern world, and certainly the United States, are increasingly going through a Dark Night of The Soul befitting this late stage of Chiron’s Soul Journey.

Concurrently, the end of the American Empire is occurring as the USA Pluto returns occur in 2022. We have been seeing this develop for a while, though it’s building to a peak right now.

Mythic Chiron, the first ecologist, teacher of ethics, was a mentor to the young, in one to one relatedness and connectedness.

Most modern young people now lack such Chironic Soulful mentoring. Instead they have Saturnine Senexes like son-of-a-Nazi Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Biden, Schumer, Trump, McConnell, etc. and cadaverous female equivalents like Nancy Pelosi who de-Nature them, isolate them, mask them and vax them.

Meanwhile, corporate media, Silicon Valley and Wall Street, vilify Chironic defender of the environment and advocate for Children’s Health Defense Robert F. Kennedy Jr., his colleague and friend Del Bigtree. Similarly, Dr. David Martin, barely known and barely heard, attempts to both expose the deception and corruption of old Senexes and a even older capitalist system. He also proposes an alternative, loving, functional way that we humans can co-create.

Positivity Against All  Odds

Let’s now move from the cyclic status of Chiron’s Soul Journey to the Chiron in Aries dynamic. Astrological Chiron’s stories are as much about those who Chiron mentored as about the old centaur himself. In the eons-long story of Chiron, he mentored one amazing individual after another, each with diverse skills and a unique life challenge. Chiron taught music to Orpheus, music so exceptional that Orpheus uniquely played his way into and out of the Land of the Dead.

Chiron taught physical healing and dream work to Asclepius, the greatest legendary healer of all time (too good, actually, but that is another story). Chiron instructed the greatest of hunters, as well as a series of individuals who, against all odds, succeeded with little or no violence, in attaining the thrones rightfully theirs which had been usurped by evil despots.

Note a common component to each of these amazing “heroes”: each one, for the beginning or the entirety of his quest, had to go it alone. Each one needed enormous courage. Each one needed to be in the unique circumstance of a particular moment of The Now. Each one knew his challenge, but not one of them could be assured of his success beforehand. (Kindred neo-mythology: Gimli in The Lord of the Rings: “Certainty of Death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for?”)(Released 11/4-5/1969 when Chiron was in Aries: Jim Morrison: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near. Let it roll, baby, roll…” — Roadhouse Blues)

Chiron is not just a guy thing. Case in point: a young female gymnast told her coach that she wanted to compete in the Olympics. Her coach told her, “You only have a one in a million chance of making it to the Olympics.” The young gymnast replied enthusiastically, “You mean I have a chance?!”

She indeed made it to Olympic competition and even received a bronze medal.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Chiron lived in nature and as a centaur, his immortal human-like upper torso and his equine lower torso remind us of the indigenous Native American of the old American West, horse and rider as one. We can draw upon such wisdom for insights into the Wise Brave dimension of Chiron in Aries. Unlike the white man’s assumption of a fierce aggressive urge for conquest and domination, a “brave” was descriptive of one with a powerfully brave heart to defend the less able, such as children and the elderly. If necessary, the brave counterattacked their invaders.

When Chiron was in Aries two cycles ago, during the “Red Summer” of 1919 (red the color of Mars-ruled Aries), the 1921 destruction of “Black Wall Street” or of Rosewood in 1923, racial violence and/or targeted arson (Chiron in fire sign Aries) went down. Similarly, during the most previous transit of Chiron through Aries, in the aftermath of the murder of Martin Luther King (just days after Chiron’s ingress into Aries), there was severe racial conflict and property destruction in 125 U.S. cities. Chironic MLK had tried to warn anyone who’d listen that “violence begets violence.”

His warning, tragically, went unheeded. Fast-forward to our present Chiron in Aries time to recent action in Kenosha, for just one example. Raw old wounds of racial animosity were ripped open, tragically, every time. Each time, Chironic wisdom was lacking.

USA Chiron in Black and White

The USA as a nation has Chiron in Aries. An African American slave was legally considered 3/5 of a human being. Think of a centaur: 3/5 = part human, 2/5 = animal. The later fraction rationalized ownership by whites with enough money and purported inferiority to any white. Native Americans fared even worse, legally and otherwise, described legally as “savages” and denied the right to vote until as late as 1948.

In the mythic story of Chiron, as a centaur, he was initially despised as bestial and less than human. Thus from the beginning (see historian Gerald Horne’s COUNTERREVOLUTION of 1776) the issue of racial equality/inequality is a big part of the USA story, especially when Chiron transits through Aries.

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”
(a Chiron in Aries ‘meme’ before there were memes, circa 1969)

There was another “warrior” issue the last time that Chiron was in Aries. There had been anti-Vietnam war protests as early as 1966, and then in 1967. However, as soon as Chiron entered Aries, MLK was assassinated on 4/4, exactly one year after he had spoken out against the war. Two months later, on 6/6, probable president-to-be anti-war RFK was also assassinated.

A little over two months later, anti-war demonstrators outside of the Democratic convention in Chicago, were chanting, “The whole world is watching,” as many of them were brutally beaten by Chicago police, with the National Guard called up. Less than two years later, May 1970 saw two violent tragic incidents for anti-war demonstrators, one remembered: white kids at Kent State; one nearly forgotten: Black students at Jackson state, just days apart.

Mythic Chiron became famously wounded. When Chiron was last in Aries, about 500 Vietnam Vets, led by amputee Vets, threw their war medals, and those of their dead fellow vets, over the White House fence, symbolizing their rejection of mass murder and the glorification of killing of people of no threat to the U.S. Even the “disabled” were able to perform powerful actions to bring about an end to horrendous actions.

‘Dem Changes’

Starting with Uranus, late astrologer Dane Rudhyar described a “discovery period” shortly before and after the astronomical discovery. Such changes fit the nature of the new discovery. For instance, Uranus discovered in 1781 coincided with the American revolutions of 1776 and the French revolution of 1789.

Pluto’s “discovery period” spanned a much longer time. Similarly, we can look at U.S. trends shortly before and after Chiron’s astronomical “discovery” that fit Chiron’s mythology. For instance, the discovery period of mythic Chiron, defender of the environment, corresponds to environmental disasters and a first-ever environmental movement.

Meanwhile, the non-violent inter-tribal occupation of Alcatraz (“Ya-Ta-Hey! Red Power!”), the ’64 through ’68 Civil Rights Acts, and the murders of mentors JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK reminded humanity that Chiron time is here and now. Mythic Chiron taught navigation by the stars and told his charges optimum times to act. Accordingly, the late sixties brought in astrological awareness big time, particularly with the musical Hair (albeit inaccurate astrology and Sun Sign simple).

“You can depend on the stars and planets to always tell you the truth.” — Gil Scott-Heron (Sun, Venus, Mars, N. Node (and maybe Mercury) in Aries, Chiron in Sag)

Mythic Chiron played a stringed instrument he made himself (like Bo Diddley) that enchanted all who heard, “even the rocks themselves!” (Hence, rock music). No surprise, many a guitarist with a message also emerged during this “discovery” time. The young were musically soulfully mentored.

Chiron’s legendary geographic region was, even well into the twentieth century, known for an appreciation of wild, natural shamanism, herbalism and such. Chiron’s discovery period also began fairly widespread shamanic awareness, including transference of ancient traditions from indigenous people to sincere and respectful mostly young non-indigenous.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Meanwhile, Back in The Present

The competent practice of astrology challenges us to see both the similarities to recurrent dynamics, such as Chiron in Aries then and now, but to also to differentiate the differences in the overall astrological picture. So, what does the current era want to be?

I don’t mean just a here-we-again time of racial discord. The actions (Fire Sign Chiron) time will tell. You, many others, and I will do our parts. There are basic essentials of Chiron in Aries that are called for, the spirit of then to embody the reality of Now.

Then: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Now: What if they gave experimental mass inoculations and nobody took the jab? (Whether the first jab, the second jab, the third jab, the fourth jab, the jab your five your old kid jab)

Then: Most people started off not have a problem with napalm torching (Fire Sign Chiron) the innocent people of some far away country, but while Chiron was still in Aries, the momentum shifted and the troops came home. Now: Non-compliance to cruel, dysfunctional insanity is seen as dangerous and stupid by most, but as in the Vietnam war era, that can change if each non-compliant Soul continues to refuse to betray all that is truly good.

Then and Now, Chiron was and is a time for courageous solitary non-action as the best form of action. Then and now, Chiron in Aries says, I Will Not Comply. Win or Lose, Succeed or Fail, the Chiron in Aries Soulful thing to do is to try, no matter what. RFK, Jr. recently said, “I and many others are ready to die with our boots on for liberty.” ”Bobby” even needs to stand alone relative to his own wife, who is in alignment with the media’s mantras.

Jimi Hendrix said, “I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” Hendrix also said, about those critical of his way of living, “Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” RFK Jr. gives all of his book’s profits to his Children’s Health Defense fund. Fauci and many of RFK Jr.’s other critics’ hands are not clean. One last Hendrix quote in closing, “With the power of soul, anything is possible!”

Link: Gil Scott-Heron “Save the Children”
Link: Blind Joe: “I Will Not Comply”

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  1. Somewhere in your recent presentations you mentioned Chiron as being the influence that mediates between Saturn and Uranus. Which I thought was a fascinating perspective on our current time in history because the ‘Saturns’ of our era (the Institutions) are all enthralled by ‘Uranian’ data and remote and networked systems of control. So there’s a Chironic wounding if ever there was one and its going to be an eternal wound (Chiron’s Immortality through the father of time / his father) if we don’t rebel against this as individuals. I like this article, the take on the matter extends the thought stream, though some of the examples veer into blinkered prejudice (there were Black slave traders and slave owners in America, and female slave owners as well, but general history finds such things offensive to the current narrative so they get edited out).

    NEVERTHELESS, Chiron in Aries begs the question of the mythic warrior which must arise again in all of us as antidote to the Urano-Saturnian monster which nowadays sits on our heads! Well done!

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