INTELLIGENCE — Written Readings by Eric Francis


Dear Friend and Reader:

Back in early 2019, I completed a set of astrology readings called INTELLIGENCE. They are the culmination of the prior 22 years of Planet Waves annuals. I consider them my best astrological work so far: the most comprehensive and in-depth readings for Sun, Moon and rising signs.

The INTELLIGENCE readings came thundering through. The nearly 70,000-word project took just two months to write, from beginning to end. The resulting chapters vibrate with the energy of each sign.

These readings have a special distinction: they are an artifact of The World Before, written without any knowledge — other than astrological — of the transformation of society that was to come in 2020.

That makes them more objective — a kind of blind study using only astrology and my intuition as a guide. They are a well of information and analysis that will be more helpful today than when they were released in early 2019.

With love,

Eric Francis



My annual readings are crafted with the care of the very best personal nonfiction writing, with the ethics and the training of competent, responsible therapy, and the alive, fresh immediacy of journalism. They are carefully researched, edited and fact-checked. I take full responsibility for my work.

I am not writing for “true believers” in astrology. I am writing for some who value astrology, and for those who will be engaged by the quality of the work. I am writing for thinkers, for healers, and for spiritual seekers.

Moreover, you get much of the value of a personal reading. Not all — but most. You learn a lot about current astrology and how it influences you, in clear, concise language.

Most significantly, you get something respectful of your intelligence and your individuality.


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