The Day of Progressive Intuition — Astrology for March 11

Libra Moon Squares Capricorn Planets | March 11, 2020

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Today the Moon remains in Libra, and will make a series of squares to the Capricorn alignment. A “square” is a high-tension, 90-degree meeting.

The Moon has already squared Mars in Capricorn (note today’s volatility in the stock market). Through Wednesday and overnight it will make additional squares to Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto and Jupiter. That’s a lot of tension, which will give way to a new energetic quality when the Moon enters Scorpio at 5:28 am EST on Thursday.

If Your Birthday is Wednesday, March 11 | The Day of Progressive Intuition

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We are told over and over through life that we must adjust ourselves for others. There is a limit to which this is possible, though when it is, there is usually a mutual meeting involved, where two people create some changes together and are both the better for it. Yet this is a rare condition, requiring sincerity and strength of character. Therefore, be wary of any relationship where you have to make any adjustment that another person is not willing to make in kind.

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Almanac: The Moon is in Libra and enters Scorpio on Thursday, March 12, at 5:28 am EDT.
The Sun forms a sextile to Jupiter today at 8:27 am EDT.
Mars conjoins the centaur Hylonome today at 9:09 am EDT. Hylonome is one of the few female centaurs. You can read more about her here.

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