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Full Moon, Mercury Direct; Tracking the Virus Issue

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are again sharing the Core Community issue with you. This is called the Monday Morning newsletter; it comes out Sunday night, with an astrology update, my weekly horoscope and week-ahead birthday readings. 

Coordinates on my shirt are for home plate at Dutchess Stadium, our local minor league baseball park (part of the Tampa Bay Rays) where you'll find me many summer evenings.
This is to keep you informed and to encourage your investment in Planet Waves. We provide an actually-unique service which tracks world events, their spiritual themes, the and the related astrology from an individual and collective standpoint.

Additional Potentially Helpful Information

We continue to update a special news feed related to the world public health situation. We are watching major news sources, Asian regional news sources, and well as dependable specialized publications. Our contacts around the world are reporting in locally. If you have news from your area, please contact us.

That federal Centers for Disease Control has denied New York State permission to allow seven private labs to test for the virus is an indication of how the federal government is holding the situation. Trump has even said that he wants to keep the reported numbers low. This is the "don't look, don't find, not there" method of assuring the public that everything is fine.

The new Planet Waves FM covers two topics of potential interest. One is a look at both the astrology and world situation involving the virus, in the first part of the program. The second part includes a discussion of what it means to step outside of the authoritarian medical model and learn methods of self-care.

With medical science having nothing offer in the way of a cure or direct prevention, we are left with their best advice: keep your hands clean, avoid touching your face, practice social distancing, and learn how to sneeze and cough without infecting others. Get help if you think you're sick. And that's about it.

That means many people will be entering the wilderness of natural remedies, with little experience and no dependable sources of information. I discuss how to handle this situation, and how to take control of your decision making process.

Thank you for tuning in, for staying in touch, and for contributing to our efforts at this time

With love,
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