Update on RESPECT 2021+ Written Readings

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I finally had the opportunity to listen to the Respect audio file for my Sun sign, and I cannot say how grateful I am to Eric’s work. It was so insightful, full of optimism, with clear direction as to how to handle myself during these challenging times. As a Cancer, I have been through the wringer, but I’m still standing. What a tremendous labor of love he has bestowed us.
— E. Sena, Planet Waves client

Dear Friend and Reader:

The written RESPECT readings — called An Aquarian Era — covering 2021-2023 are underway. I’ve now published the first three readings, and more are coming soon.

This letter is for current customers of the annual, for new customers, and for people who have invested in the past. It includes a delivery notice, and also a price increase notice.

As you know, the Planet Waves annual is a truly unusual astrology offering, providing detailed, soulful, relevant readings.

Planet Waves

I have done these every year since 1999. Each edition builds on the prior ones. Every year, I re-learn and re-explain astrology.

On the typically vapid, superstitious astrology internet, these readings stand out as works of literature, directly relevant to you.

There is nothing else available even vaguely resembling this series of readings.

Most internet astrology readings are assembled by robots. They have no cohesion, and offer exceedingly little sense of the person creating them. Many are uncredited; you have no idea what you’re getting. Yet many people take them on board unfiltered, allowing them to influence their perceptions and choices.

I am offering something VERY different

My annual readings are crafted with the care of the very best personal nonfiction writing, with the ethics and the training of competent, responsible therapy, and the alive, fresh immediacy of journalism. They are carefully researched, edited and fact-checked. I take full responsibility for my work.

I am not writing for “true believers” in astrology. I am writing for some who value astrology, and for those who will be engaged by the quality of the work. I am writing for thinkers, for healers, and for spiritual seekers. I am writing for people who respect both shamanic tradition and science.

Moreover, you get much of the value of a personal reading. Not all — but most. You learn a lot about current astrology and how it influences you, in clear, concise language.

Most significantly, you get something respectful of your intelligence and your individuality.


Your 2020 reading is in two parts — an extended written reading as part of the INTELLIGENCE package, and an extended audio reading as part of the RESPECT package.

Planet Waves

I am now well into part 2 of RESPECT, the written part — called An Aquarian Era. Though I have promised a reading that covers up through 2021, I am taking this one out to 2023-2024, covering Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and introducing Pluto in Aquarius.

You will get additional information about Neptune in Pisces, and Chiron in Aries.

I have promised these for late March, and by some miracle, I seem to be on schedule. Aries, Aquarius and Pisces are now done, and more will come soon. If you are already a customer waiting for this work, please review the INTELLIGENCE written reading. Please make a point of reading Aries, which is included for everyone.

Your 2020 audio RESPECT reading, which covers many excellent topics, is worth a second listen.

If you have not encountered this work, or encountered my annuals, I am very excited for you. You will not hear me say this often, but I am proud of what I have achieved, in each individual annual project, and the entire body of work.

Please take advantage of the pre-publication price. You may order single signs here or get all 12 signs here. Alternatively, you can order the full RESPECT readings together with INTELLIGENCE as one package: get the complete readings, or choose your individual signs.

Thank you for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,

PS — Some ask why they would want all 12 signs, or more than one. There are several reasons. One, you may share your annual package with your household. Two, you will definitely want to read for your Sun, Moon and rising signs. Plus, each sign is designed to offer excellent material and a touch of wisdom for everyone.

PPS — Here is a letter about how my readings work. The explanation is too long. The readings work because I not only can do them — I put in the time, the effort, the thought and the research. And I work very carefully at the writing and audio presentations. It’s not an accident of nature.

Respect 2020-2021 Readings Are Now Published

We’re delighted to announce that the audio segments of our brand new annual edition, RESPECT 2020-2021, are now available for instant access. You may listen to the introductory recording on our website.

Each reading includes a high-quality audio recording of approximately 90 minutes by Eric Francis, plus a PDF of all the charts used, along with other resources. You’ll also have access to An Aquarian Age, Eric’s written reading focusing on 2021, which is due out in the spring.

Here are your purchasing options:

— All 12 signs for $144 | Order here

— Individual signs starting at $44 (additional signs discounted) | Order here

— All signs of both RESPECT and our 2020 part one (extended written readings), INTELLIGENCE, for $177 | Order here

— Individual signs of INTELLIGENCE only, starting at $44 (additional signs discounted) | Order here

Thank you for your business, and for trusting us as your astrological news service.

What the World Needs Now is Respect

Dear Friend and Reader:

I trust this finds you well, amidst all the swirling lunacy of the planet at the moment. We’re in one of those times when the world is bursting in our pockets: the news feeds keep going off and the phone keeps vibrating. I have the feeling that a good few people want to crawl under the covers right now.

These days, I’m ever more grateful to do what I do: keep a flow of reason and sanity moving into consciousness, and provide a safe space to think about your life.

Planet Waves

I’m making excellent progress on RESPECT, your 2020 Planet Waves annual reading. This is my 22nd time at the rodeo: annual editions started this time of year in 1998. My plan is to deliver a few days after the Capricorn solstice.

Why This Reading is Called Respect

The word “respect” means to see again. The RESPECT readings are part two of your 2020 astrology; part one was released earlier this year, in an epic written project called INTELLIGENCE. This is my second detailed study of astrology in the year of two major conjunctions, Saturn conjunct Pluto in January, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn in December.

And there is one other reason. As you know, I avoid over-hyping aspects, because I don’t want to set up expectations, negative or positive. My intention is to leave you space to move around inside your astrology; the space to make up your own mind.

However, I will say this: the astrology we experience in 2020 calls for respect: for the moment we are all in, for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face.

Respect is an idea that is evaporating. It seems inconvenient, superfluous and even irrelevant to many. This may be a Pluto in Capricorn thing: a gutting of tradition and protocol, on every level of society. But we have the power to honor dharma.

In 2020, we experience two conjunctions; one is a five-time-per-century alignment, and the other about three times per century (a little less). When you have two rare alignments in one year, that indicates deep, potent movement. In astrology, rarity bestows significance.

Consider this: The last time Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Aquarius was in 1405. The last time Saturn and Pluto aligned in Capricorn was in 1518 — well before what we consider the “modern era.” And now both are happening within 12 months of one another.

This Calls for Special Handling

The purpose of getting an astrology reading is to help you align yourself with the current energies and the circumstances they present. It is rare enough to find sound guidance in any field, particularly something so potentially complex as astrology.

Planet Waves
This is the basic kind of chart I use for RESPECT; each sign gets one. I consolidate data from many different sources into this shorthand presentation. I read various kinds of planets and points, including classical planets, centaurs, Kuiper belt objects, hypotheticals and asteroids. I read points not visible in the chart; I just know they’re there. My chart mainly serves as a prompt. I would not call what I do “channeling,” but once I get rolling, the reading comes through.

Your RESPECT readings offer clear, concise and loving guidance to help navigate the situation of our world.

My idea of success is founded on healing and meaningful participation. My idea of relationships begins with self-awareness and self-respect. My idea of work involves doing what is meaningful to you and of service to others.

I use astrology as a foundation for making these themes personal to you. My work is informed by A Course in Miracles and several of the best therapy methods I’m trained in, including Gestalt, Hakomi and Internal Family Systems. They all contain wisdom and an approach to the puzzle of consciousness.

There are times when it feels strange to call these recordings astrology readings, because they integrate so many approaches. Yet in truth, I make a chart, and I read the chart, using everything I know and all my experience.

I have had many astrology readings; I’ve never encountered work on the level of what I’m presenting in RESPECT anywhere else. I know this is unusual for a reading that does not depend on your birth time. But there are many ways to play guitar.

Description of the Reading

Around Christmas, I’ll be delivering 12 audio readings of about 90 minutes each, in three sections. These cover out to the end of 2020, and are built on the INTELLIGENCE readings released earlier this year. These readings work for Sun and Rising Sign; they are also one integrated work of astrology. You may share them with your children and significant others (and you’re invited to purchase them copies as a gift as well).

In late March, I will have a second presentation for you, which looks closely at the astrology of 2021 in a more visionary way. I am daring to be optimistic in all of this work. I am here to advocate for you, to encourage you, and to provide you with motivation. You will find these readings comforting if you are in difficult times, and affirming if you are looking to take charge of your being and make some decisions.

Each is presented with original music by Vision Quest, the Planet Waves ambient ensemble.

You may get all 12 signs of RESPECT here. You may get all 12 signs of both RESPECT and INTELLIGENCE here. Individual signs of just INTELLIGENCE are available here. Note, INTELLIGENCE is instant access and includes a 2019 reading as well. For all 12 signs of INTELLIGENCE, please use this link.

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to do this work for you. Thank you for your business and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,

Respect is Underway. Recordings Will Include Transcripts!

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is upon us, just weeks away. While this event will happen two or three times in the lives of most people, this particular event is a moment of convergence and reckoning for the world and for us as individuals.

I’m now underway recording RESPECT, the 2020-2021 Planet Waves annual readings. This is my 22nd annual edition — a full-service astrology suite that I consider to be my very best work each year.

Planet Waves
Steps of Stackers by Lanvi Nguyen.

It is designed to be affordable, easy to understand and with the full depth of professional astrology. These readings are condensed astrology motivational consulting, designed to help you solve your problems and expand your mind. They are applicable to Sun sign and rising sign.

Transcripts of Recordings Are Included!

I am truly excited to announce that my annual edition audio will include a transcript. For years and years, people have been asking for this — and it’s finally going to happen, thanks to my reincarnated master-scribe friend Joshua. The Aries experiment went well.

Additionally, with all current purchases, RESPECT also includes a written reading focusing on Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, called “An Aquarian Age.”

This is the astrology of 2021, which will include a preview of Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044 — yes, I just typed 2044! Wow). An Aquarian Age is planned for release March 21, the day Saturn enters Aquarius for the first time. Please note, An Aquarian Age will be sold separately starting Jan. 1.

You would search long and far for better astrology covering these crucial years of our lives, and you would probably come up short. We have what you’re looking for: astrology that is both practical and visionary, created to the highest standards of spiritual teaching and personal growth-related work.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — You may place your order by phone. If we don’t answer, someone will get right back to you. Call (845) 481-5616, 10 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Thank you again for your business.

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