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Mail Bag: How Do Your Readings Work?

New York, Feb. 18, 2020

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Dear Eric:

         I'm finding it difficult to understand how using a general chart based on a Sun sign alone and not based on the personal time of birth and place can possibly be as accurate for a person's life. It seems more like a "one size fits all," which cannot possibly be so for each individual.

         I bet I'm not the only one who might think this way, so perhaps you could send out some insights into just why using only Sun sign (and/or rising sign) is comparable to an individual horoscope reading. Inquiring minds want to know. :-) Thanks much for all you do. I think your work is unique and special. We need more like you.
-- Sandra

Eric Francis.

Reply: Our Work is Collaborative

Hello Sandi:

         Sometimes it helps to know how water is turned to wine -- how those little dots on the page become a reading. I would ask, though: do we understand how any astrology works? Here are my thoughts on that.

         When you get a reading -- any kind of reading -- you're not getting astrology; you're getting the work of an astrologer. You get their perspective, their voice, their spiritual connection. That's what counts.

         Let's use music as a metaphor.

         An artist can release a song, which millions of people hear -- and it feels like it was written just for you. The same is true with a book you relate to deeply. Many readers; one work. You may have a profound response, and learn something about yourself.

         When I first heard the voice of an astrologer, it was Patric Walker in the New York Post. Fifty words, tucked in next to Jumble, that were so relevant they might have been written just for me. That drew me into astrology. I saw it working and thought, this cannot be possible, but obviously it is.

         Newspaper (Sun sign) horoscopes use the “solar chart,” which is actually the archetypal chart for your Sun or rising sign. This is a real chart, with a long history. Transits (events) by house and sign are real -- even if it's your solar chart.

         Ultimately, it's the astrologer who gives the chart its voice. It is the astrologer who sees the nuances. I happen to be very good at this kind of reading, and as a writer and teacher, I'm especially imaginative.

This is a typical chart I use for a sign or rising sign reading. My charts provide far more data than conventional charts and readings that are typically available. However, I translate into easily understood language and ideas.

         I have also practiced reading and writing about charts every single day since 1995. I use sophisticated techniques, and do a perfect hybrid of classical and modern astrology.

         Then I get to work from 12 points of view, for each of the signs. That's a lot! Most things only come in two varieties. I speak to universal themes with the knowledge I’ve gained from serving thousands of personal clients. Put it all together and you get astrology that works as well as any other.

         Some of these readings are 6,000 words long. You can be sure I am not speaking in generalities.

         The individualization attribute is that I present ideas in such a way that leaves you plenty of room to bring your own experience, while describing specific structures and themes, as well as timing.

         So when you listen, it's a collaborative enterprise. We write your story together. Therefore -- my work is original for everyone.

Thank you for your letter.
PS -- You can read the story of how I became an astrologer.

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