Sun, Venus, Salacia, Chiron: The Question of Trust

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Friday, March 26 is the exterior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Aries. That marks the halfway point between Venus retrogrades. (Venus was most recently retrograde in Gemini in May and June of 2020. Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on Dec. 19, 2021, in a close conjunction to Pluto. There is no Mars retrograde in 2021.)

Venus in Aries is one of the more challenging placements in astrology. It blurs the line between the interests of self and those of the other, and seems to come with a blind spot. It’s true that the boundary between self and other tends to blur under most conditions on Earth. When we put Venus in the sign of Mars, the self-assertiveness of that placement can overpower the receptiveness and understanding necessary for true emotional intelligence which is a potential gift of Venus.

That said, it’s probably worth mentioning how timid most people are under digital conditions, when the discussion is in real time and space rather than filtered through the distortions of electrical communication. People can be drunk with bravado online, and afraid to ask for a glass of water in a restaurant. That is calling for some balance, which could come from sensitivity (the active, living, inward kind, not the rule book of what you are supposed to say when).

Is everything we experience an extension of our own consciousness? Is there anything that is not subject to our projections onto it, and the experience of projection being perception?

“Celebration of Specialness” from David Byrne’s 1986 film True Stories, where everything is perfectly normal. This is another feature film that rises to the level of a documentary.

Self as Center of Perceived Universe

In the self-other dichotomy, we are confronted with a question. If self is the center of the perceived universe, does anything other than self exist?

Is everything we experience an extension of our own consciousness? Is there anything that is not subject to our projections onto it, and the experience of projection being perception? There is an old aphorism: we don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

So how true is that? And what if it is a defining factor of projection? It might be fair to say that love is what has entered when someone sees the interests of another as no different or more important than their own.

With that on the table, Venus in Aries can be alluring to an extreme. Everyone can become submissive to its self-focus. It is one of the placements that describes star-quality or born-to-be-famous. (And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner.) For the sensation in personality, check Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, Jack Nicholson, Shirley Temple, Mia Farrow, Albert Einstein and for good measure, Fabio.

(Albert was the one person among those I mention who made a vast intellectual contribution to existence, figuring out the nature of space and time. With his Sun in self-effacing Pisces, he utilized Venus in Aries to help him assert his ideas.)

Venus in Aries has a “special” quality to it, as does everyone and everything these days. This reminds me of Davie Byrne’s fictitious “Celebration of Specialness,” where everything is perfectly ordinary. (Byrne has Venus in Aries.)

The placement in Aries conjunct the Sun is glamorous to the point of blinding glare. It is all about the object looked at, and potentially seen as a mirror.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Salacia is in the Mix

Last year I introduced a point called Salacia. Discovered in 2004, it is an object in the Scattered Disc (sometimes considered a Kuiper belt object.) Named for the Roman Nymph who became consort to Neptune, Salacia has a 272-year orbit, and is widely misunderstood to be about salaciousness.

My delineation of Salacia pertains to the sexual healing process known as maturity. This includes outgrowing the glam, the tease and the power trip of commercial and most socially transacted sexuality, and entering the world of feelings and of sincere curiosity. Growth is the active verb here.

The Sun conjunct Venus takes place exactly conjunct Salacia, so we have the perfect set of interlocking contradictions. The placement in Aries conjunct the Sun is glamorous to the point of blinding glare. It is all about the object looked at, and potentially seen as a mirror.

This will work better when it’s honest. It is possible to see and experience relationship as a means of getting to know oneself. A mainstay in Gestalt Therapy we would benefit from is the practice of conscious mirroring-as-service provided to one another, in a life-affirming way. We “one another” have the ability to help others explore feelings that they might not be able to access without our help. That can be a generous and giving gesture.

All young people are being desensitized to their inherent humanity, including the feelings of their physical bodies.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Physicality and Sensation

In our time of eliminating physical existence, and of the attempt to turn the body into a disease vector and experimental object, we need to remember what it’s like to be alive.

These are the words of Patricia Lynn Reilly:

Yes, in the very beginning of her life the girl-child is full of herself. Her days are meaningful and unfold according to a deep wisdom that resides within her. It faithfully orchestrates her movements from crawling to walking to running, her sounds from garbles to single words to sentences, and her knowing of the world through her sensual connection to it.

Her purpose is clear: to live fully in the abundance of her life. With courage, she explores her world. Her ordinary life is interesting enough. Every experience is filled with wonder and awe. It is enough to listen to the rain dance and count the peas on her plate. Ordinary life is her teacher, challenge, and delight.

She says a big YES to Life as it pulsates through her body. With excitement, she explores her body. She is unafraid of channeling strong feelings through her. She feels her joy, sadness, anger, and fear. She is pregnant with her own life. She is content to be alone. She touches the depths of her uniqueness. She loves her mind. She expresses her feelings. She likes herself when she looks in the mirror.

She trusts her vision of the world and expresses it. With wonder and delight, she paints a picture, creates a dance, and makes up a song. To give expression to what she sees is as natural as her breathing. And when challenged, she is not lost for words. She has a vocabulary to speak about her experience. She speaks from her heart. She voices her truth. She has no fear, no sense that to do it her way is wrong or dangerous.

She is a warrior. It takes no effort for her to summon up her courage, to arouse her spirit. With her courage, she solves problems. She is capable of carrying out any task that confronts her. She has everything she needs within the grasp of her mind and imagination. With her spirit, she changes what doesn’t work for her. She says “I don’t like that person” when she doesn’t, and “I like that person” when she does. She says no when she doesn’t want to be hugged. She takes care of herself.

It is not just girls who are losing this ability now. All young people are being desensitized to their inherent humanity, including the feelings of their physical bodies. Older people as well are being terrorized out of having any feelings at all, except for fear alone. Now more than ever, any bodily pleasure is suspect.

She is a warrior. It takes no effort for her to summon up her courage, to arouse her spirit. With her courage, she solves problems.

— Patricia Lynn Reilly

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Growth is about Trusting Your Body

Trust is a form of awareness and deep contact. It is what makes sexual growth, or any form of growth, possible. To develop a trusting relationship with one’s body and feelings is to grow into them. This is more important than trusting other people, because all trust begins with oneself. If you are taught to doubt yourself, you will not know who you can trust, and in my view, the opposite holds true.

We now live in times when we are being ordered around the clock to not trust our inherent biology: our natural immunity, our ability to know what to eat, our ability to rest and recover from illness. So when I say these words, I know I am speaking into a maelstrom.

The holistic truth of biology is not a conspiracy. The ability of your body’s systems to take care of you and ward off disease is not a conspiracy. But it can be seen as such in a world fragmented by terror and chaos.

We have all read many times that the spiritual journey, or the life journey in any conscious form, comes down to a question of love versus fear. Once someone is totally enraptured in fear, that sounds like psychosis. When someone is in a loving space, it’s obvious that this is true: it is obvious that fear is chaos and confusion.

From the standpoint of fear, it takes more than trust to find your way out. It takes genuine courage.


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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your ruling planet Mars is currently in Gemini, and will be responsible for much strangeness that takes place this week and next. In the long run, Mars is approaching a square to Neptune in Pisces. That is a caution against self-destructive conduct, bad choices, assessments made under the influence of substances, and situations where you don’t know the whole truth. Before that aspect shapes up, Mars is square Nessus, a centaur with many similarities to Neptune (but intensified and focused on specific situations). The feeling of Nessus is something coming back to you from the past. This is likely to be the result of some new action that you take, some new desire or relationship you initiate — and then suddenly you find yourself caught in the past scenario again. It might involve the same people, or it might be a kind of holographic replay. Now is the time to address this matter, as it’s coming up in an undeniable form allowing you to take action. Get this right while you can.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your ruling planet Jupiter is encouraging you to collect your thoughts, sort yourself out, and make a game plan that you actually follow. Jupiter’s current placement in Aquarius is giving you some well-needed detachment and the ability to use your full mental capacity. Saturn in this same area of your chart is guiding you to take the methodical approach, and to take actions that are built to last. Jupiter is guiding you into new territory. One function Saturn is performing is giving you the ability to clear the past, though that is very much a one-step-at-a-time kind of thing. The feeling is how you might go about resetting the password on every digital account, making sure your contact information is correct, and tidying up what you don’t need, want or use. This does not happen fast, and it’s work that must be done slowly and steadily. You know you’re doing it right if it feels like it’s never going to end. That’s when you must keep going, one step after the next. And eventually, you get there, and you feel better.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You may be obsessed with finding some safety and security in the world. Well, it has nothing to do with locks on your doors or two-factor authentication. It is about feeling at home in your skin. It’s about knowing and understanding who you are. This is not what you would call the easy path, but it’s the real one. We are taught to solve everything by taking a pill, or pretending that we don’t care or that it didn’t happen. Yet that is all cost and no reward — just a temporary palliative. I suggest you go for the heart of the matter. Assume that it will take a while. Once you start unraveling your situation, you will figure out that it goes back for generations. The good news there is that most of the material is not exactly yours; it’s more like an unneeded inheritance. If you allow yourself to explore your sexual feelings and where those intersect with your experience of your early-childhood household, you will have all the information you need to embark on a much-needed healing process.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The extraordinarily rare occurrence of Jupiter and Saturn together in your birth sign suggests that this is a moment unlike any other, presenting you with truly original opportunities. Yet to have the advantage of these, you will need to do something that may not be easy: stretch, flex and change your mind. I mean really change how you think, what you believe, and how you reach the conclusions that you do. The mental patterns that comprise your personality are so strong it’s difficult to imagine any real shift is possible, or necessary. After all, these things are you, and why should you change for anyone or anything? Well, what if we leave that question open? There is an answer, maybe a few of them. A true observation about why would provide you with the motivation you need, to make the decisions that you need to make. I don’t use the word ‘need’ lightly. Saturn is in your sign. That’s about the bottom lines of your life. Most see Saturn as a drag. In Aquarius it is your best friend and your power tool, and you will miss it dearly when it’s gone.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Take the full duration of the Sun’s trip through Aries as your cue to work on the financial aspect of your life. Chiron’s presence here has been trying to get your attention for a while, and quite possibly has succeeded. Now is the time to focus and intensify your efforts. Pay special attention to where your money goes. Really dig into that. This whole topic is shrouded in mystery, or so you will see when you peel back a few layers.  You are likely to discover efficiency problems. You may find out you’re being overcharged for things you think of as essential. So do a real audit. Get the numbers. Negotiate with companies and with people. You are not a miserly person; you tend toward the generous. But in your case right now, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Meanwhile, there is a self-esteem project in the works, and this involves how you feel about your sexuality. Let’s start with a question: how do you feel about your erotic life? How do you feel about who and what you want?

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2021-22 Pisces Astrology Studio: Every Decision You Make

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