Fresh Astrology for Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising

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Fresh Astrology for Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising

Dear Friend and Reader:

I have just completed a new reading, a calm moment in our chaotic times. My readings will help you feel good about yourself and your astrology. I not only interpret: I use the planetary pictures as a source of motivation, inspiration and understanding.

My new reading for Cancer is 90 minutes — I added an extra discussion at the end, about Mercury in the 12th house, something you will not hear anywhere else. There is also a brand new optional written reading you may get with it, part of the Aquarian Era series.

This is astrology you will want to listen to many times. With each listen, you’ll hear another dimension of the message and arrive at fresh insights. In addition, it comes with new original music by Vision Quest.

This reading is part of the Backstage Pass and the Galaxy Pass.

For your sign’s reading, go here. Please let me know how you like it, and you may write in with any questions.

Faithfully, your astrologer,

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PS — You may always reach us by phone at (845) 481-5616. We can answer any questions, check your subscription status, or offer special discounts on unadvertised packages of reading and membership combinations by phone.

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