Planet Waves FM | Who’s calling please? Government admits to UFOs but not to visitors. Reading of the United States Chart. The Delta Variant and Tantra Studio

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Who’s calling please?

Now on Planet Waves FM:
Who’s calling please? Government admits to UFOs but not to visitors. USA chart reading. The Delta variant. Tantra Studio.

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Tonight’s segments —

• Program begins with discussion of the USA chart for about 45 minutes.

• UFO segment starts at about 55 minutes

• Delta variant rant begins at about 1:46

• Tantra Studio begins at about 2:35

My article on the USA UFO announcement.

My sidebar on the USA UFO announcement with the chart. To see the chart please click through.

Last Year’s July 4 Edition :: In Search of the American Dream

USA Sibly chart. Click for larger image.

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