Of Press Cards and Tarot Cards (and Astrology)

Planet Waves
My heap of press credentials from the European Union, the International Federation of Journalists, the National Union of Journalists, and various police agencies. And, a bit of my tarot card collection as well. I propose doing readings with both kinds of cards — I see the Empress and the president of the European Commission in your future. The sheriff will be helpful.

Dear Friend and Reader:

In this letter, I’m linking our approximately 7,800 past subscribers to recent Thursday editions. These put the events of the world into the context of the developing astrology, and vice versa.

If you’ve ever loved Planet Waves for our ability to do something that’s unusual, useful and maybe even essential, I’m here to revitalize your interest and invite your involvement. Or rather, I’m here to offer my support, in honor of you keeping your sanity through this tumultuous and daring moment we are in.

Planet Waves
iMac Selfie tonight in my astrology studio.

One of the greatest gifts of astrology is that it offers perspective and context. For longer than I’ve been doing astrology (about 25 years), I’ve worked as a journalist covering government, corporate and social issues. I feel confident saying there is nobody else on the planet with these qualifications — except for one other bit.

I make this fusion of news and astrology easy and interesting to read about, relevant and exciting even to those who don’t “believe in” astrology. That comes from the practice of having written countless thousands of articles, all over the world, on almost every subject.

Astrology works unexpectedly well when presented as journalism: in plain talk, connected to real events. News events lend themselves well to astrology, with its ability to see back or forward decades in a chart for a single news item. And while journalism is good at the who, what, where and when of things, it’s terrible at the why. That is where astrology is helpful.

Into everything I write for you, I bring my highly unusual experience, and I spend many hours a week training young people in the skills that I’ve acquired. That means practicing astrology with real-world grounding, and looking at the world through a much wider lens than analysis of events alone.

The most significant thing astrology does is bring you into the scenario, helping you witness events in the context of your life. Check out what we’re doing these days. Last week’s edition covers the issue of election fraud set in the context of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Tonight’s edition considers how the Full Moon is sending a surge of energy into current aspects, and studies the result we’re seeing in the world.

In a special Saturday edition, I will take the Full Moon on a more personal level.

We’re here for you. Please take advantage of that. Please revive, renew or upgrade your membership today. Please consider offering a gift subscription.

With love,
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