Conspiracy to Defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. § 371)

Oct. 8, 2019

Dear Friend and Reader:

First, please get over the notion that if you take any of this seriously, you’re nothing but a partisan of evil Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton. Or that if you shrug it off, you’re a brave protector and defender of the United States Constitution and the honor of a duly elected executive officer.

Pres. Trump speaks calmly and politely to reporters Wednesday, after he was asked just what favor he wanted from the Ukrainian president. After he dodged the question for five minutes, the reporter asked him again. Photo by Doug Mills. View full size; link to Doug’s Instagram.

Also, for those who care, I will offer some thoughts about how not to leap across the table and pummel those who act like nothing special is happening, as they torture you with their blasé attitude. Or, for that matter, those whose acid cynicism makes you want to hate the fact that you’re interested or concerned.

In this article, I’m planning to go over the basics of the impeachment and the astrology behind it, though I think it’s secondary in significance to something else, something much larger and more personal. I want to speak to the figure-ground issue that will help clarify what is happening with the attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, and what the implications of that are.

This may take a few words. If I sum it up with a statement such as, “It’s not about them, it’s about us,” all the nuance will be lost, which is part of the problem — this stark contrast view of the world that is taking over. I will do my best to be succinct without skipping over any critical details.

If you have a question, you’re invited to write to me, and I may respond on Sunday’s Planet Waves FM. [Here is a link to Monday’s open call-in session.]

Let’s start with the astrology. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve become reluctant to track the natal charts of presidential candidates or celebrities in general; I prefer charts for events, which get us beyond the personality level. However, curiosity got the best of me this week, and I had to see where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (which takes place Jan. 12) takes place in Trump’s chart [read my earlier article on his astrology, What’s Up With Trump?]

Planet Waves
On the left is a section of Pres. Trump’s natal chart, with his Saturn in mustard yellow at 23+ degrees of Cancer. To the right is an image of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of Jan. 12, 2020. Note how the Saturn-Pluto event (in Capricorn) has a similar number value as Trump’s Saturn (in Cancer). All those planets oppose his Saturn (and his Venus). This is a lot of pressure for the little guy.

And where would that be? Well, it rings a bell in his chart. Trump has his Saturn at 23+ Cancer. The Jan. 12 grand conjunction of Mercury, the Sun, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto — a once in a lifetime event, featuring the Saturn-Pluto conjunction — happens exactly opposite Trump’s Saturn. Translating this into layman’s terms, KABOOM.

Said another way, we may be witness to the gruesome unraveling of a human being who is under way too much pressure, and who may not comprehend the extent of his liability. It may be difficult to turn away, as with Stephen King’s “car accident in slow motion” that everyone wants to see.

In The Donald’s chart, Pholus (the second centaur planet) is involved. Pholus is the pressurized release, the runaway reaction, the small cause with the big effect, and a few generations of family karma to boot. Trump lives with Saturn opposite Pholus in his natal chart. Saturn wants to contain things and Pholus ultimately cannot be contained. Translating this into layman’s terms, think of fifty pounds of shit in a twenty-five pound bag.

By one interpretation, when that bag breaks, it will be like the Dr. Pimple scene on Tosh.0 that you don’t want to watch because you can’t unwatch it, but let’s just say that a lot more comes out of that pustule than you ever thought possible. It’s like the Zit From the Black Lodge — and this is what we are seeing the beginnings of now.

Planet Waves
Trump walks onto the stage last month at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, NC. Photo by Doug Mills.

One other point. Trump has his Saturn rather close to the United States Pluto (that in the Sibly Chart, July 4, 1776). So when Saturn and Pluto oppose his Saturn, that also sets off the U.S. chart. As you may know, the U.S. is now in its first-ever Pluto return, which is where all this energy is coming from in the background, powering up the whole circus.

This is a major event in the astrological history of the United States, arguably the biggest ever.

To sum up: a significant aspect, Saturn conjunct Pluto, happens opposite the Saturn in Trump’s chart, and conjunct his Pholus, radically destabilizing him. This occurs as an aspect in the United States chart, shaking up the stability of the country as a whole; it will be followed by Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord, getting into the mix.

And in the middle of all this, we’re about to experience a presidential impeachment. Right in the middle of global warming and most Americans living paycheck to paycheck and all of that.

As I mentioned last week in the monthly horoscope essay, the astrology suddenly shifted from the delusion and denial bubble of Jupiter square Neptune to the ‘this is getting very real very fast’ experience of Saturn conjunct Pluto. News commentators keep saying how rapidly this is all developing. They will continue to be surprised. Someone needs to explain the Saturn-Pluto conjunction to them.

July 25 Call to Ukraine

Here is the nutshell edition. On July 25, Trump spoke with the newly elected president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The context of the call was that Trump had ordered the cutoff of U.S. military aid to Ukraine two months prior. So as you can imagine, in this first official call with Trump, Zelenskyy is very interested in getting back his arms funding, since Russia is still attacking Ukraine’s eastern border.

We do not have an exact transcript available, but we have the summary memo the White House released last week. In that summary, this is how the White House said the early part of the conversation went:

Planet Waves
Volodymyr Zelenskyy shortly after his swearing in as the Ukrainian president this year.

PRES. ZELENSKYY — We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps. Specifically we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.

PRES. TRUMP — I would like you to do us a favor though, because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.

The favor involved Trump asking Zelenskyy to come up with some dirt on his principal opponent in the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden. This is the nugget: Zelenskyy wanted his weapons; Trump asked for a favor, easily understood as a condition of providing those weapons. And the favor involved not the business of the United States, but the personal business of Trump and his bid for reelection.

According to the call summary memo, Trump tells Zelenskyy that he has two go-to guys for the project — his TV lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani; and William Barr, the attorney general of the United States, thereby implicating both of those men. Additionally, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was personally listening in on the call — but publicly denied knowledge of it. Even better, Giuliani sought advice from Paul Manafort, the now imprisoned Trump campaign chairman who used to do a lot of business with Ukraine (it was his criminal specialty).

Trump was aware that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had already dismissed the Biden situation. So he was seeking Ukraine’s help in committing fraud against the United States government, which is a federal offense. The same is true every time he tries to engage a foreign government to sway the election against Biden (or anyone else).

Planet Waves
Where do people like this come from? This is William Barr, attorney general of the United States. Trump told the Ukrainian president he was the go-to guy for the arms for dirt on Biden deal.

The key here is Trump did this not as a candidate or private businessman but rather as a president who has gone through two years of the Special Counsel investigation. Trump may claim “no collusion” and “no obstruction,” but we can assume he knows what they are.

What you just read was “collusion.”

It is black letter law that foreign countries must stay out of United States elections. That was the big deal in the Mueller investigation, which found Russia did in fact interfere in the 2016 election, along with plenty of collusion on that and more; he just couldn’t obtain evidence sufficient to convict anyone in the White House of conspiring with Russia to do it before the fact — not least because he concluded that much of the evidence he sought was withheld, concealed, or destroyed.

As for obstruction: then there is what happened next. White House officials listening in on the call realized they had a problem on their hands. So the record of the call was moved to a high security computer in the White House, and the notes were restricted to fewer recipients and marked “Eyes Only – Do Not Copy.” In other words, the White House immediately went into cover-up mode.

Aug. 12 Whistleblower Memo

On Aug. 12, a United States intelligence officer took action under a law called 50 U.S. C. § 3033(k)(5)(A) — the federal whistleblower law. The whistleblower prepared a memo stating that he had an “urgent concern” pursuant to that law, which in part involved the July 25 call.

An “urgent concern” is defined by federal law (I am summarizing the code here) as a serious or flagrant problem, abuse, violation of law or Executive Order; a false statement to Congress, or a willful withholding from Congress; or an action, including a personnel action constituting reprisal or threat of reprisal prohibited by law. In other words, an “urgent concern” is when one federal employee catches someone (such as a colleague or superior) committing a crime. And in this situation, that someone was the president of the United States.

Planet Waves
What an honest face! And so happy! Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor,” was name checked by Trump in the Ukraine call. Though he holds no official position, he seems to be running a shadow foreign policy office for the Trump administration.

The “urgent concern” involved not only the July 25 call, but also reports by more than six of his or her colleagues of “facts related to this effort.” In other words, it was a well-established plan.

By law, a whistleblower remains anonymous, for their protection. I am aware that the memo is being called “hearsay.” Here is how its author addresses his or her sources:

“I was not a direct witness to most of the events described. However, I found my colleagues’ accounts of these events to be credible because, in almost all cases, multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another. In addition, a variety of information consistent with these private accounts as been reported publicly.”

My take is that the whistleblower was the person among his or her colleagues who was willing to write the memo and take the heat, which involves risking their life. Maybe the person did not have children or a spouse; maybe their colleagues were younger; in any event, one person got the role of activating the “urgent concern” provision of 50 U.S. C. § 3033(k)(5)(A), writing the memo and taking responsibility for their actions.

Then the White House ordered the suppression of the memo, which is supposed to be delivered to House and Senate intelligence committee leaders in seven days. The White House hid the document from congressional leaders despite the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community determining that the memo was compliant with the law, correctly submitted, and legitimate.

Dirt Digging Tour

During the past two weeks, a whole lot of other stuff has burst out of the scenario, including how Giuliani and Barr have been on a kind of dirt digging tour, seeking assistance in destroying Joe Biden and his son from several different countries.

That was yesterday’s exciting news. Today, as I am writing this article, Trump has publicly called for China to investigate Biden and his son. “China should start an investigation into the Bidens,” Mr. Trump said Thursday as he left the White House.

Planet Waves
Dr. Amp, a/k/a Dr. Jacoby of Twin Peaks, urges his viewers to dig themselves out of the shit, with his special gold shovel for $29.99.

Then he added: “We’re going to have a meeting with them, we’ll see. I have a lot of options on China. But if they don’t do what we want, we have tremendous power.”

What is he, nuts? Well, maybe. In the words of one of my readers, he is “burning himself to the ground like a raving lunatic on the international stage.” And what kind of “America First” president needs help from foreign countries to win elections?

Trump is doing what he does best: making his crimes seem ordinary or normal, by talking about them on television. The question is whether our federal system of governance still has the support and the integrity to withstand this kind of assault. More significantly, do We, The People, understand what a serious problem this all is? We still have about 40% of voters supporting Trump after what the country has gone through the past three years.

Speaking of Dirt — The Ground

We Stand On

It really looks like the problem is the president and his men. These people are avowed criminals, who are using the White House solely for personal gain. They are now holding power for its own sake; for their own sake.

They seem willing to go to any end to accomplish this — and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which I reckon is the epicenter in time of the current episode — is still three months away. More than we can imagine is going to happen between now and then. For one thing, many of the machinations of this “Easy Bake Impeachment” are going to take place during Mercury retrograde, which begins Oct. 31.

But there is a more significant reason why you should care, which is that this is not coming from the top. It’s not coming from Trump. He is merely the top of the volcano. The real action is down below, on our level. Trump and his men are the figure; we are the ground.

This is starting to sound like the story of how three tractors got stuck out in the bog. One got stuck so they got another one to pull it out, and when that one got stuck they sent another one. Right now the ground is a bog, or quicksand. The ground is not solid. We have perfectly good tractors that are not suited for the environment we are living in.

Planet Waves
How did those perfectly good tractors get stuck like that?

The sodden ground is making it difficult to stand up straight, or for many people to tell the difference between right and wrong. Among those who can see the difference, many are so exhausted that they don’t have the energy to care.

And when someone speaks up about their concern, a wise old sage who knows nothing may chime in and say, “More conjecture designed to stir the pot. Good grief, what has happened to reason?” And you try to hold back as you fight the urge to crawl across the table and start punching him. But that won’t help.

In September 2016, two months before the last election, I wrote an article called How The Hell is This Even Happening? More recently, I wrote about Our Invisible Environments. Both of these articles speak to the issue of ground, which — thanks to total immersion in digital — is collapsing.

When you look around and think, “this is totally fucking insane,” remember the words of Eric McLuhan:

The body is everywhere assaulted

by all of our new media,

a state which has resulted

in deep disorientation of intellect

and destabilization of culture

throughout the world.

You might think: my innocent little iPhone cannot be doing this. That’s impossible. Well, so is plenty else happening right now. It’s not just your iPhone. The U.S. Justice Department is planning to begin adding the DNA samples of migrants to the national criminal database. G5 technology will soon be tracking your every move, as if the GPS in your phone was not enough. Facebook has developed a digital wristband that reads your mind. Prototypes are shipping as of now, according to Big Brother Mark Zuckerberg.

I would remind you that there is no going back. The only question is about going forward — whichever way that is. Just ask yourself how those three tractors got stuck out in the field. Admittedly, it is a strange sight. But not so strange as looking out at a world wondering whether there is such a thing as truth, and whether it even matters.

With love,


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Action and Resolution at the Quarter Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:

Full Moons and New Moons tend to carry more weight in astrology writing. Yet this weekend’s first quarter Moon happens to connect with one of the more important aspects we’re building up to, as does another event this week.

Planet Waves
What’s in the dark under that rock? Mercury in Scorpio wants to find out. Photo by Amanda Painter.

On Saturday, the Capricorn Moon squares off against the Libra Sun. That’s the quarter Moon, traditionally describing an opportunity to lean into projects and processes you can build some early momentum with.

Yet the Moon will also be conjunct its own South Node and the planet Saturn. The South Node can represent what is familiar, ‘comfortable’ and habitual in a way that does not help us to grow. You can also think of it as karma: repeated patterns that we’re trying to learn from, so we can move on toward a greater sense of lived purpose.

Saturn, of course, holds the line of authority, responsibility, limits and restrictions. Its presence also connects this quarter Moon to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January.

The Moon conjunct the South Node and Saturn looks a little like an emotional withdrawal into the experience of these themes; that is, an interior sense of what you may feel is holding you back. Yet the Sun is squaring this cluster from expressive, active, intellectual, balance-seeking Libra.

Along with the kind of tension that may spur you to get moving on a project, this square also suggests a question: where is the point of balance between your need to express and gratify your own aims and desires, and your responsibility to others? Perhaps even more importantly, did you feel an awareness of guilt or habits of self-restriction begin cascading in the moment you even read that question?


Continue reading…

Planet Waves

Who Do You Want?

By Amanda Painter

We might not be in a presidential election year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold a strong vision for the kind of leaders who deserve to lead, and the kind of inclusionary, engaged populace from which one could emerge.

Recently I ran across Zoe Leonard’s poem “I want a president.” Leonard was inspired to write it by her friend Eileen Myles, a poet and activist who announced that she was entering the 1992 race for president of the United States as an “openly female” candidate. It had been set to be published in an LGBT magazine that then ceased publication; so Leonard photocopied the poem and distributed it by hand. Vice described it as “something like a pre-internet meme — something shared, copied, and re-interpreted starting way before most Americans had internet connections at home.”

Earlier today, a friend of mine posted a photo of a mock election sign on someone’s yard that read, “ANY FUNCTIONING ADULT 2020.”

It’s funny for a moment…until you realize just how low the bar has fallen for so many people with regard to who we think we can reasonably get into office at this point. I think we can do better than that.

I think we need to keep aiming higher — not for a ‘perfect’ person for president, but for a real person: someone who can share their light and own their shadow; someone who’s lived some life, like the people Leonard mentions, without losing themselves to cynicism. I think we need to see our moments of despair as just moments, not as the full spectrum of possibility. I want someone for president who can do the same. And I realize that with the U.S. Pluto return moving into full swing, this may be a tall order. But I’m taking the long view.

Planet Waves
In October 2016, a month before Election Day, High Line Art installed a large version of Leonard’s poem “I want a president,” measuring 20 feet by 30 feet, on a pillar along the High Line in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Photo by Timothy Schenck / Friends of the High Line.


The First Virtual Reality Impeachment, Robert Hunter Tribute and an Introduction to Jealousy and Compersion

Dear Friend and Listener:

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Planet Waves

On Monday night, I hosted a live call-in show, titled Tell Me Anything. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you missed the broadcast, you may listen to the recording here.

About This Week’s Show

As for this week’s extended program [play edition here] — extended mostly by music — I describe in some detail the astrology of the imminent presidential impeachment. With a little help from Mark Zuckerberg (not a lot, just a little), I put us on the map of virtual reality/augmented reality and consider the impact on what we’re about to experience. You may read the call notes here, and the whistleblower memo here.

Tantra Studio [which starts at 2:30] is an introduction to jealousy and compersion. This is a coherent, focused discussion on the topic of what jealousy is, how to handle it, and what this other thing called compersion is. Here is Jealousy and the Abyss by William Pennell Rock.

As regards Robert Hunter, principal lyricist for The Grateful Dead, who left us just over one week ago, here are two resources: The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, and the whole Barton Hall concert on or YouTube.

With love,


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Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019 (#1263) | By Victoria Emory


Aries (March 20-April 19) — Power is peace within. However much your attention gets drawn to what’s coming at you from ‘outside’, keep this deceptively simple axiom in mind. The more real you are with yourself, the more accepting of where you are in your process, the greater your capacity to act and respond in ways that serve both you and others. The marked shift into the second half of the astrological year becomes more palpable this week. For you, that’s likely to be felt in terms of your relational environment, professional development, and values, security and resources — yours, and those you share with key associates. A transition period is concluding in your professional sphere. Gradually, changes you may have contemplated for months should become easier to implement. Partners of whatever sort appear to be directly involved, and inventive solutions or compromise may be easier to arrive at than you realize. Remember: you are the hub of the wheel. To stay centered, dance with the music and breathe.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — The confluence of factors shifting into gear this week has Work-Life Balance written all over it. Demands on your time or on the job are set to accelerate, and you’re primed to accomplish as much as you can. This coincides with an uptick in your relational sphere. That might include increased communications related to work, while personal relationships also call for attention. You’re generally pretty good at going with the flow. But if you find yourself growing increasingly frustrated in days ahead, pause. Stuffing dissatisfaction will exacerbate the potential for nervous irritability or explosive encounters. Clarify for yourself what you want, and why you want it. If you feel conflicted between satisfying others’ expectations and the need to do your own thing, that’s a conversation worth having. You’re insightful and compassionate enough to respect where they’re coming from, even as your own needs are transforming. Cut through overwhelm by identifying priorities. Make sure self-care is among them.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Joy is an essential nutrient, and you could use a supplement. Creative expression of some kind is one way to fill that requirement. Play in any form that stimulates your imagination and inner vitality, or a bit of romance, will do the trick. Here’s a permission slip, if you need one: it’s good for your nerves. Mercury’s recent sign change will sharpen your mind like a stiletto, and you may be extremely focused on mental work in coming weeks. That same influence also has the potential for generating anxiety, however. Treat yourself like a finely tuned instrument: don’t tighten the strings too much. Other aspects moving into position could exacerbate vague fears or feelings of constraint. Yet your inner child is ready and eager to help out; loosen the reins enough to let it. Remember what’s it’s like to feel special? Get out, see friends and have some fun — your body will thank you.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The wheel of this year has turned, and the volume in several areas of your chart will turn up a notch. With conscious awareness, you can leverage pressure to your advantage, but you’ll need to intentionally, and honestly, feel into what’s moving within the depths of your psyche. You could act out patterns or attitudes from the past without realizing it. These tie in somehow with weighty relationship issues that you know call for closure. On the mundane level, work that’s directed toward your living space will serve a dual purpose. One: channeling energy into improving your base of operations, and clearing literal clutter, can symbolically open a gateway toward emotional healing. Two: you’re entering a cycle of emphasis on self-expression. The more room you free up, physically and psychically, the more easily thoughts and creative impulses flow. Let yourself turn inward and regroup. A gentle regard for your private process will pave the way for improved relations all around.

A new season has begun, and there are big changes coming — also great potential. What do you need to know? The 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, will help you orient yourself through the months to come. Order individual signs here.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — The Observer Effect in quantum physics demonstrates that the mere presence of an observer affects that which is observed. The mind is not a wholly internal affair; it plays a role in determining what we perceive ‘out there’, and which trajectories we activate. Food for thought, as your mental forces are about to launch into warp speed. You might notice a dual focus clicking into gear. On the one hand, your day-to-day pace and need to express ideas is set for ‘Intense’. Work obligations may generate stress that you can minimize by weighing your honest, subjective responses. You’re not powerless in the face of demands, and your primary obligation must be to yourself. As busy as you soon may be, a period of intellectual withdrawal of some kind is also beginning. Working through elements of the past could play a role. Your words have amplified power now. Observe your inner response before speaking, to avoid a potential speedbump just up ahead.

How do you find the strength to take some meaningful action in your life — on whatever level? In These Times, the 2019 Autumn Reading, is designed to help you find the answers on your own, through grounded, therapeutic support. Order individual signs here.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Your analytical and expressive prowess is shifting into high gear. At the same time, your focus on values, resources and security will intensify. Discern your bedrock requirements as distinct from desires, and where they might overlap. It’s hard to write The Great American Novel while working 9 to 5. If creative projects you’ve had in mind have been shoved down the priority list, don’t discount what could be a soul-level need for artistic fulfillment. If you’ve been anxious about a relationship with a financial component, consider opening that up for discussion. Insecurities tend to fester and multiply when left unexpressed. Your ruling planet Mercury will be in the zone of your chart most conducive to its expression for nine weeks. A high-voltage current will accelerate your mental tempo, and you should be able to convey exactly what’s necessary, with profound impact now. Words are your tools. Use them wisely. Just don’t let nervous tension lead you to waste them on what you cannot take back.

If you are looking for a sane, calm space where you can think, reflect and prioritize during the next few months, the 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, offers just that. You can also order individual signs to reap the benefits of my therapy training and decades of astrological experience.

In These Times — 2019 Autumn Reading

How do we confront this dual problem of premeditated decay of society, and the inner issue of needing the strength to take some meaningful action? Where do we start? As in few other times, this calls for a response from a spiritual place: of deep caring and responsibility; the quest for honest connection above all else.

Planet Waves

It has called forth all of my knowledge, experience and wisdom to do this work. I have proceeded in the spirit of therapy, knowing that most people do not or will not go. That spirit first involves seeking refuge, becoming aware of your situation, ordering your priorities, and then making choices. But the single most important factor of therapy — and of old school spiritual mentorship — is not giving answers, but helping the client find them for themselves. What I have to offer you are 12 readings of approximately one hour each, which use astrology to address the matter: the one about how to orient yourself to make the most of the difficult and challenging times we are in.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Get ready for your close-up. This week of this season of this year has money riding on it. You’re emerging in a personal renaissance, and it’s time to step up, gather your courage and dare to ‘be for yourself’, to borrow from Hillel. For years, what you’ve relied on in terms of home, family or foundational security has undergone demolition. Complex gears shifting in your chart point to the essential need to initiate bold strategies for reconstruction. The evolutionary potential in this leg of your journey is greater self-confidence than you’ve ever known. The challenge is conquering old fear patterns and making peace with the past. Your tools are innovation, adaptation and unwavering commitment to your vision. Sustained emphasis on negotiating values and resources will call for your special blend of tenacity and diplomacy. Desire itself generates power and kick-starts creation. Let that momentum propel you. Jupiter’s light at the end of the tunnel will shine soon enough.

A new season has begun, and there are big changes coming — also great potential. What do you need to know? The 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, will help you orient yourself through the months to come. Order individual signs here.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your tribe has a reputation for instinctively seeking the truth; picking up clues and following whatever dark and winding trails may lead there. To ‘pierce the veil’ holds power. And possibly danger. The sheer intensity of the experience is alluring enough. When the mystery is yourself, the stakes are even higher. Dynamics affecting your chart indicate your readiness to investigate seriously how you’ve constructed your approach to the world. This learning process has been ongoing; now you’re prepared for more advanced teachings. The mirror held up by your relational environment may offer surprises, in terms of how you identify yourself with reference to others. Cleansing the doors of perception can be a messy job. But you’re not the type to be satisfied with superficial answers. As your solar year wraps up, look with new eyes at attitudes and assumptions you’ve taken for granted. Your inner, psychic depths are active now. Remember to remember your dreams; they could be especially revealing.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — The quest to reconcile long-term goals with nuts and bolts necessities enters a new phase this week. Mercury, planet of cognition and expression, enters the most private inner sanctum of your chart, for an extended tour. A door to deeper self-knowledge opens. The more you “make the unconscious conscious,” the less at the mercy of external events you’ll feel. Motivations and imprints you’ve responded to without realizing it should be easier to grasp. Obviously, this is invaluable for charting your course. You might be more withdrawn for a while; inclined to keep thoughts to yourself. Just don’t withhold communication that’s actually necessary, as Mercury’s influence overlaps with a period of amped-up social engagement. This could be work-related, with groups or colleagues who share your ideals and can help further your objectives. Balancing the need for introspection with your drive to push ahead is the challenge. Remember, you’re playing the long game here: restructuring key facets of your material world.

If you are looking for a sane, calm space where you can think, reflect and prioritize during the next few months, the 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, offers just that. You can also order individual signs to reap the benefits of my therapy training and decades of astrological experience.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — To undergo a change of form: that’s been your task for over a decade. It’s confronted you with aspects of your psyche that most avoid at all costs. You’ve been challenged to rise from the ashes of self-concepts you’ve outgrown. Daunting stuff, but consider all you’ve been through as the path to your highest destiny. This week marks a turning point along that trajectory. An opportunity is at hand to examine more closely how you want to express yourself in the world, and to fine-tune your approach. You can achieve a great deal professionally now, and the more you work independently, the less friction you’ll encounter. You’re entering a high-visibility zone; what you say and do will be “on the record,” so bear that in mind. Inspired, creative solutions are possible, but you’ll need to play well with others to get there. An extended review of your overall goals, and the ideals behind, them also commences now. Don’t be afraid to seek counsel from those you trust.

A new season has begun, and there are big changes coming — also great potential. What do you need to know? The 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, will help you orient yourself through the months to come. Order individual signs here.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Astrophysicists say dark matter makes up 85% of the physical universe. But it’s invisible. We only can only measure its effect on what we see. That’s how the most influential astrology of our time impacts your chart. Massive tectonic plates are shifting deep underground, in the most buried regions of your psyche. But you might pick up clues about what’s transforming in there over the coming days. Most people aren’t especially conscious of how their beliefs shape their experience. But pay attention to any friction that registers with respect to concepts you encounter, such as challenges to your world-view or to your assumptions. This might arise in an educational setting of some kind. If an idea makes you uncomfortable but you’re not sure why, look deeper. Another note to listen for may come via your public role. Career-related plans, perhaps communications in professional settings, will dominate much of your attention for a while. Challenges between your public persona and radical changes at home could prompt awakenings.

How do you find the strength to take some meaningful action in your life — on whatever level? In These Times, the 2019 Autumn Reading, is designed to help you find the answers on your own, through grounded, therapeutic support. Order individual signs here.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — There is struggle, and there’s intent. Aspirations dear to your soul may have felt increasingly remote, but that fog is clearing and you seem to be waking up to an urgency to move forward. Conflict around financing your goals may register high on your emotional radar in days ahead. Dig deeper and you’ll discover that the matter is one of confidence. Where there’s desire, there’s power. That’s the flipside of fear. You’re well positioned to question insecurities now, and to integrate what you discover. This will help you to dismantle patterns that have held you back. More than anyone, you understand the role of belief in creating experience. It’s time to air out your mind. Break up routines that keep your thought patterns locked into place. Inspiration is stalking you, so make yourself available. Feed your spirit: visit the bookstore or museum, or look into a subject that you’ve thought of but just haven’t gotten to. This prepares the ground for your work that lies ahead.

If you are looking for a sane, calm space where you can think, reflect and prioritize during the next few months, the 2019 Autumn Reading, In These Times, offers just that. You can also order individual signs to reap the benefits of my therapy training and decades of astrological experience.

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