Monday into Tuesday: Steady As She Goes

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Within approximately 36 hours of this writing (by late Monday or early Tuesday, depending on your time zone), the Full Moon will peak, and Mercury retrograde will end. That’s enough movement to give a little jolt to the psychic field and offer a sense of where we’re at.

I’ve said a lot about this confluence of events, both in the article below (reprinted from Thursday) and one that it links to, from one week ago today.

Once you have an idea that this kind of astrology is happening, the thing to do is to be observant of yourself and the world around you. Listen to what people say, notice what you observe visually, notice how you feel, and keep your subtle senses on.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Helpful Practical Information

Before I get to the main theme of this article, which I promise to keep brief, here is some potentially helpful information.

We continue to update a special news feed related to the world public health situation. We are watching major news sources, Asian regional news sources, as well as dependable specialized publications. Our contacts around the world are reporting in locally. If you have news from your area, please contact us.

That federal Centers for Disease Control has denied New York State permission to allow seven private labs to test for the virus is an indication of how the federal government is handling the situation. Trump has even said that he wants to keep the reported numbers low. This is the "don’t look, don’t find, not there" method of assuring the public that everything is fine.

The new Planet Waves FM covers two topics of potential interest. One is a look at both the astrology and world situation involving the virus, in the first part of the program. The second part includes a discussion of what it means to step outside of the authoritarian medical model and learn methods of self-care.

With medical science having nothing to offer in the way of a cure or direct prevention, we are left with their best advice: keep your hands clean, avoid touching your face, practice social distancing, and learn how to sneeze and cough without infecting others. Get help if you think you’re sick. And that’s about it.

That means many people will be entering the wilderness of natural remedies, with little experience and no dependable sources of information. I discuss how to handle this situation, and how to take control of your decision making process.

Word is getting out that hand sanitizers do not help and can make matters worse.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

An Idea From Homeopathy

Over the years, and in recent weeks, I’ve been seeing ideas for the homeopathic remedy that might address this problem. In days of old, there would be something called the genus epidemicus, a remedy for the whole epidemic.

Remedies nearly all have mental states (psychic and emotional conditions) that come along with their physical symptoms. All of the remedies described so far have the common property of fear. It might be fear of germs, anticipation anxiety, not wanting to go out, paralyzing fear, and panicky fear of death.

While it seems obvious to say that there is fear associated with fever-related illnesses in general and with the first truly global pandemic in recent memory (and for most, in living memory), this is worth taking conscious note of.

The disease pattern of illnesses of the kind we’re looking at all take root in an environment where fear is a dominant mental state.

Whatever else you may be doing to prepare for possible disruptions, do what you can to keep your spirits high. Take pleasure in your commitment to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Meanwhile, appreciate how delicate life is. This is a good time to tread lightly on the Earth. While this situation is going to take its toll, I believe it’s possible for many individuals and for society itself to learn some important things.

We need an occasion to shift our priorities away from greed-based politics and the notion that obsessive consumption somehow equals prosperity. We need an occasion to prioritize taking care of people as the first responsibility of society. More than that, we need a self-care revolution.

For now, we’re on our own. And while we’re on our own, I propose that our approach be to keep living, and to live well. Take care of what you need to do, cut unnecessary things from your list, and make sure you do some of what you love the most.

If you are one of the strong ones, take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

With love,

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