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We are firmly in territory where we must connect with inner guidance. This has been the subject of enough books to slaughter the entire Amazon rainforest for paper. It’s probably occupied a millennium of person-hours at Esalen and Omega institutes. Yet it’s learned through practice and experience.

New York, April 5, 2020 | Link to original

Dear Friend and Reader:

It seems like only yesterday that we had the tipping point/turning point Aries New Moon, and like last week that I was looking forward to the Minor League Baseball season beginning.

We’re now at the full phase of the lunar cycle, which is exact Tuesday, April 7 at 10:35 pm EDT. Basically this happens overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday where most of our readers are. In Perth, the Full Moon is 10:35 am Wednesday, April 8, AWST, and in Sydney, the Full Moon is 12:35 pm Wednesday AEST.

The ‘tipping point’ quality of the New Moon was that it occurred at a right angle to the lunar nodes. This corresponding Full Moon occurs at a right angle to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. It’s a bit slow-acting, and will build over the next five to six days as the Sun moves into a square to Pluto, exact on the 14th. So after the first peak with the Full Moon, we enter a short phase of gradually building to another crest.

Said another way, the net effect is a Full Moon peak, in the midst of a lot of energy moving, followed by a gradual confrontation between the Sun and Pluto.

As the 14th approaches, the Sun aligns with Jupiter, Pluto and Eris all at once (those are holding a long, stable pattern). This is the perfect setup for a touch of extra chaos (would anyone notice?), particularly at the top levels of government (as the Sun is involved, who usually personifies the king or the president).

But more immediately, the Full Moon occurs a few hours after Mars square Uranus, a radical and provocative aspect, all but assuring that today is a turning point in history. I cover this in more detail in Daily Astrology, the top few posts.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Libra Wants Balance

The core need of the Libra Moon is balance, which means harmony. There’s not a lot of that to go around (particularly with Mars-Uranus rocking the boat today), though the Full Moon suggests it’ll be found most easily by taking time alone. This may not be easy to get, in a time of compounding problems, but do your best. For others, it’s all they have. Libra is relational; being alone may confront you with your fears (the square to Pluto).

My main concern is that as this complicated situation persists — the combination of social distancing, lack of activity and movement, and economic stress — some people are going to come unraveled.

Many were barely holding it together before this happened. Others were in the groove and could hold that pattern, as long as it stayed stable. Granted, some psychic pressure has now been taken off: all the movement, activity and agitation were themselves pushing many people to the edge. We’re getting to reconsider that.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

The Intuitive Piece

We are firmly in territory where we must connect with inner guidance. This has been the subject of enough books to slaughter the entire Amazon rainforest for paper. It’s probably occupied a millennium of person-hours at Esalen and Omega institutes. Yet it’s learned through practice and experience.

The problem is that most people have not learned how to distinguish the teaching of their inner voice from their fears. Said in Course in Miracles terms, they have not learned to tell the difference between the voice of the ego and the voice of the holy spirit. It’s fairly easy but it takes the cultivation of trust. The ego is constantly blaring about disaster and guilt. The holy spirit or inner teacher is whispering calm, centered guidance.

Now is a good time to start sorting that out. This is the pattern in the chart that looks the most productive, and grounded in sanity: Mercury in Pisces, sextile Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto. This is a fast-moving aspect, though it’s consecrated by the Full Moon.

Amidst all of this apex chaos, there is a moment of reflection available. For much of the year, the combination of Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn is the main event. It was exact Saturday and will be exact again in June and December. After that, the astrology leans more fully into Aquarius. So we’re going to see a big Capricorn performance for a while. Most of it will come over television and social media.

Unless you’re a journalist responsible for knowing what is said at a press conference, I suggest skipping cable television. It’s the main vector of negativity. Social media comes in a close second. If you can follow threads of reputable homeopaths, naturopaths or herbalists, they are focused entirely on solutions so the vibe is positive. IMO the more you know about these specialties the better.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

One Last Comment: The Psychogenic Pandemic

There are two pandemics going on now. One would seem to involve a pathogen, the novel coronavirus. Based on much reading and knowledge of history, this seems to be exacerbated by EMF radiation and immune suppression.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.” With every viral infection scenario, there are cofactors involved. And with every new generation of technology, its purveyors proceed as if there are no risks, no effects, no consequences. Not only is there little to no resistance, people usually line up to buy the new thing and get a subscription.

Planet Waves
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So let’s sum up Pandemic #1 as the health situation we are witnessing, whatever its various causes and vectors may be.

The other is a psychogenic pandemic of fear, mental chaos, stress, economic panic, and the resulting immune suppression. This is spreading through the instantaneous communication vector of the internet.

We like to think of the internet as “providing us with information.” Yes, that may be true if you have five people reading articles and scientific papers and comparing notes. Information by definition is something you can do something with. It should not take a whole reporting team.

The internet, more accurately, is a vector of disembodying influence. It is pushing us further and further out of body. It is driving the insanity, and the insanity is a much more serious problem than a virus. For example, we now have this notion that casual social contact can be deadly. Others are treating all mail like it’s laced with anthrax. We need to be considering how we’re going to get out of that one.

I realize it’s difficult to stay away from “news sources.” For me, I get to play with them like a game of intellectual hardball — and I could not do it without a team. I dread to think what it would be like to be confronted by this overload of disinformation otherwise.

Do what you can to stay in the physical world — of music, books, conversation, keeping company with your critters (whomever you’re with, including as much physical contact as possible), plants, plants, plants, getting outside when you can and when you make a point of it, and some form of sex. (That would include masturbation, and being open with yourself, and honest discussion with intimate partners. Only the truth is erotic, and you would be surprised just how erotic that can be. Venus and Vesta in Gemini are an invitation.)

With love,

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