Great Heaven: Sagittarius Full Moon

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I’ve got a new horoscope today, and a new STARCAST, and a new article about the June 3 Sagittarius Full Moon (below). First, a few housekeeping points. Today, everything I’m writing is open access to all readers, sponsored by our paying subscribers.

The Sagittarius Full Moon connects to a deep-space point called the Great Attractor, the vortex of the group of 100,000 galaxies where our Milky Way galaxy is located. Everyone reading this has the Great Attractor within one degree of 13 Sagittarius, so this is about all of us.

That coverage is below.

Writing my articles this week about wrapping up Covid19 News after 1,185 days of continuous publication, I figured out I have not had an actual rest since well before all of that began — so I will be taking one for the next couple of weeks.

I can hear the murmurs of, “I told you to do that!” and “What a great idea!” bubbling through the audience.

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‘Stay Close to Your Desk, and Never Go to Sea’

Usually, when I “take a break,” I pause one thing to catch up with another. This time, I’m pausing everything to catch up with myself. It’s not easy for me to do this. In the highly competitive world of professional horoscope writing, if you miss one column, you’re done.

I’m out of that world now, serving individual readers, and I’m grateful to be able to step back. I have not gone far from my desk since returning from Ukraine in early 2020, and last went somewhere to have fun when I visited Nova Scotia in 2015.

As Sir Joseph Porter sang in H.M.S. Pinafore, stay close to your desk and never go to sea! But I love going to sea. Here is the official Planet Waves theme music. (I grew up on Gilbert & Sullivan — here’s another excellent one. They were the Beatles of Victorian era England.)

My plan is to return to astrology writing with the July monthly horoscope and article in late June, along with Astrology Studio for Cancer. I’ll be keeping Planet Waves FM on its short hiatus till around then. Here is the June monthly horoscope, open access for everyone.

Inner guidance permitting, I am planning to cover STARCAST weekly, just to stay in contact with you and the planets. Currently, I am engaging in a dialog about astrology on the Planet Waves Substack area, where there is an excellent conversation happening now.

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Charts for the Sagittarius Full Moon and the Gemini New Moon. Click to enlarge.

Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct the Great Attractor

We live in a solar system that orbits a galaxy, called the Milky Way. Our galaxy was long considered part of what is called the Virgo Group, which in turn was part of the larger Local Group of galaxies.

Now, these are all understood to be part of Laniakea, or “Great Heaven” — a creature consisting of 100,000 galaxies. These are focused on the Great Attractor, located at 14+ Sagittarius. We are moving in the direction of this degree at about 1 million miles per hour.

The Great Attractor is different from the Galactic Core (the core of our Milky Way galaxy), located at 27+ Sagittarius, though they are part of the same massive structure.

A few years ago, I interviewed Brent Tully, who led the Laniakea team at the University of Hawaii. You can hear that interview, and read some of my correspondence with Prof. Tully working out the issue of the expanding universe in the context of galaxies converging toward the Great Attractor (and many similar points throughout creation).

It is the perfect Sagittarius metaphor: everything rushes toward it, but nothing can catch up.

The Great Attractor is the Road Runner of astrology.

The Great Attractor: Protection, and Remote Influence

Anything at mid-mutable in any chart (the center of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) picks up the influence of the Great Attractor. The June 3 Full Moon does as well.

The Great Attractor seems to have two main properties. One is that it confers protection. It has a way of placing people out of the way of adversaries and those who would harm them. They try, and they cannot catch up. It’s like the Road Runner.

The other effect is that things done with the Great Attractor involved can have far-reaching effects that might be so remote, they cannot be connected to the original cause. It’s the reminder that your words and actions have an influence you might never find out about.

And it’s a reminder that the universe is so large and complex that nobody really understands it. The best we can do is describe it, and remember our personal experience is set within a much wider reality.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Photo by Kent Porter / The Press Democrat.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

One last thing in writing; I describe the chart more generally in STARCAST. Mercury, recently out of retrograde, is about to form a conjunction to Uranus.

This is your reminder that ideas have power. Everything that makes a positive difference in the human environment starts with one. It’s easy to forget this, and stick to what is familiar or what has worked before.

However, there are times when a new approach, mindset or point of view is necessary. And this describes Mercury conjunct Uranus.

The Full Moon has a way of unraveling deadlocked situations. It can dissolve mental and emotional logjams. Put this together with the Full Moon and the Great Attractor and there is the potential for actual progress.

That only works if you cooperate, let your mind be limber, and remind yourself frequently that there is a better way. In the spirit of Uranus, it may help to suspend moral judgments of right and wrong, and first ask what will work. Then you can tune up the ethical piece.

Please join me over on the Planet Waves Substack for the discussion about the meaning and purpose of astrology.

As the Grateful Dead would say, we’ll be right back after a short break. I plan to do that again in August by the way.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

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