Daily Astrology: September 2020

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From Right Before Aries Full Moon Conjunct Chiron

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Wednesday, September 30 — The Day of Glaring Truth

If today is your birthday: Seen one way, your personal space is where you end, and the rest of the world begins. And this doesn’t just apply to the space around your body, but to whatever space you call your own — be it your bedroom, your study, or your entire apartment. Recent events may have shaken things up, and there may have been what felt like border skirmishes, or the outright crossing of boundaries from the outer world into your inner sanctum. But as the dust begins to settle, and you reintroduce some stability into your life, be sensitive to what you enshrine as your daily routine. Sure, you could patrol your borders and ensure that no one crosses into your territory. Or, you could step out and share what you have to give to the world, secure in your knowledge that you’ll have a place to return to, and habits that will support you.

— Spencer Stevens

Tuesday, September 29 — The Day of the Charged Reactor

If today is your birthday: Be conscious how you direct your energy. You have plenty of it. You have so much, and such focusing power, as to be potentially dangerous, so you must maintain your integrity at all times. That means having a sense of what is right or wrong for you, and also making sure you err on the side of caution when you influence others. If you contain your energy, you also need a way to express it. Preferably that would be physically, in a structured form: martial arts, archery, target shooting or some activity where you relate to the Earth (if you have the skill and the guts, rock climbing is an example). Do not just contain. Rather, contain, direct and express.

Monday, September 28 — The Day of the Heartbreakers

If today is your birthday: You don’t have to be the life of the party — you don’t even have to attend the party. At times it seems like people enter our lives by the truckload. And as fun as it can be to have a full dance card, it’s not unwise to sometimes press pause on initiating new relationships, and to reassess those you are currently in. It may sound like you’re joining a hermitage, but that’s not entirely the case. Comb through and see where there is a mutual desire for your current relationships to continue. In doing so, you’ll find that you’re not cutting yourself off from the world, but finding your place in it. That is, finding yourself somewhere where you’re both appreciated for who you are, and where you appreciate being.

— Spencer Stevens

Moon in Pisces Notes, Monday through Wednesday (September 28-30)

At 11:34 am EDT the Moon ingressed Pisces, and made a trine to Mercury soon after at 2:44 pm.

The Moon is quite happy in Pisces — on offer is creativity, the potential flow to maintain it, as well as a depth of emotion that might leave you feeling a little soaked in comparison to the Moon’s recent stay in Aquarius. However, the Pisces Moon is soft and permeable; it is sponge like, so you have to watch who and what you expose yourself to.

Image by Barbara A Lane.

If you’re enjoying the associated wetness, the Moon’s trine to Mercury in Scorpio is descriptive of some discernment and focus that should help even out the dreamier aspects of it all, without drawing you out of it completely.

But still, if on Tuesday you happen to find yourself putting your foot in your mouth, go with it. You can use any potential social faux pas as a catalyst, and get a look underneath at what’s driving any related insecurities you may have.

Note how much guilt underlies our most basic social interactions, and how it gets in the way of actual, honest sharing. There’s no need to dive further into alienation out of fear of being misunderstood, or misunderstanding others.

Instead, take charge of your emotional reality — what you feel, when you feel it — and express your needs, as needed. You’ll feel more like yourself when you do.

At 1:00 am on Wednesday the Moon will make a conjunction to Neptune. If you’re asleep around this time, perhaps try to remember or write down your dreams after you wake up. You might find inspiration, or a solution in part, that you could apply to any recurring personal drama (family or otherwise) if you’ve been experiencing that, of late.

These next few days with the Moon in Pisces will see Saturn station direct while making a square to Mars. So hang loose and perhaps think of any fleeting sentiments that go by as a form of lubricant meant to keep you from grinding your gears in the midst of this larger shift.

Sunday, September 27 | Mercury Enters Scorpio

Mercury entered Scorpio today at 3:41 am EDT, where it will station retrograde on October 13.

For the last three weeks or so, communication efforts have been oriented toward diplomatic solutions, attempts to establish some basis for harmony and de-escalation of conflict. Yet with Mercury’s spin through Venus-ruled Libra, hopes for justice, and prioritizing shared values, have hit intimidating walls of authority and militant force. We’ve witnessed this most obviously in mundane events, but many might recognize similar tensions on a personal level.

The ingress into Scorpio marks a decided shift in tone. Although it won’t form stressful aspects to the Big Boys in Capricorn and Aries, like Mercury in Libra did recently — the peacemaker gives way to the warrior. We’re already on the battlefield with Mars’ tour of Aries, but in Scorpio Mercury plays close to the vest; it’s more chess than flashing swords. Perception is acute, penetrating, intensely focused. Minds are alert to subtle clues and vibrations; relations may be approached more strategically, with greater suspicion. Mercury in Scorpio can bring obsession, obsession with secrets, and speech as sharp as any blade. Given the already highly charged atmosphere, think twice or three times, before slicing someone with your words.

The good news (yes, in fact) is this: the positive ways to make use of this influence are equally powerful. Focus that fierce, perceptive lens inward and potentially transformative insights may be found. Courageous reckoning with personal challenges and their psychic cause can be a source of much-needed strength and healing. Both study and writing could lead to unexpected breakthroughs now.

Naked honesty with yourself can lay the groundwork for inter-personal work that gets to the bottom of issues that have festered. It’s the season for deep, soul-to-soul contact, as well as diving into subjects that rejuvenate and inspire starving spirits.

At the end of the day, it is true self-knowledge, that kind of down-to-the-roots connection with your inner core, that will help you move through the weeks and months ahead with stability and grace. From there, all things are possible.

— Victoria Emory

Sunday, September 27 — The Day of the Ambiguous Hero

If today is your birthday: Your integrity is your business. What you do with your feelings is your business — of the most important kind. You always have the option to do the right thing, no matter what other choices are available. It’s never been more important that you do what you know is right. Each choice becomes the foundation on which you build the next. Before you make a decision, account for and work out any pressurized emotions, such as anger or jealousy. It’s vital that these things not influence your thought process, so account for them carefully.

Saturday, September 26 — The Day of Patient Practice

If today is your birthday: Sometimes the discussion that needs to happen will be a group discussion. Other times it will be one on one. Think through the difference carefully, and make sure that you relate to people as individuals before you relate to them as a collective. Typically people see themselves as individuals no matter how much they go along with others, and considering their feelings one person at a time will help you get a sense of where they are coming from and what they want. And you will have the opportunity to speak directly about what you want. All in all, groups are overrated.

Moon in Aquarius Notes, Saturday through Monday (September 26-27)

The Moon ingresses Aquarius on Saturday at 2:08 am EDT. Here’s a chance to step back from any emotional heaviness or drama you may have experienced over the past few days with the Moon in Capricorn.

Instead of being weighed down by your experiences, why not try relating to them at a remove: you could take the wide view on everything you have been feeling, and tune into or magnify that which feels useful (and good!)

Image by VibekeAlvestad.

Even while you do that, a little objectivity on what you’re feeling could be used to deftly handle any emotional material you might normally shy away from. Namely, any tendencies you may feel you have towards jealousy or obsessiveness in your relationships. Saturday morning, the Moon makes a square to Juno in Scorpio which could highlight these pulls that often go unexamined.

Also, on the theme of your relationship to yourself and to others: on Sunday into very early Monday morning the Moon will oppose Vesta, then Venus. They recently made a conjunction in Leo which you may find out more about in this episode of Planet Waves TV.

In maintaining a balanced focus, and granting some awareness to whatever may come up, you should be well prepared for any unexpected reshuffling. Whether that’s experienced internally in response to what you discover about yourself and what you value, or as something external and seemingly about your valuables.

Either way, it’s about you: take it slowly if emotional understanding seems to precede any intellectual understanding.

On Tuesday Saturn will station direct while making a square to Mars, by which time the Moon will be in Pisces and emotions or any sense of stuckness might seem a little harder to maneuver. So take the opportunity now and tend to your inner flame.

That is, claim your desires and independence. Then if anyone wants to challenge that, how could they possibly claim what is rightfully yours?

Friday, September 25 — The Day of the Symbiotic Satirist

If today is your birthday: Be precise in your words, though understate your case. A little restraint in language will take you a long way. That will mean thinking carefully about what you need to say and why you need to say it — though this would be best starting with yourself. Most communications conflicts and complications will involve you not understanding what you’re trying to say, as you have not yet clarified it with yourself. Avoid blaming others for miscommunication; take up the full responsibility for being understood.

The Moon in Capricorn makes aspects to everything, Wednesday evening through Friday (September 23-25)

At 7:16 pm EDT Wednesday, the Moon ingressed Capricorn and once again makes its way towards all of the rough-and-tumble astrology occurring in the sign’s later degrees. This is the astrology that is currently reshaping the world

If you feel as if you’re trying your darndest to keep the peace, or like the Hoover Dam scene from Vegas Vacation where the dam keeps leaking, don’t worry. You’re not alone in feeling that way (as portions of the world could attest), and encouragingly there is some support on hand, inconvenient as it could seem.

Photo by Amanda Painter

Wednesday night may have seen events coming to a head around any rising tension associated with your family, your family origins, or your original family of origin; early Thursday morning is when the support comes in.

At 8:31 am EDT the Moon squares Chiron in Aries, which was building overnight Wednesday to Thursday. For some this could be a “triggering” aspect; please, let it pass. If your body is sending you a message, though, pay attention.

Consider how, at first sip, your morning coffee is sometimes hotter than you might expect, and the jolt helps to wake you up as much as the caffeine. If you’re struggling to get a grasp on any recurring skirmishes, here’s an opportunity to become aware of what it is that you actually desire in the context of any unresolved material.

It’s there you will begin to find a levelheaded place from which you can respond, take the next step, and invent some solutions.

The Moon conjuncts Pallas Athene at 7:06 pm Thursday. This can provide a diplomatic path for you to exercise your own inner authority, as opposed to feeling overpowered in the face of any “parental” forces. That is, whether you’re facing your actual father, his voice in your head, or just your boss who reminds you of him.

And throughout the day on Friday the Moon makes contact with all the heavier planets in Capricorn including Pluto (12:09 pm EDT), Saturn (5:26 pm EDT), and then makes a square to Mars (7:12 pm EDT).

Definitely communicate about any perceived limitations that you seem to be facing, whether through talking it out with others or conversing with yourself in writing. But try not to let any frustration build if you feel unable to take action on any solutions you come up with just yet.

Take it one step at a time. Even if achieving that seems difficult, managing it is still progress.

— Spencer Stevens

Thursday, September 24 — The Day of the Wanderer

If today is your birthday: One of your strategies is to keep your sense of humor, and that will help you this year with the Moon in Capricorn for your solar return. Make sure you know when you’re kissing ass and when you’re sincerely doing what you know is the right thing. There is a strong quality of “doing things for the sake of being accepted” that I suggest you watch closely. These are times when it is important for you to do the right thing for its own sake, not for the sake of making an impression on others.

Wednesday, September 23 — The Day of the Breakthrough

If today is your birthday: Let yourself engage all those seemingly difficult questions that humans so often avoid: those of relationship and of healing and of your purpose and calling. Dance with the reality of your life, rather than doing the popular thing, which is avoiding it. This is the first and best definition of taking care of yourself, and also of being fully committed to your growth. The stars and planets are with you. The timing is right.

Mercury, Eris, Saturn and Mars Rx: Be Cool | September 23

Currently we’re under tense skies, and self-awareness is worth more than usual at a time like this. Mercury in Libra is passing through the alignment between all those planets in late Aries, and all of the ones in late Capricorn.

This can be seen as a clash of the wills — or it can be seen as an opportunity to use and develop your integrity. That’s what stress is: there is energy, there are responsibilities, there is the time factor. Most significantly there is the human factor. You have to get them working together.

One of the problems in the digital age it has turned many people into brittle, fragile individuals who lack the capacity to handle much in the way of mental or emotional bandwidth. If you identify this as a problem, take this as the cue to make some improvements. To be happy and productive, you need to be resilient; you need resources; you need patience.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s best to start small. That might mean going out for a walk, or calling a friend.

If you feel motivated to do something, make sure it’s easy to achieve. Clean a drawer, not the whole house. Do the dishes. Maybe change your sheets. If the tension is mounting in a relationship, this is not the time to provoke any kind of a showdown, but rather to focus on practical matters — and take care of yourself.

This is uneasy astrology for communication. The central issue is likely to be misunderstood. Blame can bounce all over the place, so you’ll want to avoid that entirely. It will be easy for issues to escalate out of control.

This is an awesome time to practice anger management, and also conflict deescalation. Others will be feeling this astrology too. Make sure you know exactly who to steer clear of. If, however, you do have to work something out, in-person will bring in the human element.

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Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Face the Chaos: The Equinox Chart and Transhumanism

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Your September Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

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Mars retrograde in Aries is the final transition, the emotional, psychological and experiential bridge, to the last event of 2020: Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Mars retrograde represents the work of individuation and of self-actualization that will make the group experience in Aquarius more relevant and more easily workable.

Borrowing a line from Lou Reed, “Self-knowledge is a dangerous thing — the freedom of who you are.” Dangerous perhaps to a way of life that involves allowing yourself to disappear and be insignificant. Mars retrograde in Aries invites boldness and embodiment and the exploration of your will. Order here for instant access, or choose your individual signs here.

New Video by Eric on the Venus-Vesta Conjunction — this is on Facebook butt he YouTube edition will be available fairly soon. This will get you started.

Tuesday, September 22 — The Day of Restless Drive

If today is your birthday: When J.R.R. Tolkien gave Frodo Baggins your birthday, he had the right idea. You are the one to embark on the unlikely or impossible quest. You are the one who makes the connection between the seemingly small and what is unimaginably vast. Therefore, set your plan in motion, and keep going. Do not worry about “yourself.” Do not make much of any “sacrifices” that you make. The values of the world must not influence you; that is the whole point. Your mission is from beyond the normal rules and limits of society as we know it, and the only thing you have to offer is yourself. And you will find, that is what you gain as well.

Special Comment | Added September 22

In the absence of therapy or spiritual process, or things like rap sessions or teaching groups, we don’t have healthy places to process pain and anger. Outside of a mental ward, there is no group therapy. Drugs have replaced therapy (this begins with Lithium and extends through the present SSRI nation). In that condition — and under the disembodied conditions of digital — many need a place to latch onto with their rage. The current idea of “social justice movement” (consisting largely of flames and hashtags on Twitter) is conflated with personal growth process, but the problem is just magnified. In the end, everyone must take responsibility for healing their own anger. Merely blaming the “oppressor” does not get one very far, in digital format or any other. Justifying anger and healing anger are two different things.

Moon in Sagittarius Notes | Added September 21

By Spencer Stevens

We have covered the equinox in other articles. Today at 3:32pm EDT the Moon ingressed Sagittarius, potentially offering some relief from the high pressure astrology occurring across the cardinal signs (namely in Aries and Capricorn.)

If you felt at the mercy of others or perhaps your own ancestral material, take advantage of any optimism that you may feel is now on offer. But in building on your personal vision for your life, be careful not to get so caught up in any big picture ideas that you lose sight of lovingly, taking care of yourself in the present.

It’s in attending to the little details {such as eating actual, good food or thoroughly washing and scrubbing your hair) that you effectively nurture yourself, and prepare yourself to be present for others — something that the internet has eroded, for all of the “connecting” it is meant to do for us.

Tuesday you could see some support in your efforts: Tuesday at 4:10 am the Moon trines Chiron. With Chiron being a raiser of awareness in Aries, the sign of self, there’s a call to attention to see how you and your needs fit into the greater scheme of things. Mars retrograde is a reminder of this too.

And there are many schemes (some nice, and not so nice) at play here, on our home planet. Also, in Sagittarius there could be the feeling of suddenly having a starring role on the “great cosmic stage.” Tuesday, the equinox (see article below, and another above) could be a pretty playful day in that regard. Whether it’s sparks of insight that seem to quickly fade, or larger-than-life drama that isn’t entirely unpleasant: if anything memorable comes up, write it down.

And at 11:34 pm Tuesday the Moon trines Venus and Vesta, then squares Neptune at Wednesday 12:20 am going into Wednesday. If you’re able to manage this push and pull of being present with yourself without checking out, or getting lost in distant fantasies of what could be, there’s the potential to not only cultivate more pleasure in your life, but to make tangible progress toward whatever inspiration you may feel has suddenly descended upon you. Is it real? You won’t know until you test it out.

Monday, September 21 — The Day of Current Taste

If today is your birthday: There are times you will want to go it alone, and times you will need help. To know the difference, you will need to experiment. Let any sense of frustration awaken you to the need to take a different approach. So, work on your goal or obsession all alone all night if it’s productive and fun. And if you find that it’s not, or you’re not making progress, think of who to ask for help. One thing though — don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a good idea. Once you’re engaged, follow through. It’s easy to be dissuaded by people less creative than yourself who don’t have their own thing to work on. Therefore, in all ways, keep it positive.

Sunday, September 20 — The Day of the Managers

If today is your birthday: Everything is not a matter of power. Everything does not come down to money — not for you personally. We may live in a society obsessed by these things, though for your own sanity, peace of mind and development of your soul, that is not a wholesome position for you to be in. And it will be easy to slip into. Therefore, you need options: creative options, social ones, loving opportunities that you explore. Power and money are known by some as “root chakra” issues, which is to say, you can do better than obsessing over survival. Surviving is always an issue on this planet, to some degree; the beauty of being here is that we have other options.

Mercury on the Move, into Tuesday’s Solstice | Sunday, September 20

Mercury, the quickest moving planet and an important one in our age of messages, gadgets and tricksters, is about to make aspects to all those big planets that are spinning the world on their fingers right now.

Mercury is “the mind of the senses, the consciousness of creatures,” so we really feel it. This is in full effect now, as Mercury moves into a square aspect with Pluto. This has the feeling of the lone wolf, or the army of one.

Orange, the color and the fruit.

Most things in life are figments of the mind itself; the mind is the mediator of what we think of as “reality.” Perception is often projection. Both could be pushed to extremes over the next few days.

Therefore, tread lightly, on yourself and on others. Your mind may feel driven, pushed, obsessed — see if you can ease back on that, and keep your focus and get done what you need. Beware of power struggles. The need to be right often precludes discussion, evaluation of the facts, and deliberation. So first check yourself, and if you’re in a situation where you’re up against someone who is arguing from an emotional or political position, it’s best to give it a breather.

Tuesday is the Libra solstice, when the Sun is square the equator and night and day are of equal (or very nearly equal) length. This is a significant turning point in the year, and the 90-day mark to the Capricorn solstice and the rare, one time only, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

The solstice chart includes the aspect Mercury opposite Eris: the mind comes into direct contact with the source of all this chaos we are living with. We may see a reflection of the extent to which we’ve lost contact with ourselves.

We have three months to get a grip, then the new social pattern begins to settle in. What is on the line is the difference between being human, and being part of the internet of things. I prefer to remain human.

Weekend Notes | Saturday, September 19

Hey there! As of this writing on Saturday morning, the Moon is exactly opposite retrograde Mars, and has now made its last aspect to a major planet before entering Scorpio at 2:33 pm EDT. For the pat 48 hours or so, the Moon has run the cardinal sign gauntlet (there are many planets currently in the cardinal signs), and overnight was square Saturn.

Psychologically this is about discovering the anger that underlies depression. People tend to think they’re depressed, when really, they are pissed off. Anger is the cause of much disturbance that is not called what it is, and may be the most taboo emotion.

This is going on with Mars retrograding into a square with Saturn, exact Sept. 29, and which will come with the sense of pressure building between now and then. We are going to learn a lot about Mars this autumn, as it continues to make squares to the Capricorn alignment — the next after Saturn will be Mars square Pluto on Oct. 9.

That this is happening in the U.S. election season will add to the sensation of power dramas. You will have to ask yourself whether you want these or not. To a great extent, especially in your personal life, you do have a choice. Just remember that if you don’t process and address your own anger, someone will very likely use it to manipulate you. Angry people are easy to push around. — efc

New Moon in Virgo: Remember the Goddess

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Virgo is the sign of the Goddess. I am here to remind you to remember her. Remember her in all of her forms: Gaia, the living Earth; the spirit of love and abundance; all rituals and expressions of beauty and pleasure; and her embodiment through all of the women and men who allow the feminine principle to inhabit their body and their spirit.

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Saturday, September 19 — The Day of Fine Appearance

If today is your birthday: There are things you cannot see, and that you can only infer. To do this, you need to not trust your vision so much, but rather trust what you notice in other ways. For example, what you learn by listening, and what you learn by seeing, and then how do the two compare? What is the expression on a person’s face when they say something, and how does that reflect on their message? What if you accidentally send someone the wrong email. How do they respond? The concept of an interference pattern is critical to your growth.

New video on weekend astrology | Added September 19

Friday, September 18 — The Day of Internal Mystery

If today is your birthday: If you keep your composure, you will be able to expand your horizons considerably, and on your own terms, too. However, if you get mixed up in conflict, you will burn your energy and have little to spare on your true priorities. Make sure you take care of your own finances and not leave them to partners or relatives. Money is the most sensitive territory, and this connects directly to self-respect. To truly respect yourself, it’s necessary to pay your own way — at least for you, and at least in this world. Take charge of your bank account and you will take ownership of your soul.

Virgo New Moon: Thursday, September 17

This morning at 7:00 am EDT the Moon in Virgo conjoined the Sun, to begin a new lunar cycle. Stand-out features woven into this New Phase include an exact trine from the New Moon to Saturn, and the exact square from Mercury to Jupiter.

Trines signify a gift: on offer now are significant opportunities to make solid headway on achievement in the material world; to Make Big Dreams Real. In order to use this gift, however, truly committed, conscious intent is necessary. Focus. Discipline. Delayed Gratification. The challenge is bringing your vision down to earth and taking responsibility for its implementation in real-time. Think Big, Act Small. Step. By. Step. In a word: maturity.

That calls for self-knowledge. Observe what you give attention to and how that impacts your effectiveness, your mood, and how you use time. What you focus on becomes the subject of your picture: choose wisely. Observe your anger, what triggers resentment. Chances are any immediate causes you identify stand in for earlier reactions to authoritative oppression in some form. Here is where your own personal aspirations come into play, for it will be possible to narrow your focus like a laser and re-direct that energy toward creative ends: actual progress on the work most important to you.

This New Moon also carries an inherently positive, hopeful attitude toward future potential. If you sense that, great – take note and refer to it often; write it down if necessary. Otherwise, consider what such an optimistic future would look like for you personally, and identify a few tangible steps you can take here and now to clear that path; to position yourself on the time-line where those events are most likely to play out.

Regardless of whether your work is entirely self-focused or involves events on a collective level, utmost integrity is essential. Virgo teaches the evolutionary path of service, and every single choice we make affects the whole. This month is about how your work furthers your own growth and thus, that of others — your dharma.

— Victoria Emory

Thursday, September 17 — The Day of Perseverance

If today is your birthday: The benefit to freedom is that you are on your own, in your own territory. That is also the thing many people fear the most, and which I suggest you not fear but fall in love with. Every cell in your being is calling on you to extract yourself from situations that hold power over you. These might be financial, they might be sexual, they might be related to other facets of family. You are on a quest not just to discover who you are, but to be fully present for yourself in the world. This includes, in some tangible way, not having to answer to others who would impose their way of life on you, in ways subtle or overt. Your meetings must be between equal partners or parties. This will require you to see yourself a whole new way, and it is about time.

Wednesday, September 16 — The Day of Spirited Energies

If today is your birthday: What you want and what you need is probably closer and more within reach than you think. If you have a problem, you’ve probably solved it before. Therefore, consider yourself your best resource. You don’t need to interpose delays based on preparation or the acquisition of anything. Focus instead on removing obstacles and reaching out to people you already know. Go shopping for equipment and supplies right in your home. Borrow first, buy later. You are most of the way to where you want to be; now you can start thinking about what you want to do with your available opportunity.

Interesting aspect Tuesday: Venus square Uranus

Venus in Leo meets up with Prometheus-Uranus Tuesday, in a bursting little 90-degree aspect. This is the break your routines impulse, especially emotional, amorous and erotic. It’s also something of a gambler’s aspect, as with Uranian events, there can be unexpected gains as well as unforeseen losses. It depends a lot on what kind of bet you lay; creative risks are rewarded, and if you and I live on the same planet, many would benefit from some sexual experimentation. With Venus close to Vesta, the love goddess visits the temple of the Virgin servants of the flame. So this could be love or selflove (which are closely related, at least in the human realm) in any of their many forms. Surprise yourself. (Venus-Uranus-Leo-Taurus comes out “explore gender roles.”)

Tuesday, September 15 — The Day of Mastery

If today is your birthday: Go to them — do not expect them to come to you. Reach out to people on nothing more than a hunch. Reach for what you want. Exercise your talents regularly, and set specific goals and projects so that you can develop your skills and occupy your own abilities. Slip into them like a hand into a glove. Take ownership of your reality and of your purpose. This is a process of adaptation and acquisition. Mastery is earned, not bestowed. The greatest minds and the greatest talents sweat bullets on the way to getting there — do not be fooled by the performance. And as has been said, fortune favors the bold.

Monday Notes: Moon Conjunct Vesta

The Moon moves through Leo all day Monday, making a conjunction to fire goddess Vesta at 1:07 pm EDT. Vesta is the inner guiding light. She is the flame of core creativity and sexuality we may tend, or neglect.

The last few days of a lunar cycle can feel tired and sluggish anyway, but the weight of the last six months has many exhausted and running on fumes. But not not everyone. Depending (in part) on where you are, you may be experiencing the current astrology as your opportunity rise to the occasion of life.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

If you have a safe roof over your head, be grateful and focus your purpose. Vesta almost always represents a true calling. The thing about callings is that their voice is only as loud as your willingness to listen. Rise above the level of survival. Engage yourself. There is much that needs positive attention in our times.

Meanwhile, we are in the last days before the New Moon on Thursday at 7 am EDT. The days leading up to the Moon-Sun conjunction call for completion, closure and resolution. Make a list of what you need to wrap up, and pause taking acton on new plans. Rather, get your existing projects to a place where they are viable.

In honor of the New Moon, I suggest you clean one closet or drawer. Not the whole dresser, not the whole room, not the whole desk — just one part of it, as a tangible, physical offering to clearing and closure. There is an emotional dimension to this, which will come along with the experience. As you go through your belongings, be attentive to the gems you find. Discard what you know you don’t want or need (please, save letters and journals unless you must discard extreme toxicity).

If you find the belongings of others, you can return them — mailing them back is OK; you don’t need to call or do it in person.

The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. This is Depth Psychology Meets Feng Shui for the Soul. As you take action, you will learn, you will cast light where needed, and you’ll enter the next lunar cycle renewed.

Many need to rest as the Moon wanes through balsamic phase. If you feel that instinct, take time out here and there and gather your thoughts, your emotions, and your strength. I believe all offices should have a nap room. Fortunately, many people are still working from home.

— Eric and Victoria

Monday, September 14 — The Day of the Perceptive Critic

If today is your birthday: Service is a privilege. It is an honor. In the world of greed, ambition, flash and bling, some don’t see it that way, though they may have never experienced the feeling; or maybe it’s not their karma. It is yours. Yes, to offer yourself fully can be inconvenient, for a while anyway. There are challenges, though there are in everything. The difference is that they are more rewarding when you are doing what you know you are called upon to do. What is that thing? Feel and listen within yourself carefully. It may not be thrust upon you. It may present itself as an option that you’re pulled to, even though there are more ‘appealing’ ones available. The rare opportunity is the most precious. —efc

Moon from Cancer to Leo

Overnight Saturday to Sunday, the sensitive Moon in Cancer made oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, and made a square to Eris — a complicated emotional picture, and a bit more. Saturn, Pluto and Eris form the main structure that describes the strange, dangerous times we are in.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

The strangeness and dangerousness are not about a virus. We live with trillions of those every single day. They are about the abuse of the political system of human frailty. This is why it’s so essential for all of us to reach in and find our sense of healing mission. And hey even if something is about a virus, there’s just one answer to that: focusing on your wellbeing.

I understand the struggle: you may feel like you must do something impossible. Yet healing is not only possible, it’s the most natural thing there is. Yet one must want it. One must intend for it to happen. One must have faith in the healing power.

And if those things are the issue, then it’s necessary to mediate on the purpose of your life. If you can at least get to the place where you know you want to feel better, that’s a very good start. The next thing to do is to ask for help. Ask for help in whatever you need: a health issue, a spiritual issue, or an emotional one.

Who you you ask? You ask within first, and seek your own inner authority. From there, you may be guided to speak to specific individuals. Healing is, in any event, an active process, not a passive one. And it is always a collaborative experience. Those who have more are almost always available to assist those who have less.

Sunday at 11:32 am, the Moon enters Leo, joining Venus and Vesta there. All are trine Chiron, which is in early Aries. Trines describe an opportunity or gift that is available. Yet for it to be meaningful, you must be willing to receive that gift. I have seen, as have many in the helping role, that the essential step in healing is the willingness to receive it. Those of us who know this have learned it through personal experience, and then witnessed it in others. Be willing to receive, so that this way, you may do so. — efc

Sunday, September 13 — The Day of Passionate Care

If today is your birthday: You must shake off depression, oppression, resistance or the feeling that it’s all too much, and take on the challenges of life. It really is that simple. There is not any miracle that intervenes in your ability to live your life other than your choice to do so. You may need to start slowly, and focus on proceeding in the direction you want to go. This will involve not being so consumed by your own emotions and finding some dry ground to stand on. The world as it is today — and as it has been for a long time — demands that we be able to deal with many forces working on us at once, some of which seem overwhelming. It may seem like a stretch to say that learning to deal with this is a matter of maturity. Yet that’s exactly what it is. —efc

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

This is all a dream we dreamed

And no one sings me lullabies / And no one makes me close my eyes
So I throw the windows wide / And call to you across the sky

Pink Floyd

Mars is now retrograde in Aries for the first time since the summer of 1988. This will take some getting used to; give yourself time to adapt, and to express and explore the qualities of Mars inwardly, as opposed to the usual way, which is outwardly.

You might think of Mars retrograde as a time to figure out what you want. This is the most important thing you can know about yourself. What you want is your actual intent, whether you recognize that or not. If we invert that, this is also a time to figure out what you’re angry about.

Both anger and desire are taboo subjects. They are usually cloaked in some degree of denial. For many, a good bit of denial is used to keep desire and anger behind a scrim. It is a crude defense, though in some ways it serves its purpose: to insulate the mind against what might threaten one’s concept of seeming reality. Be on notice every time you hear yourself think or say some form of the idea, “I refuse to believe…” That is a veil.

Speaking of: we need to remember at all times that Neptune is in Pisces. I know, it’s easy to forget. Yet this factor alone is responsible for considerable distortion. It’s as if we live under a condition of parallel worlds, where contradictory things can be true at the same time. I wrote about that during simpler times, back in February.

Neptune in Pisces is a reminder that we are all dreaming this dream together. The world we live in is maya. The laws of space and time bend and flex. Mostly, we are subject to our own imagination, for good or ill.


Saturday, September 12 — The Day of the Fearless Crusader

If today is your birthday: Most of creation occurs behind the scenes; outward manifestations begin to appear once the primary pieces have been assembled. Or, perhaps more appropriate to your circumstance, re-arranged. Tectonic shifts are occurring on the deepest levels of your psyche, and to reap the rewards you must respect the process and become an active participant. Immense creative potential and opportunities to enlist the aid of supportive allies is available to you this year. Your willingness to receive is all that’s necessary to take advantage of them. That means feeling worthy of what you desire. You are — yet you must feel that in your bones. Trust that is so and follow where that feeling leads.

— Victoria Emory

Friday, September 11 — The Day of Dramatic Choice

If today is your birthday: You are your primary responsibility. It may take a supreme effort to remember that, though consider this your mantra and eventually you’ll appreciate the reasons why. Whatever relationship issues you may encounter, honesty and mutual understanding are imperative. Yet that begins with yourself — honesty with yourself, and understanding yourself. Do not assume you know what someone means or intends; ask openly. Discuss it. If you find yourself idealizing another, pinch yourself and take a moment to re-focus. When you appreciate yourself and nurture your own wellbeing as you would that of a beloved – well then. That’s self-mastery.

— Victoria and Eric

Thursday, September 10 — The Day of Private Goals

If today is your birthday: Approach security-related exchanges with courage and keen discernment. That means listen to yourself. You may not have all the relevant or accurate information needed to make an accurate assessment of the situation, so take your time in any negotiations with partners, and seek out facts everyone agrees on. Mercury and Chiron facing off in your birthday chart indicate the potential for healing issues of long-standing, or difficult revelations that can be addressed only through honest communication. If you can do that, an opportunity for transformation is at hand. To emerge with greater confidence and agency over your own life, do not run from your vulnerabilities. Speak to them as you would your cherished child, let them teach you, and be willing to learn.

— Victoria and Eric

Wednesday Notes: Mars Stations Retrograde Today

Tonight at 6:22 pm EDT, Mars stations retrograde in Aries for the first time since 1988. While mars retrogrades happen every two years, they are not distributed evenly by sign, and in our time in history tend to avoid Aries.

Eric Francis.

So we are getting something unusual, in a sign of the zodiac that influences every single person as the place where they find themselves — or at least go looking, or short of that, are prodded and provoked into self-discovery.

We face a crisis in our society where most of the soul-searching options are in some way closed off, obstructed, or placed under taboo.

In our times, self-actualization has been swallowed by tribal identity, which has only gained momentum through total immersion in digital technology. Many have this idea that “identifying as” something or someone is to actualize oneself. That is like saying your identity is more related to the car you drive rather than where you actually go.

When options for self-actualization are hidden, or are unavailable, the path of last resort is aggression. Violence is the search for identity, whether by a nation or an individual. We might not like to think of it that way; it’s easier to label it bad. Yet aggression in any form counts, from the bump and grind of daily life, to stirring the pot and making trouble for others as an intentional act.

We need to stop doing that. Humanity is in a crisis right now, and nobody alive on the planet at this moment has the time or energy to fight with their neighbors as a means of figuring out who they are. Yet for that to work, we will need to agree that other approaches are better: more creative and loving ones.

Wednesday, September 9 — The Day of the Difficult Demand

If today is your birthday: Mars stationing retrograde on your birthday is a call to independence. It’s your signal to reevaluate your approach to relationships, and the concept that you must merge with another to have a deep connection. Your ability to relate to others comes second to your presence in the world as a self-sufficient being. That does not mean living as an island but rather as one fulfilled of your own purpose and existence, able to relate to others on mutually independent terms. This does not happen overnight, though you are not starting today. This has been a persistent theme for you, and it’s time to pluck up some courage and use what you’ve learned.

The largest canyon in the Solar System cuts a wide swath across the face of Mars. Named Valles Marineris, the grand valley extends over 3,000 kilometers long, spans as much as 600 kilometers across, and delves as much as 8 kilometers deep. By comparison, the Earth’s Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA is 800 kilometers long, 30 kilometers across, and 1.8 kilometers deep. The origin of the Valles Marineris remains unknown, although a leading hypothesis holds that it started as a crack billions of years ago as the planet cooled. Recently, several geologic processes have been identified in the canyon. The above mosaic was created from over 100 images of Mars taken by Viking Orbiters in the 1970s.

Wednesday, Sept. 9 | Mars Retrograde: The Inquiry Into Self

Mars stationing retrograde on Wednesday, September 9, will — if we allow it to — bring up more questions than answers. This is a complicated retrograde: Mars will make a square to Saturn, a conjunction to Eris, and then a square to Jupiter and Pluto. It’s done all of this in direct motion; the retrograde brings up many other sides of the story.

The most vital questions of Mars involve fear. People remain easily manipulated by fear, whether individually, in groups or en masse. This is a complex topic, as it goes deeper than anxiety and reaches into the deepest primordial fears that even the most advanced swamis must confront, known in Sanskrit as the kleshas.

We share some common ground — our society has its own version of these, which stem from the ignorance of our own beings. This is an engineered ignorance, which is injected into and plastered upon everyone. Some break free; some struggle to and may partially succeed; most pretty much stay put where they were as young people.

The aspects Mars retrograde makes describe a process of cracking through the layers. Those are the retrograde squares to Capricorn planets. Those Capricorn planets represent the zone where family trauma meets the dysfunction and chaos of society. If you are wondering what we are witnessing, there you have an idea.

The astrology we’re about to experience builds to a peak through the first part of November. Combined with the most explosive political campaign in American history (in part due to Covid, and in part due to various “end of days” scenarios playing out), everyone capable must do their part to maintain a semblance of sanity.

Think of the public as a crowd of people, most of whom are not individuated and therefore subject to the stampede of mass consciousness. Then imagine that scattered throughout the crowd are people who are aware of what is happening and have a certain amount of influence over those who immediately surround them. Their role will be to maintain awareness, reason and a measure of calm. With enough of those people functioning, we can avoid a stampede and thousands getting trampled.

You are very likely to be one of them. Your first responsibility is to monitor your own fear. Equal to that is commitment to truth. That means being sensitive enough to your own thoughts to know when you are making assumptions, believing someone else, or in some form of denial.

You will need access to your unimpeded awareness to fulfill your function.


Tuesday, September 8 — The Day of the Puzzling Purist

If today is your birthday: More than most, you instinctively understand that you came into this life to evolve, to learn — and as a result, to expand: in terms of values, your beliefs, and capacity for love. This year that involves honestly examining your where responsibility to yourself and to others may feel like a contradiction. Likewise, the extent to which your emotional (or material) security depends on relationships of one kind or another. Both courage and compassion will be needed, both for yourself and those in your intimate circle. Give yourself permission to want what you want, and you’ll discover how your greatest fulfillment is not, and never could be, a zero-sum game.

— Victoria Emory

Monday Notes: Mercury, Venus, Mars

This weekend we’ve had two inner planet sign changes. Mercury entered Libra on Saturday, and Venus entered Leo on Sunday. Inner planet sign changes shift the mood, and I dare say that if the planets are a measure of anything at all, there is more optimism available.

However, as Mercury in Libra moves through many points located early on the cardinal cross (mostly in Aries and Capricorn), you can expect to feel the impulse for a more balanced discussion. Right now the seeming dominant ethos of our times is, “My fear is backed up by science, therefore, I win.” Yet there is no logic there, though we need it dearly.

Mercury is gradually coming into alignment with a Pluto-like planet called Logos (a Kuiper Belt object with a 307 year orbit discovered 1997); consider the necessity for actions taken in your outer environment to match true, valid logic in the mental environment. We don’t have that right now.

At the moment, for many, their personal belief is considered irrefutable proof of the truth. Consider the danger of that: hallucinations can and often do rule the day*. The problem is, we don’t usually identify them as such. As long as something has a hashtag, it’s thought to be solid as quartz.

There seems to be a boundary lacking: you are entitled to the limits of your reality, though you are not entitled to impose them on someone else.

We live in times when, if one brings up logic, they could be accused of being a slave to the patriarchy (that is the accuser’s fantasy). So unless you want to live in a world where anyone’s fears or personal trip can be imposed on you as the truth (gospel, scientific or whatever), you will need some basic procedures to get out of the maze — and you will need to be willing to change your mind when you encounter information that requires you to do so.

For most people, what we call thought is untrained, and does not work especially well. Actual thought is what connects the mind to the heart, and is based on a balanced discussion that takes both into account. It must include a process of weighing and balancing: a way of thinking judicially. Be aware of what points of view you react to and refuse to consider. Those are the ones to devote the most attention to.

Another option is described by a body of knowledge connected to one’s inner authority. Yet that too takes training, and practice, and it takes recognizing that obsessive fear is not a helpful emotion.

Venus, newly in Leo, is a caution against false pride. Leo at its true essence is about devotion to service. Leo holds things together, as a consequence of its being — not for appearances. In fact both Mercury in Libra and Venus in caution against overdoing it with appearances in any form. Stick to the underlying reality.

If you catch a glimpse of yourself doing anything for the sake of being seen doing so, stop and question yourself. If you find yourself making an excuse or rationalizing anything you might do for appearances, stop and question yourself.

Mars stationing retrograde within the next 48 hours will — if we allow it to — bring up more questions than answers. Yet the most vital questions of Mars involve fear. One of them is: what exactly am I afraid of? And the other is, who am I, really?

*The opening lines of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas come to mind:

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like “I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive….” And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Las Vegas. And a voice was screaming: “Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn animals?”

Then it was quiet again. My attorney had taken his shirt off and was pouring beer on his chest, to facilitate the tanning process. “What the hell are you yelling about?” he muttered, staring up at the sun with his eyes closed and covered with wraparound Spanish sunglasses. “Never mind,” I said. “It’s your turn to drive.” I hit the brakes and aimed the Great Red Shark toward the shoulder of the highway. No point mentioning those bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

Monday, September 7 — The Day of Success Seekers

If today is your birthday: Fortune is a god, or so it seems. Not God the Big Dude but a force of nature that will respond to you if you are willing to take the chance to be yourself, do something you truly want to do, and risk a little of what you think of as certain. One of the reasons it’s safe to do that is because certainty is never it what it appears to be, but seems to be of greatest value when you take a chance on it. You cannot stay in the game if you cling to your chips.

Sunday, September 6 — The Day of Unpredictable Fate

If today is your birthday: Many elements of the past year of your life have had surprise endings. Or perhaps there was just one, and in the remnants of that prior journey was not just the seed of something new, but its actual emergence. Venus entering Leo on your birth anniversary is your invitation to bring out your deepest, innermost self-confidence. You are always presented with the option to trust your insecurity or your courage. The choice is always yours. It may not seem that way, though you can only find out if you experiment.

This Weekend’s Summary

Saturday the Aries Moon is passing through the Capricorn cluster (by right angle), and making conjunctions to both Eris and Mars.

When I see the Moon-Eris conjunction, I think of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who both were born with the Aries Moon conjunct Eris, and who both changed the world in their own ways. Both were pioneers of the digital revolution, in different but related ways.

Gates remains among the living and seems intent on “reprogramming” the human race with his idea of freedom, safety and what human DNA should look like. This aspect is therefore cautionary. It is, however, combined with the Moon’s series of squares to retrograde Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. That is calling attention to what is behind the scenes.

Humans have a difficult time with this. They may plot and scheme in their own lives, though they cannot imagine anyone else doing so. They may have been dragged through the most harrowing, evil experiences in divorce court, but still think that the World Management Team are a bunch of nice guys.

The key with this astrology is to learn how to see the agendas operating behind the scenes, including your own. Personal agendas can usually be seen more accurately in what you assume of others. It’s also visible in the form of what you don’t want to know, or know about.

If you write down your definition of “too much information,” you will figure out your agenda.

I’ll cover Mercury in Libra on Sunday.

Saturday, September 5 — The Day of the Fanciful Sovereign

If today is your birthday: There is a gift for designing your reality indicated in your solar return chart. Yet there’s also a bold caution about honoring the law of unintended consequences. Most people with fantastic ideas think little about the unplanned results of what they are doing. You must do so, or your creative power will turn out to be destructive. The challenge here is that you may feel drawn to the future by some generative magnet that is causing you to see things a certain way and make decisions now, based on some result that you may not be aware of. That is the challenge: know what vision and what goal is drawing you forward. The future remains unwritten.

Mars Retrograde, Self Actualization and Soul Retrieval

Dear Friend and Reader:

First, before we get into Mars retrograde, remember: everything is headed for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius. Mars retrograde is preparation for whatever that aspect is about, and whatever that is, it’s something big.

At the same time, Chiron is still early in its trek through Aries; we have a lot to learn from this. The relationship is that the individuation of Chiron in Aries is essential for functioning under the intensified group energy of the forthcoming Aquarius planets.

Whether or not you get assimilated into the Borg and reduced to an IP address has much to do with your response to the conditions on the planet as they are developing now.

We are experiencing once-in-a-lifetime events; the pattern we are in will never repeat itself on any timescale relevant to contemporary history. The choice as always is to wake up or go to sleep, though it’s never been so crucial as it is today. We were in many ways blindsided by Saturn conjunct Pluto back in January. We are now under new astrology of equal magnitude, which is approaching fast. We are on notice to pay attention and to be ready to take action.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Get instant access now | The Story of I AM — 2020 Autumn Reading

Mars retrograde in Aries is the final transition, the emotional, psychological and experiential bridge, to the last event of 2020: Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Mars retrograde represents the work of individuation and of self-actualization that will make the group experience in Aquarius more relevant and more easily workable.

Borrowing a line from Lou Reed, “Self-knowledge is a dangerous thing — the freedom of who you are.” Dangerous perhaps to a way of life that involves allowing yourself to disappear and be insignificant. Mars retrograde in Aries invites boldness and embodiment and the exploration of your will. Order here for instant access, or choose your individual signs here.

Friday, September 4 — The Day of the Builder

If today is your birthday: Choose your battles, which must be few. None would be preferable. Nobody else is responsible for your choices, past and present. So don’t try to claw your way into our out of anything; rather, describe your needs, and your preferences, in a direct but understated way. Remember that the decisions you make are ultimately your own. Your life is not about getting the approval of others or having them agree to who you are. You connect the dots; you collect the pieces; you assign the roles that others have in your life. If you take up your creative power, everything will be easier.

Thursday, Sept. 3 | Moon leaving Pisces, Entering Aries

The Moon is now in Pisces, where it will be until this afternoon. It’s swimming out of a conjunction to Neptune, the lord of waters. If you feel like you’re wading through a dream, that could offer an image.

To take the example of a dream further, it’s not uncommon for their messages to provide clues on how to deal with our waking life. Dream logic often offers sideways approaches and possibilities not thought of while awake. Listen to the wisdom of your dreams, which means take them gently. They speak in riddles that you made up.

At 4:42 pm EDT, the Moon moves into Aries, and back into the era-defining aspect pattern of our time that is occurring between Aries and Capricorn.

As the Moon makes its weekly contact here with Chiron, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, rise to the occasion if another wrinkle presents itself. Any challenge that arises repeatedly is one to address, first with a thoughtful analysis. You don’t want your life to be stuck on repeat, and it does not have to be.

Establishing what you want to resolve, gaming out potential solutions, and feeling your way through any dilemma would be a good use of your morning. If a relative challenges your identity, take it in stride.

After the Moon ingresses into Aries it makes a square to Pholus and Quaoar later in the evening which suggests that once things start, make sure you know the difference between the gas and the brakes.

Heaviness is not necessary, especially waking up after a night of Pisces turning into Aries. Spend time with your dreams, then make sure you’re fully awake before you handle any life concerns. You will find that a positive approach works the best.

With love,

Eric and Spence

Thursday, September 3 — The Day of the Mold Breaker

If today is your birthday: If you don’t ask, you won’t get, and now is no time to let thwarted desires fester. Whether it’s stress between yourself and key associates, or between future goals and security, you need to engage directly. Don’t wait for others to initiate important conversations, or the right moment to take action on aspirations dear to your heart. Negotiations will probably be easier than you fear, and the very act of taking the initiative will lead to more than resolving immediate issues. Real growth, real conscious evolution only comes from such moments, and this is yours. Creativity crackles out of your birthday chart, and you have more courage than you may realize.

— Victoria Emory

Wednesday, September 2 — The Day of the Businesslike Attitude

If today is your birthday: Quantum physicist Max Planck noted that, ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ World-view is everything, and your evolutionary path this year is one of exciting discovery. That’s the potential; it is up to you to answer the call. Now is the time to pursue that course of study or embark on paths that may seem very different from what you’re used to. If relationship issues have taken precedence for a while, consider how different the view might be if you prioritized your own needs and desires. Changing one part of an equation creates an entirely new proposition. Listen to the part of you that’s ready.

— Victoria Emory

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Pisces Full Moon, Conjunct Nessus

Dear Friend and Reader:

Overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, the Moon reaches full phase in Pisces. The aspect peaks on Sept. 2, at 1:22 am EDT, which will make for an interesting night of dreaming if anyone can get to sleep.

We finally have an aspect that harmonizes with the rest of the sky rather than bangs into it: the earthy Sun and watery Moon go well with all the activity in the Earth and Fire signs, and sidestep Mars and Eris — though we will be hearing from them again soon enough.

In the background of everything is Mars getting ready to station retrograde on Sept. 9. That is going to stir the pot because the retrograde involves a long conjunction to chaos goddess Eris, as well as squares to everyone in the smoke-filled room of Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. That discussion I will save for the monthly edition, which comes out in a day or two.


Tuesday, September 1 — The Day of No Nonsense

If today is your birthday: Weigh the demands of a relationship and give yourself time to decide if it’s worth it. It may well be, but communication, perhaps long overdue, is in order. Honesty takes courage, but you seem to know just what’s necessary for an association to grow, and how to express it effectively. First you must recognize what needs to break free in your own personal experience; what changes you seek for yourself as an independent entity. Whatever those consist of are right on schedule. It’s time to venture outside your usual orbit — a big wide world out there wants you to be part of it. — Victoria Emory

Wednesday, Sept. 2 | Pisces Full Moon Sextile Uranus: Practical Revolution

The Moon has been in Pisces since yesterday, and opposed the Sun in Virgo for the Full Moon in early this morning (1:22 am EDT).

The empathic, visionary, old-soul Pisces Moon feels everything — and everything’s quite a lot right now. Mars and Venus are tensely configured both with each other, and with the epic, era-defining Saturn/Pluto dynamic. Feeling cut-off from support, frustration, resentment — or a fun-pack of all three — might color a few cresting waves.

Yet the heavens throw plenty of life-jackets and lower a few boats into what could be troubled waters. They’re easy to see, with open eyes. Essential insights into how to negotiate communication gaps and map out strategies are readily available, via a brilliant Earth trine from Mercury to Pluto and Saturn. This is the clear-headed, courageous “what’re you gonna do about it?” response.

Follow that train. Inspiration and motivation to get down business and take steps toward restructuring aspects of your life in the most practical, can-do ways, comes with whatever you pick up. This lunation occurs with ‘opportunity knocks’ and ‘use this gift’ aspects from Uranus, the Awakener. A practical revolution is in order. Uranus delivers a well-timed and easily processed jolt that helps intuition and rational analysis work together.

For the clearest reception, don’t try to inhibit emotions that rise with this lunar tide. Feel what’s real, and in the spirit of the Piscean cosmic ocean, let it flow. Give yourself permission to unplug for a while; put everything else on hold for enough time to find your own personal center of the storm. A moment or five to soak in a bath, or commune with your god, will help quiet the noise and clear the channels.

Trust that guidance is trying to get through; it is. All you must do is relax and tune in.

— Victoria Emory

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