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Convoy to DC 2022: American truckers prepare to ride from California in protest of medical mandates | added January 31

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American truckers are preparing to follow the lead of their Canadian counterparts and convoy protest from California to DC.

Many American truckers joined in solidarity with the Canadians, who have formed a 45-mile-long convoy of up to 50,000 truckers heading to Ottawa to protest the government’s covid vaccine mandate for drivers who cross the US-Canada border.

“We are part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers. We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place. God Bless America,” the group’s description reads.

Recent episode of The Jerusalem Report on graphene and the current threat to democracy | added January 31

Watch the video on CHD TV

Ilana Rachel David speaks about the recently passed Enabling Act with special power laws that are rotten from the core. After months of trying to shoot down the unlawful act, it was finally passed 9-3, paving the way to complete dictatorship over the Israeli people. The law was intended to be temporary, but has since been re-authorized under a ‘state of emergency’.

Filmmaker captures true spirit of freedom during “defeat the mandates” protest in DC | added January 31

Read more at The Defender

Investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker Dan Cohen attended Sunday’s “Defeat the Mandates” protest in Washington, DC, where more than 30,000 people gathered to protest vaccine mandates, government overreach and censorship.

Cohen was there to get the real story — not the story pharma-funded mainstream media was peddling to the public. He interviewed firefighters, healthcare workers, lawyers, doctors, civil rights activists, professional athletes and parents of vaccine-injured children to find out why they were there.

Despite mainstream media’s portrayal of the protesters as “extremists” and “anti-vaxxers,” Cohen found people of many different religions, political views and opinions on the risks and benefits of vaccines. But they were all united around a single message: freedom.

Joe Rogan responds to backlash of spreading misinformation on Spotify | added January 31

Read more at NBC News

Joe Rogan defended himself on Sunday but vowed to “try harder” to offer more balance on his podcast in his first public response to the growing protest facing Spotify over covid-19 misinformation.

Rogan’s comments came after the streaming service announced that it would add a content advisory to any podcast episode that discusses the coronavirus. The move came after several musicians, led by Neil Young, said they were pulling their music from the platform over its failure to take action against the spread of falsehoods about vaccines.

Its star podcaster — who signed a $100 million deal giving the streaming service exclusive rights to his show in 2020 — has been at the center of the growing backlash.

Spotify makes policy changes for ‘misinformation’ as Prince Harry and Meghan add their support | added January 31

Read more at USA Today

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Sunday added their voices to the rising chorus speaking out against misinformation about covid-19 and vaccines on Spotify. Later in the day, the streaming service sent the message that it’s listening.

In a public letter Sunday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said the tech giant would be more transparent about its content rules and add an advisory directing listeners to a site with covid-19 information to any podcast in which the topic was discussed.

“Based on the feedback over the last several weeks, it’s become clear to me that we have an obligation to do more to provide balance and access to widely-accepted information from the medical and scientific communities guiding us through this unprecedented time,” Ek wrote.

NYC delivers anti-viral drug pills to eligible residents free of charge | added January 31

Read more at CBS News

New York City is making progress in the fight against the omicron variant, Mayor Eric Adams announced Sunday. Adams said indicators show cases are rapidly declining, and hospitalizations and deaths are down, too.

“New Yorkers are winning,” Adams said. “The key indicators are showing that we’re beating back omicron variant.” Gov. Kathy Hochul reported hospitalizations declined statewide by more than 550 in the past 24 hours. She said in a statement, “New Yorkers are doing the right thing — getting vaccinated and receiving their booster, wearing their masks, and staying home when they’re sick.”

Mayor Adams said the city will deliver covid antiviral pills to eligible New Yorkers same day, free of charge. “Oral antiviral pills, like Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, taken for five days help stop the virus from reproducing, which reduces the amount of virus in the body and prevents symptoms from getting worse,” Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi added.

Aortic Stenosis: the latest media scapegoat affecting heart blood | added January 31

Read more at Off Guardian

In only our second article of this new year, This Year in the New Normal, OffG predicted that a major news story of 2022 would involve predicting and explaining heart problems that hadn’t actually happened yet.

Not even a month later, we’ve already been proven right.

Urgent warning as 300,000 Brits living with stealth disease that could kill within 5 years

That’s a Sun headline from three days ago. The article is about a recent study, which apparently found that aortic valve stenosis is likely far more prevalent in the community than previously thought. Aortic Stenosis (AS) is a disease affecting the valve of the heart which connects to the aorta, causing it to never open fully and making it more difficult for blood to flow.

Saskatchewan’s premier says province will end proof of vaccine policy “in near future” | added January 31

Read more at CBC News

According to Saskatchewan’s premier, the province will end the current proof of negative test and proof of vaccination policy “in the not-too-distant future.”

Scott Moe made this announcement in a message on Twitter in connection with rallies being held across the country against a federal policy that requires truck drivers entering Canada from the United States to be fully vaccinated. This is the second time within a week that the premier of Saskatchewan has made a public comment about the potential removal of the provincial proof of vaccination policy in the near future.

Earlier this week, Moe told a CJME/CKOM radio host that he thought requiring proof of vaccination had “for the most part run its course.”

Convoy: with love to Canada | added Jan. 31

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Eric Francis in a New Video — CLICK IMAGE TO ACTIVATE

The difference between investigative reporting and conspiracy theorizing | added January 29

Editor’s Note: The working covid timeline can be found here. The PDF is a compilation of all major reported events from the early days of the proposed pandemic. — mmd

Watch the video on Bitchute

In this half-hour presentation, Eric Francis Coppolino describes how he set up his research process during the first days of the “covid” crisis. Eric is an investigative reporter originally from the toxicology field, who began his investigative career in an upstate New York neighborhood built on a toxic waste dump called Love Canal.

Discuss: Massive convoy of truckers join together for the long-haul to medical freedom | added January 29

Read more at Off Guardian

A massive convoy of trucks and heavy goods vehicles is crossing Canada, coming together from all parts of the nation and converging on Ottawa for a huge protest on Saturday.

Already claimed to exceed 50,000 individual vehicles, the convoy is a protest against the Trudeau government’s requiring vaccine passports be shown at the US/Canadian border. Drivers without a vaccine passport are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Initially, truck drivers were exempt from these rules, but that exemption expired on January 15th. Clearly potentially disastrous for freelance long-haul drivers who must keep to tight deadlines if they want to make a living.

MPP Rick Nicholls speaks to truckers and supporters apart of the freedom convoy 2022 | added January 29

Watch the video on Canadian Covid Care Alliance

In this Freedom Convoy Report, Member of Provincial Parliament Rick Nicholls shines a spotlight on some of the tens of thousands of truckers and their supporters rallying behind every Canadian’s right to bodily autonomy and freedom of medical choice.

Fauci pushes three shots for kids under 5, as Sweden says “benefits don’t outweigh the risks” | added January 29

Read more at The Defender

Children under age 5 will likely require a three-dose regimen of the covid vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview Thursday with Blue Star Families, a nonprofit group that supports military families.

Fauci said he hopes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech for the younger age group next month, stating: “My hope is that it’s going to be within the next month or so and not much later than that, but I can’t guarantee that. I can’t outguess the FDA. I’m going to have to leave that to them.”

He later clarified in a statement to CNBC that he has no involvement with the FDA’s approval process, saying: “I did not at all mean to imply that the authorization would come within a month. I meant that we do not know… I am not involved in that decision.” Two separate clinical trials of Pfizer-BioNTech’s covid vaccine are in progress: one involving children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years old, the other involving children between ages 2 and 4.

Heart inflammation from covid drug shots found highest in young men, according to new CDC data | added January 29

Read more at Epoch Times

Heart inflammation following covid-19 vaccination was higher than expected in multiple age groups and was particularly pronounced in young men, according to a new data analysis from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers.

Analyzing records submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) between December 2020 and August 2021, the researchers found that young males aged 12 to 17 were the most likely to suffer post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation that can lead to death.

The rates were the highest after the second dose and after vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech jab. Males aged 12 to 15 experienced 70.7 myocarditis cases per million doses administered and males aged 16 or 17 experienced 105.8 cases per million doses, according to the peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Latest ‘covid’ variant hits half of U.S. states, allegedly 1.5 times more contagious than omicron | added January 29

Read more at CNBC

There are already dozens of cases across almost half of the U.S. of a new Covid subvariant that’s even more contagious than the already highly transmissible omicron variant.

Nearly half of U.S. states have confirmed the presence of BA.2 with at least 127 known cases nationwide as of Friday, according to a global data base that tracks Covid variants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a statement Friday, said although BA.2 has increased in proportion to the original omicron strain in some countries, it is currently circulating at a low level in the U.S.

The subvariant is 1.5 times more transmissible than the original omicron strain, referred to by scientists as BA.1, according to Statens Serum Institut, which conducts infectious disease surveillance for Denmark. The new sublineage doesn’t appear to further reduce the effectiveness of vaccines against symptomatic infection, according to the U.K. Health Security Agency.

Fully boosted Sen. Mitt Romney tests positive for ‘covid’, isolates with no symptoms | added January 29

Read more at The New York Post

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has tested positive for covid-19, his office announced on Friday evening. The 74-year-old lawmaker, who has been fully vaccinated and boosted, does not have symptoms, his office said.

Romney is “currently asymptomatic and will be isolating and working remotely for the recommended period of time,” his office said in a statement. His wife, Ann Romney, 72, tested negative. She is also fully vaccinated and boosted.

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate is one of dozens of members of Congress to test positive for the coronavirus despite having their shots. The 2012 Republican presidential candidate is one of dozens of members of Congress to test positive for the coronavirus despite having their shots.

Shot and swab: New Hampshire to sell at-home rapid ‘covid’ tests in liquor stores | added January 29

Read more at NPR

If you live in New Hampshire and are having trouble getting an at-home rapid covid-19 test, you might soon find them among the bottles at state-run liquor stores.

The New Hampshire Executive Council approved the request to sell 1 million at-home rapid covid tests at liquor outlets across the state, Gov. Christopher Sununu said.

The governor said he expects the at-home tests to be available at liquor stores within the next two weeks. “We will buy them for a certain price. We will put them on the shelves and sell them for that exact same price, approximately in the $13 range,” Sununu said during a news conference this week.

Joni Mitchell joins Neil Young to remove music from Spotify for spreading misinformation | added January 29

Read more at ABC Channel 10 News

Canadian songwriter Joni Mitchell said in a statement on Friday that she supported Neil Young, whose songs were pulled from Spotify earlier this week after an ultimatum with the streaming service, and said she wanted her music removed from the platform, too.

“I’ve decided to remove all my music from Spotify. Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue,” Mitchell said.

She has roughly 3.7 million monthly listeners, according to her Spotify page. The announcement comes as Spotify earlier this week removed Young’s music after he gave the music streaming service an ultimatum to choose between his music or Joe Rogan’s podcast, which he said was “spreading fake information about vaccines.”

Newborn human child Coronita born in the midst of plandemic

Human child result of parents “doing their part” | added Jan 29

Please welcome to the world Coronita, a beautiful human child born in a time of great prudence. Corona could not stop the heat droplets coming off two perfectly compliant beings. This enlightening child is an example of how human beings are still capable of doing what they do best in the world — making love. Have a great weekend!

Supporters of “Freedom Convoy” truckers gather near a highway outside Toronto, Ontario

Update: Trucker convoy against vax passports backed by Musk, Trump Jr. as GoFundMe earns $6m | added January 28

Read more at Independent

A convoy of truckers opposed to covid-19 vaccine mandates made its way through southwestern Ontario on Thursday, as it continues its snaking journey through Canada. Hundreds of people gathered in London and Toronto earlier this week to cheer on the convoy, which has also attracted over $6 million in donations on GoFundMe.

The protest is being organized by Canada Unity, a group that opposes covid-related measures. Its leaders want prime minister Justin Trudeau and his government to drop the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the Canada-US border and do away with other public health protections.

A so-called “Freedom Convoy“ containing American truckers is set to meet up with others from across Canada on Saturday in Ottawa for a large demonstration. The Canadian federal government instituted vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers throughout the country. But as many as 32,000, or 20 percent, of the 160,000 Canadian and American cross-border truck drivers may be taken off the roads due to the mandate, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

Blatant media lies and the sacred rights of a vaccination cult | added January 28

Read more at Off Guardian

The Independent has put out an early (and strong) entry for “Worst Journalism of the Year” award, reporting yesterday the death of Hungarian gymnastics coach Szilveszter Csollany under the headline: ‘Anti-vax Olympic gold medalist Szilveszter Csollany dies of Covid, aged 51’.

The glaring issue with this headline becomes clear just three paragraphs into the article [our emphasis]:

While Csollany had, according to [Hungarian newspaper Blikk], expressed anti-vaccination views on social media, the six-time World Championship medallist had been vaccinated to allow him to continue to work as a gymnastics coach.

The journalism is terrible, criminally bad. The evidence supplied for Csollany’s supposed “anti-vaccination views” is non-existent. Second-hand hearsay, at best. No direct quotations, no sources provided. OffGuardian would be ashamed to publish something so flimsy. Any outlet should. But, of course, that isn’t the most egregious part – as you can tell from our emphasised quote – the supposed “anti-vaxxer” had been vaccinated.

Dr. Jane Ruby discusses with embalmer never before seen rubbery clots in veins and arteries | added January 28

Watch the video on Bitchute

Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.

Brianne Dressen, Ph.D, meets with RFK Jr. to discuss media censorship on vax injuries | added January 28

Read more at The Defender

In an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Brianne Dressen, Ph.D., described injuries she developed after getting the covid vaccine and her relentless struggle to inform and assist others.

As The Defender reported in July 2021, Dressen signed up for an early clinical trial of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine and received a dose in early November of 2020. Her life hasn’t been the same since.

On the evening she got the shot, Dressen told Kennedy, her hearing and vision were impaired. In the following days, a series of debilitating symptoms confined her to a darkened room. She began to experience what she described as internal electric shocks along with incredible weakness and heart fluctuations.

Sweden decides against recommending covid drug shots for kids aged 5-11 | added January 28

Read more at Yahoo News

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden has decided against recommending covid vaccines for kids aged 5-11, the Health Agency said on Thursday, arguing that the benefits did not outweigh the risks.

“With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any clear benefit with vaccinating them,” Health Agency official Britta Bjorkholm told a news conference. She added that the decision could be revisited if the research changed or if a new variant changed the pandemic. Kids in high-risk groups can already get the vaccine.

Sweden registered more than 40,000 new cases on Jan. 26, one of the highest daily numbers during the pandemic, despite limited testing. While the forth wave has seen daily infection records shattered, the healthcare system is not under the same strain as during previous waves.

Washington state school board drops classic novel from curriculum due to racial insensitivity | added January 28

Read more at Fox News

A Seattle-area school board has voted to remove the classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” from the district’s ninth-grade reading curriculum after teachers, parents, and some students complained that it was racially insensitive.

The Mukilteo School Board approved the resolution Monday night. District Superintendent Alison Brynelson has supported the move, according to a school board agenda.

Though the novel has been removed from the required reading list, it is not outright banned and can still be found in the school library. A school board member told Fox News that teachers can still use the novel in the classroom if they so choose.

Neil Young demands Spotify drop his music for spreading vax mis-information | added January 28

Editor’s Note: Update: Spotify has since chosen to drop Young’s music instead of Joe Rogan’s show, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. — mmd

Read more at Rolling Stone

Neil Young posted a since-deleted letter to his management team and record label demanding that they remove his music from Spotify. “I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines – potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them,” he wrote. “Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the time schedule.”

“I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” he continued. “They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.” Young is referencing the steady stream of misinformation about vaccines that Joe Rogan has peddled on The Joe Rogan Experience. Last month, 270 doctors, physicians, and science educators signed an open letter asking Spotify to stop spreading Rogan’s baseless claims.

“With an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, JRE, which is hosted exclusively on Spotify, is the world’s largest podcast and has tremendous influence,” the letter reads. “Spotify has a responsibility to mitigate the spread of misinformation on its platform, though the company presently has no misinformation policy.”

Wisconsin Assembly votes to withdraw Biden’s 10 electoral votes, citing voter fraud in 2020 | added January 28

Read more at National File

The Wisconsin Assembly has voted to officially withdraw Joe Biden’s 10 electoral votes, citing voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. Last night, the Wisconsin Assembly has unanimously voted to withdraw its 10 electoral votes that contributed to the certification of Joe Biden’s controversial victory following the hotly contested 2020 Presidential Election.

The legislation now heads to the Wisconsin Assembly Rules Committee, and then on to the Wisconsin Senate for confirmation. Rep Ramthun called for a point of order and took the floor during the open session today.

Ramthun presented his testimony to pull back the electors for the fraudulent 2020 election. The assembly joint resolution AJR LRB5782 relates to Wisconsin’s election reform & reclaiming the elector ballots for President & Vice President that were certified under fraudulent intent & purpose.

Over one thousand scientific studies prove how experimental ‘covid’ inoculations are dangerous | added January 28

Read more at Lorphic News

Over one thousand scientific studies prove that the covid-19 vaccines are dangerous, and all those pushing this agenda are committing the indictable crime of gross misconduct in public office.

Just over 12 months from deployment of the covid 19 emergency use experimental vaccines, scientific studies in the thousands, and reports of criminal complaints of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of biochemical poisons made to police forces around the country, verify an assault on an unsuspecting UK population.

Irrefutable science shows that the covid 19 vaccine is not safe and not effective in limiting transmission or infection from the SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus pathogens. The “safe and effective” false propaganda, put out by public officials who now are continuing to push this vaccine, is a clear breach of duty. A public office holder is subject to, and aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office.

NY Gov. Hochul requests $1.6 billion in federal funding for unpaid rent due to ‘covid’ pandemic | added January 28

Read more at U.S. News

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Thursday she’s asking for $1.6 billion in federal funding to settle unpaid rent owed by tenants amid the covid-19 pandemic.

New York has sent to landlords $1.3 billion of $2.4 billion in federal rent relief aid, according to the latest data from the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. The state’s spent about $300 million on administration, outreach and legal assistance.

The state doesn’t release data on how many individual landlords that has helped, though the state’s website says New York’s issued over 108,000 payments to landlords. Hochul said an extra $1.6 billion would cover about 174,000 applications for landlords who have not received rent relief yet.

Tyler Fischer speaks at Washington protest on medical mandates

Special report with Tyler Fischer at Washington anti-mandate rally | added January 28

Watch the video on YouTube

Comedy from the Defeat The Mandate Rally in DC on Jan 23rd, 2022. Tyler Fischer recommends putting a mask on Lincoln since his “droplets are huge”. Watch this special report with special appearances by Trump and Fauci. Comedy is being shadow banned and censored so please support freedom of speech in any way possible.

“Freedom convoy” of truckers ride together over 93 miles against medical mandates

Eleven thousand trucks, 93 mile-long convoy, ride together to protest Canada’s vax mandates | added January 27

Read more at The Defender

As the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers protesting Canada’s vaccine mandates rolled through southeast Alberta, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday slammed conservative politicians, accusing them of fear-mongering.

“I regret that the Conservative Party and conservative politicians are fear-mongering to Canadians about the supply chain, but the reality is that vaccination is how we’re going to get through this,” Trudeau told reporters who asked if the mandate policy could disrupt supply chains.

The 11,000-truck, 93-mile long convoy is traveling from the country’s westernmost province, British Columbia, toward Ottawa, the country’s capital, where they will hold a demonstration on Jan. 29. The truckers said they will not leave until the mandates are lifted.

Appeals judge rules to keep unlawful NY mask mandates in place | added January 27

Read more at CBS New York

The battle over New York’s mask mandate has taken several turns. The state initially filed an appeal after a New York State Supreme Court judge overturned the mandate on Monday night, saying it couldn’t be enforced. However, state Appeals Judge Robert Miller left the mandate in place Tuesday while Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration appeals the lower court’s decision to overturn it.

The governor said she’s confident the court will keep it in place. “I don’t wanna keep any requirements of safety in place a day longer than necessary, but I will not do it a day before we can do it safely,” Hochul said.

“Nearly three years into the covid-19 pandemic, we know that wearing a mask saves lives. This mandate and today’s decision are critical in helping to stop the spread of this virus and protect individuals young and old. We will continue to do everything in our power to prioritize the health and wellbeing of all New Yorkers,” state Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement.

FDA asks court to delay release of first 50,000 pages per month on vax data: Pfizer steps in to “help expedite production” | added January 27

Read more at Aaron Siri

As explained in prior posts, in a lawsuit seeking all of the documents the FDA relied upon to license Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine, a federal judge shot down the FDA’s requested rate of 500 pages per month and instead ordered the FDA to produce at the rate of 55,000 pages per month starting on March 1.

Since the government has trillions of dollars of our money, it is putting it to good use by fighting to assure that the public has the least amount of transparency possible. To that end, it has now asked the Court to make the public wait until May for it to start producing 55,000 pages per month and, even then, claims it may not be able to meet this rate.

The FDA’s excuse? As explained in the brief opposing the FDA’s request, the FDA’s defense effectively amounts to claiming that the 11 document reviewers it has already assigned and the 17 additional reviewers being onboarded are only capable of reading at the speed of preschoolers.

Deadly side effects of bathing in cancerous pesticides: the narrative of deception | added January 27

Read more at Off Guardian

The volume of pesticide use and exposure is occurring on a scale that is without precedent and world-historical in nature. Agrichemicals are now pervasive as they cycle through bodies and environments. The herbicide glyphosate has been a major factor in driving this increase in use.

These statements appear in a 2021 paper ‘Growing Agrichemical Ubiquity: New Questions for Environments and Health’ (Community of Excellence in Global Health Equity).

The authors state that when the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate to be a “probable carcinogen” in 2015, the fragile consensus about its safety was upended.

Unvaxed Sarah Palin dines outside NYC restaurant after testing positive for ‘covid’ | added January 27

Read more at The New York Post

Sarah Palin dined outdoors at a Manhattan restaurant Wednesday evening, two days after the unvaccinated former vice presidential candidate tested positive for covid-19. Palin, 57, ate at Elio’s on the Upper East Side in a heated outside structure, the restaurant confirmed to The Post. Her viral outing — which ran afoul of federal quarantine guidelines — was first reported by Mediaite.

A staffer at the Italian eatery was dismissive of the incident when reached by The Post. “S– happens! People come to eat, we are not the border police,” a worker said.

Palin reportedly ate indoors at the restaurant over the weekend and had come back to “apologize” for the media frenzy. “Tonight Sarah Palin returned to the restaurant to apologize for the fracas around her previous visit. In accordance with the vaccine mandate and to protect our staff, we seated her outdoors,” Elio’s said in a statement to The Post.

WHO warns the next ‘covid’ variant will be more contagious | added January 27

Read more at CNBC

The next covid-19 variant that will rise to world attention will be more contagious than omicron, but the real question scientists need to answer is whether or not it will be more deadly, World Health Organization officials said Tuesday.

Roughly 21 million covid cases were reported to the WHO over the last week, setting a new global record for weekly cases from the rapidly spreading omicron variant, Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s covid-19 technical lead, said during a livestreamed Q&A across the group’s social media channels.

While omicron appears to be less virulent than previous strains of the virus, the sheer volume of cases is crushing hospital systems worldwide.

Mix-and-match drug cocktail trial finds another injection of ‘covid’ vax is “safe” | added January 27

Read more at NIH

In adults who had previously received a full regimen of any of three covid-19 vaccines granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an additional booster dose of any of these vaccines was safe and prompted an immune response, according to preliminary clinical trial results reported in The New England Journal of Medicine.

The findings served as the basis for recommendations by the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in late fall 2021 to permit mix-and-match covid-19 booster vaccinations in the United States.

Additional data from the ongoing Phase 1/2 trial, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, are expected in the coming months. The new report describes findings from 458 adults who had been fully vaccinated with any of three EUA covid-19 vaccines at least 12 weeks prior to enrollment and who had no reported history of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Justice Stephen Breyer retires after more than 27 years on the court | added January 27

Read more at NBC News

WASHINGTON — Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to people familiar with his thinking.

President Joe Biden and Breyer are scheduled to appear together at the White House Thursday as the Supreme Court justice is set to announce his retirement, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News.

Breyer is one of the three remaining liberal justices, and his decision to retire after more than 27 years on the court allows Biden to appoint a successor who could serve for decades and, in the short term, maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

Legendary musicians Eric Clapton and Neil Young on opposite ends of the medical mandate spectrum | added January 27

Read more at Newsweek

Rock legends Eric Clapton and Neil Young seem unable to agree on the benefit of the covid-19 vaccine. While Clapton has been a vocal anti-vaxxer, Young just recently posted—then deleted—a letter on his website demanding that his music be removed from Spotify over vaccine misinformation.

In an open letter to his management team on Monday, Young wrote that he wanted “to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” according to multiple news outlets. Young cited covid-19 vaccine misinformation promoted by Joe Rogan, host of the streaming platform’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE).

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines – potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them,” Young reportedly wrote. “Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the time schedule.”

Recent study shows unjabbed people had a better shot at fighting Delta by the way… sorry D

If the ‘covid’ 19 variants were people | added January 27

Watch the video on YouTube

The ‘OG’ that kicked off this entire plandemic is joined with trans-engineered variants. Please be polite and use pronouns here when introducing yourself. Keep in mind: Which one are you really willing to risk your life at the grocery store for an avocado?

Biden drops OSHA ‘vax or test’ mandate for all large private employers after SCOTUS ruling | added January 26

Read more at Forbes

The Biden Administration is dropping its emergency rule that required all large private employers to require covid-19 vaccines or regular tests, it announced Tuesday, after the Supreme Court blocked the policy and ruled the federal government had exceeded its authority in imposing it.

The administration asked an appeals court to dismiss the case challenging the rule, saying it’s now moot because the policy is being dropped anyway. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) said Tuesday it’s still considering moving forward with imposing a vaccine policy through the agency’s normal rule making process, rather than an emergency one that’s subject to less scrutiny.

“Notwithstanding the withdrawal of the Vaccination and Testing ETS, OSHA continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of workers against the continuing dangers posed by covid-19 in the workplace,” the Department of Labor said in its document withdrawing the rule.

NY ‘covid’ hospitalizations dropping fast after winter surge | added January 26

Read more at Daily News

ALBANY — The number of New Yorkers hospitalized with COVID is falling fast, dropping by 25% from last week alone, Gov. Hochul announced on Tuesday.

The governor provided a brief update on the state’s fight against coronavirus during an appearance at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, used as a testing and vaccination site throughout the pandemic.

“This is a huge barometer of how we’re doing, and we’re still dropping, thank God, from the peak we were at two weeks ago,” Hochul said, noting that earlier this month, there were nearly 13,000 people hospitalized with the virus. That number is now below 9,800. The state’s overall seven-day positivity rate continues to fall as well, dropping to 9.69% on Tuesday from a peak near 23% in early January.

“Tough-to-detect” omicron subvariant BA.2 infections on the rise in some countries | added January 26

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Unlocking the mysteries behind Omicron’s unique set of mutations will be key to understanding how this virus evolves and spreads — particularly as a tougher-to-detect subvariant is taking off in various countries, threatening to prolong this wave of infections.

The subvariant is known as BA.2 in the classification system used to catalogue mutations of SARS-CoV-2, and it’s just one of a handful of Omicron subvariants featuring different mutations, which also includes the original lineage, BA.1, as well as BA.1.1, and BA.3.

BA.2 drew the close attention of virologists once it started to tick upward in multiple countries, including early signals of a slight rise here in Canada, suggesting it may be even more transmissible than its predecessor.

Four AGs sue Google for illegal tracking of user locations | added January 26

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Four attorneys general are suing Google for allegedly misleading users about when the company was able to track their location.

The bipartisan group of attorneys general from the District of Columbia, Indiana, Texas and Washington allege in separate lawsuits filed Monday that Google deceived users from at least 2014 to 2019 by leading them to believe that turning off “location history” settings would make the service stop tracking their whereabouts. But, the AGs allege, a user’s location could still be tracked by Google unless they also turned off settings in the “Web & App Activity” section.

Google describes Web & App Activity as a way to personalize experiences for users by saving searches and activity in a user’s account. The AGs allege that Google misled users to believe that once they turned their location history off, their whereabouts would no longer be tracked.

Award-winning investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, on fake news and corporate sponsored media | added January 26

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Former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson in an interview last week said mainstream media’s shift from investigative journalism toward a corporate-sponsored, “fact check” mindset originated with left-wing activists seeking to discredit conservative news outlets.

That shift has had a major impact on news coverage of the pandemic, Attkisson said.

Attkisson, winner of five Emmys for investigative journalism, told viewers of Epoch Times TV’s “America’s Thought Leaders,” the term “fake news” used by the media in the run-up to Donald Trump’s election likely originated with First Draft, an online fact-checking organization created with funds from Eric Schmidt, then-CEO of Google and an active supporter of Hilary Clinton.

CDC “pivoting its language” on vax status: don’t expire your inoculations if “eligible”  | added January 26

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Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Center for Disease Control, told the media on Friday that the CDC is intending to “pivot the language” regarding the covid-19 vaccines.

Speaking at the press briefing, Dr Walenksy had a very obvious message she really wanted to hammer home:

“And what we really are working to do is pivot the language to make sure that everybody is as up to date with their covid-19 vaccines as they personally could be, should be, based on when they got their last vaccine. So, importantly, right now, we’re pivoting our language. We really want to make sure people are up to date. That means if you recently got your second dose, you’re not eligible for a booster, you’re up to date. If you are eligible for a booster and you haven’t gotten it, you’re not up to date and you need to get your booster in order to be up to date.”

Freedom bridges: truckers stand together against a darkening new world order | added January 26

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Are these truckers all that stands between us and an engulfing “vaccine passport” global tyranny? Who among us ever thought about the possibility that trucks would become a symbol, a medium, and a vehicle for preserving freedom against a darkening new world order? Wow.

Never again will we Americans make jokes about Canadians. Follow @QuigginReport on Twitter for developments.

“Military veteran and intelligence expert, Tom Quiggin, is being targeted in a frivolous multi-million-dollar lawsuit designed to prevent him from sharing with the public, his technical intelligence analysis on organizations linked to nefarious activities.”

Attorney Thomas Renz discusses whistleblower data on covid vax

Senator Ron Johnson holds hearing on DOD whistleblower data for covid inoculations | added January 26

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Attorney Thomas Renz provides three whistleblower names: Lieutenant Dr. Thersea Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Lieutenant Dr. Peter Chambers who gave permission to provide data and declarations under penalty of perjury. Renz states substantial data shows miscarriages and cancer rates increased by 300 percent over the last five year average. All data is intended for court presentation.

Protestors of medical mandates plan another rally in Brussels to “depose the Federal Government” | added January 26

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The organisation behind various demonstrations against coronavirus measures is planning its next march “to depose the Federal Government.”

“Since November we have been demonstrating with thousands of people,” Sarkis Simonjan of the group Belgium United for Freedom told Bruzz, adding that their protests against mandatory vaccination and the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) have gone unanswered by the politicians they’ve appealed to.

“What is the point of this government if we are not heard anyway?” Belgium United for Freedom is organising their anti-government march for Sunday 30 January. Previous protests have been accompanied by letter-writing campaigns addressed to ministers, local government officials and even the King of Belgium.

My Flurona (my corona, part 3) | added January 26

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Here’s a midweek song to sing away any fears you maybe facing thanks to propaganda media. Remember to keep it light and keep asking the questions like: you have got to be freakin kidding me, right? When is this going to end? My My My My… Woo!

NY state judge overturns Gov. Kathy Hochul’s unlawful mask mandate | added January 25

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MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — A New York judge ruled Monday that the state’s mask mandate can’t be enforced, after it was reinstituted by Gov. Kathy Hochul over concerns about a winter surge of coronavirus cases.

State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Rademaker said in his decision that the state Department of Health didn’t have the legal authority to implement the mandate, and that it was up to the state Legislature to do so if needed.

The mandate “is a law that was promulgated and enacted unlawfully by an executive branch state agency, and therefore void and unenforceable,” the judge said.

Kingston sophomore receives first scholarship injection bribe | added January 25

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KINGSTON, N.Y. — Kingston High School sophomore Amani Green is the winner of the first Ulster County Vax to School scholarship.

Green was entered into the county lottery when she was vaccinated against covid-19 during the county’s Vax to School program last fall. An Honor Roll student, she hopes to study nursing and become the first in her family to graduate from college, according to an announcement about the scholarship. According to the Kingston High School website, the scholarship, will fund a full 2-year course of study at SUNY Ulster.

The lottery is a partnership between the Ulster County Department of Health, the New York State Department of Health, the SUNY Ulster Foundation, and all nine Ulster County public school districts. Part of the statewide Vax to School initiative, vaccinations were conducted by the Ulster County Department of Health in each of the nine school district high schools in October and November in an effort to increase vaccination rates among the 12-17-year-old age group.

Natural immunity superior to drug induced | added January 25

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Dr. John Campbell discusses 4 cohorts: unvaxed with no previous diagnosis, vaxed with no previous diagnosis, unvaxed with previous diagnosis and vaxed with previous diagnosis. Dr. Campbell breaks down with presentations high and low risk populations and their protection against the ‘covid’ virus and variants based on available data.

River Oaks doctor files lawsuit for suspension over vax views | added January 25

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HOUSTON – A Houston Methodist doctor who was thrust into the spotlight in November after her privileges were suspended because of her views on vaccines and early treatment for covid-19 has plans to file a lawsuit against the hospital system.

Doctor Mary Bowden is an ear, nose and throat specialist. She runs her own private practice, BreatheMD, but had recently joined the staff at Houston Methodist. The doctor, who claims she has treated more than 2,000 patients with covid-19, said she had a great relationship with Methodist until they disagreed with some of her social media posts regarding vaccine mandates and treatments.

“The issues with vaccines and ivermectin really go against patient autonomy and their right to choose their treatment,” Dr. Bowden said.

Covid policies “obscene” serving Big Pharma and not people, medical experts say | added January 25

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A group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts today joined Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) for a panel discussion on the federal government’s poor response to the global pandemic, the capture of U.S. health agencies by pharmaceutical companies, suppression of scientific data, and vilification of doctors who seek to treat patients with inexpensive and effective repurposed drugs.

The panel also discussed vaccine injuries, preventable deaths and new data showing covid vaccines could be causing “vaccine-enhanced diseases.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and a leader in the outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection, set the stage for the roundtable with four pillars he believes America should have adopted in responding to the covid pandemic.

Advice for the brainwashing authoritarians | added January 25

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Advice for the authoritarians. In this video you’ll learn about nine helpful suggestions that would make the authoritarians agenda more successful. Fortunately too many people have woken up to what they’re doing. But in this video we get to help the underdog out a little bit.

New Zealand based doctor, Sam Bailey, breaks down Gain of Function testing and leaked documents | added January 25

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“The internet is once again giddy with “Gain of Function” fever following the recent publication of DARPA related documents by Project Veritas. Is this the smoking gun or a stinky fish?”

New Zealand based doctor, Sam Bailey, breaks down the recent “leaked documents” which some claim support the “lab leak theory” and accusations that the alleged Sars-Cov-2 virus was the result of gain of function research.

Dr Bailey discusses what gain of function research actually entails, the holes in the lab leak theory, and more broadly the role these theories and “leaks” play in re-inforcing the pandemic narrative.

Man denied heart transplant due to refusing covid inoculation | added January 25

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BOSTON (CBS) – David Ferguson is speaking out passionately on behalf of his son DJ. He says the 31-year-old is fighting for his life at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and in desperate need of a heart transplant. “My son has gone to the edge of death to stick to his guns and he’s been pushed to the limit,” Ferguson said.

The family says he was at the front of the line to receive a transplant but because he has not received the covid-19 vaccination he is no longer eligible according to hospital policy. And Ferguson says his son refuses to get the shot.

“It’s kind of against his basic principles, he doesn’t believe in it. It’s a policy they are enforcing and so because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list of a heart transplant,” Ferguson said.

Pfizer begins study of tweaking drug shots to target omicron variant | added January 25

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Pfizer has begun a study comparing its original covid-19 vaccine with doses specially tweaked to match the hugely contagious omicron variant. Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced the study on Tuesday.

Covid-19 vaccine makers have been updating their shots to better match omicron in case global health authorities decide the change is needed. While omicron is more likely than previous variants to cause infection even in people who’ve been vaccinated, it’s not yet clear that a change to the vaccine recipe is needed.

The original vaccines still offer good protection against severe illness and death. Studies in the U.S. and elsewhere have made clear that adding a booster dose strengthens that protection and improves the chances of avoiding a milder infection.

Australia’s once exemplary model for fighting ‘covid’ is now a hot mess | added January 25

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Brisbane, Australia (CNN) – Summer in Australia is traditionally a time of beaches and barbecues, but this year it’s become a hot mess of rising covid cases and a national shortage of rapid antigen tests.

Last week, worker absences due to covid isolation and illness became so severe that the national cabinet considered lowering the age limit for forklift licenses so that minors could pitch in to smooth supply chains.

Ministers ultimately decided not to go ahead with the plan. But the idea that Australia, a country once lauded for its covid-19 response, was considering such a move appeared to show how much the country’s leaders were struggling.

Thousands of medical freedom advocates gather to protest ‘covid’ mandates at Lincoln Memorial

Thousands of medical freedom advocates gather in Washington to protest ‘covid’ mandates | added January 24

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Thousands of protesters from across the country — including some of the biggest names in the anti-vaccination movement — descended on the nation’s capital Sunday for a rally against vaccine mandates.

Almost two years into a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 860,000 Americans, the gathering on the National Mall was a jarring spectacle: A crowd of demonstrators, many unmasked, decrying vaccine mandates in the middle of a city that has adopted mask and vaccine mandates to reduce sickness and death from the surge of the virus’s omicron variant, which has battered D.C. for weeks.

Organizers had estimated that 20,000 people would attend the rally, marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, according to a permit issued by the National Park Service. A smaller crowd of several thousand had arrived on the Mall by early Sunday afternoon.

Brussels: Fifty thousand protestors storm EU foreign service headquarters amid teargas and water cannons | added Jan 24

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Protests in Brussels against coronavirus restrictions spiralled into violence on Sunday as protesters clashed with police officers and vandalized the offices of the European External Action Service, the EU’s diplomatic arm.

In one of the largest demonstrations against covid-19 measures in the city, an estimated 50,000 people poured onto the streets, including groups traveling from outside Belgium, according to a police spokesperson. The demonstration was organized by the EU-wide network Europeans United for Freedom and other groups that oppose health restrictions.

Police used teargas and water cannons to clear the Cinquantenaire park near the EU institutions after groups of protesters threw objects at officers and charged at them. Live footage showed protesters at street level hurling metal fences and a burning dustbin at policemen below them in the entrance to a metro station. An escalator was later shown burning.

Millions of protestors across European capitals join against vax passports and other government mandates | added January 24

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HELSINKI (AP) — Thousands of people gathered in European capitals Saturday to protest vaccine passports and other requirements governments have imposed in hopes of ending the coronavirus pandemic. Demonstrations took place in Athens, Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm.

Marches in Paris drew hundreds of demonstrators protesting the introduction of a new covid-19 pass starting Monday. It will severely restrict the lives of those who refuse to get vaccinated by banning them from domestic flights, sports events, bars, cinemas and other leisure venues. French media reported that demonstrators also marched by the hundreds in other cities.

In Sweden, where vaccine certificates are required to attend indoor events with more than 50 people, some 3,000 demonstrators marched though central Stockholm and assembled in a main square for a protest organized by the Frihetsrorelsen – or Freedom Movement.

Highly ‘effective’ Moderna vax stock crashes: topping $130 billion dollars in losses | added January 24

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Battered by a steep broad-market selloff this week, Moderna shares fell for a sixth straight day Friday as experts questioned whether covid-19 vaccine sales alone will help justify the firm’s meteoric valuation, intensifying a crash that’s wiped out more than 60% of the value in one of last year’s top stocks and turned it into this year’s worst performer.

Moderna stock fell 4.4% Friday to an eight-month low of $160, pushing shares down more than 20% over the past week amid growing research suggesting Moderna’s covid-19 booster, while very effective against previous strains, has been less effective against the rapidly spreading omicron variant.

Though the number of covid infections has spiked amid the omicron-spurred wave of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that Moderna and Pfizer boosters were 90% effective at preventing people infected with the new variant from being hospitalized.

Woke M&Ms characters to get a more “inclusive” makeover | added January 24

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Candy is about to get more “inclusive,” with the maker of M&M’s announcing its famed characters are getting modern makeovers and will have more “nuanced personalities.”

Mars, Incorporated, the company behind the colorful, candy-coated chocolates, announced Thursday a “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive.”

As part of the new mission to increase the “sense of belonging for 10 million people around the world by 2025,” Mars said the M&M’s characters — who serve as mascots of sorts for the brand — would be receiving fresh, new looks.

Supreme Court Chief Justice denies false NPR claim on mask mandate drama | added January 24

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement Wednesday denying a National Public Radio report that claimed he had asked his colleagues to wear masks on the bench in deference to fellow Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The statement by Roberts constituted a rare rebuke of reporting by veteran NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg, whose Tuesday story stated that Justice Neil Gorsuch’s refusal of Roberts’ purported request had forced Sotomayor to take part in oral arguments remotely.

“I did not request Justice Gorsuch or any other Justice to wear a mask on the bench,” said Roberts in the statement issued by the court’s press office.

Hiding the bodies from “useless eaters” | added January 24

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Thank you, Art Moore of World Net Daily, for reporting on the tag-team treachery of Fauci and Walensky after a US Senator finally, if inadequately, confronted them both with the VAERS covid “vaccine” body count in “Fauci, Walensky dodge when asked about number of vaccine deaths.”

Before I discuss the substance of Moore’s story, I’d like to point out why it is likely to remain a news media exclusive forever: The lethality of the covid “vaccine” is the last thing media and political and money elites want us “useless eaters” to understand.

The mantra they have pressed on us is “safe and effective,” which I think of as the new “Sieg Heil.” We’re supposed to repeat after them, while sucking on the same old puff-blah, “Fauci, Walensky testify while omicron prompts many possible changes” (Associated Press); or the same old melodrama, “Criticized by Senators, U.S. Health Officials Defend Omicron Response” (NYT); or, worst of all, the “battle” of Fauci vs. Paul, those fake gladiators in the arena fighting over nothing. (I’ll get back to that.)

Gonzaga University suspends Hall of Famer John Stockton’s season tickets for defying medical mandates | added Jan 24

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Gonzaga University has suspended season tickets for one of its most notable alumni and Hall of Fame basketball player John Stockton after he refused to comply with the school’s mask mandates at games, he said in an interview with The Spokesman-Review in Washington.

The former Utah Jazz point guard confirmed the school suspended his tickets in an interview Saturday. “Basically, it came down to, they were asking me to wear a mask to the games and being a public figure, someone a little bit more visible, I stuck out in the crowd a little bit,” Stockton said. “And therefore they received complaints and felt like from whatever the higher-ups — those weren’t discussed, but from whatever it was higher up — they were going to have to either ask me to wear a mask or they were going to suspend my tickets.”

Stockton told the Spokesman-Review he and the school had “been in discussions about various covid things for a couple years now.” CNN has reached out to Stockton for comment.

Fauci on latest ‘covid’ trends: omicron infections “could peak” by mid February | added January 24

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The nation’s top infectious disease expert is “as confident as you can be” that most states will have reached a peak of omicron covid-19 cases by mid-February. Dr. Anthony Fauci, speaking Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” said several states in the Northeast and Upper Midwest have seen cases peak and begin to decline sharply but that cases are still rising in the South and West.

“You never want to be overconfident when you’re dealing with this virus,” Fauci said, adding that the coronavirus “surprised us in the past.”

Fauci said there may be “a bit more pain and suffering with hospitalizations” in parts of the country where a higher percentage of people have not been fully vaccinated or have not received a booster shot.

State of address on Biden’s Brain | added January 24

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Biden’s brain, proof there’s nothing wrong! Some people have questioned President Biden’s mental fitness, wondering if he is in cognitive decline. Those rumors are simply not true. President Biden is in tremendous cognitive function. This video will prove that Biden’s mind is still plenty sharp.

Now playing: The great debate: Is there a virus? | added Jan 22

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Tonight’s program starts with astrology. This is the warmup act for an actual scientific debate. In my view, Aquarius describes the digital conditions we are living under today. I learn a lot about how people perceive the internet from monitoring customer service emails all day, and taking the occasional phone call

Observing digital challenges clues me into the utter confusion and disorientation people feel, even when doing something so simple as looking at a website. The confusion is not coming from the website; most is coming from psychic disorientation.

The Fundamental Split in the Covid Truth Movement: Is There a Virus?

This will lead into a story I’ve been tracking and referencing for months: there is a split in the covid truth movement. The split is over whether there is actually a thing called SARS-CoV-2. You might think this is an absurd question; everyone knows cars have wheels.

Bolivians defeat socialist government’s ‘covid’ mandates | added January 22

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SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia—On Jan. 19 the administration of socialist President Luis Arce canceled the requirement of proof of vaccination against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus to enter any public establishment or place of commerce. The announcement was made by health minister Jeyson Auza.

The Movement for Socialism (MAS) party officials announced the original “supreme decrees” 4640 and 4641 on Dec. 28, which triggered nationwide protests and legal backlash in the cities of Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto, and Sucre.

“Indigenous people [in Bolivia] have always been distrustful of Western medical initiatives,” attorney Alejandro Gutierrez told The Epoch Times.

MLB to use robot umpires in 2022 AAA games | added Jan 22

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NEW YORK — Robot umpires have been given a promotion and will be just one step from the major leagues this season. Major League Baseball is expanding its automated strike zone experiment to Triple-A, the highest level of the minor leagues.

MLB’s website posted a hiring notice seeking seasonal employees to operate the Automated Ball-Strike system. MLB said it is recruiting employees to operate the system for the Albuquerque Isotopes, Charlotte Knights, El Paso Chihuahuas, Las Vegas Aviators, Oklahoma City Dodgers, Reno Aces, Round Rock Express, Sacramento River Cats, Salt Lake Bees, Sugar Land Skeeters and Tacoma Rainiers.

The independent Atlantic League became the first American professional league to let a computer call balls and strikes at its All-Star Game in July 2019 and experimented with ABS during the second half of that season. The system was also used in the Arizona Fall League for top prospects in 2019, drawing complaints about its calls on breaking balls.

Swiss olympic sprinter gets pericarditis after Pfizer booster, latest VAERS data | added January 22

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,053,830 reports of adverse events following covid vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 14, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 22,193 reports of deaths — an increase of 448 over the previous week — and 174,864 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 4,418 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 732,883 adverse events, including 10,162 deaths and 66,059 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 14, 2022.

A look into the cost of Rockefeller agriculture and the ‘new world food system’ | added January 22

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Shortly after World World II, the Rockefeller Foundation set forth on a quest to bring about a transformation of world agriculture. They did this, in part, by “socially engineering” the scientific culture to not only accept but promote the use of GMO foods and dangerous biotechnologies. Now they are at it again.

This new attempted policy change is outlined in a document titled “The True Cost of Food: Measuring What Matters to Transform the US Food System.” In the report, mention is made of both the covid-19 crisis and the climate crisis, claiming that now is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to effect “transformative change” in food production.

The report is the result of a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation, various academics from leading universities, the World Wildlife Fund and the True Price Foundation.

NFL ends daily testing of players, vaxed or not | added Jan 22

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The NFL is curtailing daily testing of all players, vaccinated or unvaccinated, for covid-19. In a memo sent to the 32 clubs and obtained by the Associated Press, the league said Friday that medical experts from the NFL and the players’ union agreed to the change. Those doctors have seen enough evidence of a decrease in positive tests in the last month to feel comfortable with dropping daily tests.

Last month, weekly testing for vaccinated players and personnel was stopped, but anyone who reported symptoms of covid-19 or was part of targeted surveillance still was subjected to testing.

“Following consultation with our jointly retained infectious disease experts, the NFL and NFL Players Association have updated the NFL-NFLPA covid-19 protocols to eliminate the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated players to determine testing cadence,” the memo said. “Effective immediately, all players and tiered staff will be subject to strategic and targeted testing.”

LI officials defy Kathy Hochul’s statewide mask mandate despite downward ‘covid’ trend | added January 22

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ALBANY — New York will keep its statewide mask mandate in place through Feb. 1, despite a downward trend in covid-19 cases and a growing lack of compliance from defiant Long Island officials, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday.

“I find it phenomenally disappointing that people are willing to play politics with children’s lives,” Hochul said during a Suffolk County-based press conference at the Brookhaven National Lab, when asked if she’ll crack down on several Long Island school districts that are reportedly flouting the rule.

“Schools are safe and why are they safe? Because people have been wearing masks. Kids are wearing masks and they’re adapting to it. Not something we’re going to keep much longer, we know we don’t have to, but this has kept children safe and in a learning environment.”

US federal judge blocks Biden’s vax mandate for federal workers | added January 22

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A federal judge in Texas on Friday blocked President Biden’s mandate for federal workers to be vaccinated against covid-19 in the latest blow to the White House’s vaccination efforts.

Judge Jeffrey Brown, who was appointed by former President Trump, wrote that the order exceeded the president’s authority. The case is about “whether the President can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment,” Brown wrote.

The Department of Justice immediately said it would appeal. The order comes after the Supreme Court earlier this month blocked Biden’s mandate that employees at businesses with 100 or more workers get vaccinated or regularly tested, while upholding the vaccination mandate for health care workers.

Utah sees uprising of democratic lawmakers testing positive for ‘covid’ | added January 22

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Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, is the third known lawmaker to test positive for covid-19 recently, after it was confirmed Friday morning that Rep. Mark Strong, R-Bluffdale, also has had the virus.

A spokesperson for the House of Representatives confirmed on Friday that Strong has had covid-19, but did not specify a timeline of when he tested positive. They said he is on his 10th day of symptoms, then clarified that he is no longer symptomatic and has been following CDC guidelines and wearing a mask. An intern for Strong later confirmed that the representative tested positive sometime last week.

CDC guidelines recommend that individuals who test positive quarantine for at least five days and then wear a mask for an additional five days. Strong was present on the House floor on Friday morning and was wearing a mask.

New Czech government ends plan to require vax | added Jan 21

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PRAGUE — The Czech Republic’s new government on Wednesday dismissed the previous government’s plan to require older adults and people in some professions to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The previous government, led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis, released an order in early December, making vaccination mandatory for people age 60 and over as well as medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and medical students. It was due to take effect in March. But Babis’ administration was replaced later in December by a new government formed by five parties and led by Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

“We’ve agreed that vaccination against covid-19 won’t be mandatory,” Fiala said, stressing that his government still considers the vaccines “the best tool to fight covid-19.”

Forty percent increase in excess deaths among Americans 18 to 49 years old, according to CDC data | added January 21

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Death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show excess deaths increased by more than 40% among Americans 18 to 49 years old during a 12-month period ending in October of 2021, and that covid caused only about 42% of those deaths.

Excess deaths are defined as the difference between the observed number of deaths during a specific time frame and the expected number of deaths during that same period.

State level data for the same 12 month period also show increases. For example, in Nevada, excess deaths were as high as 65%, with covid accounting for only 36%. The District of Columbia saw an even greater increase than Nevada — 72% — with covid not being a factor in any of the deaths.

New Mexico asks National Guard to step up and substitute teach in schools during ‘covid’ surge | added January 21

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TAOS, N.M., Jan 19 – New Mexico on Wednesday asked National Guard members and state employees to volunteer as substitute teachers to keep schools and daycare centers open during a surge in covid-19 infections.

State employees and Guard members who take up the call to teach will get their usual pay and be considered on administrative leave or active duty, respectively, according to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

National Guard members have mobilized across the United States to help hospitals and clinics slammed by staff shortages but New Mexico appeared to be the first state to ask them to become classroom teachers.

Popular Czech folk singer allegedly caught ‘covid’ on purpose and has died | added January 21

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A popular Czech folk singer who deliberately caught covid-19 has died, her son says. Hanka Horka, who was not vaccinated, caught the virus from her son and husband, who are vaccinated but still caught it over the holidays, according to BBC News.

The 57-year-old purposefully did not stay away from them and exposed herself the virus, which she caught. Horka posted on social media January 14 that she had recovered from the virus – but her son told BBC News she died two days later.

“She should have isolated for a week because we tested positive. But she was with us the whole time,” Jan Rek said of his mother’s deliberate exposure to the virus. In the Czech Republic, many public places like theaters and bars require either proof of vaccination – or proof of recovery from recent infection, according to BBC News.

The right to healthy food: comorbidities and ‘covid’ during a ‘pandemic’ | added January 21

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In early 2020, we saw the beginning of the covid-19 ‘pandemic’. The world went into lockdown and even after lockdowns in various countries had been lifted, restrictions continued.

Data now shows that lockdowns seemingly had limited, if any, positive impacts on the trajectory of covid-19 and in 2022, the world – especially the poor – is paying an immense price, not least in terms of loss of income, loss of livelihoods, the deterioration of mental and physical health, the eradication of civil liberties, and disrupted supply chains and shortages.

Before proceeding, the distinction should be made between dying from covid and dying with covid. Those classified as dying with covid include people entering hospital and testing positive while there, but died due to other reasons, or had chronic underlying conditions which possibly caused their death, and covid may or may not have been a complicating factor.

Saliva-based testing “might be more effective” at detecting omicron according to new research | added January 21

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New research is showing that covid-19 saliva tests might be more effective at detecting the covid omicron variant. The variant is highly contagious and responsible for thousands of Connecticut residents getting sick. Studies have shown that some people are testing negative for covid-19 with at-home tests even if they have the variant.

Dr. Anne Wyllie from the Yale School of Public Health talked about the new research with NBC Connecticut’s Dan Corcoran.

Dan: “We’ve talked to you before about your work with SalivaDirect, which uses spit samples instead of nasal swabs to detect covid. With omicron now the dominant variant, why would saliva-based testing be more effective and reliable than those nasal tests?”

Velvet revolution: world rises up against covid repression, liberty regains pulse | added January 21

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This page is a compilation of events and proof showing how the world is waking up from innumerable ‘covid’ charades. “The government will no longer mandate the wearing of face masks anywhere.” — Boris Johnson

What am I looking at? [UK—Criminal covid charges against police filed.] Israel begins to capitulate, vaccine advisor turns against policies, including the “Green Pass:” Israeli vaccine advisor: “We have made mistakes”: Professor Cyrille Cohen talks herd immunity and his pandemic regrets.

Four out of five young Americans believe Fauci should resign. Thomas Jefferson’s Papers: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

How ‘covid’ inoculations cause disabling syndromes | added January 21

Editor’s Note: Brianne Dressen testified at a panel held by Senator Ron Johnson about the debilitating side effects she suffered after receiving the AstraZeneca drug. Dressen is one of many who spoke about the injuries and death caused by inoculations. — mmd

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In late 2020, Brianne Dressen began to spend hours in online communities for people with long covid, a chronic, disabling syndrome that can follow a bout with the virus. “For months, I just lurked there,” says Dressen, a former preschool teacher in Saratoga Springs, Utah, “reviewing post after post of symptoms that were just like my own.”

Dressen had never had covid-19. But that November, she’d received a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine as a volunteer in a clinical trial. By that evening, her vision blurred and sound became distorted—“I felt like I had two seashells on my ears,” she says. Her symptoms rapidly worsened and multiplied, ultimately including heart rate fluctuations, severe muscle weakness, and what she describes as debilitating internal electric shocks.

A doctor diagnosed her with anxiety. Her husband, Brian Dressen, a chemist, began to comb the scientific literature, desperate to help his wife, a former rock climber who now spent most of her time in a darkened room, unable to brush her teeth or tolerate her young children’s touch.

Japan ramps up ‘covid’ restrictions as omicron cases rise | added January 21

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TOKYO — Restaurants and bars will close early in Tokyo and a dozen other areas across Japan beginning Friday as the country widens covid-19 restrictions due to the omicron variant causing cases to surge to new highs in metropolitan areas.

The restraint, which is something of a pre-state of emergency, is the first since September and is scheduled to last through Feb. 13. With three other prefectures — Okinawa, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi — under similar measures since early January, the state of restraint now covers 16 areas, or one-third, of the country.

While many Japanese adults are fully vaccinated against covid-19, few have gotten a booster shot, which has been a vital protection from the highly contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Breaking News: Minneapolis hires sniper under city contract after eight maskless pedestrians shot dead | added January 21

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MINNEAPOLIS — It started as what seemed like an ordinary mass shooting. Frank Andrews broke into a stairwell in City Hall, set up a sniper’s nest in a remote attic window, and began taking shots at people on the street. In all, eight passers-by lost their lives.

What did they have in common? They were not wearing masks.

Earlier Thursday, Andrews, 47, said in a video posted to his Instagram that he would be “doing my duty as a citizen and saving lives,” in the form of assassinating those who refused to wear a mask.

Within 15 minutes, crowds had gathered on S. 4th Street, demanding that the police not arrest Andrews, a distant relative of the iconic Andrews Sisters singing group. The protest was organized by unions representing teachers and public works employees.

UK Prime Minister ends covid mandates in England | added January 20

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  • All mask mandates lifted
  • Vaccines certificates no longer required
  • Work from home orders rescinded

UK Prime Minister has announced the end of all restrictions allegedly brought in to combat the spread of the “Omicron variant.”

This is just the latest in the series of back-pedalling moves on the pandemic narrative, which will be subject to an article of their own in the near future. The plan B measures coming to an end include mask mandates in shops and on public transport, the need to show vaccine certificates to enter certain public spaces, and the requirement on working from home.

The announcement comes in a busy week in UK political theatre, as pressure mounts on Boris to resign from his post over “partygate”, with one Troy MP switching allegiance to Labour, and others allegedly preparing to submit letters of no confidence on his leadership.

NBC sports broadcasters won’t cover Beijing Olympics due to covid | added January 20

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NBC Sports is pulling back its Beijing Olympics broadcasting teams due to concerns over COVID-19, according to Christine Brennan of USA Today.

NBC Sports’ senior vice president of communications Greg Hughes confirmed the news Wednesday, telling USA Today broadcasters will announce the games at a facility in Connecticut.

NBC Sports was slated to send broadcast teams to Beijing to cover figure skating, Alpine skiing and snowboarding. The network planned to have the rest of its broadcast teams cover events from Stamford. The company utilized a similar strategy during the Tokyo Olympics. Broadcasting teams for the most popular sports were sent to the event. Other broadcasting teams called events from the United States.

Scammers cash in with bogus at home ‘covid’ tests | added January 20

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With home COVID-19 tests at the top of Americans’ shopping lists as the Omicron variant continues to spread, scammers are trying to cash in by taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission warned that online criminals are posing as legitimate sellers of over-the-counter COVID-19 testing kits. “Unauthorized at-home testing kits are popping up online as opportunistic scammers take advantage of the spike in demand,” the agency said.

The scams can take different forms. Some fraudsters pretending to be genuine merchants are hawking unauthorized rapid tests, while others have no merchandise on hand and just want to take your money and run.

Natural immunity more effective than drug inoculation with covid delta variant, according to US study | added January 20

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People who had previously been infected with COVID-19 were better protected against the Delta variant than those who were vaccinated alone, suggesting that natural immunity was a more potent shield than vaccines against that variant, California and New York health officials reported on Wednesday.

Protection against Delta was highest, however, among people who were both vaccinated and had survived a previous COVID infection, and lowest among those who had never been infected or vaccinated, the study found.
Nevertheless, vaccination remains the safest strategy against COVID-19, according to the report published in U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The results do not apply to the Omicron variant of the virus, which now accounts for 99.5% of COVID-19 cases in the United States. “The evidence in this report does not change our vaccination recommendations,” Dr. Ben Silk of the CDC and one of the study’s authors told a media briefing.

NYPD police take unvaxed child during anti-medical mandate protest | added January 20

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An unvaccinated child was seen being taken away by police from the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan this evening. The girl was with her mother as part of a protest against the unprecedented Vaccine Mandates that have swept New York City. All children over the age of five are required to have a Covid vaccine in order to enter indoor spaces such as the museum.

The group entered the museum without the mandated vaccine identification and were denied entry by staff after paying for their tickets. They were asked to leave by Museum security due to lack of vaccine passport. When they declined to leave, security called the NYPD. After a peaceful protest that lasted over three hours, the police arrested the group.

According to witnesses, security locked the group inside the museum until police arrived. The terrified child was seen flanked by two police officers. She was escorted down the museum stairs towards a waiting NYPD police vehicle and taken away.

Scientists warn Earth is on ‘sad trajectory towards a sixth mass extinction’ caused by humans | added January 20

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There’s a human-caused extinction crisis underway — probably the start of the sixth mass extinction — and denial or indifference to this planetary crisis is “an abrogation of moral responsibility,” according to scientists behind a new study.

Published last week in the journal Biological Reviews, the assessment by biologists from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris finds that the unprecedented rate of species loss is undeniable.

The authors reject both the argument that the human-caused loss of species are simply a natural trajectory of life on Earth and that extinction rates are exaggerated.

Starbucks Coffee drops all covid vax and test mandates after SCOTUS ruling | added January 20

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Coffee giant Starbucks said that it is no longer mandating COVID-19 vaccines or weekly testing for its employees in the United States, reversing a policy it announced earlier this month.

In early January, the Seattle-based chain told its roughly 228,000 employees that they must disclose their vaccination status by Jan. 10, and must be fully vaccinated by Feb. 9 or submit to weekly testing.

“I recognize that partners have a wide spectrum of views on vaccinations, much like the rest of the country,” Starbucks Chief Operating Officer John Culver said in a letter sent to employees. “My responsibility, and that of every leader, is to do whatever we can to help keep you safe and create the safest work environment possible.”

Catherine Austin Fitts discusses the devastating effects of centralized banking | added January 20

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Former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, discusses how the covid pandemic is rooted in a poisonous tyranny established by the central banking system. The World Economic Forum calls it the “great reset”, but fails to mention what exactly comes along with it, like digital mind control. In order to make this happen, the forum sells a solution to global chaos when in reality the average person will have a smaller command on resources and assets and be subjected to complete control.

More on the plague of “sudden deaths” | added January 20

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On January 7, the Daily Mirror ran a mournful (but evasive) retrospective on “celebrity deaths in 2022″—and that’s the least of it. You know (or should) that something’s very wrong when a major British tabloid runs a solemn retrospective on “celebrity deaths in 2022,” not in late December, but on January 7th.

Celebrity deaths in 2022: Famous faces lost from Sean Rice to Miranda Fryer

“It’s never easy to say goodbye,” begins the subhead. “Here we remember those who have sadly died in 2022, celebrating their achievements, bodies of work and the legacies they left behind.” Of course, it would have been helpful if the Mirror had also noted which, if any, of those stars was known to have been jabbed or boosted back in 2021; but the Mirror would never do that, as it would not befit the genre’s elegiac tone, and (the more compelling reason not to do it) draw heavy fire from “fact-checkers” and other criminals for stoking “vaccine-hesitancy” by implying that this whole year’s worth of “celebrity deaths” in just one week may have had something to do with the unprecedented “vaccination” program that began about a year ago (and started killing people right away).

Open call for the covid vax job | added January 20

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Late Night writer Jeff Wright illustrates the pros and cons of each coronavirus vaccine in development. Big pharma’s shell puppet corporations, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson (twins), and AstraZeneca meet for the once in a lifetime job opportunity to inject an entire population with their drugs.

Dr. Kaufman offers rebuttal to Dr. Joe Mercola and Jeremy Hammond’s claims that SARS-CoV-2 really exists | added January 19

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Earlier this week, Dr. Joseph Mercola published an article called Yes, SARS-CoV-2 is a Real Virus. You may be familiar with my discussion of the virus/no virus split in the covid truth movement. Many of the biggest names in the movement are arguing that there is a virus; many of the smartest ones understand how and why there is not. This includes 130 governments and institutions admitting as much.

Here is Mercola’s full article, in case Mercola puts it behind his paywall (claiming he was ‘forced’ to do so). The Mercola article published online contains a video interview with Jeremy Hammond, a self-styled journalist.

The video is heavily quoted by Kaufman in his response; I have preserved the audio for when the video disappears. However, in his reply above, Dr Kaufman fairly and accurately quotes Hammond’s position with numerous references.

Interview with John Gilmore of Children’s Health Defense and founder of Autism Action Network | added Jan. 19

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve run into John Gilmore at various events. He is executive director of the New York chapter of Children’s Health Defense, and founder of Autism Action Network. He’s impressed me many times as someone with an easy handle on the issues.

A down-to-earth speaker, he conveys the current situation and its history in such a way that it’s easy to follow. Today I have an interview with John on Planet Waves FM — one of my many dream guests I’ve had on the program the past few months.

He begins with an analysis of the massive financial interests that make it possible for the the government, drug makers and the press to cover up the relationship between autism and giving young children 70 vaccines.

5G launches tonight in 36 cities as airlines cancel scores of flights | added January 19

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If (God forbid) any planes should crash, or if this sudden national rollout should have any other catastrophic consequences, let us not forget the New York Times’ long cover-up, and/or denial, of the likely health hazards and ruinous environmental impact (and the exquisite surveillance function) of 5G.

Whereas a good newspaper would have properly reported those concerns, the Gray Lady has functioned only to promote 5G, exactly as she’s done with the “vaccines”—serving as a (literal) booster of the evil in both cases.

Tonight it’s relevant to point out that the Times’ largest single shareholder, Carlos Slim, made his billions as a telecom colossus, and that the Gray Lady has a business partner in Verizon (as the paper has itself reported breathlessly).

Disabled woman arrested in NYC restaurant for refusing to show proof of vax | added January 19

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The restaurant called the NYPD when Julie and a group of unvaccinated guests arrived and asked to be served. The group were turned away from the restaurant. Julie and others refused to leave unless they were served with the same courtesy as the vaccinated guests.

“I believe in bodily autonomy for everybody and I want to fight for my rights for bodily autonomy and everybody else’s,” said Julie. “I am not afraid to get arrested, I am non-violent and I believe that non-violent civil disobedience can make a change.”

Julie refuses to get the Covid Vaccination for a wealth of reasons, and does not believe she should be rejected from dining inside – especially in the United States of America! A fundraiser has been created by C.A.P.P. to specifically raise funds to help pay for any legal representation associated with this arrest, and to possibly launch a lawsuit against those involved in denying her most basic fundamental rights as a US Citizen!

Correspondent Lara Logan dropped by agency for comparing Fauci to a Nazi doctor | added January 19

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Former “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan has been dropped by her talent agency over a recent TV interview in which she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

The South African-born journalist made the chilling comparison during a Nov. 29 appearance on “Fox News Primetime,” where she discussed the top US infectious diseases expert and White House chief medical adviser.

“This is what people say to me, is that he doesn’t represent science to them — he represents Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps,” Logan, 50, said on the show.

Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with genocide in filing to International Criminal Court | added January 19

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[Dec. 20, 2021] In a stunning 46-page legal filing to the International Criminal Court on December 6, an intrepid attorney and seven applicants accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. These included various crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53.

Besides the four kingpins, twelve others were named, including the CEOs of the leading vaccine corporations and the health leaders held accountable for the United Kingdom.

Klaus Schwab, a wickedly intelligent, perhaps diabolical German with double doctorate degrees in Economics and Engineering, is the founder of the World Economic Forum, a club for the wealthiest percentile of the world’s corporate and political elite. He is a power broker who has groomed many presidents, prime ministers, and tech CEOs who now view him with reverence and unswerving loyalty.

Biden administration’s free rollout of ‘covid tests’ begins early for some Americans | added January 19

Editor’s Note: On January 14, 2022 TODAY published an article titled ‘Stop using these at-home covid-19 antigen tests, FDA warns’. It appears that not all at home ‘covid’ tests are safe and effective for determining covid. — mmd

Read more at CBS News

A day ahead of the scheduled rollout of free COVID-19 tests distributed by the Biden administration, some Americans are already placing orders for their free deliveries through a form posted by the U.S. Postal Service.

The White House announced last week that it would publicly launch the site on Wednesday. However, some early visitors to the website Tuesday morning were already able to see a button to order their free tests — a limited rollout that appears to have been expanded to more visitors later Tuesday afternoon.

“It will officially launch tomorrow morning. It’s in the beta testing phase right now,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday. Public interest in the site is already surging, leaving all other government websites far behind, according to data that tracks traffic to government sites. By early Tuesday afternoon, more than 500,000 users were visiting the test website.

WHO says pandemic will not end as ‘omicron’ subsides | added January 19

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The World Health Organization on Tuesday said the pandemic will not end as the omicron variant subsides in some countries, warning the high levels of infection around the world will likely lead to new variants as the virus mutates.

“We’re hearing a lot of people suggest that omicron is the last variant, that it’s over after this. And that is not the case because this virus is circulating at a very intense level around the world,” Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead, said during a coronavirus update in Geneva.

New infections have increased by 20% globally over the past week with nearly 19 million total reported cases, according to the WHO. But Van Kerkhove noted that new infections that go unreported would make the real number much higher.

Efforts to inject children 5 to 11 years-old fade as ‘omicron’ surges | added January 19

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Two months after Pfizer’s covid vaccine was authorized for children ages 5 to 11, just 27 percent have received at least one shot, according to Jan. 12 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Only 18 percent, or 5 million kids, have both doses.

The national effort to vaccinate children has stalled even as the omicron variant upends schooling for millions of children and their families amid staffing shortages, shutdowns and heated battles over how to safely operate. Vaccination rates vary substantially across the country, a KHN analysis of the federal data shows. Nearly half of Vermont’s 5- to 11-year-olds are fully vaccinated, while fewer than 10 percent have gotten both shots in nine mostly Southern states.

Pediatricians say the slow pace and geographic disparities are alarming, especially against the backdrop of record numbers of cases and pediatric hospitalizations. School-based vaccine mandates for students, which some pediatricians say are needed to boost rates substantially, remain virtually nonexistent.

“Quarantine (is not quite over)” – Billie Jean parody | added January 19

Watch the video on YouTube

This video was made back in May 2020 most likely around the same time the CDC, WHO, and all the other ‘health officials’ told us two weeks to “flatten the curve”. Well, it’s been over two years and not much has changed folks. Although, people are waking up to the fear mongering plandemic, seem to be showering more and eating less Krispy Kreme doughnuts…

Spanish police unite with officers across Europe to abolish ‘covid’ mandates | added January 18

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“We promised to protect and serve the people not the corrupt politicians. We feel very proud to be police but real police, not hit men of the government. Our association is in direct contact with members of security forces in Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Holland. We’re going to join together all of the police of Europe. We’re going to stop this. The security forces and the armed forces are the key to all of this. We have to put ourselves on the side of the people, and turn our backs on the corrupt governments! We have denounced the Covid passport here in Valencia with our association. We’re going to demand responsibility from Señor Marlasca for the two states of emergency, and for using the police and the guardia civil to coerce the citizens. We don’t support that.”

This seems to be a critical development, and one we will keep close tabs on. Thanks to Pélerine for this news tip. Incidentally, Pélerine was selected as an outstanding reviewer of Robert F. Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci by The Defender, linked here. Congratulations Pélerine!

And congratulations to all the good police men and women of Europe, keeping your oath to protect, and risking your lives and livelihoods to do so. We salute your courage, and keep you in prayer.

Fully boosted Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley tests positive for covid | added January 18

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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley tested positive for Covid-19 Sunday and “is experiencing very minor symptoms,” Joint Staff spokesperson Col. Dave Butler announced Monday.
In addition to Milley, commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger has also tested positive for the coronavirus, a senior Defense official confirmed to CNN.

Milley is working remotely from home following his diagnosis, a Defense Department official told CNN. Butler said in a statement that Milley “can perform all of his duties from the remote location.”

“He has received the COVID-19 vaccines including the booster,” Butler said. According to the statement, Milley most recently had contact with President Joe Biden on Wednesday, January 12, at Gen. Raymond Odierno’s funeral.

North Carolina’s 2,000 industrial pig farms devastate human and environmental health | added January 18

Editor’s Note: The National Geographic ran an article that estimated 17,900 deaths due to animal agriculture pollution in US every year. It stated that 80 percent of those air pollution related deaths result from producing animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs. Based on the data, it would be appear we have an epidemic of a dis-eased food supply. — mmd

Read more at The Defender

Massive amounts of pig poop produced by factory farms in North Carolina are wreaking havoc on the health of people and the environment. A new video — the third episode in a series produced by the Vox Future Perfect Team — explores the public health impact of industrialized hog farming in North Carolina.

North Carolina is the third-largest hog-producing state in the U.S. It’s home to an estimated 2,000 large-scale hog farms, each of which houses tens of thousands of pigs. Locals told Vox Producer Laura Bult the best way to understand the impact of the state’s industrialized pig farms is from the air. So they hopped into a plane and flew from New Bern to Duplin County, which has the highest concentration of hog farms.

“They have more hogs than they do people,” said Larry Baldwin of Waterkeeper Alliance, a nonprofit working to protect everyone’s right to clean water. The pair quickly spotted the farms by identifying one tell-tale sign: massive manure lagoons.

UN rapporteur “genuinely afraid” of NL police brutality as protests over ‘covid’ mandates rise | added January 18

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Despite a complaint filed by the Dutch police unions, Nils Melzer, the UN special rapporteur on torture, stands by his criticism last week of police brutality during several coronavirus demonstrations in the Netherlands. “I was genuinely afraid that the violence in the Netherlands would escalate, so I reacted quickly and firmly,” he said to NOS.

Last week, Melzer drew the ire of the Dutch police with a series of tweets. In one, he compared the arrest of a man during a coronavirus protest in The Hague in March last year with the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police brutality and sparked the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020.

“I have enough experience in the field of war, military actions, and police brutality to say that this is torture,” Melzer said. “The officers hit hard and then let the police dog bite the man. That is unnecessary, disproportionate, and the same disrespect for a human that I saw in George Floyd. This man is still alive, but he could have died from this violence. With the methods used, police officers accepted that risk.”

Here’s why rebellious Novak Djokovic is being made an example for not complying | added January 18

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Tennis star Novak Djokovic is being deported from Australia, after losing his final appeal the WTA’s top-ranked player will not be allowed to defend his Australian Open title.

It was reported this morning that an Australian court had refused Djokovic’s appeal against the cancellation of his visa, and as such he’s being put on a plane and flown out of the country. To be clear: This is all because he’s not “vaccinated” against Covid19, and vocally speaks out against the practice. The government have clearly and publicly admitted as much…but we’ll get to that.

One Australian sports presenter was “accidentally” recorded calling him a “lying, sneaky arsehole” in a video that was later “leaked” to the press. The Spectator has one piece which is nothing more than a slew of ad hominem and mockery, against not just Djokovic but all “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”, calling the Serbian a “conspiracy super-spreader”. They have another blaming his “arrogance for his downfall”.

Loss of smell and taste from covid due to ‘genetic risk factor’, according to scientists | added January 18

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Scientists are piecing together why some people lose their sense of smell after contracting Covid-19. A study published Monday in the journal Nature Genetics identified a genetic risk factor associated with the loss of smell after a Covid infection, a discovery that brings experts closer to understanding the perplexing pattern and may point the way toward much-needed treatments.

Six months after contracting Covid, as many as 1.6 million people in the United States are still unable to smell or have experienced a change in their ability to smell. The precise cause of sensory loss related to Covid is not known, but scientists do think it stems from damage to infected cells in a part of the nose called the olfactory epithelium. These cells protect olfactory neurons, which help humans smell.

“How we get from infection to smell loss remains unclear,” said Dr. Justin Turner, an associate professor of otolaryngology at Vanderbilt University who was not a part of the study.

Prof. Dr. Michael Palmer PHD discusses harm of mrna vaccines similar to radiation poisoning | added January 18

Watch the video on Bitchute

The lipid nanoparticals used as the delivery system for mRNA are toxic. These are cataonic, so positively charged. When the mRNA escapes from the nano particle it disrupts the mytochondria and causes damage similar to ionizing radiation damage to the cells.

UK: Police file criminal investigation for public health threat and corporate corruption due to ‘covid’ vaccines | added January 18

Read more at Waikanae Watch

The world’s largest‐ever international criminal investigation is now under‐way, involving Hammersmith Police and The Metropolitan Police. The UK police accepted the supporting information and agreed there is enough evidence to proceed under the above crime number.

The case was lodged on 20 December 2021 by Sam White MD; Philip Hyland (PJH Law); Lois Bayliss (Broad Yorkshire Law) and retired policeman Mark Sexton; requests for assistance have been made to the likes of: International Lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr (U.S.) (nephew of President J.F. Kennedy); Dr Reiner Fuellmich (German Corporate Lawyer who won the case against Volkswagen-Audi’s emissions scandal); Dr. Michael Yeadon (ex-CEO of Pfizer); plus countless other doctors, professors, virologists, biologists, data experts and lawyers nationally and internationally; some of whom have already made direct contact with the police and have been acknowledged by Cressida Dick’s personal assistant, Superintendent Simpson.

The complaint alleges, among other things, misfeasance and misconduct in public office; gross negligence manslaughter; corporate manslaughter, murder, conspiracy to murder, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Paypal cancels non-profits fighting for medical freedom payments | added January 18

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PayPal is the latest tech giant to join the censorship game, shutting down its services for a variety of nonprofit organizations that are working to stop injection mandates.

This increasingly orchestrated attack has targeted the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) and many others — and should send a chill down the spine of anyone who values the freedom upon which the U.S. was founded.

Powerful forces are at play, and Big Tech is among them, working to suppress, discredit and silence certain science, speech and viewpoints. “No longer is there any doubt,” investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported, “that vaccine industry interests and other corporate and political interests are pulling the strings so that Big Tech moves to squash scientific views, studies, scientists, and opinions that are contrary to the narrative.”

Why good people obey harmful mandates | added January 18

Watch the video on YouTube

Why good people OBEY harmful mandates! In this video learn the science of what makes people comply with mandates that even they feel are wrong. Learning about the Milgram experiment explains a lot. How far would you go to follow orders? Would you sacrifice what you knew is right?

Recent NY ‘covid surge’ on the decline | added January 17

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Even as New York State prepared for a significant snowfall on Sunday, Gov. Kathy Hochul told New Yorkers that the state’s coronavirus forecast was improving: “The Covid clouds are parting,” Ms. Hochul said.

For the past week, New Yorkers have watched with tentative optimism as the skyrocketing rate of new coronavirus cases began to slow, then fall. Test positivity rates are down as well, with just 13 percent of statewide tests on Saturday coming back positive compared to 23 percent a few weeks ago. In every region but one, seven-day averages of new cases were lower than the past three days.

This and other recent data show that the latest surge in New York driven by the Omicron variant may be starting to trend downward, and that several Northeast states — including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island — may be heading in the same direction.

‘Covid’ hospitalizations expected to rise across the country over upcoming weeks | added January 17

Editor’s Note: The previous two headlines are an example of how conflicting information is reported across multiple media channels causing mass confusion over ‘covid’. If you are freaking out, please feel free to reach out to the Planet Waves community. Off Guardian also shares insight in an article that states how these arbitrary measures about curbing the ‘pandemic’ may not be accidental. — mmd

Read more at CNN

As hospitals across the US handle record-high Covid-19 hospitalizations nearly two years into the pandemic, staffing shortages are expanding as health care employees face prolonged risks for exposure.

With available intensive care beds dwindling across several states, experts are encouraging Americans to remain vigilant and try to avoid Covid-19 as tough weeks lie ahead.

Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, warns that because increases in hospitalizations tend to lag spikes in overall cases, “the next three, four weeks are going to be hard” for the nation, which already has more than 156,000 people currently hospitalized with Covid-19, according to data Sunday from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Truckers crossing Canadian border must now be ‘fully injected’ | added January 17

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[Jan. 12, 2022] All truck drivers crossing the border must be fully vaccinated as of Saturday, regardless of whether they are Canadian citizens or foreign nationals, the federal government said Thursday.

Confusion over the controversial policy has been widespread since the federal government first announced in mid-November that by Jan. 15, all foreign nationals working as truckers would have to be fully vaccinated to enter Canada. The same announcement said unvaccinated Canadian truckers would be allowed in, but would be subject to quarantine and testing requirements.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency said the federal government was backing down from that commitment and would allow Canadian truckers to enter the country without having to quarantine even if they were unvaccinated or had received only one dose.

Handling rising protests – some countries back off strict ‘covid’ mandates, others double down | added January 17

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As protests grow in EU countries and worldwide against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and so-called “vaccine passports,” some countries appear to be backtracking or at least harboring second thoughts about enforcing such measures. Some policymakers point to evidence COVID is here to stay and we need to live with it, since Omicron is similar to the common cold or seasonal flu. Others appear more willing to accept natural immunity in lieu of vaccination.

Austria, citing ‘technical complications,’ won’t enforce mandates until at least April. Still, other governments are digging in their heels and moving forward with punitive restrictions on the unvaccinated. Here’s a look at the latest shifting policies outside the U.S. Austria garnered much attention in November 2021 when it became the first country in the world to impose an all-encompassing vaccine mandate for its entire adult population and minors 14 years old and up.

This mandate, set to take effect in February, would be accompanied by fines of up to 3,600 euros per quarter. To that end, Austria recently reportedly began hiring “headhunters” to track down those who continue to remain unvaccinated. The mandate has resulted in frequent large-scale protests against the mandate, as well as a political movement opposing this policy.

New VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin to end mask mandate in schools and change ‘covid’ policies | added January 17

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Virginia’s incoming governor, Glenn Youngkin, said he will lift the state’s school mask mandate and change other COVID-19 policies after taking office Saturday, Jan. 15. The change in direction is expected amid what the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association called the fifth surge of the pandemic.

Youngkin said in an interview Wednesday that Virginia would no longer require children to wear masks in schools.

“We’re gonna rescind the mandate that requires K-12 children to wear a mask to school, and we’ve been quite clear about that,” he told WTKR-TV in Norfolk, repeating a point he made while campaigning. School districts will be able to keep mask recommendations in place, but parents can choose not to follow them, he added.

Beijing locks workers inside office building after single Omicron case detected | added January 17

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At an office building in China’s capital on Sunday, masked Covid control personnel lugged boxes of pillows and bedding through the closely guarded entrance for white collar workers stuck inside, preparing for what may be days of lockdown as Beijing rushes to prevent the spread of Omicron ahead of the Winter Olympics.

The snap lockdown meant the building in the west of the city was sealed off without advance warning, with everybody inside unable to leave and subject to compulsory Covid testing. The decision to lock the office down came after an employee tested positive for Omicron on Saturday — the city’s first recorded case of the highly transmissible variant.

For the past week, officials in Beijing had been on high alert as an Omicron outbreak spread in Tianjin, a major port city just 30 minutes away by high-speed rail. The cluster had already spread to two other cities hundreds of miles away.

Health officials question second ‘covid’ booster due to no available data | added January 17

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Concerns over the future direction of Covid vaccination programs have begun to filter through the medical community, as fourth booster doses begin to be given out across the globe. In late 2021, Israel became the first country to offer fourth shots to those most at risk, after being one of the first nations to get their hands on the vaccine in late 2020.

Denmark has also announced it will be offering fourth doses after Health Minister Magnus Heunicke declared the world was “embarking on a new chapter” of the pandemic. But now the European Union’s drug regulator, European Medicines Agency (EMA), has said the booster strategy is not viable long-term.

“While use of additional boosters can be part of contingency plans, repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long-term strategy,” the EMA’s head of vaccines strategy Marco Cavaleri told reporters.

Student says no to wearing suffocation mask in school | added January 17

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There’s a push to get us all wearing what I call suffocation masks. Naturally, I’m not doing it. They tried this in Germany, and it didn’t do any good. Even if these masks conferred a very marginal benefit, it is not unreasonable to prefer the clarity of communication that comes from unobstructed speech and visible facial expressions, or to find it dehumanizing to be confronted all day by masked faces.

Children still learning how to communicate should not have their faces covered, and infants learning language and facial cues should not have to contend with a world in which they rarely see a human face. I mention this because a parent sent me the following story from the University of Georgia. He begins:

Just some background. UGA is part of the University System of Georgia (USG), the state run public higher education system, so whatever policy the USG sets, all schools in that system must abide by. Last year they set policy that while schools could “strongly” encourage vaccination, masks, distancing, etc, they could not enforce it on any of the students or faculty.

‘The Narrative is Crumbling’ brought to you by ‘We Lie To You News’

16 reasons why the narrative is crumbling, yikes | added January 17

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It appears as though the top recommendations used to deceive people are now waking them up. Where do we begin? The world’s ‘top scientists’ are starting to change their narrative. Don’t worry. You will most likely not have to wait 75 years now to review mandated inoculation ‘data’.

Beijing Winter Olympic tickets sold only to “targeted” groups due to ‘covid’ | added January 17

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Tickets for the Winter Olympics set to begin on Feb. 4 will be distributed to “targeted” groups of people and will not be sold to the general public, the organising committee said on Monday, in the latest setback to the Games inflicted by COVID-19.

Organisers had said in September that there would not be any international spectators at the Games, under COVID-19 prevention policies that have all but shut China’s borders to international travellers.

It cited the “severe and complex” COVID-19 situation and the need to protect the safety of Olympics personnel and spectators in Monday’s announcement. Local spectators who receive tickets must observe strict COVID-19 prevention measures before, during and after attending Olympic events, the committee said. It did not give further details, or further specify how tickets would be distributed.

Global injection of graphene oxide as ‘in vivo’ platform for nano-technology | added January 15

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Reports from the Spanish online TV show “Laquinta Columna” claim that the purpose of the global injection program is to implant subjects with nano-tech “in vivo” (inside the body) networks which allow external monitoring and control of the population.

Healthcare policy analysis expert, AJ DePriest uncovers ‘covid’ bribes

AJ DePriest exposes ‘covid’ bribes in education and hospitals | added January 15

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DePriest, a healthcare policy analysis expert, breaks down how school boards are bribed to receive millions in ‘covid’ incentives. In Shelby County Memphis, TN, three quarters of a billion dollars in ‘covid’ relief funds are given only if the school complies with enforcing universal and correct wearing of masks, ventilation, contact-tracing, isolation, and vaccination. AJ DePriest provides resources for people to research and bring in person to these schools and hospitals instead of pleaing without the evidence.

GE ends ‘vax or test’ mandates after Supreme Court ruling | added January 15

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Following the Supreme Court’s decision to block President Biden’s vaccine-or-testing rule for large companies, General Electric said it would suspend the implementation of the mandate for its employees.

The Boston-based maker of jet engines, wind turbines, and medical scanners confirmed the decision Friday via e-mail. GE is the first major company to announce a halt after the court’s decision to block the centerpiece of Biden’s push to boost COVID-19 vaccinations.

GE holds a number of government contracts, so its 56,000 employees in the US originally fell under a separate vaccination mandate for federal contractors. The company paused that requirement in December — after a federal judge temporarily blocked the rule from going into effect — and then planned to comply with the vaccine-or-testing mandate for private employers.

FDA warns to stop using at home antigen tests citing high risk of false positives | added January 15

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning people to stop using two COVID-19 tests produced by LuSys Laboratories, citing a high risk of false results when using the tests.

The LuSys Laboratories COVID-19 Antigen Test (Nasal/Saliva) and the LuSys Laboratories COVID-19 IgG/M Antibody Test may also be sold under the company names Luscient Diagnostics or Vivera Pharmaceuticals, or with the trade name EagleDx. On the company’s website, they say their “COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test has been submitted to the FDA EUA for review.”

TODAY reached out to the company for a comment and did not immediately hear back. The FDA said in a press release that the tests may have been used in both at-home and laboratory testing.

CDC says N95 masks offer the ‘highest level of protection’ against ‘covid’ | added January 15

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed its mask guidelines to recommend that people “wear the most protective mask you can that fits well and that you will wear consistently.”

The agency describes well-fitting respirators approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) — such as N95 masks — as offering “the highest level of protection. The updated guidelines come after many public health experts have been recommending for months that people wear more effective masks — particularly N95s — and that the CDC change its guidelines on mask-wearing.

“Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There’s no place for them in light of Omicron,” CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and visiting professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, recently said on “CNN Newsroom.”

Myocarditis tops VAERS list as leading adverse vax reaction in U.S. among 12- to 17- year-olds | added January 15

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,033,994 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 1, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 21,745 reports of deaths — an increase of 363 over the previous week — and 170,446 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 3,840 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 723,042 adverse events, including 9,936 deaths and 64,406 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 7, 2021.

Utah health official says assume ‘covid’ if you have ‘symptoms’ | added January 15

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is quickly running out of COVID-19 tests after giving nearly 50,000 tests per day while the omicron variant surges through the state, Gov. Spencer Cox said Friday.

He said Utah failed to receive tests it had ordered as they are now on back order. Over the next week or two, the state will receive hundreds of thousands of those tests. “But in the meantime, until those tests come, we have to look at things a little differently,” Cox said during a news conference at the state Capitol.

Utah again smashed its record number of new COVID-19 cases on Thursday as health officials reported 12,990. The state has also confirmed record hospitalizations and percent positivity rates this week.

Translate the truth: James Corbett’s latest episode of #SolutionsWatch | added January 15

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Are you a non-English speaker who is interested in helping translate Corbett Report and other independent media material into other languages? Are you looking for translations of truth content into other languages for your friends, relatives or neighbours?

Are you willing to help translate important info from other languages into English for the benefit of anglophone?

Then you might be interested in Translate The Truth, a new initiative to crowdsource translations of important books, documentaries, articles, essays, and talks.

Students in protest of attending school as ‘covid’ cases surge | added January 15

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Students are walking out of their classes in Boston, Chicago and other cities across the country in protest of in-person learning conditions as COVID-19 rages on.

Public school students in Boston left their classrooms at 10:30 a.m. Friday to demand that local leaders take more initiative in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in schools and implement a two-week period for remote learning.

“We will then stand there for exactly 10 minutes, one minute for every hundred thousand new COVID-19 cases found on the 2nd of January,” according to a post from the student-run Massachusetts COVID Walkout Instagram page.

Man reaches out from the inside of this ‘coronavirus’ life

Hello? (from the inside) an Adele parody by Chris Mann | added January 15

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Remember, to keep singing (and showering) through the madness…

Demonstrator holds sign ‘Freedom & Mandates Don’t Mix’ outside U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court blocks Biden administration’s vax-or-test mandates | added January 14

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The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing its sweeping vaccine-or-test requirements for large private companies, but allowed a vaccine mandate to stand for medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid payments.

The rulings came three days after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency measure for businesses started to take effect.

The mandate required that workers at businesses with 100 or more employees get vaccinated or submit a negative Covid test weekly to enter the workplace. It also required unvaccinated workers to wear masks indoors at work.

Marine Corps first military organization to grant religious exemptions | added January 14

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The Marine Corps granted two religious exemptions to the military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, making it the first and only military branch to grant religious exceptions since the requirement went into effect in August.

In its weekly Covid-19 update, the Marine Corps said it had received 3,350 requests for religious exemptions and had processed 3,212 of them. But for the first time, the Marine Corps said it had granted two of the requests. The service offered no additional information about why these specific requests had been granted.

Each of the services has received several thousand requests for religious exemptions to the military’s vaccine mandate. But until this week, none of those requests have been granted, though the services still have many requests to process.

The Project Veritas document was real; the research originated with D.R.A.S.T.I.C | added January 14

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No, it was not about “viruses” it was about vaccines. For the BATS. To develop aerosolized and transdermal spike protein vaccines for bats in China. Ask yourself: Why? I spent the entire day studying the Project Veritas document drop that has us all shocked, confused, and to varying degrees, distrustful.

Many wondered if it was real, if Project Veritas was being “played,” if it was part of a deeper, sinister agenda to push virus panic, and so forth. I want to say just a few things, from my frustrating research dive. First of all, very few people are sourcing it correctly. It actually has deep roots, and goes way back.

To wit:

2014 May 27

Award to EHA of NIH R01Al110964 grant (‘‘Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence’’) for 5 years (June 2014 – May 2019) – with subgrants to WIV, East China Normal University (Shanghai) and (starting year 3) Wuhan University.1

Maine physician suspended for ‘false covid claims’ during interview | added January 14

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The Maine Board of Licensure Wednesday ordered the immediate suspension of the license of a physician accused of spreading false COVID-19 information and, in a separate order Tuesday, ordered her to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation by a board-selected psychologist.

The 30-day suspension order said that Meryl Nass, MD, an internist in Ellsworth, made a number of false COVID claims in a video interview and on her website, and that allowing her to continue to practice “constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public.”

“The information received by the Board demonstrates that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine,” the Tuesday order said.

A look into what exactly Fauci knew about ‘covid’ and when | added January 14

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Two members of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform want the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to produce the transcript of a conference call between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins during which the two discussed possible origins of COVID-19.

In a letter this week to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, Reps. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wrote:

“It was on this conference call that Drs. Fauci and Collins were first warned that COVID-19 may have leaked from the [Wuhan Institute of Virology] and, further, may have been intentionally genetically manipulated.”

Biden dodges questions over failing safety and efficacy of ‘covid’ shots | added January 14

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In a now familiar move, President Biden refused to answer questions shouted to him by reporters during his latest public appearance.

On Thursday, Biden announced his latest plan to distribute free high-quality masks to the American people following the rise in cases caused by the omicron variant of the coronavirus. This followed the White House’s previous plan to also mail out 500 million at-home coronavirus tests to Americans within the next few weeks.

When Biden finished his announcement, a reporter shouted “Mr. President, do you have a message for vaccinated Americans who are wondering why they should continue to restrict their activities given your health officials say most Americans will get COVID at some point?”

How our incurious faith in infallible science stems from ‘harmless untruths’ | added January 14

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In Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel Cat’s Cradle, the deadpan realist from the Midwest–the 20th century’s Mark Twain–delivers an instructive review of the way in which Americans hold scientists in exceedingly high esteem—and the perils therein.

One of his characters is scientist Felix Hoenikker. Hoenikker is a partial reflection of Robert Oppenheimer, who led the team that invented the atomic bomb, but was later distraught by the use of his invention to exterminate whole urban populations in Japan.

At the successful detonation of the bomb Little Boy in New Mexico, he recalled a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, when Krishna tells Arjuna, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Swedish prime minister tests positive for ‘covid’ after Parliament debate | added January 14

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The prime minister of Sweden and two party leaders have tested positive for COVID-19 after earlier this week participating in a Parliament debate, The Associated Press reported.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s office confirmed on Friday that she had tested positive for COVID-19 in addition to Green Party head Per Bolund and Center Party leader Annie Loof. Andersson’s office said to Sweden’s TT News Agency that she “‘will carry out her work from home,” the news wire noted.

Swedish broadcaster SVT noted that the other party leaders who participated in the Wednesday debate returned negative COVID-19 tests, according to the AP.

NYC ‘covid’ mandates stay in effect despite Supreme Court ruling against OSHA mandates | added January 14

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New York City’s various coronavirus vaccine mandates will stay in effect despite a Supreme Court ruling blocking President Biden’s immunization requirement for large private businesses, according to Mayor Adams’ administration.

The top court ruled Thursday that the Biden administration had overstepped its legal authority by ordering all companies in the U.S. with more than 100 employees to mandate that their workers be vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus tests.

But Jonah Allon, a spokesman for Adams, said the ruling has no bearing on the city’s far stricter business mandate, which does not allow a testing option and covers all private employers, regardless of size. The ruling also does not impact the city’s other mandates, such as the vaccine requirement for indoor dining, according to Allon.

Get a Tesla and ‘save the planet’ if you really care about the environment

Pretend to care about the environment and purchase a Tesla today | added January 14

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Owning a Tesla is the best way to pretend to save the environment while looking rich. Tesla owners are not only the biggest fans of Elon Musk, but they also know that owning a six figure electric car that’s very taxing on the environment is the best way to care for the environment. Besides, you can also play very expensive video games while driving to impress your friends.

Texas Children’s Hospital makes Corebevax for low-income nations | added January 13

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[Dec. 28, 2021] A COVID-19 vaccine created at the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development in Houston has received emergency use authorization in India, after nearly 10 years of research and funding obstacles in 2020.

The goal is to make the vaccine – called Corbevax – available in other low- and middle-income nations across the globe to help prevent future variants of concern from forming.

“As long as we leave the southern hemisphere unvaccinated new variants of concern for us will emerge,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development and dean at Baylor’s National School of Tropical Medicine. “The only way to stop it is to vaccinate the world and we think our [vaccine] is going to be a major contributor to that.”

Leading Israeli professor and immunologist Ehud Qimron says “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure” | added January 13

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Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

Questions raised by tidal wave of GOF documents and email leaks | added January 13

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There is so much news hitting the streets that is that is being censored by main stream media and social media today, that it is overwhelming easy comprehension.

Let’s start with the letter to sent to Secretary of the HHS, Xavier Becerra from Representatives Jim Jordan (Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary) and James Comer (Ranking Member, Committee on Oversight and Reform). Rather than be transparent with the Committee, HHS and NIH continue to hide, obfuscate, and shield the truth.

By continuing to refuse to cooperate with our request, your agencies are choosing to hide information that will help inform the origins of the ongoing pandemic, prevent future pandemics, respond to future pandemics, inform the United States’ current national security posture, and restore confidence in our public health experts. HHS and NIH’s continued obstruction is likely to cause irreparable harm to the credibility of these agencies. The emails released today raise significant question

Breaking: NCAA considers athletes “fully vaxxed” within 90 days of infection | added January 13

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The NCAA on Thursday released its new COVID-19 guidance for winter sports, and the guidance contains some important news.

As ESPN reports, the NCAA’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group updated its definition of “fully vaccinated” to account for various new vaccinations, boosters, and immunity factors.

“Fully vaccinated individuals now include those within two months of receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, five months of receiving the Pfizer vaccine series or six months of receiving the Moderna vaccine series;” reports ESPN staff writer Jeff Borzello, “and individuals who are beyond the aforementioned timeline and have received the booster vaccine.”

Billionaire vaccine sponsor, Bill Gates, weighs in on efficacy | added January 13

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Bill Gates, who donated $1.75 billion to COVID-19 vaccine development and fighting the pandemic, said this week that while the currently available vaccines prevent severe illness and death, they aren’t durable enough and should be better at preventing infection.

The Microsoft founder, whose net worth Forbes pegs at $135.9 billion, made the comments in a Twitter discussion with Devi Sridhar, the chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh Medical School.

“The vaccines we have prevent severe disease and death very well but they are missing two key things,” Gates said to a question about what would make the biggest difference in ending the pandemic.

Biden deploys military medical teams to help ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals | added January 13

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President Joe Biden is expected to deliver remarks on Thursday announcing a new wave of federally deployed medical teams to six states to help hospitals combat Covid-19, a White House official told CNN.

The military medical teams will support the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Henry Ford Hospital outside Detroit, University of New Mexico hospital in Albuquerque and University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, the official said.

“These teams will be providing relief, triaging patients, helping to decompress overwhelmed emergency departments, and freeing up health care providers to continue other lifesaving care. They will be working alongside health care workers on the front lines to give them the support they need,” the official added.

College parents fed up with “shut up and comply” mandates | added January 13

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From vaccine and booster mandates to restricting what students can do off-campus, a growing number of universities are forcing students to jump through hoops in hopes of avoiding an increase in COVID cases.

But some parents say these restrictions are unwarranted and are negatively impacting their child’s college experience. In an interview Wednesday with “Fox & Friends,” parents of university students expressed growing concerns that mandatory vaccines, facemasks and discriminatory practices far outweigh the risks of getting COVID.

Dr. Dwayne Dexter, the father of a sophomore at the University of Delaware, said every student was required to get a COVID test before starting the winter session whether they were vaccinated or not — and now the university is mandating all students receive a booster before the spring semester.

‘Surge of covid cases’ has teachers protesting to renew mask mandates | added January 13

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Teachers protest for stronger COVID-19 safety protocols outside Oakland Unified School District headquarters on Jan. 7, 2022, in Oakland, Calif. Officials across the U.S. are again weighing how and whether to impose mask mandates as COVID-19 infections soar and the American public grows weary of pandemic-related restrictions. Much of the debate centers around the nation’s schools, some of which closed due to infection-related staffing issues. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

Officials across the U.S. are again weighing how and whether to impose mask mandates as COVID-19 infections soar and the American public grows ever wearier of pandemic-related restrictions. Much of the debate centers around the nation’s schools, some of which have closed due to infection-related staffing issues. In a variety of places, mask mandates are being lifted or voted down.

The changes come as the federal government assesses the supply of medical-grade respirator face coverings, such as N95 or KN95 masks. During a briefing Wednesday, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients said officials were “strongly considering options to make more high-quality masks available to all Americans,” noting the government has a stockpile of more than 750 million N95 masks.

Modern day Libya now home to warlords and slavers

How the once richest country in Africa, Libya, became a gutted shell | added January 13

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NATO has expressed concern over the crisis in Libya, which “has direct implications for regional stability and the security of all Allies.” It therefore assures that it “remains committed to providing Libya with defense and security advice”.

The governments of the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK declare that “free elections will allow the Libyan people to strengthen their sovereignty” and that they are “ready to hold to account those who threaten Libya’s stability.” They reaffirm then “the full respect and commitment to the sovereignty and independence of Libya”.

Solemn words pronounced by the same powers that, after having demolished Yugoslavia in the nineties, disintegrating it from the inside and attacking it from the outside, with the same technique demolished the Libyan State in 2011.

Bill addresses the woke ‘New World Order’

Maher discusses acceptable new words for the woke new world order | added January 13

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In our ‘woke’ new world, Bill offers some advice on how to ‘comply’ with socially acceptable words and manners. Remember, this is why word inflation is a problem: You can try to change reality by redefining words, i.e ‘vaccination’, but it won’t work – it just stops you from dealing with it.

NY cuts ‘covid’ contact tracing as state faces a ‘surge of cases’ | added January 12

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New York — New York will no longer require county health departments to perform contact tracing of positive Covid-19 cases, Gov. Kathy Hochul said today during a press conference.

Until now, New Yorkers who tested positive for Covid got calls from state or local health workers who questioned them about people they were in contact with. Those contacts were also then called and ordered to quarantine if necessary.

People in the state should no longer expect those calls if they test positive for the coronavirus or are exposed, state Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said. People who test positive or are exposed to the virus will still be required to isolate or quarantine themselves. They’ll just manage those steps on their own.

Fauci testifies at senate hearing on January 11. 2021 about covid jab efficacy and medical mandates

Dr. Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky take heat at Senate hearing over ‘covid’ measures | added January 12

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and other health officials testified before a Senate committee Tuesday on the federal response to COVID-19 and new variants. Fauci responds to the federal response over ‘omicron variant’ and the shifting covid countermeasure guidelines.

Boosted West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice tests positive for ‘covid’ with elevated blood pressure and heart rate | added January 12

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice tested positive Tuesday for Covid-19 and described feeling “extremely unwell” as he isolates at home, according to a statement.
Justice, 70, awoke Tuesday morning with congestion and a cough, eventually developing a headache and fever, he said in the statement. By late afternoon, his blood pressure and heart rate were elevated and he had a high fever.

Results from a rapid test in the morning came back negative but a PCR test came back positive, he said.

“While I was surprised that my test results came back positive, I’m thankful to the Lord above that I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve been boosted, and that I have an incredible support system, especially my loving family,” Justice said

Pfizer CEO admits two ‘covid’ jabs are not ‘safe and effective’ | added January 12

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Two doses of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine — initially referred to as a full regimen — “offers very limited protection, if any” against the Omicron variant, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Monday during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” That’s a far cry from Bourla’s previous claim that the two-dose regimen was “100% effective.”

When a third, or booster dose, is administered the vaccine offers only “reasonable protection” against hospitalization and death from Omicron and “less protection against infection,” Bourla said.

This latest admission by Bourla is “critically important for the Supreme Court mandate cases,” said Dr. Meryl Nass, because both the employer and healthcare worker mandates require only the first two vaccinations.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Robert Kennedy, Jr. in conversation with James Corbett over corrupt public health measures | added January 12

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James Corbett is joined by lawyer, activist and founder of Children’s Health Defense, Robert Kennedy Jr to discuss his new book The Real Anthony Fauci. Links sources and shownotes – as well as a full transcript and download options – are available on the Off Guardian website. Regular contributor Edward Curtin has reviewed The Real Anthony Fauci, and you can read that as well.

Washington bill allows unvaxxed Americans to be ”involuntarily detained” | added January 12

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[Jan. 9, 2022] A new bill has been introduced in Washington state that authorizes a “strike force” with powers to “involuntary detain” unvaccinated Americans and their families.

The state’s Legislature is due to vote on the measure that allows the involuntary detainment of residents as young as 5 years old in “isolation” facilities. The legislation, W 246-100-040, outlines “Procedures for isolation or quarantine.”

If passed, it will allow local health officers at “his other sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.”

Making little kids wear masks is slo-mo ritual child abuse | added January 12

Editor’s Note: Full professor of film and communications, Mark Crispin Miller, was recently cleared of false claims of misconduct by New York University and discusses the incident on Planet Waves FM.mmd

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How very sick it is that, in this world of ferocious mobocratic hyper-sensitivity, where one gets canceled for some casual remark or post that could, in theory, hurt somebody’s feelings, making helpless people miserable is not just perfectly okay, but a sign of virtue now demanded of all “caring” people.

Thus it is that, if you merely reaffirm that men cannot be women, or question Critical Race Theory, or hold unapologetically to Christian or Judaeo-Christian principle, you risk indictment, and conviction, for “hate speech”; but you’re allowed—in fact, required—to approve of forcing masks on little children, making sick old people die alone, and treating all “unvaccinated” people with exactly the same hateful fear and loathing that the Nazis stoked in Germany, in preparation for that Holocaust.

So those who scream of “hate speech” are themselves engaging in it, and are themselves the “fascists” whom they hatefully attack, imagining them out on the “far right.”

Massive 145-country study proves increase of ‘covid’ transmission and death after inoculations | added January 12

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Instead of bringing an end to this pandemic as promised, the widespread rollout of the experimental vaccines has actually caused a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths across the world, according to a recently published preprint study that looked at data from the 145 of the most vaccinated countries in the world.

The 99-page study titled “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries” found that in the US specifically, the jab has caused a whopping 38% more Covid cases per million – and an even more astonishing 31% increase in deaths per million.

In total, researchers found that almost 90% (89.84%) of the 145 countries experienced this negative effect from the vaccines after they were made available. Researchers performed a causal analysis comparing both pre- and post-treatment periods to come up with the difference in cases and deaths since the implementation of the vaccine by analyzing publicly available COVID-19 data to determine the effect of their widespread rollout.

Anthony performs in Cleveland, OH

Rodia comedy, “I got bad knees” | added January 12

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Anthony discusses some real life health issues that are not just ‘covid’ related like having bad knees. Believe it or not, people do still have other health related ailments that are a natural part aging and being human.

FDA head says most people, vaxxed or unvaxxed, will get ‘covid’ as US hits ‘record level hospitalizations’ | added January 12

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The acting head of the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said that most people will get COVID-19 as the U.S. hits record levels of hospitalizations and infections.

“I think it’s hard to process what’s actually happening right now, which is most people are going to get [COVID-19],” FDA acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock told a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee hearing.

Woodcock was responding to a question about whether it is time to change the U.S. coronavirus strategy as the country reaches record levels of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations with no relief in sight.

Anthony Fauci contradicts his testimony over funding Gain of Function research in Wuhan, China

Exposed – military documents about GOF in Wuhan contradict Fauci’s testimony | added January 11

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Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium.

The main report regarding the EcoHealth Alliance proposal leaked on the internet a couple of months ago, it has remained unverified until now. Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

“The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research,” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter. Project Veritas reached out to DARPA for comment regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the Chief of Communications, Jared Adams, who said, “It doesn’t sound normal to me,” when asked about the way the documents were buried.

At-home ‘covid test’ costs to be covered for the insured Americans | added January 11

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The Biden administration announced Monday new details on how Americans can get free COVID-19 tests — or get reimbursements from their private insurance. This follows up on an announcement that the White House made last month.

Under the new policy announced by the White House, individuals covered by a health insurance plan who purchase an over-the-counter COVID-19 diagnostic test that has been authorized, cleared or approved by the Food and Drug Administration will be able to have those test costs covered by their insurance beginning this Saturday.

Insurance companies and health plans will be required to cover eight free over-the-counter at-home tests per covered individual per month, according to White House officials. For instance, a family of four all on the same plan would be able to get up to 32 of these tests covered by their health plan per month.

Chicago teachers and students will return to school after union negotiations over ‘covid’ measures | added January 11

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Chicago teachers are set to return to work Tuesday and students to get back to in-person instruction Wednesday following a breakthrough in union negotiations with the city over Covid-19 mitigation measures.

The standoff, which will have kept 340,000 students in the third-largest US school system out of classrooms for a week, has become perhaps the nation’s most contentious as the Omicron variant has caused a spike in coronavirus cases, again raising questions about pros and cons of in-person versus virtual school.

The Chicago agreement, which includes enhanced Covid-19 testing in schools, will extend through the rest of the school year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, adding, “I’m hopeful will have a stable, uneventful rest of the school year.”

Pfizer and other big pharma giants sued for funding terrorism in Iraq | added January 11

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A 2017 lawsuit alleging five pharmaceutical companies helped finance terror attacks against U.S. service members and other Americans in Iraq during the “War on Terror” was unanimously reinstated and remanded by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Court of Appeals.

The lawsuit against the five companies in question — Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Roche and GE Healthcare — was dismissed in July 2020 by a federal district court in Washington, D.C. before being reinstated last week.

The lawsuit claims the five companies regularly paid bribes, including free drugs and medical devices, to officials in Iraq’s Ministry of Health between 2005 and 2011, in their efforts to secure drug contracts.

Record-breaking ‘omicron surge’ among fully vaccinated, experts push booster as best protection | added January 11

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Half of Salt Lake County’s COVID-19 cases during the record-breaking omicron surge are people who are vaccinated, but experts said booster shots are still the best protection against severe illness or death, along with wearing masks as required under a new mandate that won’t be challenged by the Salt Lake County Council.

Booster shots will “really make a huge dent” in how many Utahns get sick enough from the rapidly spreading omicron variant of COVID-19 to require hospitalization, Dr. Todd Vento, an Intermountain Healthcare infectious diseases physician, told reporters during a virtual news conference Monday about the increase in cases.

Since Friday, there have been 24,147 more coronavirus cases in the state — 9,367 on Friday, 8,663 on Saturday and 6,413 on Sunday — and 20 additional deaths were reported from the virus, including five that occurred before Dec. 10, according to the Utah Department of Health.

Biden’s ‘covid vax or test’ employer mandate causes more confusion than protection | added January 1

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Key components of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine or test mandate for more than 80 million workers went into effect Monday amid an ongoing Supreme Court battle that could ultimately doom the rule.

The months-long legal battle over the requirement, which was previously blocked by a federal court before being reinstated, has created confusion among employers about how to move forward. While Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism about the rule on Friday, they did not block its implementation by Monday’s deadline.

As of Monday, businesses with 100 or more employees were required to have a database of their workers’ vaccination status, post their company vaccine policy, provide paid leave to workers getting the vaccine and require unvaccinated employees to wear a mask at work.

Thousands of protesters join at Museumplein against the covid mandate measures.

Dutch police dog bites protestor during massive rally for medical freedom | added January 11

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[Jan. 3, 2022] Shocking viral video footage shows a police dog biting an anti-lockdown protester in the Netherlands, yanking him around as officers violently beat others with batons.

A clip seen nearly 10 million times on Twitter shows the dog clamped onto the left arm of the maskless man who was among thousands marching in Amsterdam on Sunday in defiance of strict COVID-19 mandates that ban more than two people gathering.

The maskless, black-clad protester cries out in pain as he tries to flee the dog — just to be helplessly flung around, crashing face forward onto the street. A line of officers then use their batons to beat back crowds who were desperately trying to reach the mauled man.

Short staffed hospitals ask ‘covid infected workers’ to return | added January 11

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Hospitals and long-term care facilities are so short staffed that many are compelling Covid-positive doctors and nurses to return to work, arguing that bringing back asymptomatic or even symptomatic staff is the only way they can keep their doors open amid a spike in hospitalizations.

The practice, allowed by the most recent CDC guidance, underscores the dire situation in which many facilities find themselves as more than 120,000 people nationwide are now hospitalized with the virus — almost three times the total from Thanksgiving when Omicron was first detected.

“We don’t have good choices — or the choices that we want,” said Shereef Elnahal, the CEO of University Hospital in Newark, N.J. and the state’s former health commissioner. “Our staffing situation has been the worst it’s been since the spring of 2020.” Three hundred of his 3,700 workers are out, many infected with Covid-19.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid challenged by unjabbed NHS doctor about required jabs | added January 11

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been directly challenged by an unvaccinated hospital consultant over the government’s policy of compulsory COVID jabs for NHS staff.

During a visit to King’s College Hospital in south London, Mr Javid asked staff members on the intensive care unit about their thoughts on new rules requiring vaccination for NHS workers. And Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist who has been treating coronavirus patients since the start of the pandemic, told the health secretary about his displeasure.

“I’m not happy about that,” he said. “I had COVID at some point, I’ve got antibodies, and I’ve been working on COVID ICU since the beginning.

Iconic comedian and actor, Bob Saget performs a skit on ‘shitty gigs’

Remembering Bob Saget and his iconic comedy | added January 11

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Bob talks about love being important and going through a lot of challenges as a young striving stand up comedian. Included is an encounter with a monster who looked like Penguin in the first Batman movie.

Thousands of peaceful NY protestors gather together against mandated drug inoculations

4,000 medical freedom advocates go to Albany to tell representatives “we will not comply” | added January 10

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An estimated 4,000 people showed up Wednesday in Albany, New York, at the state’s capitol building to let state lawmakers know they stand united against vaccine mandates.

The “We Will Not Comply Rally” marked the kickoff of the People’s Coalition of New York, a coalition of more than 40 groups that oppose medical mandates and are working to restore the civil liberties of all New Yorkers.

Wednesday’s crowd represented people of every race, religion, political background and socioeconomic status. Vaccinated and unvaccinated united in a peaceful demonstration to voice their opposition to vaccine and mask mandates imposed on the people of the state of New York.

Thousands protest in Prague on Sunday against covid medical mandates

Thousands join Prague rally against mandates | added January 10

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Thousands of people marched through the Czech Republic’s capital on Sunday to protest against compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for certain groups and professions.

The protesters gathered at Wenceslas Square in central Prague to question the effectiveness of the current vaccines and reject the vaccination of children before marching through the capital, chanting “Freedom, freedom.” Prague’s protest followed similar but smaller demonstrations in several Czech cities on Saturday.

The previous government released an order in early December, making vaccination mandatory for the 60 and over age group, as well as medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and medical students. The order is due to take effect in March, but it still might end up being overturned.

7 year-old dies 11 days after Pfizer jab, according to new VAERS data | added January 10

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released new data showing a total of 1,017,001 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 21,382 reports of deaths — an increase of 380 over the previous week — and 166,606 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 4,100 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 715,857 adverse events, including 9,778 deaths and 63,089 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021.

Comedian Bob Saget was found dead on Sunday afternoon in Orlando hotel room

Remembering: Bob Saget, iconic comedian and actor suddenly dead at 65 | added January 10

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Multiple sources connected to the iconic comedian and actor — most famous for his starring role as Danny Tanner in ‘Full House’ — tell us he passed away Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

The Sheriff’s Department and the fire department responded to the hotel around 4 PM ET … after hotel security had found Bob in his room. We’re told he was pronounced dead on the scene, but the circumstances of his death are still unclear. Bob’s been touring the country lately, hitting a lot of destinations throughout the state of Florida, including in Orlando, which got started in September and was supposed to take him through May.

On Saturday night, he was in Jacksonville doing a show at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall … where he actually shouted out the crowd early Sunday morning.

Saget performs at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1994

Bob Saget with some comic relief at a show in LA circa 1994 | added January 10

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“Like with any good art form, if you can entertain people and make them think, it’s an honor. It’s just an honor to be a comedian.” — Bob Saget

Justice Sotomayor called out by CDC director for claiming false ‘covid’ case numbers in children | added January 10

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A top Biden administration health official on Sunday contradicted Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s claim about the number of kids seriously ill with COVID-19. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, disputed Justice Sotomayor‘s claim on Friday that 100,000 kids were in serious condition and many were on ventilators as a result of the omicron variant.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky contradicted the liberal justice’s claims Sunday following repeated questions by Fox News’ Bret Baier. Mr. Baier first asked if the number of pediatric hospitalizations was actually 3,500 instead of 100,000. Dr. Walensky answered “yeah” and quickly pivoted to talking about the plight of unvaccinated children.

“Understood, but the number is not 100,000 [children], it’s roughly 3,500 in hospitals now,” interjected Mr. Baier. “Yes, there are, and in fact what I will say is while pediatric hospitalizations are rising they’re still about 15-fold less than hospitalizations of our older age demographics,” Dr. Walensky on “Fox News Sunday.” Dr. Walensky also said she did not know the number of children on ventilators.

Here’s what came up when Mark Crispin Miller googled “died suddenly” | added January 10

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Seven obits from all over the US, including those for TWO celebrities—and a really helpful New York Times article on “how to help someone with grief after a sudden death”.

The Times piece somehow fails to mention the “vaccine,” but does mention COVID-19 as a cause of “sudden death”! About 53,800,000 results (0.28 seconds)

Fox 19: Parents of Mason student who died suddenly still seeking …

MASON, Ohio (WXIX) – Nearly a year after a Mason student died unexpectedly in his sleep, his parents have been on a mission to find answers….

Fully ‘boosted’ AOC tests positive for ‘covid,’ still tells everyone get jabbed | added January 10

Editor’s Note: During a July 2021 CNN town hall, U.S. President Joe Biden falsely stated that “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” and “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU unit, and you’re not going to die.” The exaggerated comments are another example of how ‘authorities’ are manipulating data and claiming to have a panacea that has in reality caused more harm than good. — mmd

Read more at CBS News

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has tested positive for COVID-19, her office said in a statement on Sunday. “She is experiencing symptoms and recovering at home,” the statement said.

“The Congresswoman received her booster this fall and encourages everyone to get their booster and follow CDC guidelines.” The CDC recommends that Americans who test positive for COVID-19 and develop symptoms isolate for at least five full days. After those five days, the CDC says that people can stop isolating if they are “fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your other symptoms have improved.”

The CDC says that “If an individual has access to a test and wants to test, the best approach is to use an antigen test towards the end of the 5-day isolation period. Collect the test sample only if you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your other symptoms have improved.”

‘Deltacron covid variant’ is not an error, according to Cypriot scientist | added January 10

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A Cypriot scientist defended his assertion that a new strain of Covid-19 exists that combines characteristics of the delta and omicron variants.

Other scientists have speculated that Leonidos Kostrikis’s findings are a result of laboratory contamination. But he told Bloomberg in an emailed statement Sunday that the cases he has identified “indicate an evolutionary pressure to an ancestral strain to acquire these mutations and not a result of a single recombination event.”

What’s more, the samples were processed in multiple sequencing procedures in more than one country. And at least one sequence from Israel deposited in a global database exhibits genetic characteristics of deltacron, he said. “These findings refute the undocumented statements that deltacron is a result of a technical error,” Kostrikis said.

This week in the new normal #18 | added January 10

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1. “The unvaccinated should pay with their freedoms”

Emily Sheffield, writing in the Evening Standard, is fed up with the unvaccinated ruining everything through their “selfishness and obstinacy”.

Apparently, 90% (allegedly) of the UK being vaccinated just isn’t enough, and it’s time to punish those vaccine-refuseniks by implementing a vaccine passport system, just as they have done in Canada, France and Germany.

You don’t need me to go through the article in detail. You know what she says, and if you’re regular readers of OffG you likely know the counterpoints by heart. There’s nothing new here, nothing freshly upsetting, honestly I’m numbed to the outrage.

Protestors march through European streets against forced medical mandates

European journalists attacked for covering protests over unlawful mandates | added January 8

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There have been attempts to restrict journalists from covering the health crisis in Hungary, Serbia, Russian Federation and Bulgaria. Rising numbers of European journalists are facing dangerous physical attacks as they try to cover news stories, according to recent reports. Data from the Council of Europe safety of journalists platform shows that physical attacks on journalists more than doubled between 2019 and 2021 – with 33 attacks being recorded in 2019 compared to 51 in 2020 and 76 in 2021.

One emerging trend identified by the Council of Europe research, and other sources, are attacks on journalists covering protests of anti-lockdown demonstrations and reporting on breaches of lockdown measures.

Details of journalists being attacked while covering anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests is showing up in reports from a variety of sources in Europe and beyond. This is sending a worrying signal about media freedom and the security of journalists.

RFK Jr. discusses the CIA’s toxic effects on democracy with author and sociology professor, Edward J. Curtain Jr.  | added January 8

Editor’s Note: Edward J. Curtain Jr. is the author of ‘Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies,’ a compilation of critical and lyrical essays. Published in 2020, the book has received great reviews from Graeme MacQueen, author of ‘The 2001 Anthrax Deception’, and prominent film director Oliver Stone, who has recently released ‘JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass’, a film that presents with substantial evidence how Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK. — mmd

Listen here on Edward Curtain

The following audio podcast is a shortened version of a video interview from a few weeks ago. Our conversation touched on many aspects of the CIA’s devious role in so many aspects of history, including its relentless lying attacks on the Kennedy family that go back decades, its assassinations of Kennedys, and its egregious character assassination of RFK, Jr.

His recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci, has been ignored by the mainstream media because they speak for the CIA, as they have been doing for decades, and Kennedy is a great threat to their stranglehold on the truth.

We discuss many issues: Operation Mockingbird, Anthony Fauci, Covid, Noam Chomsky and his acolytes, JFK, the CIA’s long deep involvement in germ warfare, the militarizing of medicine, and its pushing of drugs, etc.

SCOTUS shows skepticism over Biden’s mandates | added January 8

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The Supreme Court’s conservative majority signaled Friday that it is unlikely to allow the Biden administration to enforce a sweeping rule intended to help stop the spread of Covid in the nation’s workplaces.

The court heard more than three hours of argument, including fierce opposition from the court’s liberal flank, in an unusual session to take up emergency appeals involving federal vaccine or testing requirements for large employers and the vaccine mandate for some health care workers — rules that would affect as many as 100 million workers.

Several of the court’s conservatives suggested they did not believe federal law gave the government the authority to impose such a broad requirement covering millions of private employees.

Gov. Hochul boasts – NY first state to mandate booster drug jabs for all health care workers | added January 8

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NEW YORK N.Y. — During her Friday press conference, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced a new booster mandate for health care workers.

Health care workers will be given two weeks to get the shot after they are eligible. Only medical exemptions will be allowed. The move comes months after the state implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The Public Health and Planning Council must approve it before it goes into effect, but the governor says she’s confident it will be approved swiftly. “We are the first state in the nation to institute this. This has been such an important priority,” said Gov. Hochul.

Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, denied entry into Australia with vax medical exemption | added January 8

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Novak Djokovic’s lawyers filed court papers Saturday in his challenge against deportation from Australia that show the tennis star tested positive for COVID-19 last month and recovered, grounds he used in applying for a medical exemption to the country’s strict vaccination rules.

The No. 1-ranked Djokovic was denied entry at the Melbourne airport late Wednesday after border officials canceled his visa for failing to meet its entry requirement that all non-citizens be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Djokovic was given a medical exemption backed by the Victoria state government and Australian Open organizers on Jan. 1, based on information he supplied to two independent medical panels, and he was approved for a visa electronically.

FTC warns about fraudulent online ‘covid’ tests | added January 8

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Covid-19 cases continue to rise dramatically, leading to brutally long lines at testing sites and empty shelves at stores where at-home rapid test kits were once in stock. Now an additional problem has emerged: The Federal Trade Commission is warning about fraudulent testing kits being sold online to desperate customers.

“It’s not a surprise that, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, fake and unauthorized at-home testing kits are popping up online as opportunistic scammers take advantage of the spike in demand,” the FTC said in a press release this week.

Coronavirus self-tests — also known as home tests or over-the-counter tests — are one of several risk-reduction measures that can protect people by reducing the chances of spreading coronavirus, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

U.S. District court judge rules FDA has 8 months, not 75 years, to release all documents on Pfizer’s Comirnaty injection | added January 9

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will have eight months — not the 75 years it requested — to release all documents related to the licensing of Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

In his ruling, Judge Mark Pittman of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, quoted President John F. Kennedy, writing, “a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

Judge Pittman rejected the FDA’s claim that it could release redacted versions of documents at a rate of only 500 pages per month, which would have meant the full cache of documents wouldn’t become public until 2096.

Facing evil in the new world | added January 8

Editor’s Note: On December 29, 2021 The Rair Foundation published an article about a German mother named Maria, who had her child violently removed from her care by draconian officials who sent the child to a covid imprisonment camp. Protestors can be seen singing Christmas songs to their children here. — mmd

Read more at Off Guardian

I’ve been sick over the holidays—not with the dreaded Covid, or the milder Omega, or the much milder Omicron, or whatever you want to call whatever it is that’s going around. I didn’t take a test for it, but my daughter did, and she has the same illness as me and she tested negative. Of course, those tests…we will get into that later.

Anyway, I took some time off from my writing, enjoying my kids and my grandkids, finding so much joy and thankfulness in my family. So here we go, back into the thick of things. Recapping the past two years and looking at what to expect in the coming months.

And yes, it’s a long one, but not as long as RFK Jr’s brilliantly informative book, so there’s that. On November 15, 2021, “[Maria], a German mother critical of the state’s Covid measures had her home raided and her children violently removed by police and child protective services.”

A modern rendition of Jolene, inspired by the one and only, Dolly Parton | added January 8

Watch the video on YouTube

Here is a song to get you through the weekend. Remember: humanity depends on you so for the love of God, we are begging you (desperately) please don’t hesitate, when it’s your turn, roll up your sleeve and go get it and don’t wait! vacine, vacine, vacine… it’s all anyone hears these days, don’t worry that people are still getting sick and now are dying from the injections. So, beware of the vacine, vacine, vacine….

Texas teacher locks son who ‘tested covid positive’ in trunk to avoid exposure | added January 8

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A Texas teacher was accused of putting her COVID 19-positive son in the trunk of her car to prevent being exposed to the virus, court documents show.

The woman faces a charge of child endangerment after she arrived at a COVID-19 testing site with the 13-year-old boy in the back of the vehicle, according to an arrest warrant filed Wednesday in Harris County District Court.

The woman is a high school English teacher who has been with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, northwest of Houston, since 2011, NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston reported.

President Joe Biden meets with covid response team and blames unvaxed

Biden and Fauci push more ‘covid’ inoculations on children | added January 7

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Fauci said that while the highly contagious omicron variant appears to cause a more mild disease than delta, “the sheer volume of infections because of its profound transmissibility mean that many more children will get infected.”

“As many more children will get infected, a certain proportion of them – usually children that have underlying comorbidities – are going to wind up in the hospital,” Fauci said during a press briefing. “That is just an inevitability.”

His comments come as coronavirus infections among children are already at “the highest case count ever reported since the start of the pandemic,” according to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association.

13 year-old, Jacob Clynick, died in June from myocarditis after second Pfizer shot

Emails reveal CDC fails to investigate death of 13 year-old who died of myocarditis | added January 7

Editor’s Note: The Defender has just begun to publish news articles again since before the holidays that cover very important headlines on the deadly effects covid shots are having on people. — mmd

Read more at The Defender

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not investigating the death of a 13-year-old Michigan boy who died June 16, 2021, of myocarditis three days after his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, emails obtained by Judicial Watch confirmed.

Judicial Watch on Wednesday announced it obtained 314 pages of records from the CDC, including communications from Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky showing a request for information about the death of Jacob Clynick.

The teen’s death was not acknowledged by CDC officials in presentations on myocarditis or vaccine safety during meetings held by the agency’s vaccine safety advisory panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization and Practices (ACIP), which makes clinical recommendations for use of COVID vaccines in children.

Ulster and Dutchess ‘covid’ hospitalizations are near record | added January 7

Read more at Daily Freeman

KINGSTON, N.Y. — A healthcare operator of two Dutchess County hospitals said that COVID-19 patients have now stretched to the facilities’ capacity.

Dutchess County is nearing record hospitalizations, reporting 152 on Thursday. On Jan. Jan. 27, 2021, the county reported a high of 172 hospitalizations.Thursday’s hospitalization report was 12 higher than what the county reported the previous day.

Ulster County does not report its hospitalization numbers on its dashboard. Sarah Colomello, a spokeswoman for Nuvance Health, said hospitals run by the company are adjusting. The company operates Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck and Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie.

The inaccuracy of ‘covid’ PCR and antigen tests | added January 7

Editor’s Note: To further illustrate the inefficacy of testing, on January 22, 2007, The New York Times published an article about how the faith in quick PCR tests lead to false epidemics. Thousands of hospital workers in Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center were given antibiotics and vaccines for what they believed was an outbreak of whooping cough, however the entire pseudo-epidemic was a false alarm. — mmd

Read more at CBS News

COVID-19 tests are in greater demand than ever, and new data about the Omicron variant can make picking and using different types of tests confusing. Molecular tests for COVID-19, like the “RT-PCR” technology used by many laboratories — known as PCR tests — are widely considered the “gold standard” for spotting the most infections caused by SARS-CoV-2.

By comparison, “antigen” or “lateral flow” tests, which can be done at home and return faster results, are less sensitive than PCR tests, but could be useful for identifying cases when people are likely to be contagious. One review last year estimated rapid antigen tests might only detect on average 75% of cases that PCR tests can spot, with antigen tests performing best in symptomatic people within the first week of their disease.

Some public health officials have advocated for wider adoption of antigen testing by Americans — if they can manage to find one of the rapid at-home tests — as an added layer of protection that might spot more cases before they spread.

How living in the new world order eradicates our humanity | added January 7

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Farmerless farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones and doused with chemicals to produce commodity crops from patented genetically engineered seeds for industrial ‘biomatter’ to be processed and constituted into something resembling food. Data platforms, private equity firms, e-commerce giants and AI-controlled farming systems.

This is the future that big agritech and agribusiness envisage: a future of ‘data-driven’ and ‘climate-friendly’ agriculture that they say is essential if we are to feed a growing global population.

The transformative vision outlined above which is being promoted by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation amounts to a power grab.

Moderna CEO admits booster jab efficacy will wane over time | added January 7

Read more at CNBC

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel on Thursday said the efficacy of boosters against Covid-19 will likely decline over time, and people may need a fourth shot in the fall to increase their protection.

Bancel said people who received their boosters last fall will likely have enough protection to get them through the winter, when new infections surge as people gather indoors to escape the cold.

However, Bancel said the efficacy of boosters will probably decline over the course of several months, similar to what happened with the first two doses. The Moderna chief was interviewed by Goldman Sachs during the investment bank’s health-care CEO conference.

‘Omicron’ in kids similar to croup infection | added January 7

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Covid-19’s omicron variant appears to be affecting children under age 5 in a new way: a harsh, barking cough known as croup.

While croup generally is not harmful, it can be frightening for parents already on edge about their babies and toddlers, too young for the Covid-19 vaccine, becoming infected with the virus.

Doctors say this is most likely occurring because it appears omicron tends to settle higher up in the respiratory tract, rather than deeper in the lungs. “Little kids’ airways are so narrow that it takes far less inflammation to clog them,” said Dr. Buddy Creech, a pediatric infectious disease expert and director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

‘Covid’ inoculations disrupting reproductive health of women | added January 7

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A new scientific study shows that vaccination can cause changes to the timing of menstruation. But it also shows the effects are temporary, more akin to a sore arm than a serious adverse event. “I think it’s reassuring and also validating,” says Dr. Alison Edelman, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Ore. who led the study.

The work appeared Thursday in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. Edelman and other experts stress that individuals should get vaccinated, because the risks from COVID-19 remain high.

Clinical trials for the COVID vaccines looked for side-effects like headaches or fever, but when it came to reproductive health, the main focus was on pregnancy, not menstruation.

A confused uncle Vinny asks about the new ‘omicron variant’

A discussion about what is the new ‘omicron variant’ | added January 7

Watch the video on YouTube

After watching endless mainstream media newscasts and ‘doing his part’ by not leaving the house, uncle Vinny makes a call to his nephew Anthony to gain some clarity about what the hype all about? Uncle Vin also suggests a new way to conduct ‘tests’.

1 million rapid covid tests expired in Florida last month | added January 7

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Amid a winter surge of coronavirus cases that sparked a nationwide scramble for tests last month, as many as 1 million unused Covid-19 rapid test kits expired in a Florida warehouse, a top state official said on Thursday.

The stockpile sat idle during the fall when cases fell in Florida and demand was low, Florida Department of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie said during a news conference.

The kits, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, expired “before December 26 to December 30,” Guthrie said, just as the state experienced a wave of new coronavirus cases driven in part by the highly contagious Omicron variant. For weeks, Floridians have waited for hours to get tested, with reports of long lines first emerging in mid-December, as the fast-spreading Omicron first appeared in the state.

Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, of WHO admits that booster shots will kill children

Director general of WHO admits some countries are killing children with booster shots | added January 6

Watch the video on Brand New Tube

At the 20 second mark of the video, director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, admits that the children given booster jabs by some countries will kill them. The Ethiopian biologist and public health researcher, has been with the organization since 2017. Ghebreyesus discusses that if boosters are going to be used at all, they should be given to ‘most vulnerable’ age group which consists of those above the age of 60.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests made headline news and were given fuel from the 2008 bank bailout

EXPOSED: 4.5 trillion dollar bank bailout months before ‘covid’ plandemic | added January 6

Read more at Medical Kidnap

Pam and Russ Martens of Wall Street on Parade have reported on the huge bank bailouts during the 4th quarter of 2019, months before COVID was declared to be a “pandemic” giving further evidence from a series of events at the end of 2019 that the “war on the virus” that has enslaved the entire world, was all planned long in advance by the Globalists.

Not reported in the media, either corporate news media nor anywhere else in the Alternative Media that I have seen, the Martens have exposed the fact that the bailouts of the biggest banks in New York far exceeded the bailouts during the 2008 financial crises, which of course was headline news back then.

This bailout of Wall Street in 2008 was the fuel that gave rise to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started in September of 2011, and spread around the world.

Federal judge blocks DOD from disciplining Navy SEALS who sued over unlawful vax mandates | added January 6

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In another defeat for the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for members of the armed services, a federal judge on Jan. 3 issued a preliminary injunction barring the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) from disciplining military service members who object to COVID-19 vaccination on religious grounds.

The injunction was issued by The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division. The case in question concerns a group of 35 NAVY SEALs and other special forces members. They sued the Biden administration and the DOD, which denied the service members’ requests for a religious exemption.

The 35 service members, whose identities were not made public and who serve at a variety of locations which remain classified and confidential, collectively possess more than 350 years of military service and have completed more than 100 combat deployments.


Emma Sullivan robbed of her health after receiving Gardasil HPV vaccine

25 year-old woman speaks about horrific Gardasil vax injuries | added January 6

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Attorneys from Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman of Children’s Health Defense, filed their 13th lawsuit against Merck over its Gardasil HPV vaccine, this time on behalf of a 25-year-old woman who said the vaccine made her “a shell of what I used to be.”

Before Gardasil, plaintiff Emma Sullivan was a college-recruited swimmer who dreamed of someday becoming a nurse. After the shot, she suffered from severe health issues that robbed her of the life she worked so hard to build.

Filed in New Jersey State Court, Sullivan’s lawsuit alleges Merck knowingly and actively conceals the fact that Gardasil causes serious adverse reactions and side effects, including autoimmune diseases and, in some cases, death.

Household pesticides are harming infants motor development | added January 6

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Household pesticide use is associated with harmful impacts to infant motor development, according to a study published late last year in the journal Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology.

The research focused on primarily low-income Hispanic women located in Los Angeles, California, enrolled in an ongoing study referred to as Maternal and Developmental Risks from Environmental and Social Stressors (MADRES).

As with other pollutants in society, low-income, people of color communities are disproportionately in contact with toxic pesticides, resulting in exposures that can start early, and affect health over the course of one’s lifetime.

Pfizer to study the testing of more lethal experimental drug inoculations on children | added January 6

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Children are the future. Over the centuries, many have suffered atrocities at the hands of adults.

Yet the recent push to inject children with a genetic experiment may be one of the worst public health offenses perpetrated on a population of people who are unable to speak for themselves, do not have a legal voice and depend on adults to protect them.

In the push to ensure there is a shot in every arm, Pfizer recently announced the clinical trials for the COVID jab in children has hit a snag. And yet, you would be hard-pressed to call the “Warp Speed” creation, testing and manufacture of this shot anything but implausible. At no other time in history have “vaccines” been created and distributed with such impunity.

Bring back the boycott of totalitarian control and corporate corruption | added January 6

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Nearly two years into the phenomenon labeled COVID-19, more and more people recognize that a global coup d’état is underway — a push by central bankers and technocrats for “totalitarian control of your transportation, your bank account, your movement, every aspect of your life,” said Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in a speech he delivered in November 2021 in Milan.

Now, a year’s worth of vaccine injury data (however imperfect) is telling “a very frightening story” about the dangers of the experimental COVID shots, and is exposing the immorality of administering them to children.

As Kennedy recently argued, “Forcing an entire population to accept an arbitrary and risky medical intervention is the most intrusive and demeaning action ever imposed by the U.S. government, and perhaps any government.”

Historical and ‘scientific’ illiteracy of the covid scam | added January 6

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It’s been a year since I’ve written anything for this blog. The reason, frankly, is that I have been at a loss for words. What has happened to human society in the last two years has been, for anyone with an understanding of history, beyond belief.

Of course, it should not be beyond belief because we know history repeats itself. And in the last two years it has been repeating with a vengeance.

I spent 18 years working to understand, and help others understand, the crimes of September 11, 2001. Those crimes were never honestly investigated apart from the work of independent researchers. The official accounts are widely known to be false and those who have taken the time to look deeper have found that there are good reasons to believe that people within government and major corporations were involved in planning and executing the attacks.

Brazilian TV presental, Rafeal Silva suffers cardiac arrest after booster jab

Brazilian TV reporter collapses one week after covid booster inoculation | added January 6

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Silva, who is the presenter of ‘Jornal das 7‘, appeared to faint while he was going over a news report. The camera quickly cut to some pre-filmed footage while he was attended to.

The 36-year-old was rushed to hospital after the incident where he began showing signs of improvement, according to TV Alterosa producer Kadu Lopes: “He is responding to the treatment and is moving his hands and feet. This is good, according to doctors. We still don’t know what happened to Rafael.”

Silva will remain in intensive care and a new set of medical exams will be performed this Tuesday. The incident is another shock to Brazil after Olympic diver Ian Matos died months after his COVID shot and more recently when famous singer Cantor Maurílio passed away due to blood clots just six weeks after having received his second dose of the vaccine.

Flu vax is a major mismatch for the ‘virus’ this year, according to researchers | added January 5

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[Dec. 17, 2021] Flu vaccines aren’t providing as much as much protection as hoped for against the most widely circulating strain of influenza, a new study says, but it appears the vaccines will still prevent severe illness in people who are infected.

The vaccines were designed far in advance to fight the flu strains expected to dominate the United States during the 2021-22 flu season: H3N2, H1N1, and two strains of influenza B.

H3N2, the major strain, mutated in a way that means the flu vaccines don’t match up against it very well, Scott Hensley, PhD, a professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania who led the study, told CNN.

“From our lab-based studies, it looks like a major mismatch,” he said.

Netherlands announces plan to roll out 6 more drug jabs of covid inoculation | added January 5

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[Dec. 30, 2021] Hugo de Jonge, health minister of The Netherlands, has indicated the country could be preparing another three coronavirus booster vaccines.

De Jonge wrote a letter to his country’s parliament Wednesday suggesting the Netherlands should consider additional rounds of booster vaccines to fight new variants, with two of these in 2022 and another shot in 2023.

The letter also said that the Netherlands has enough booster vaccines for its current booster campaign. In the letter, De Jonge wrote: “Certainly because only half of a regular vaccine is needed for a booster dose of Moderna, we now have sufficient vaccines for the current booster campaign and there is ample basis for possible extra booster rounds in the second quarter and the autumn of 2022 and in 2023.

Hugo de Jonge, ‘health minister’ of The Netherlands, counts blood clot drug jabs

Prime minister of Netherlands morphs into dracula and sings us a count song | added January 5

Watch the video on YouTube

Jonge sings us a ‘count song’ to assure us that drug inoculations are well worth the risk. In fact, he sits around all day planning exactly how many shots must be administered before our blood clots. Dracula Jonge feens for infinite numbers of clot shots that are absolutely unnecessary and dangerous for the global population.

US surveillance bill 6666 that strips people of their privacy rights | added January 5


To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

In general. — The Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through—

(1) mobile health units; and

(2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.

“Safe and effective” drug jabs prove false as 96% of ‘omicron’ cases in Germany are among vaxed | added January 5

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The Robert Koch Institute, a research agency under the German government, found that 96 percent of omicron cases in Germany are among the fully vaccinated. The Koch Institute also noted that 28 percent of the omicron positive had booster shots and only 4.42 percent are unvaccinated.

Welt reporter Tim Rohn shared the findings on Twitter. Rohn said information on 6,788 cases was provided, including four resulting in deaths and 124 in hospitalizations.

Despite the situation, Germany’s leading coronavirus expert Christian Drosten said the country can still expect a relatively normal winter in 2022-23. Drosten, head of the institute of virology at Berlin’s Charite hospital, said data suggests that omicron infections were milder and comparable to viral colds or flu.

Experts say ‘omicron’ is a natural vax — forget about the boosters | added January 5

Read more at Natural News

As governments all around the world push a fourth “booster” shot for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), scientists like Prof. Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, are warning that this is a mistake.

It turns out that catching the new Omicron (Moronic) variant of the Fauci Flu is better than getting injected, as the strain functions like a “natural vaccine.” It is reportedly mild enough to not cause too much harm – perhaps just a few sniffles – while still generating the antibodies needed for lasting immunity.

The more injections people receive, the more difficult it will be for them to develop this type of natural immunity – if it is even possible at all post-jab. (Related: Is Moronic the solution to the plandemic?)

Insurance company finds death rates up 40% ages 18-64 since mass vax rollout | added January 5

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An Indiana life insurance company has found that deaths are up 40 percent among people ages 18-64. And the only thing that has really changed is the widespread administration of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

OneAmerica, a $100 billion insurance company headquartered in Indianapolis since 1877, says that death rates are currently “the highest … we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” to quote company CEO Scott Davison.

“The data is consistent across every player in that business,” he added in an online news conference. Davison made sure to point out that these are not elderly people who are dying in “huge, huge numbers,” but rather “working-age people,” including teenagers.

CDC sued for hiding covid vax injury data from the public | added January 5

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Nonprofit organization Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), an advocate for full transparency of the medical products’ safety and efficacy, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its parent entity, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), for their refusal to make public the post-licensure safety data of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

The lawsuit was filed after the agency turned down three Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to publish reports, submitted through the CDC’s “V-Safe” system.

The “V-Safe” is a smartphone application that uses text messaging and web surveys to give “personalized health check-ins” after a person receives a COVID shot. The “V-Safe” app is also supposed to allow individuals to report to the CDC if they have any side effects after getting a COVID-19 vaccine in “near real-time.” The system is supposed to be so effective that the agency said that depending on reports’ specifics, representatives may call to check on a vaccine recipient to collect more information.

What happens if the global ‘gene therapy’ experiments are a massive failure to the human species? | added January 5

Read more at Dr. Robert Malone

A seasoned stock analyst colleague texted me a link today, and when I clicked it open, I could hardly believe what I was reading. What a headline. “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64”. This headline is a nuclear truth bomb masquerading as an insurance agent’s dry manila envelope full of actuarial tables.

People frequently write to Jill and myself. People we have never met. They call, they arrive at the farm by appointment or unannounced, they fill our email in boxes with their inquiries. They all want something; time, attention, an interview. Many want to tell us about their fear, illness, nightmares, or (what often seems like) outright paranoid conspiracies.

And then, over time, these fears and “conspiracies” keep getting confirmed. As Jan Jekielek (a senior editor with The Epoch Times) recently said to me, it is getting harder and harder to tell which ones are mere conspiracy theories and which are true reality.

Chemical additives in processed foods destroy gut health and overall immune system, study finds | added January 5

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Good gut health is tied to a healthy brain, heart and a strong immune system. So what happens when chemicals in our food harm our gut?

A new study published in the journal Gastroenterology found synthetic additives in highly processed food can have “detrimental impacts” on our gut and cause an “array of chronic inflammatory diseases.”

Exposure to food additives has increased dramatically with the rise in ultra-processed food. Synthetic additives and emulsifiers are used in highly processed food to enhance texture and extend shelf life. To measure the impact of food additives on gut health, scientists conducted a randomized controlled-feeding study at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Human Phenomic Science.

N.Y. Freedom of Choice Rally to oppose unlawful legislation in Albany on January 5th | added January 4

Read more at People’s Coalition New York

On January 5, 2022 bills will be presented in Albany, NY for legislation that deny people their basic human rights to choose what goes into their body. Some of these bill proposals eliminate all injection exemptions and parental consent to inject minors. The Children’s Health Defense is organizing and paying for buses throughout the state up to Albany. There is a registration form to secure your bus seat on the People’s Coalition NY website.

Supreme Court to hold sessions on two special cases over Biden’s unlawful mandates | added January 4

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The U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 7 will convene a special session to hear oral arguments in two cases related to the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandates.

The two cases pertain to the mandates imposed on private businesses with 100 or more employees, and healthcare facilities participating in the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

The Supreme Court announced Dec. 22, 2021, it would hold a special session to hear both cases, following a series of decisions in lower courts that successively implemented and lifted injunctions against the two mandates.

VAERS exceeds the 1 million mark of reported injection injuries | added January 4

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Dec. 31, 2021, released new data showing a total of 1,000,229 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 24, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 21,002 reports of deaths and 162,506 reports of serious injuries. Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 709,084 adverse events, including 9,623 deaths and 62,069 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 24, 2021.

Foreign reports are reports received by U.S. manufacturers from their foreign subsidiaries. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, if a manufacturer is notified of a foreign case report that describes an event that is both serious and does not appear on the product’s labeling, the manufacturer is required to submit the report to VAERS.

Emails reveal Fauci, NIH colluded to discredit scientists behind Great Barrington Declaration | added January 4

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The more we learn about Dr. Anthony Fauci, the worse he looks. The grandfatherly figurehead has now had two years in the limelight, urging people to “follow the science,” which he has shamelessly equated to his own ever-shifting opinion.

Another cache of emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) now reveals Fauci and his boss, National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins, colluded behind the scenes to quash dissenting views on the lockdowns.

Oct. 4, 2020, three medical professors — Martin Kulldorff from Harvard, Sunetra Gupta from Oxford and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford — launched the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement anyone could sign onto that called for focused protection of high-risk individuals, such as the elderly, rather than the continuation of blanket lockdowns. AIER sponsored the declaration.

FDA’s jab strategy called into question as claimed ‘omicron variant’ surges around the globe | added January 4

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The first case of Omicron in the U.S. was reported on Dec. 1, 2021. As of Dec. 25, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates Omicron accounts for 58.6% of SARS-CoV-2 infections in the U.S.

Omicron’s rapid emergence is indicative of the variant’s increased transmissibility and the lack of efficacy vaccines have against this strain.

The predominance of the Omicron variant prompted the Office for the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to pause allocation of two commonly used monoclonal Antibody therapy combinations — bamlanivimab/etesevimab (Eli Lilly) and REGN10933/REGN10987 (Regeneron) — to regions of the country that have greater than 80% prevalence of the Omicron variant.

Remembering Árpád Janos Pusztai, Ph.D., the brave scientist who risked his career over GMO safety concerns | added January 4

Read more at The Defender

Árpád Janos Pusztai, Ph.D., one of the first scientists to raise concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods, died Dec. 17, 2021, at home with his wife, Susan Zsuzsa Bardócz, at his side. He was 91.

Pusztai was born Sept. 8, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary. He was a student of the high school Obudai Arpad Gimnazium. In 1953, he obtained a diploma in chemistry from the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. He worked for three years as an associate scientist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences before the Hungarian revolution against Soviet control in 1956.

After the failed revolution, Pusztai escaped to a refugee camp in Austria and from there made his way to England. He completed his doctorate in biochemistry at the Lister Institute in London. In 1963, he was invited to join the Protein Research Department at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The under reported crushing impact of covid policies on kids | added January 4

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The most underreported story of 2021 was the “crushing impact” of COVID policies on kids, according to CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford.

During a Dec. 26, 2021 appearance on “Face the Nation,” Crawford slammed COVID policies, blaming them for a number of problems affecting children today, including the ongoing mental health crisis, increased suicide rates and learning disruptions due to school closures.

Crawford said the risk of suicide attempts by girls is up 51%, while “black kids are twice as likely as white kids to die by suicide.”

‘Mass psychosis’ gains traction on twitter | added January 4

Read more at Off Guardian

The concept of a ‘mass psychosis’, an unrecognised force which is influencing humanity in its darkest hour, has been gaining traction on social media. It might provide a useful mechanism to explain how so many people could be fooled by a fake pandemic, but is it in danger of letting certain narrative kingpins and zealots off the hook?

In The Last American Vagabond’s The Daily Wrap Up, Ryan Cristián covers Mass Formation Psychosis’ recent public exposure. He says that the media’s attempt to recast this issue as ‘far right’ is ‘waking people up to the illusion of the two party paradigm’. He adds that mass formation is a ‘large part’ if not the ‘entirety’ of the covid phenomenon, but adds the caveat that there are ‘a lot of other factors involved’.

Breaking: deadly vax lot with Dr. Jane Ruby | added January 4

Watch the video on Red Voice Media

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the Stew Peters Show – We hope all of you had a great Christmas season with your families, despite the best efforts of Tony Fauci and the Biden Junta to make it a miserable time. But that’s what sets us apart from them. We can feel real love and real joy.

Still, it’s a dangerous world out there, and the enemies of the American people will be just as committed to destroying you in 2022 as they were in 2021. And that means more masking, more restrictions, and more vaccine mandates.

Doctor Jane Ruby joins us for her first segment of the year. She says she has the receipts to show that vaccine toxicity varies by batch, and it’s possible to find out if the vaccine you’re being pressured to take is from one of the tainted batches.

A story of ruin and resilient ascension: “The Passion of Peter Duesberg” soon out on kindle | added January 4

Read more at Celia Farber

I have not listened yet but to 5 minutes of Robert Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan, but a firefly lit up earlier today as I was browsing Twitter about it. (I’m permanently banned from Twitter since the first purge.) I could have sworn I saw the name “Peter Duesberg.”

I sat up, felt a sense of “pay attention.”

I understood immediately that Malone had mentioned Peter Duesberg.

My good friend Peter Olsen wrote me on Facebook and said he had listened to the entire Malone interview. I asked him to report what he had heard and he listed many explosive subjects Malone had touched on.

Last of the Mohicans, Tyler Fischer shares his experience with not complying to mandatory shots

‘Anti-vaxers’ 10 years from now | added January 4

Watch the video on YouTube

Former barista to hipster brooklynites, Tyler Fischer, reports from an undisclosed location his current status after refusing the pharmaceutical drug inoculations.

Libertarian journalist John Stossel sues Facebook for defamation

Facebook admits in writing that zuckerbot ‘fact-checkers’ are in fact opinion | added January 3

Read more at Law Enforcement Today

[Dec. 15, 2021] Investigative journalist John Stossel, formerly of ABC News brought a lawsuit against the tech giant and in defending their case, Facebook actually admitted that the so-called “fact checks” used by the company are not actually “fact checks” but are merely opinion.

According to the New York Post, the lawsuit stemmed from two videos posted by Stossel that discussed climate change, which the Post referred to as the “third rail of liberal politics.” The videos did not question the existence of climate change, which has been despite liberal politicians’ protestations subject to some debate.

Rather, the videos examined other issues involving forest management and the use of technology to adapt to what the left refers to as climate change. However in the case of the two videos, a “third-party fact checker” employed by Facebook, “Science Feedback,” flagged the videos as “false” or the old fallback, “lacking context.”

A look into the ‘new normal’ year ahead of us | added January 3

Read more at Off Guardian

Our first “This Week” of 2022 doesn’t just look back over our shoulders, but forward too. What were the unfinished plotlines of 2021? What minor stories of last year could be major stories of this year?

This week we review what OffG will be on the lookout for in 2022.

1. Programmable digital currency

For the uninitiated, a programmable digital currency is a form of digital currency which can be programmed…I hope that clears up any confusion.

Israel announces first case of flu and corona hybrid child ‘flurona’ | added January 3

Read more at Israel Times

Israel confirmed its first case of an individual infected with both the seasonal flu and COVID-19 at the same time, authorities said on Thursday.

The two infections were found in an unvaccinated pregnant woman who had mild symptoms, Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva said.

Some reports suggested this marked the first such dual case in the world, but reports of patients with both flu and COVID-19 surfaced in the US as early as spring 2020.

‘Fully inoculated’ Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin tests positive for covid | added January 3

Read more at Everything Lubbock

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Sunday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and was experiencing mild symptoms while quarantining at home.

In a statement Sunday night, Austin said he plans to attend key meetings and discussions virtually in the coming week “to the degree possible.” He said Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks would represent him in appropriate matters.

Austin said he last met with President Joe Biden on Dec. 21, more than a week before he began to experience symptoms, and had tested negative the morning of that day.

CDC ‘might enforce’ more draconian restrictions for asymptomatic people | added January 3

Read more at Buzz Feed

US health officials may again revise guidelines that recently shortened the isolation period for asymptomatic people with COVID-19 to recommend that they test negative for the virus, the White House’s top medical adviser said Sunday.

The guidance released by the CDC last week halved the number of days that people infected with the coronavirus who are not exhibiting symptoms need to isolate themselves from 10 to five, followed by five days of wearing a “well-fitting” mask in public.

But scientists told BuzzFeed News they were surprised and alarmed there was no recommendation that people produce a negative test prior to reentering public life. Some speculated it was because many Americans were struggling to obtain rapid antigen tests.

Thousands of Europeans protest against ‘omicron’ variant hysteria and medical mandates

Thousands in Europe protest against medical mandates that oppose right to choose | added January 3

Watch the video on YouTube

The emergence of the new omicron variant has given rise to fears of a possible next wave of covid 19 infections and governments and enforcing covered vaccine mandates as a precautionary measure. In return, thousands of protestors show up across Europe against draconian medical mandates that limit their right to choose what goes into their body.

Speculation of ‘omicron’ variant explained to ease fear mongering | added January 3

Read more at World Council For Health

[Dec. 1, 2021] By now you’ve probably heard about the new SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (VOC) that the WHO has officially named Omicron — also known as B.1.1.529. In response to Omicron’s discovery, several nations are imposing restrictions on travel from eight African countries, with some poised to impose further restrictions on the mobility of their people.

Much of the reporting on this variant has been speculative and a significant amount of it has used fear as the primary motivator. Here, we will put the Omicron variant into context, assess the risks, consider the big picture, and see what actions you might wish to take.

It is the nature of viruses to mutate. When they replicate they make what are called “copying errors”. These errors are genetic mutations and enough of them yields a new variant. The mutations can be caused by error, pressure from the cells they are infecting, or even from vaccination. Much has been made of the fact that Omicron reportedly has around 50 differences in mutation, over 30 of which are in the spike protein of the virus. It’s important to note that this is still a negligible difference and mutation does not automatically imply that the variant is any worse.

What the CDC doesn’t advertise: the importance of vitamin D for overall health | added January 3

Read more at Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Vitamin D is well known to be essential, but most people do not get enough. Evidence to date suggests the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic sustains itself in large part through infection of those with low vitamin D, and that deaths are concentrated largely in those with deficiency.

This brief is intended for family doctors, especially those whose busy practices prevent them from reading extensively and who may have graduated a few decades ago. It is broken into questions so that you can read thoroughly those that interest you the most.

We now know Vit D does much more than maintain strong bones; it has actions throughout the human body, in virtually every type of cell. Vit D and its receptors (VDR) in cells associated with immunity and inflammation are relevant to COVID-19, but let’s go back to review a few basics(see review (1)). Recall, that Vit D, like most vitamins,is not a single molecule,but any one of a number of similar molecules that serve the same essential function in body metabolism.

Biden rolls out billion dollar plan to reduce the price it costs to raise and kill animals for a profit | added January 3

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(AP) – President Joe Biden will meet virtually with independent farmers and ranchers to discuss initiatives to reduce food prices by increasing competition within the meat industry, part of a broader effort to show the administration is trying to combat inflation.

The White House event occurs Monday afternoon as higher-than-expected inflation has thwarted Biden’s agenda. Consumer prices in November rose 6.8% over the prior 12 months — a 39-year high. Inflation has hurt Biden’s public approval, become fodder for Republican attacks and prompted Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., to cite higher prices as a reason to sideline the Democratic president’s tax, social and economic programs.

Biden is building off a July executive order that directed the Agriculture Department to more aggressively look at possible violations of the 1921 Packers and Stockyards Act, which was designed to ensure fair competition and protect consumers. Meat prices have climbed 16% from a year ago, with beef prices up 20.9%.

Tractor ploughs a field in Coachella Valley where asthma hospitalization rates are highest in country

Animal agriculture production leads to thousands of air quality-related deaths annually | added January 3

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[May 30, 2021] Air pollution remains a major cause of death in the United States, one usually associated with tailpipe exhaust and factory and power plant smokestacks. Now new research shows that 16,000 U.S. deaths are the result of air polluted by growing and raising food—and 80 percent of those result from producing animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs.

Additional deaths are attributable to products we don’t eat, including ethanol, leather, or wool. That brings the total number of deaths from agricultural air pollution to 17,900 a year.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about how the food we consume impacts our health, but the food we eat impacts other people’s as well,” says Nina Domingo, lead author of a new study, published May 10 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that analyzes which food products contribute most to lethal air quality.

Maria is one of many German mothers who have had their children violently taken to quarantine camps

Children imprisoned: German officials violently take child from mother critical of ‘covid measures’ | added January 2

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A German mother critical of the state’s Covid measures had her home raided and her children violently removed by police and child protective services. The children are being held in a state facility and have been unable to see their mother for over a month. The distraught mother is pleading for the public’s help.

On November 15, 2021, Maria reports that German police and child protective services broke into her family’s apartment. They physically overwhelmed her and violently separated Maria from her children. The children were then thrown into a foster care facility in Treptow-Köpenick.

This past year, Maria did not have her children attend school due to the harsh Covid requirements. The Court claims they removed the children due to Maria’s noncompliance with school attendance. However, Maria repeatedly petitioned the children’s school and its board to allow her kids to participate in distance learning. However, she was flat out denied. Furthermore, the school would not address her safety concerns surrounding face masks and repeated covid tests of the school children.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposes the false ‘omicron variant’ test protocols that are raising positive numbers | added January 2

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Dr. Andrew Kaufman explained that in the usual PCR test protocol, there are three primers (fragments of single stranded DNA), and if all three are positive, it is considered to be a positive test and the person is diagnosed with Covid. But now the criteria has changed and only two primers are required for a test to be deemed positive.

The change in protocol is a way to convert negative results to positive results and call it a new thing, which was named Omicron. The result is an increase the number of Covid cases. Dr. Kaufman has shown many times that the SARS-Cov-2 virus has never been isolated, a process of separating it from everything else and viewing it under a microscope, and cannot be proven to exist.

Similarly, the new Omicron variant of the Covid virus has yet to be isolated and proven to exist. Omicron is an ‘in silico’ computer-produced genome sequence.

Greg Pearson suffers heart complications from vax and sues Biden administration for covid mandates

Revealed: Inoculated pilots at higher risk for adverse reactions | added January 2

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Pilot Greg Pearson shared his shocking story of rapid onset atrial fibrillation after being injected with the experimental Covid “vaccine”. Pearson reveals that his story is more common than leaders are telling us. As a result, many people are questioning whether vaccinated pilots are a flight risk.

Pearson did not want to take the vaccine at first and never got a flu shot. But, since he lives in Hawaii and has family in California, states with strict travel restrictions, and his employer was mandating the jab, he decided to get the shot anyway.

The day Pearson received the injection, he felt completely healthy. However, he woke up in the middle of the night because his “heart was pounding out of my chest.” The pilot went immediately to the emergency room, and they quickly determined that he was in atrial fibrillation, which is a major cause of stroke.

35 doctors, scientists, and ‘health moguls’ who became billionaires from ‘covid pandemic’ | added January 2

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It’s been two years since the ‘novel’ coronavirus first appeared on the global scene in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Since then, a litter a of new billionaires have been born, all conveniently positioned to capitalise off of the world great-ever pseudo pandemic.

Whether it’s cashing in on unprecedented vaccine sales made possible government mandates, new and expensive untested drug treatments, dubious medical devices, fraudulent PCR and lateral flow COVID-19 testing, masks, PPE, home delivery services, and various other forms of public-private grift, well-connected globalists have been quick to extract as much free public money as possible and then launder their takings on the stock market, and other ventures to supposedly ‘fight the global pandemic’.

By allowing Washington to declare a “national emergency,” during the first year in the USA alone, billionaires managed to rake-in upwards of $1 Trillion.

Protest songs to ease the last couple of years and usher in freedom of choice for 2022 | added January 2

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We can all agree, it’s been a rough couple of years. As we usher in 2022, we pray for the all the loved ones we’ve lost, either to illness or to the dangerous “covid” gene therapy injections, which the criminals are still pushing like “candy” as we speak.

This page is a salute to the courageous musicians and artists who’ve put their poetry to music for the past two years, to confront the unspeakable.

Many of us are wondering, where have all the true musical rebels gone? Incredibly, most of the notorious rock and roll “rebels” are now such suck-ups to the establishment, they demand that you show them proof of an experimental mRNA injection, just to attend their concert! (No thanks, we’ll pass!)

23 covid skeptic memes to kick off 2022 | added January 2

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Where to begin? While things have much improved, and the narrative has taken a huge battering to the point of collapse, we’re still in a surreal limbo of people defending a nonsensical narrative, because they can’t accept the world we live in…

So perhaps it’s better not to begin anywhere, but rather to spell out how it’ll end:

I predict 2022 will herald a historically unprecedented victory for meme-based warfare.

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother David arrested again for ‘health conditions’ | added January 2

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother David were arrested again, just moments ago — the government just won’t leave them alone.

It’s becoming an international disgrace. How ironic — just a few hours ago I wrote to you telling you that Pastor Artur Pawlowski was the 2021 “newsmaker of the year” for the persecution he suffered. Well, 2022 isn’t even a day old, and Pastor Artur is back in the news again.

Not by his own choosing — but by the choosing of the abusive, intolerant, anti-Christian, punitive government of Alberta. They’re furious with Pastor Artur.

NYC private schools prepare for a ‘surge of covid cases’ with new vax mandates | added January 2

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The city’s top private schools are bracing for COVID upheaval with classes set to resume next week amid a surge in cases.

Elite bastions including Spence and Horace Mann are implementing new vaccine mandates, specifying acceptable mask types and requiring negative COVID-19 to for kids to return to school.

Spence canceled classes Monday to provide parents a free day for kids to get tested. “I realize how challenging a no-school call can be for families, and I appreciate your support and understanding,” wrote Spence chief Bodie Brizendine in a letter to families.

Registered San Francisco liberal says “I want out” after realizing “deranged” cityscape | added January 2

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Michelle Tandler, who has been a registered Democrat for 18 years and considers herself a moderate San Francisco liberal, wrote an epic thread on Twitter describing the “deranged” cityscape while proclaiming that “if this [is] what Progressive stands for – I want the opposite.”

“Here is what confuses me about San Francisco. We have the most liberal, left-wing government & population in the country. We have a $13B budget. And we have 8,000 people sleeping in the rain this week. Can someone please explain this to me?” she began on Twitter.

“What do progressives stand for, exactly? I thought it was about making things more fair. About standing up for the little guy. About human rights, equality (equity?), compassion. San Francisco (to me) looks like the least compassionate city on the planet,” Tandler tweeted asking a question that many Americans have asked recently.

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