Closing Thoughts on Scorpio; Centaurs on the Move

Closing Thoughts on Scorpio; Centaurs on the Move AS ONE of the cross-quarter phases — that is, the signs located halfway between where equinoxes and solstices occur, containing the high sabbat of Samhain (now called Halloween) — Scorpio is always a turning point. Interesting that the metaphor is a costume and the result is often … Read more

Mercury: Walking the Hot, Thin Line

Mercury: Walking the Hot, Thin Line EVERYONE LOVES a partially cooked theory; just watch the news any night of the week. As Roberta Folt writes in this week’s fine edition of The Onion, “All it takes is a little supposition mixed with critical theorizing and you can easily stumble on a tenuous half-truth that really … Read more

The Grand Old Cross

The Grand Old Cross IT HAS BEEN ANOTHER outrageous week in the Holy Roman Empire, and it’s not quite over yet. As of Friday morning, with Mercury, the Moon and Ceres in Sagittarius rising over Paris, a grand fixed cross continued to shape consciousness and experience. The grand fixed cross is an exercise in transcendance … Read more

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio EARLIER THIS WEEK, Jupiter went from Libra to Scorpio. This is the first presence of a slow-moving or transpersonal planet in Scorpio since Pluto left that sign in October 1995. Planets give a presence to the energy of a sign, and provide a mode of expression. Pluto, for those who remember, was … Read more

The Dream of the Ancient Tree

The Dream of the Ancient Tree From A Temple of Memory WHEN I WAS LIVING in Miami in 1999, often I would fall asleep playing an unmarked blue CD that was left behind by a friend named Ramona, one of many visitors to my momentary life there who dropped in from unusual places. I lived … Read more