Sun Entering Virgo, the Sign of the Holistic Principle 

Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope; Sun Entering Virgo, the Sign of Integration and the Holistic Principle  Dear Friend and Reader:  Today I have your extended Aquarius Full Moon horoscope. It is based on the chart for the Full Moon in the last degree of Aquarius. I have also based the Astrology Studio for Leo reading on … Read more

Planet Waves – Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope

See related letter about the Sun entering Virgo on Sunday See related letter about the Aquarius Full Moon  Planet Waves – Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope Aries (March 20-April 19) — Among the many things you can do to nurture your health and wellbeing is to be more open. Most people keep quite a few secrets, and … Read more

Planet Waves Readings by Eric Francis for August 2021

Link to 8/20 Full Moon Planet Waves Horoscope Welcome back to Planet Waves. We are presenting the monthly horoscopes in a new format, with one sign per page. Your page includes monthly readings back to the beginning of the year. All free readers get a few clicks. To get unlimited access to all signs, weekly … Read more

Eric in Toronto

Eric in Toronto I’ll be presenting a workshop in Toronto, Ontario in mid-June. As the Sun slides into Solstice and we approach the rather stunning Capricorn Full Moon, is a rare full-day workshop on working with Chiron. This is a participation-based class that will benefit both professionals and students of astrology (including beginners), focusing on … Read more

Flaunt for July

Aries (March 20-April 19) Who needs discipline when you have obsession? Your brain is heating up and is about to become so hot and so focused you could cut a figure 8 in a steel boilerplate. But if you take a more gentle approach, you’ll get subtler results. A little persistence is all you really … Read more