Chiron, Nessus, and the Racaille

Chiron, Nessus, and the Racaille IN 1954, ALGERIA, one of France’s North African experiments in colonialism, took a turn for the worse, and what began as a guerilla war against the French killed as many as 1.5 million people on both sides through 1962. Terrorism against civilians on both sides, rioting, and many fierce battles … Read more

Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, act two

Planet Waves by Eric Francis Friday, December 9, 2005, Weekly horoscope #588 Happy Birthday Sagittarius! (from print editions) Life is not a popularity contest, but even if it were, you would at least make the finals. You’re someone who moves opinions, and whose presence stirs up a response, but as the year unfolds its mysterious … Read more

Across the Inner Divide

Across the Inner Divide Dear Readers: This week marks the anniversary of two events that should not have happened, and which occurred on the same day separated by 42 years. They could be ranked among the very worst environmental disasters in known history, and are defining moments of the 20th century. One is the first … Read more

Sagittarius Secrets Revealed

Sagittarius Secrets Revealed Dear Friends and Readers: Today’s horoscope covers both your Friday weekly Planet Waves and Friday’s daily in the Jonathan Cainer series. It’s always fun standing in for Jon, and just as good to pass the gavel back to the proper chairman. Truly, I give him a lot of credit for being as … Read more

Sagittarians I Know and Love

Sagittarians I Know and Love IN MY NEVER ENDING quest to do things slightly differently, I am going to spare you my usual boring, textbook rendition of Sagittarius this year, and get a little more personal, speaking mostly from direct experience. Now, in case you’re thinking: “Oh my God, what’s he going to say?” — … Read more