Is This About You?

Is this about you? EARLIER THIS WEEK, I saw the film 9 Songs [originally titled 9 Songs (Not About You), at least in the British press], directed by Michael Winterbottom. When it came out last spring, premiering at the same Cannes Film Festival where Fahrenheit 9/11 got so much attention, it was portrayed in the … Read more

Love & Work

Love & Work Be resolutely who you are. Be humbly who you aspire to be. — Chinese fortune cookie Many, many times in my astrology career, I’ve heard people say, “This is what I wanted to do, but this is what I wound up doing.” I even hear fairly young people say this, often with … Read more

An Excellent Moral Crisis

An Excellent Moral Crisis Slowly, I am assembling the pieces of Chiron in Aquarius. I recognize that this is a speculative venture; the transit starts Monday and spans about six years. I’ve written quite a bit already, in the annual horoscope, in Thursday’s column on Jonathan’s site, and in some earlier essays. I’ve made a … Read more

Aquarius is Rising

Aquarius is Rising Opening up my first chart of the day sent a little shock through my system. I had awakened from a dream that came with the message: you have to be who you are. Then typing ‘any key’ and waiting a moment for my friend Planet iMac to wake up, I had a … Read more


Introspection Beyond the many disturbing, obvious comparisons between the United States today and Germany of the 1930s is one contrast that I have not heard mentioned yet. True, I was not there when the first torture camp was installed into an urban neighborhood called Ilvers Gehoffen in the liberal city of Erfurt in early 1933. … Read more