A Proper Introduction to Salacia — With Help from Mars


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Published Feb. 20, 2020 | Link to original

Dear Friend and Reader:

Over the past few years, a minor planet called Salacia has slipped into my work. I reckon this was some time in 2018. It features prominently in INTELLIGENCE, the 2020 annual reading, highlighted by the fact that Chiron has been making a conjunction to it in these years.

That is exact for the third and final time for this cycle on Feb. 22; the prior two in this cycle were in 2019. Before that, the most recent one was in 1951-52, in early Capricorn.

This article will be a little more technical than usual, as I want to get the basics into the record for you and for other astrologers to find, if they are interested. I’ve done my best to keep it readable.

Salacia is Not Really Salacious

In Roman mythology, Salacia is the sea-nymph consort to Neptune (covered in detail last week). She is the goddess of salt water who presides over the ocean. Salacia was discovered on Sept. 22, 2004, with an unusual 272-year orbit. So she’s a little further out than Pluto, and seems to be part of the Kuiper Belt.

Amphitrite, or Salacia in Roman myth.

I say she’s in an unusual orbit because many objects in the Kuiper Belt are at around a 250-year orbit (similar to Pluto or Orcus) or a 290-year orbit (similar to 1992 QB1/Albion, Varuna, or Quaoar). Salacia’s is somewhere between, in what is called a “nonresonant” orbit, meaning it makes no special time pattern with Neptune. She also has a steeply inclined path. (See our technical file for the diagram.)

So therefore she’s considered a Scattered Disk object (SDO) rather than a Kuiper object, even though she’s basically right in the Kuiper Belt. It is fair to say that Salacia does her own thing. She is almost a very long period centaur.

Her name sounds a lot like the contemporary word salacious. But if you check the etymology you will see that there is no traceable connection. In fact the nymph Salacia was demure, and interested in preserving her virginity.

Neptune had to send a dolphin to speak to her and convince her to be his wife. While Neptune/Poseidon had the usual assortment of lovers (described as seductions and not as rapes), based on our review of the mythology, there is no discussion of infidelity by Salacia.

The word salacious (unrelated to Salacia) is related to salient, one of my favorite words, which means to stand out. This seems to derive from the Latin verb salientem, which means to leap. So to be salacious is to stand out (like a penis) and then spring into action (like a leaping animal, or maybe a dancer).

While we’re on etymology, that of Salacia, the goddess of the salty sea, comes from the Proto-Indo-European root sal, meaning salt.

However, etymology is not an exact science, and there are all kinds of strange bedfellows, independent words merged into one, and things that sound alike but are not really so alike. And knowing this, we cannot just leap to the conclusion that Salacia is salacious.

That would come out in various proving experiences. This is a little like in homeopathy. The remedy China officinalis has nothing to do with China, nor with malaria. But in large doses, it induces malaria-like symptoms — and is a homeopathic remedy for this serious and difficult-to-cure illness. Like astrology, this should not work, but it does.

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Salacia on the Aries Point

All that being said, when Salacia entered Aries in 2017, things started to get pretty darned salacious rather fast, in that Aries Point kind of way — where the personal and the political get in one another’s faces. The Aries Point amplifies private matters into the public realm. Right away, we were exposed to the eminently “personal is political” Me Too movement.

Whatever else you may say about it, the coverage was salacious, and related to all kinds of allegedly salacious actions. This actually had a warmup with the Access Hollywood tape scandal in late 2016, as well as the Stormy Daniels scandal at around the same time.

Then through 2018 and early 2019, Chiron entered Aries, and just about the first thing it did was to make a conjunction to Salacia. That meant that through 2019 and into the current moment, we have a conjunction of Chiron and Salacia on the Aries Point. This conjunction and other events have factored into my current delineation.

Chiron is about healing primal wounds, raising awareness, and cultivating holistic consciousness: that is, awareness of the holos, or total gestalt. This is a concept of wholeness. If the arrival of Salacia came with a lot of salacious revelations, and indulgence in scandal (which is a shadowy, repressive form of sexual communication), Chiron’s presence could encourage awareness and healing in this sensitive realm of consciousness.

Surely, the Me Too movement and all that came out, and all that was done, and all that was said, indicated that society needs a more mature way to discuss sexuality. And it needs better ways to define appropriateness and boundaries. So in this context, I began to delineate Salacia as a cusp of sexual maturity. Many times, I have described Chiron conjunct Salacia as the sexual healing aspect. Chiron carries with it a quest for integrity, and that is what we need. This is not about some people and exclusive of others. It’s about everyone, and every sexual transaction.

Note that it’s not just sex that’s being treated in a salacious manner. It’s as if the whole world has turned to porno in recent years, particularly politics. For example, Pres. Drumpf granting clemency to three of the most disgusting white-collar criminals Tuesday is a bald affront to the senses. In fact, it makes internet pornography look like the very picture of respect and civility. Then comes the money shot, wherein he pardons Roger Stone, the junta operative with the Nixon tattoo etched onto his back.

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Meanwhile, in Capricorn: The Family Constellation

The Aries Point extends to the beginnings of all of the cardinal signs, and has hot spots elsewhere as well (including at 15 degrees of all the fixed signs). The early degrees of Capricorn are involved; they are just as effective at broadcasting whatever comes their way as is the first degree of Aries.

And we have some action there. Currently this is the scene of a conjunction between a centaur called Pholus (92-year orbit, discovered in 1992) and a Kuiper object called Quaoar (286-year orbit, discovered in 2002). I’ve referred to these many times, especially to Pholus.

Those began a very, very long conjunction in early 2018, which extends all the way to 2063! So basically, we are in a perpetual conjunction of these two points, which will drift all the way across Capricorn, and then Aquarius. Then finally in early Pisces, when I am 99 years old, the two will begin to separate.

Both Pholus and Quaoar address matters of family constellation. They come from two different angles. Pholus contains an analysis going back to our great-grandparents’ generation. It involves alcohol and alcoholism. And the sensation of Pholus is the runaway reaction that feels like it’s never going to stop — the exact feeling of the Me Too movement.

Quaoar takes the family story all the way back to its origins, before history, and into the realm of mythology. It’s the family story of how we got here. So for example, for me, it would describe how all of my great-grandparents immigrated from Sicily at the turn of the 20th century. I know from my DNA testing that some of their forebears came from northern Africa. Who were those people, and why did they cross the Mediterranean?

For others, it might be, “Our tribe comes from the Pleiades.” Or, “We are Russian Jews descended from Holocaust survivors.”

This is the realm of Quaoar, which I delineate as the story of the tribe all the way back to the beginning. It’s also the dance and rhythm of the family, which was already going when we arrived. The new child enters the dance as if it was always happening. They know nothing else. Everyone else knows the dance, while they must learn it.

This conjunction is perfect for Capricorn, a sign with many associations to the family system. This includes the way the family system morphs into corporate and governmental society. Basically, the family is the microcosm of society. All of society’s problems begin in the family, and can only be fixed in the family or some profound form of therapy and healing work. Many have commented on this, most notably Wilhelm Reich and Alice Miller.

Let’s put it this way.

Nobody’s problems began the day they met Harvey Weinstein.

The Total Picture: Add Mars to the Pattern

Here is the aspect pattern: Chiron conjunct Salacia in Aries, square Pholus conjunct Quaoar in Capricorn. All packed onto the Aries Point. There’s a lot of power in that battery.

First, we have the question of the family sexual constellation and how it plays out in people’s lives. There is the message that all this Chiron-Salacia stuff has its origins in, or is directly related to, the family patterns of Pholus-Quaoar.

There is one other context I haven’t fit into the puzzle. “Salacia” is also a medicinal plant, long used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances and a diversity of other ailments, often hormonal in nature. One method of administration is drinking water from a cup made of salacia wood.

There is the hint that these matters may extend all the way back to the dawn of time. The family sexual constellation is integral to the family constellation, because the family is created with sex. And this is not just the “repro sex” (as it’s called) but rather all of the feelings and experiences around sexuality as encountered in the context of the family home.

This is, of course, territory where few people want to go, though if you’re into depth psychology and deep healing, and you’re brave and honest, there is much to be gained from doing so.

Many people are struggling and suffering from sexual injuries that they cannot articulate. Others (to some extent all of us) are addressing the patterns and imprints of the family of origin that have no direct memories connected to them. They are more like environmental imprints. Chiron’s presence in this pattern is a call to awakening to all of this material.

This week, as Chiron and Salacia form their third and final conjunction for this Chiron cycle, Mars has entered the picture, in Capricorn.

So now this whole pattern is being powered up by Mars, which is likely to bring up past material. Mars is the planet of desire. It is salacious in the full spectrum of the word.

While this is happening, Mercury retrograde is currently conjunct Nessus in Pisces. Nessus, the third centaur, is closely related to the kinds of material I’ve been describing with Chiron-Salacia. However, there is a sinister side to Nessus, and questions of intent, consent and transgression. [Read more at this article]

So all of this subject matter is in the air.

It is time. We need a more mature approach to sexuality, and to the discussion of sexuality in every possible family context, of which there are many. Sometimes I don’t know where to begin, though I give it a go every week on Planet Waves FM. I’ll have more to say about this in the forthcoming edition.

With love,

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PS — You may read more about Salacia and its influence in the INTELLIGENCE 2020 readings for Aries and Capricorn. These two signs are worth reading by anyone who takes an interest in astrology. Together, they are some of the best writing of my astrological career.

PPS — Here is our technical file on Salacia.

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This is one reason why it will be helpful if you take the long view. Pace yourself. Plan your work, work your plan, and adjust both as you go. Remember, even if people perceived you as out-there, and even if you know you’re a little out-there, present your ideas with no special embellishment, just an understated explanation. Edit out all the long rationales and rationalizing. Take the tone of, “This is the thing to do.”

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