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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Are you at a turning point? Or are you the still point in a turning world? It looks more like the ground is moving beneath you, and that is the source of your shifting viewpoint and sense of perspective. Yet the effect is similar, because you’re having to adapt to the new alignment between yourself and the rest of existence. One distinct thing that’s happening for you now — and is at maximum focus, ever briefly — is the alignment between your sense of becoming, and the consistent person you actually are in the center of the digital cyclone. This is not an identity; it’s a focal point of your consciousness. It’s not a name or a brand or anything like that. It’s a locus of your actual being that is accessible through thoughts and moreover through language. In these very days, you have special access to this essential quality of yourself, as if you’re moving into alignment with a radio signal and then also tuning to its exact frequency. Gradually that will become less available; a bit more difficult to find — though once you know about it, you can find your way back. The important thing is that you use this channel, in particular, to translate what seems impossible into language that you understand.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The forthcoming and rather spectacular Full Moon in your birth sign will give you an idea and even a clear vision of how you want your life to be. It’s vital that you be in possession of this most helpful form of guidance: your own intentions and desires. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to make them real, or if time is short. Having a vision is free, and almost instantaneous. It might take you an hour to write everything down, and then you can revise it. This is not an exercise in “magical manifestation,” but rather in conscious design. Such is your best friend right now. Think of everything as a design puzzle. But having your vision is potentially a few steps before that, though of course your vision may include space and what you want to do with it. There is a psychological element at work as well. Presently you have an opening to resolve deep, unresolved material with greater than usual effectiveness. Much of what you may be confronting will give way to focused thought and decision-making. You have already done most of the work over a long period of time, and now must claim your accomplishments, and build on them.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Later this month, something unusual happens in your relationship angle that may come with a touch of nostalgia or a reminder of how good the past was. This might be a feeling you have generally, and it might pertain to a specific relationship. It’s the kind of transit where past partners and old squeezes might show up.

If they do, there’s one thing I’ve found that’s essential — don’t have any expectations about the result. It might develop into something; more likely, it’s a moment of reconnection. You won’t know where someone is at until you listen to them for a while. The chances are it’s a very different place than where you left off. Generally — apart from an old squeeze returning — the effect of Venus retrograde tells you something about your relationship to the past.

In times of chaos like we are in, people cling to what they remember as the good times. However, those past times were often as hectic and even as chaotic and stressful as what we are living through now. Okay, perhaps a bit less chaotic but we’ve always been surfing along the edge of nowhere. The message of Venus retrograde can be summed up in two old expressions: Be here now, and love the one you’re with.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — What have you experienced over the past two months, since late March? That’s an important bellwether of how the next few years will unfold. Are you making changes when you figure out that it’s time? Are you looking at issues and situations from multiple viewpoints? Are you discarding external descriptions and definitions of who you are, in place of what you discover organically? Those would all be signs of positive progress.

I am seeing renewed discussion of whether humanity is entering the “astrological age” named for your sign. The information is right in front of us; this isn’t groovy, but the Aquarian Age is about humanity’s struggle with artificial intelligence and synthetic reality. These extremely seductive developments have their hooks into nearly every person on the planet. It all started the first time you used Google. The danger of anything Aquarian is that it becomes a solid pattern, not considered subject to change. This, in turn, is a setup for demolition by Pluto — sooner or later.

These are exceedingly personal matters for you. They are about how you experience your existence and your inner reality. That you have a strong Aquarian signature in your charts means two things. One is that you must make a conscious effort to preserve your humanity; to not submit to control of any kind. Second, you are in a position of leadership. The particular flame you are running with is that of group initiation. Nearly all spiritual efforts are focused on individual transformation and not on groups of people taking leaps of progress. Individual journeys are still essential, though we need greater efficiency. Yet anyone who has not addressed their hazy inner material cannot be trusted as an exemplar or leader of any kind. That is always the pitfall. The next few months will once again call you inwardly, to do more deep work, and learn how to be available for others on a similar journey. Inevitably, you will be in the role of teacher. This will happen whether you’re ready or not — so you may as well be.

“Macroscopic Structures.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — When Jupiter enters Taurus in a couple of weeks, it will activate your chart several ways, making a bold aspect to Pluto, newly in your sign. This will influence you a number of ways, and remind you of the change of emphasis that Pluto in your sign represents.

Let’s explore the dialog between Jupiter and Pluto and see what ideas emerge. Pluto is a driving force; Jupiter is about expansion and benefit. You may get the idea that you want more out of life: such as a nicer home, or better food to eat, or perhaps even a sense of inner peace. Pluto’s side of this dialog is saying that you must change the patterns of your life in order to have this.

With Aquarius, this is almost always about a shift of mental posture or thought patterns. And while this gets more challenging with each passing day, Pluto is here to assist you with the one thing you need the most, which is setting yourself free from existing thought patterns: a diversity of crystallized expectations, motives, habits and beliefs that you mistake for “your mind.” Jupiter will remind you that you need room to maneuver, and to grow. Pluto will never let you forget that you must be flexible, and perceive your reality in the moment you are living it rather than your concepts about life entirely being a product of the past.

Jupiter in Taurus will remind you that you must stay in contact with the Earth you live on and that sustains you — not from above, but from below. With much else happening in Taurus, including retrograde Mercury, you may feel like you can have the comfort you want without updating your ideas about yourself and about life. But why?

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“Emergence of the Unseen.” Painting by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) —  Pluto in your sign will provide you with an endless stream of discoveries and revelations, though let’s start with what feels like a quickening. The speed of time, if not specific events, seems to have picked up, like a river running through narrow rapids. The social order to which you’ve grown accustomed is unraveling or even reversing itself (whether you liked it or not; whether you benefitted or not). Quite a few people have settled into a kind of routine, and have been convinced they are on the winning team. Many adopted a certain viewpoint for this reason alone, sticking with popular people, following trendy influencers, and living in seeming ignorance of all the new pins that have been placed on the map. Pluto demands a big-picture view. It is going to transform Aquarius from the sign of social pressure, in-groups and dissidents to the sign of whole-system thinking. Many of the seemingly solid roads and tracks laid down by previous outer-planet transits (most of them rooted in digital hypnosis) are going to be dug up. Elements of our lives long taken for granted will seem to go off-road and into the wilderness. Here is where original thinking will come in handy, which will often take the form of “what’s the best use of this problem or circumstance that seems to be out of my control?” However, the core focus of your evolutionary drive becomes something most people find extremely difficult to perceive. You must know, at all times, whether you accept something is true because you understand it to be true, or because other people believe it. This will no longer be a safe refuge. It never was safe, but now you have the power to boldly challenge alleged collective views and therefore interfere with the way they can get a grip on you.

“Motions At Play.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — We’ve arrived at a place that I’ve long been contemplating how I would handle; what I would say to you at this time. That moment is the arrival of Pluto in your sign or rising sign — something that has not happened since 1777, long before anyone knew what Pluto was (and it lasts for 20 years). This is revolutionary astrology, but for you it’s deeply personal, and a call to awakening. It is an urgent invitation to put your growth and evolution above all else, in a way that you never have.

Yet this is not sitting alone in meditation, or taking a seminar at Omega Institute. Pluto is a driving force of nature, powerful beyond human conception. Aquarius is one of the most important signs that represents society itself, and it’s your sign. What Pluto is likely to do is focus your relationship to the people around you in a whole new way. You will feel their impact on you, but moreover, you will feel your impact on them. In other words, Pluto entering your sign is a shift in the total dynamic of your personal environment, and it will make you into a different person. The quest of the digital age is to remain human, and celebrate your humanity.

This will become more difficult with every passing year, as we live in an environment that is dehumanizing in nearly every way. But you will have a superpower, in the form of a soul-level drive to exist. This is a moment of complete redefinition; but it’s also a make-or-break point. When Pluto says jump, it is necessary to ask how high. Or rather, how deep, because this transit is calling on you to access your deepest core and express your existence from the inside out, all the time.

“Aquarius Into Pisces. Expression No.012.” Mixed-Medium Art by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — This is the last month of Saturn in your birth sign or rising sign until it returns on Jan. 21, 2050. As the Sun moves through your birth sign, you will have a few opportunities to recap and review the events of the past three years. I propose you’re looking for two qualities of Saturn in Aquarius. One is about your relationship to any and all groups, from your household to your family to your workplace to all of your friends and their friends. What is your point of contact, as an individual, to group consensus? Said another way, to what extent do you allow other people’s views to form the basis of your beliefs and your decisions? The challenge of Saturn in Aquarius has been about holding your personal sovereignty in the face of pressure to do what others think is right. And it’s about understanding the basic fact that you will have influence over any group that includes you, if you know how to work with this ability. Second, what is your relationship to authority, generally? This may involve individual people whom you perceive as powerful, in reality or in your own mind only. The very essence of the Saturn principle, no matter where it may appear, is about internalizing authority and being in command of your own vessel at all times. This necessarily involves withdrawing the projection of authority, which goes back to dealing with the influences of your parents and other power-figures of your distant past. Commanding your own ship is a big responsibility. Some see that as a downside to be avoided.

“Where The Forest Bends.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — If you have been short of ideas, Jupiter in Aries suggests they will be present in abundance. However, it will help if you focus on a problem, puzzle, or need and then seek the answer. Work with specifics rather than with generalities. I know that Jupiter is the master of all that is broad and general, but it’s making its way toward Chiron, which is about refinement and documentation. You may find yourself in a situation where you were looking right at the answer or the solution and didn’t know it. That is often the case. You may discover you already knew what you needed to learn. In any event, it’s unlikely you will need to invent something complicated. The knowledge you require is readily available rather than being buried somewhere. Just don’t assume that anything yu find from an external source is correct. The real work will be in verification of the concept, and then developing it. Ideas exist in profusion, but focusing them and then applying them specifically to your situation can take some time and some skill. So take your time, and while you’re busy keeping your focus, remember to allow your mind to drift at times, since the best information and ideas come from your intuition.

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