July Monthly Readings for Gemini Sun, Moon & Rising

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You know that you need to get a grasp on your financial situation. You do not entirely trust the ebb-and-flood style of cashflow that is essential to the nature of your sign. And I think you resist the fact that every conversation sooner or later comes to money, when the more salient value you hold is your ability to take care of people. 

Gemini does not do well making it “all about me,” though I strain to think of some element in society that does not push people to do this. Ultimately, the “new collectivism” is all about me because it’s about being accepted and acceptable to others — not for their sake but for one’s own. 

Saturn making its final run through Aquarius, your 9th house of ethics, is urging you to make a careful assessment of the many facts of this area of life, which I could summarize as “where me meets we.” There are mental patterns that are cluttering your mind, and most of them come from your mother’s side of the family. The worst of them is mental inflexibility, and everything needing to be planned 50 years into the future.

You need some structure and life-patterns you can depend on, and you also need to be present right now, with the people who are in your life today. Then, the first question is “what can I do for you,” and the second question is, “what can we do for one another?” Be aware of what you have in excess and count it as such. Be aware of your unmet needs, and don’t make a big deal about them. There is help if you are open to receiving it, and offering a little more of what kindness support you think you can afford.

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Normally the Sun in your sign is your time to move like quicksilver or greased lightning, though be aware that the floor is slippery. That, and a whole portion of your consciousness is lurking in a blind spot. The thing about those is you cannot see what is in them. It helps to have maneuvers that acknowledge this, like when driving, looking directly at potential traffic rather than relying on your side mirrors. Also, there is a tendency to rush the matter when you have a sense that you are missing information, or have a question nagging at you. This can lead to making assumptions that lead to a state of false clarity. Venus and Mars changing signs may give you the feeling that you’re lagging behind some imaginary schedule or competition. Though patience is not your usual state of mind, it will help to cultivate some. There is the side of your nature that loves, and by that I mean adores, observing people. If you take the time to do this, you will learn more than you can imagine. Let others take action first; watch the chessboard arrange itself; consider your moves — and then take well-planned and meticulous action. Mercury will not return to your sign until June 13. But along the way, it will be holding a trine to Pluto. This is a brilliant aspect for penetrating the veils of psychology — of yourself, or of others. Yet you have to sit still, listen and watch — and then allow yourself time to figure out the meaning of whatever you notice. The layers of meaning will come from within you, not from outside you.

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Planet Waves Weekly for April 28, 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mercury is heading into your birth sign, where it will station retrograde on May 10. This happens the same day that Jupiter enters Aries for the first time in 12 years. The two events would seem to draw you in different directions: retrograde Mercury, for you, is introspective, and even a touch introverted. Jupiter in Aries is social and outgoing. Yet there’s another solution to the puzzle: in social situations, you’re being invited to bring out the subtler elements of your personality. You can experiment revealing what you would normally hide, or said in Gemini terms, allow into the conversation the twin who does not usually get to speak. It’s still you, and you may take a moment to wonder why you would exclude its voice. There may have been good reasons in the past, though they are unlikely to exist in the present world, and you current stage of growth.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen. Our special Everlasting Forest Book is now available!

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You may be tempted to seek proof about something that pertains to you personally. If that becomes the thing you must verify or validate at all costs, then the price will be high. If you seek understanding, you will gradually acquire that. While it’s possible to know a great deal about some facets of life, there are others where a definitive answer is not possible, or — perhaps more significantly — not helpful. So while we have one picture in your solar chart of a hyper-focus on one thing, the rest of the planets describe a more circumspect approach to your days, and to what you want to accomplish. ‘Circumspect’ means to look around and explore. It would be helpful at this time to not focus on gaining a reputation for something, or aspiring to a single goal. Rather, explore the possibilities, including any sense of uncertainty about your direction. The uncertainty factor is your friend, or something to make peace with. In this, you can make contact with where you are, without engaging the need to change anything. I know this can be disquieting. You may discover that there are a number of unknowns, which you will start to get a sense of when your mind is a bit quieter, and when you’re not striving for anything much. It’s true, there always seems to be some urgency. In terms of what you might want, I would suggest that a good question is worth much more than any kind of answer. Yet if you find one, pause there for a while.

Planet Waves Weekly for April 15, 2022, for the Libra Full Moon| Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — A diversity of factors is contributing to the sense that you’re under some unusual pressure. Yet this does not translate to needing to take action or change your ways. Take a while and observe what’s going on both within you and around you. Let the Full Moon play out, and also the conjunction involving your ruling planet Mercury and Uranus in the most sensitive area of your chart. Whatever “the worst” is, it’s unlikely to be true. And as for the best, it’s likely to come in the form of an idea that was right in front of you all along but which suddenly pops into your awareness. When you act on it, think of it more as an experiment rather than an intentionally life-altering decision. It might be both, though experiments by definition are about exploring.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2022 — Part 2 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Your highest calling is to establish yourself in a professional role that benefits others. The idea is to connect what you do with most of your time to what you want or need to do the most. In the Western world, what we call profession is important because it means an investment of time, energy and other resources. Pisces, the location of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, is your 10th house of achievement and reputation. Yet this is not about what you’re known for. And to the extent that there is a leadership calling — a matter of the 10th for sure — it is not an external thing, nor is it connected to anything that is visible. This message is emanating from so deep within you that you may even miss the message. It’s also likely to be wrapped in a diversity of doubts, some fear, and what you might call an element of deniability. So if it turns out you’re experiencing any of those feelings, take that as a clue that you’re on the right track. The road to planetary service is not always paved in gold, or for that matter, in smooth concrete or even a well-marked trail. Rather, the way to your true calling can involve making it through the swamps and weeds of inner conflict. The challenge you may face is embodiment: coming out of concept mode, aspirational mode, and digital mode, and physically doing what you are called to do, and what you know is necessary. I cannot emphasize this enough: your astrology is calling for actual, tangible, material acts. There can be quite a process of translation from dream to what you must do to make the dream real, and in effect, to test your calling, and to test your personal commitment — which is felt on the heart-level, but demonstrated physically. Let yourself begin — and persist.

Mixed Media by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — If you are not already getting the message, allow me to speak for the Universe: it is time to focus your highest ideals into tangible action. While this could be a good suggestion any day of the year, not everyone has ideals. Not everyone is interested in acting on the ones they have. Not everyone cares about making the world a better place. However, you are under influences now that are calling on you to do something real, and relevant — and you know it. Motivation is pushing outward from your spiritual core, and is filtering out into the waking world. Influences like this do not arrive every year or even every decade; sometimes they occur just once in a lifetime. I suggest, however, that you do nothing for the sake of appearances, except maybe dress appropriately for any situation you’re in. It would be easy to present an image to the people you encounter and coast along on that, though you would be undermining your own purpose. You are driven by concerns and the need to address conflicts that are coming from a deep place. It is fair to say you are discovering you care, much more than you ever thought, about issues that affect many people. Therefore, the only suitable response is sincerity in all that you do, and offering yourself the very best that you can. This is a turning point in your life, and you can plan to not only be here for the long run, but also to be drawn deeper as this astrology develops over the next two years. We live in times when there is much to be concerned about and many people needing help. We are also confronting a kind of nihilism, that is to say, profound a defeatism — that is profoundly disturbing to anyone with a soul. Do not fall for this. You are on Earth for a reason.

Special Edition for New Moon — March 3, 2022

Gemini (May 20-June 21) —Beliefs can serve as a gatekeeper for potential. We see over and over again how people are trapped within unproven notions, usually involving what is impossible. As has been pointed out before, everything we see and experience in the manifest world was, at some time in the past, never going to happen. Then someone believed it could, and set about doing it. This both removed the obstacle of “impossible” and allowed in a little enthusiasm about what might have a place in the world. Therefore, don’t let your beliefs about what is possible and what is not get in your way. Stand back from and observe any arguments against your willingness to dare, and do what you know is the right thing. This will involve going from words and concepts to action. The beginnings of things are often beset with little setbacks, or big ones, which serve as a filter. Challenges may be answered by gumption and persistence, and these things, you have. Nearly everything is a work in progress, all the time. Therefore, rather than aspiring to complete something, aspire to continue, to develop, to evolve. This is about you.

Lanvi Nguyen

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Think of yourself as a funnel — small at one end, wide at the other, though your perception is lodged at the narrow side. You must focus on the details without losing your grasp on the much larger scenario. This is somewhat complex, as it’s happening in three different places, and you will need to track all of them to be working with full information. It’s essential that you take one in the context of the next. Here is the most succinct thing I can offer you, summing up your chart: beware of when you don’t know that you don’t know. This includes when you might substitute a belief for a factual and analytical basis of understanding. As events progress over the next few weeks, you are going to make decisions based on what you think you know. If you are using assumptions, things will not go well. If you are using documented facts and a real analysis, you will do very well. Now for the 2022 question of the year: how do you know the difference? That’s easy: the more questions you ask, the more likely it is you’re analyzing rather than believing. This should – and I would say must — include questioning your prior perceptions. It’s essential that you dig in and turn over the soil of your own mind. Whatever is going on, the stakes are high. Resources are involved; your reputation is involved; your future is being mediated right now. This may seem to involve forces beyond your control. Yet the one thing you can control is how much you know. You can do something besides guess, or haplessly act on what you would like to be true. You don’t need to be positive; you need to be realistic. Knowledge is the one thing that will help you the most in any form of negotiation. One angle with the greatest promise, and that you’re least likely to notice, involves what’s happening in your professional life. Jupiter is making big moves in Pisces for the next six weeks, though you may have the sense that you can’t quite get anything right. The past is not really haunting you, though. Even if you got it wrong before, you can do brilliantly now.

Planet Waves Horoscope for February 3, 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mercury stations direct Thursday night, in a place in your chart connected to joint finances, taxes, partnerships and intimate matters of sexuality. This is happening in a conjunction to Pluto, so you’re on notice that deep matters are calling for your attention. Venus has just done the same thing. Mars is making its way through the same territory, and there’s about to be a phenomenal conjunction on March 3 (Venus, Mars, Vesta and Pluto). As Patric Walker would say, you’re experiencing more alterations than a dress shop during prom season. Do not be distracted by all the activity. It’s essential that you look after your own interests, and keep your own account books. There is no rush to get into any arrangement, or out of it, though you must be vigilant at all times. One month from now, you will be in a whole other place, though the path from here to there is one careful, thoughtful step at a time. This will require all of your negotiation skills, and moreover, your observation and listening skills. I would suggest from an old-school astrological standpoint: delay making any firm commitments, or coming to any conclusions you plan to live by. Keep an open mind, and ask yourself who gains and who loses in every transaction. They could go either way, though the thing you’re looking for is the win-win situation. You might be inclined to take some other option if you believe someone is so much more powerful than you are. How you may respond to them or their tactics is not an indication of their actual strength, influence or the size of their wallet. Make no assumptions; rather, allow the facts to come out, which will take place gradually and not in one gigantic eureka! moment. Find out where people are coming from, and get a sense of what their agendas are. There are several people involved in this situation. If it involves the in-laws or the family of your partner, you will need to maintain strict objectivity and for the moment, give all parties the benefit of the doubt. Do not show suspicion. You will have the truth in due time.

Lanvi Nguyen

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — There is an idea that if you collect enough facts, they will add up to the truth, or worse, to wisdom. Facts do play a role in both, though they are trivial compared to something more significant: pattern recognition. This would seem to be one of the worst casualties of the digital age, when “anything can mean anything” (except that it cannot).The thing about recognizing patterns is that they are within you, not outside of yourself — even if the thing you are perceiving is in front of you. The recognition of reality is about how you perceive the world, and it is far less a matter of opinion than it is a matter of seeing what is so (which you know because you recognize or understand it). This is an internal phenomenon. However, the current state of the world is to deliver everything from outside of you, from news feeds to DoorDash. The treasure trove of planets now in Aquarius is reminding you that all of the most important aspects of life are elements of your own faith, vision and belief. The world you live in is the one that you contain, more than anything else. It is certainly convenient to think that the truth or even relevant information exists outside of you. It’s convenient to think what you are told to think, perhaps based on how many ads or “news stories” someone can put in your face. That is a way of imposing a pattern on you — until it becomes what it is at the moment, which is utter chaos. The thing about pattern recognition is that it calls for honesty. You can twist any facts to match any preconceived idea that you have. Part of the honesty called for is having a mind open enough to consider several possibilities at once. And part is admitting that you don’t know, which is another form of openness.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mercury retrograde commences Jan. 14, and the theme is renegotiating certain agreements that are central to your life. This is also the theme of the current Venus retrograde, though Mercury will remove any doubt that this is about you and not about someone else. One challenge you have faced for a long time is the feeling (or the reality) of being compelled to wrap your life around the sensation that there is some huge power that someone is wielding over you, and with which you must constantly comply. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in that it provides you with an organizing principle, and a motivation for both growth and adaptation. Yet this factor, whatever it may be, is close to having served its purpose. You no longer need the concept of an external authority around which you organize your relationships, your finances or your thought system. You bring quite enough to the table of your own life. Now for the tricky part: you do not need the consent of this power or authority to move into new territory. It’s up to you to create new terrain for yourself, and go there. This could include collaborations with other partners, or new projects about which nobody needs to know. You have become so accustomed to seeking various forms of clearance and permission that this may seem odd or awkward. You may discover that this seemingly external power was a phantom, or a superego-like mental construction that represents your parents, or the expectations that society imprinted on you as a child. My suggestion is that you find an entirely new approach to coexisting with others. Your life is better suited for people to be exemplars, guides, supporters and collaborators. As you find these situations, some of which may already exist, you will find they leave you much more room to be exactly who you are, rather than any other possibility. 

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