Photo: Orion behind trees by Eric Schandall

On Private Sessions

I will continue to do some private sessions in 2004, but I'll be changing some things. First, I am (after nearly four years of living on an island) getting ready to see the world again, starting with the United States and then onto the UK.

This means I'll be spending more time in the Eastern cities, particularly Boston and New York, where I plan to work in person as much as possible. I will be passing through these cities in February and March. When in the East, I always visit New Paltz and Woodstock and am available for sessions there.

I'm also planning a cross-country trip in April with stops in Spokane, Milwaukee and Chicago, plus an Ohio city or two. So if this rings a bell, please ring our bell.

If you don't live in one of those places and would like to do work, about 10 clients will get me to a city. We can usually tap into some interest through networking our existing lists and the web pages, so if you and some friends are actively curious about a visit to your city, please contact Chelsea at (877) 453-8265.

I am also actively seeking opportunities to teach younger astrologers, as well as holistic practitioners of any suit, the basics of working with Chiron. This can take a variety of forms, including workshops, classes and teaching readings.

If you think this might be for you, please get in contact.

Vashon Island, Jan. 11, 2004

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