Left, the ancient Martian riverbed surrounding Columbia Memorial Station on Mars. Photo by NASA.

WHAT COSMIC FORCE binds you to who you are? We know in theory that the past is gone, but without the past we would be dangerously lost. Equally serious but more subtle problems arise when we live unconsciously like it's the past, and treat the people in our lives as if they were figures from days long gone.

Have you ever had that strange feeling that there are about twenty people in the world scattered into different bodies, and you just keep meeting them over and over?

While it may seem that you have to maintain the continuity of your existence, the greatest gift you can give yourself today is breaking that chain and plunging into the most unfamiliar territory you can find.

I can make no guarantees of your safety or success in any venture or journey you attempt, except to say this looks like an excellent and natural time to take unusual, imaginative risks. I can, however, assure you that unless you do whatever you must to break the mold of your existence, and to peel off the mould of existence, you will wake up one day and wonder where your life went. That would be really silly. And it happens to a lot of people: bright, well intentioned people who think they're doing something different than their parents did.

The blessing your generation has that many previous generations have lacked is the concept of stuck. We can give it language, and we can thus get ourselves free.

It's like this.

TO SOME EXTENT, every person on Earth is guided by their sense of limitation. Some people yield to their limits, some cling to them, and others use them as the guidance system that reminds them they need to go beyond that place where they get stuck or the skill they don't have. Fear can work the same way. For some, fear is a message to retreat. For others, it's a cue to seize control. For others, it signals the need to become aware of an inner psychological disturbance.

Generally we're so accustomed to living with limits that when they are suddenly lifted or released, the experience can be pretty disorienting. The sense of vertigo can also come from the loss of identity that arrives with the loss of limitation. This particular factor alone is a tremendous source of souls being trapped in narrow and even miserable lives. (There is speculation that an inner need to be restricted, and thus not responsible for our choices, is at the heart of facist tendencies of government, and their widespread acceptance.)

When limits are lost, there is indeed a loss; but then a lot more is gained. But the contrast between a yearning for freedom and the lurking sense of limitation in your current chart is striking. Saturn restricting your house of greater possibilities (the 9th) and Uranus in your house of passion and creative potential (5th) is rather dynamic. There's a bit of an argument between an inner child and an inner adult. Can you name these figures? My sense is that the parental presence of Saturn is a kind of straw-man setup, waiting to get knocked down by the child.

I am certain that, no matter where the Saturn-Uranus pattern falls in one's chart, there's a very good reason for this pair of influences working so closely together at this time. That you're experiencing fear may be associated with a set of beliefs acquired when you were younger, which said that the universe, or God, if you prefer, always takes care of you. Presently, you may be getting a lot of data about how you need to take care of yourself, and that you must arrange your life in a way to guarantee a secure future.

You may, somewhere in there, lost contact with the sense of natural abundance of the cosmos. This is your prompting to create. I would say it's time to acquire some lumber and build a little church. Around the process of building something new, and around the structure (once it's complete), what you might call a community of spirit will begin to gather.

Does this sound daring? Well, anything in our age and day that gathers people together around a single, agreed-upon purpose other than to hurt others, is daring. I speak of a church metaphorically. It might be an art studio, a recording studio, or a home.

No matter how cosmic your values, or how well your life has been blessed by forces beyond the conventional ideas of nature, your current home is on Earth, and while it's on Earth you need both physical structure and dependable human contact on the level of creating. As you create the world, the world will help create you. And at the same time, this process will help uncreate what you pretty clearly are working so diligently to undo. From there, a pretty fantastic adventure ensues.

ONE LAST POINT. I am aware that over the past year and a half, a struggle has ensued, one that has at times shaken the core of your faith, tested some of your relationships, and compelled you to find your sense of being. I propose that you look at the ways in which this has been a process of loosening up your mother's grip on your sense of identity.

Mars, the first planet associated with Scorpio, was once a world where water flowed freely. However you can, bring that water back into your life. Soak in it, drink it, look at it, feel it and become it.

Message from Eros

Scorpios are famous for what they don't say. I strongly suggest this would be a very good time to become famous for what you do say.

Communication needs to come off of a 'need to know' basis and, if you err on any side of the equation, let it be saying a little too much. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most important one is, statements, like prayers, need to be spoken, mainly so you know what they are. Your words are not going to be used against you, but they will bring people closer to you. That's the benefit and, perhaps, the kind of scary part. But think of it this way. People really do want to get closer to you, and they're waiting for you to open the door a little bit wider and invite them in.

Where matters of sex are concerned, the only real safety we have is our ability to communicate -- about anything, not just sex itself -- clearly. Before long you'll see why this is so important. Just think of all certain people in your life didn't say, and used talking a lot to cover up. For you language is not a ruse. It's a direct path to release from all that holds you down.

Scorpio Moon

Your home is often the center of group activity, and if it's not, I suggest you dedicate it to that purpose for the next four seasons. Consider it a social experiment: say, for example, a weekly dinner gathering where people are invited to talk about all the things they couldn't say during the previous seven days. You have an unusual gift for providing a safe and protected space for the people you truly welcome into your life. The experiment is in two parts. The first is about you opening your heart and mind to a much greater diversity of people and situations. The second is those people discovering what happens once a space is dedicated to their needs.