Photo by Eric Schandall

BY NOW you've probably figured out that by acknowledging rather than hiding from your insecurity, you stoke your deepest creativity. The unknown, the hot edge of fear, the subtle but distinct feeling of slipping out of control: these are experiences of impregnating yourself on the fertile void.

Every person carries within them an unexplored cosmic realm. Touch that space for a moment and your life changes. Relate to it consciously over time and your entire orientation of life shifts. This process has begun for you, and begun truly.

Surrendering the illusion of control has rewards. In experiencing fear as an emotion rather than as a god or demon, you may figure out which is larger, you, or it. When you know that, fear has less control over you, and the relationship moves to level ground. Embracing the larger possibilities of consciousness has also offered you an additional escape from fear: being a little more familiar with what is 'beyond' helps.

The primary difference between the previous four seasons — they should have a name; let's call them, politely, the year of Mars retrograde in Pisces — and the approaching year is that of refinement. Throughout the events of 2004 and well beyond is the sense that what we've experienced over the past 12 to 15 months was a practice run.

You in particular learned the role of self-provocateur, going where no you had ever gone before, and where no one else had ever been. You didn't wait around for enlightenment or issues to find you; it would appear that you went looking for them, on a mission. Its nature? No illusions. No delusions. No compromises on truth, particularly your own.

Everything, and I mean everything, that you've learned offers life-giving information without holding you to the past. This, as you move through new inner territory, the experience of which causes the sensory world to be reborn around you. The primary shift in awareness is inner; the outer results, as you are glimpsing, can be stunning.

A second distinction is one of depth. The deeper beneath the sea you go, the more strange and rare the wonders. A third is that you are now embarking on a sustained process that, rather than giving you a momentary shock, like the events of last summer, for example, will stay with you as a teacher, guide and muse for the long foreseeable future. This teacher bears one message: actions speak louder than words.

Under most modern theories of spiritual practice, the inner journey has been awarded considerably more credibility than the outer journey. There is an element of political correctness to this theory — those who pursue their goals outwardly and through a course of action are often perceived as somehow being less spiritual than those who meditate in a room. We've all heard it: 'What good is an antiwar activist who is in internal conflict. They should heal themselves first'. But in the world of form, we learn to test ourselves and express curiosity through action.

The presumption of a clear division between inner and outer reality is not as defined as most workshop presenters or spiritual authors would have us believe.

Philosophically, and in the most practical terms, I see the real necessity as being liberating yourself from the moral code that some rule internally imposed is better for you than something else that's externally imposed. There are few inner moral imperatives, if any. Most of them are branded, tattooed or beaten into us. They come from our family, our school teachers and from religion. They have nothing whatsoever to do with who we really are, but the only way to get that message in-body is to test it, to push limits and to persist in being different. You are different, so why pretend you're not?

The combined — and relatively new — effects of Saturn moving through your 4th solar house (Cancer) and Uranus in your 12th solar house (Pisces) are working to push you beyond the past, in particular the past of your family of origin, including your entire childhood and the year prior to your birth. The prenatal year is far more important than most people, including astrologers, recognize. If you can, initiate a dialog with your mother or other relatives about this subject.

Meanwhile, it may be time to pack up and move; it may be time to define your living space as your own territory, and clear out the psychic infiltrations of history.

In relationships, as you've learned recently, political and diplomatic solutions are much easier than ones involving conflict or force, particularly if you're fighting yourself. The thing with political means is that they often involve compromise, and that which you're most likely to compromise on at the moment is something that's quite essential to who you are. So I suggest you set the terms of your negotiation in advance, with yourself, so you've got a short list of the issues you're willing to trade and exchange, and the ones you're not.

Have I mentioned your career? That's likely to be the small end of the funnel of all this growth. You're at a point in life where you need to define yourself as the person you are, not the person expectations had you become. In the art of rebellion, it's vital to spend more time concentrating on your ideas than on what some nameless or specific authority figure might think of them.

Aries Moon

You likely feel most alive when everything is in its place, including your feelings. Ah but feelings change, and your hot, impetuous soul wants the freedom to swing out over the reservoir and plunge in. Remember that freedom and feeling are closely related concepts. Most of what keeps us unfree is unconscious attachment to the past, particularly rules about how things are supposed to be. Whether you're seeking out new physical spaces or new inner spaces, keep the emphasis on now; now is the frontier. Now translates to unfamiliar, uncertain and a little scary.

Message from Eros

How to keep sex from becoming a power struggle is going to require you to notice when it got there in the past, and consider how it got there. To keep love, you have to be willing to let go of it. This is not a paradox; the idea inside this is that love gives, it doesn't take, and attachment takes and doesn't give. Under the current hologram, you're more likely to be the one who comes up with the analysis that you've used your sexual power unfairly, say, for a gain unrelated to pleasure. Consider that heartfelt pleasure is pure, and every other motive is suspect. Watch your agenda when it comes to sex. Most sexual agendas are so complicated they are impossible to understand, but you have to understand yours or you're going to get caught in everyone else's, and you don't — I submit — want to do very much of that.