I KNOW, relationships are dangerous. They're also rather necessary. They are also inevitable.

The compromise position is to have a relationship but not relate. That is, happily, no longer possible for you, and it's growing less probable with every passing second. The cosmos is moaning, screaming and singing for contact, and you are being invited and inspired by the strange, the unknown and the far-from-familiar.

If you look, though, I think you'll see this is not just about 'people' and what they do together. It's about what you see and feel when you open your eyes and look at the world. Your entire notion of relationship is changing. Your relationship to relating is changing. You are realizing, slowly or suddenly or both, that you live on a different planet than you did yesterday, last week and last year.

You may be getting a feeling what all these tests and preparations over the past five or six hears have been about: the tests of security, the building of your base, the obsession with certain spiritual matters and of getting yourself free from the obsessive fear that has gripped your life at times. Over these years, you gained a depth and clarity of insight into yourself and your needs that, I am truly certain, is truly welcome.

As a Virgo (hi sweetie!), there is an aspect to your nature that really strives for predictability in life. Predictability can come in many forms, including a deep need for understanding life on your own terms. Day by day, you're being encouraged to give it up. You are being told there is no sense, and that makes perfect sense. The word predict is from the Latin root dicere, same as dictator and addict. Predictability implies control. If you try to exercise control, you're likely to get hurt; if not, if you can surrender, you're going to have a lot of fun. A LOT of fun. Like you have no idea.

Instead of predicting, it would make a lot more sense to know when you've got an opportunity to make a decision, and do it with a sense of boldness and honoring the choice as an exercise of your freedom. Like all muscles, freedom gets stronger when we exercise it.

It might help if you didn't have such a tendency to attract people so (seemingly) different than yourself into your life. But lo and behold, prepare to push this quality of yourself to an extreme. Or rather, prepare to have yourself be pushed and challenged to really make contact with those with whom you seem to have so little in common. You will attract your most wild opposite, but you have to search for the correct form of 'opposite'. Is it inverse, obverse, reverse, transverse, or the whole dang universe?

The Texas Instruments calculator of love is flashing the Infinity symbol.

Building up your security has been the big, as in really big, theme of these past (how many?) years. Maybe it's been three. Maybe it's been five. Or was it eight. Very deep questions about emotional safety have come up in that time, and you have, wisely, very wisely, taken it as a spiritual issue. For all your brains, for all your clarity of logic, for all your being able to do math better than bees beating scientists to the next mathematically calculated point at which the honey will be left, you are someone who will ultimately yield to no force, no power, no notion, other than a single ray of inviolable, laser-like faith.

Your attempts to get yourself a little sense of safety on the planet, with your family, with the fact that you feel so much, are all based on connecting to the higher self or the cosmic governing principle; the mind of nature. You know God is not out there; God is in here.

You must have had this sense that you had just one place to sink a root, and you chose exactly the right one.

Mercury moving backwards these days may be taking some of the spontaneity out of your life, but you just need to use your ingenuity. There appear to be certain external demands on your time over which you seem to have little control. Kids are very good at having fun no matter what there is to play with, and in much the same way you need to keep yourself entertained as you move through your work. Not only can it be a lot more fun; really it seems that's the whole point, and if you can get other people involved you'll really have a good time.

Message from Eros

As you work to get yourself into a more powerful position in life, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is why. There is no such thing as power for its own sake, so you need to keep a close relationship with your agenda. The second is that in any effort to become something more, there's the possibility for what the ancient Greeks called hubris, the 'tragic human flaw' often leading to their downfall. In modern terms, hubris often works unconsciously to disrupt our plans just when we thought they were perfect. One possible remedy is to look at the bigger picture, indeed, the biggest picture you can find. Details are important, but they must add up to something meaningful. Another: admit your mistakes and get help when you need it.

Virgo Moon

For all your intellectual power, few people realize how much you depend upon faith. You may at times forget yourself, and those are likely to be periods of struggle when everything demands an explanation and nothing seems to offer one. The change you are going through is slowly identifying with your faith rather than your mind. You can really only choose one or the other as your dominant means of relating to the world, and you've been in a very long transition. Some people need to go to a temple or retreat center before they can be closer to their spiritual center. You are learning to take faith with you everywhere.