Illustration: Lady Frieda Harris
Thoth Tarot, from 'Fortune'

AT THE RECENT Masters of Creation conference, half the room turned out to be Sagittarian. It's obvious why: notice your ability to observe life in the earthly realm with near-total detachment, which means freedom, which means the ability to choose -- and that is called power.

What happens when you cannot choose, either because you don't feel so safe, because you feel compelled in one direction, or you don't see the options? Then you get to indulge in the full experience of being human, which is often an exercise in creating options, escaping compulsion and dealing with fear.

Jupiter working its way through Virgo represents something of a contradiction for you. There is a high calling, and there is a sense of idealism, there is the knowledge to get the job done. There is a peak moment, and a sense that you deserve something a lot better. And there is, at the same time, a sense of restriction, what you might call a mental glass ceiling. Despite Jupiter being in your 10th solar house, the house of power and reputation, it's not feeling especially authoritative in Virgo, and frankly, these times in your life call out for authority.

Jupiter in this house is bringing your attention to the details of success and manifestation that simply cannot be overlooked if you want to progress in your Earthly life and not just your cosmic life. There is a message coming forth to ground yourself; to stick to details; and to maintain your vision at the same time you assemble the many small pieces that lead to successfully bringing that vision into the world.

Earthly life and achievement are very much matters of details. But more than that, they are matters of the details adding up to the big picture, and knowing when the arithmetic works out and when it doesn't.

You need to draw directly on your considerable resources. You may be overlooking some of them. They may be knowledge bases, skills, physical objects or some kind of organization. Perhaps you doubt their value. Or, you may not, for example, want to tap into certain bank accounts, whether mundane or spiritual. But the time has come, if you want to have a source of power to finance your future. Even if you were 'saving for a rainy day', the rainy day has come in the form of a really great opportunity to move up in the world. It would seem that you can free yourself from a certain conservatism in your nature by firing up a rebellious spirit and by remembering that you deserve whatever it is you're aspiring for.

OKAY, THAT WAS NOW. Let's talk about then, way back then.

Let's talk about family patterns. My research on the planet Quaoar, an outer planet of our Sun discovered — notably, in Sagittarius — in 2002 (where it remains on a journey of about twenty years) suggests strongly that this planet deals with the early life patterns of our family of origin. Quaoar's specific mythology involves the creation of the family of creation gods. It is told in metaphors of dance and music.

Psychologically and astrologically, this story involves the creation of you, and thus the pattern by which you create. In the most psychological terms, Quaoar tells the story of one's family of origin. Because we don't have your natal chart in this discussion, I suggest you look for family patterns in your mind, your feelings, your home, your work and your relationships, and make a note of how they dictate the course of your existence and the ways in which they set limits on your bliss.

This is not a process for wimps. And it's not a process for those who are so enamored of their parents that they aspire to the same mediocrity that traps previous generations in their little boxes.

The story I'm picking up, or perhaps making up — try it on for size — includes the inherent tension between one who can see the big picture, who can allow him or herself to think in terms of how good it can be, and for whom 'spirituality' is tangible and not merely theory, versus those who are what we'll politely call miniminds. If you think it's tense now, imagine how it was when you were five.

Oh, they were 'nice' people, to be sure. Very spiritual and all, always doing the right thing, or at least drinking it. Always having the sink immaculate and the closets and attic stuffed with karma. And, not surprisingly, made nervous by the fact that you could, and still can, see through their closet doors and their walls, that you understand the world is a temporary manifestation, and that we're visitors here. And that it's subject to creative enterprise. This is one aspect of the dramatic tension that makes up your psyche, and it's an important one. It's not that you're a frustrated visionary. It's that you're a visionary who has dealt with and lived with a lot of frustrated people who simply cannot see what you can see.

Consider this: you have a tendency to take on their skepticism of you. And consider this: if you delete the idea of proof from your database, you'll be a lot happier. The existence of proof cannot be proven. All it really can do is knock you off balance. When proof comes up, change the subject to art.

Let's skip to the solution. You are soon very likely to discover that you can only achieve your goals through cooperation with others. True, cooperation was hard to come by for the kid you were. Fortunately, people are becoming much more willing to work side by side with you, and this magnetism for assistance will increase rather dramatically as the year progresses. Those who have been sent to help you are merely waiting for you to get out of your own way. And, not as an aside, they are waiting for clear instructions, for some guidance, and for you to listen to their perspective. So speak, and listen, and deal with the challenges of reconciling your language against those of others that you often face. If you can't understand people, ask them to explain. Being dismissive is not going to get you anywhere, and it's not in the stars, and it's not necessary besides. Learn any language you need to speak to any person you need to speak to.

I also suggest you go on a campaign of rewarding people for what they're good at. Acknowledge them in words and gestures and in the confirmation that you are learning from them.

But most important, affirm the reality, truly, the very existence of those around you, by coordinating your efforts with theirs. Let them know they matter. This may feel strange, particularly given how your life experiences have forced you to stand apart and, to an extent, to stand above. This is a time to stand with, to stand next to, and to reach across level ground.

It's a whole different feeling, and one I trust you'll like.

Message from Eros

I don't suggest you pursue a relationship situation; let it find you. This may take an extraordinary act of faith on your part -- and it's not the act of faith you think it is. While you're the one doing the seeking, you can convince yourself that you really want things to be a certain way. You are likely to be distracted from your deeper feelings. If you pause and allow the situation to develop, you'll have to really ask yourself the question of what you want; and then, if the opportunity actually presents itself, make a choice. For you, the decision appears to be about whether you can fully accept the extent to which you may be appreciated for who you are at your very best, and not for who you fear you may never be.

Sagittarius Moon
No matter what goes wrong, you can maintain optimism in a way that may be confounding to those who so often find themselves dragged down by life. That optimism has been tested lately, to put it mildly, and it seems like you're more mentally preoccupied than is really comfortable for you. Why not go right to the source? We could sum up the whole issue as you questioning your safety when there's no rational basis for doing so. But your feelings are not rational, particularly not now. You need to reality check. You need more people around you, which will prove, physically and emotionally, that you're not alone.

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