Postcard by Roy Lichtenstein

LET'S GET SOMETHING out of the way. I'm a Pisces and it's kind of wild to write these horoscopes for us. Most horoscope columnists seem to play it off, but it would seem to give us an unspoken special relationship, and kind of telepathic bond, which in some way links my interpretation of life, on the most personal level, to what you take from these words. Only you know how truly odd is to have the mysterious and phantasmic brain of a Fish making up the story of the world.

I know it works this way for all the signs, that what I put out (which is based on what I see, feel, believe and experience, and read in the charts) gets vibed and reiterated by printing presses and web servers and spreads around the globe. As if that were not weird enough, what I say for you, I am aware, is very directly what I am giving to myself; what I would have, and the terms on which I'm asking to relate to existence.

You will be pleased to know that I love sex, food, people, cats, dogs, money, music, art, writing, etc. I also deal with guilt, fear, anger, ambition and rage at the prevailing stupidity on the planet. I do my best to keep my heart, mind and soul directed toward the greater good, and toward creating a better life for all concerned.


It has been intense these past years, has it not? All Pisceans have Pluto squaring the Sun by sign right now; that is, with Pluto in Sagittarius, three signs away from Pisces and thus square, Pluto is squaring Pisces and also, over time, exactly squaring the natal Sun of every Pisces native (Moon if you have it here, and any other planet. Planets often cluster.) That's a lot of impetus for change. It is like a lever applied to roll over a boulder. Pluto does good work making squares, just enough Pluto to get the job done.

We do, however, have a different encounter with Uranus, the first planet ever discovered by a scientist. It has now immersed itself in Pisces, a ball of green kundilini energy plunged into the cosmic inner waters of our reality. Uranus is not necessarily its right name. There's another proposal for Prometheus, the dude who stole the fire from the gods and gave it to humanity. He also helped create humanity, with the assistance of Pallas Athene, now an asteroid). When reactions like the Sixties happen, when wild, helpful things are invented, when somebody has hot ideas, usually Uranus is on the scene. As of the last of the year, Uranus and Pisces are approximately one concept, and that is going to be pretty trippy. Especially for those born under the sign of the Fish, and especially for those in the first week.

Pisces has to decide where it wants to go and what it wants to do. The already creative waters of this sign are being activated at full heat, full strength, full potency. That would be us.

No sacred tofu here. Every possibility is open and everything you now know is subject to change. I know, this has to be a mantra in any creative life; it's just that most people can't just hop over the fence to the world of all worlds, or stand getting stunned to the next level of existence.

Meantime, I feel myself welcoming that sense of slipping away from the known, of packing the boxes or maybe just the car and heading down those two lanes.

Okay, that was me saying hello. Here's the horoscope I wrote. Write any time.


WITH URANUS now electrifying the waters of Pisces, it might seem easy to overstate the case of what a momentous and formative era this is for you, cousin fish. But I don't think that's a problem. Overstatement is not the issue; accuracy is.

I said recently that it's not "your life" that's changing. You are changing, and your life is shifting, stretching and bending to accommodate you.

It is accurate to say that both your creative power and your yearning for freedom are growing in equal and somewhat shocking measure, and that these make a good combination. Your appetite for life is returning as if from nowhere, and that's a sign that you're growing healthier and stronger. A sense of restlessness that set in last year around your birthday has taken hold of you fully, and now, nothing that once seemed impossible, daunting or too dangerous to consider -- or too positive, liberating or amazing -- is beyond serious consideration.

Please ask yourself, and tell me: are you starting to really get it that anything is truly possible, and that anything is possible for you? The great thing is that, for some reason, this is not scary any more. I see you ready to revolt against all those who held you down, but it's a revolution of creative fire, not of anger or discontent. There is a big difference, as you'll see.

The Venus-Sun conjunction of late spring happens in your 4th solar house, Gemini. This offers you something very strange for a Pisces: a sense of worldly security. There's also the promise that a dualism (i.e., a stressful schizophrenic emotional influence) from childhood resolves itself. This opens you up to an entirely new emotional perspective. There may be a major change or substantial improvement in the life of a parent; something rare to see and feel. I suggest you participate to the degree that feels appropriate for you; know what that is.

Centaur planet Asbolus (discovered in 1995) has recently entered Pisces. Asbolus is a planet that demands the most clear focus of intuition you can muster. It is arguably one of the most dangerous centaur planets, he also bestows clarity and depth of psychic vision -- but you have to look, and you must pay attention.

Chiron moving through Capricorn, your 11th solar house, is opening the way for your creative expression. Saturn, opposing it in Cancer, has given you strength and discipline. The two are critical companions to the Promethean spirit that has seized your reality. As you've seen, no matter how brilliant or innovative an idea is, it must adhere to a certain amount of convention to get the job done, or to be a commercial success. Chiron in Capricorn is all about mediating the relationship between you and the bosses, the programming department and the public relations department to make sure you can present your ideas in a way that's clean, clear and obviously compelling. That you're getting to make these decisions now, that you have the choices that you do, is a testament to your tenacity, but more so for the gift you've given yourself in the form of honoring your highest vision over a long period of time.

ET'S TAKE A LITTLE TRIP in spacetime back to when Saturn visited your sign. That was between 1994 and 1996. It's hard to believe that this commenced a full decade ago, yet I imagine you still remember those years quite well. Since we're concerning ourselves with accuracy, I reckon it's accurate to say that you did some maturing in those days, and that you made several important decisions you're still living with today. Saturn does that to a person; there is this sense of being compelled by necessity to do what you absolutely must do. One chooses, and it seems like the choices are rather constricted or the lesser of two undesirables. Really, decisions made under Saturn cut out the fluff. They are narrow doors to wide open places. Or as Patric Walker put it at the time, Saturn always gives you more than he takes away.

Now you're standing in that wide space. The planet under whose influence you find yourself is something of an opposite energy to Saturn. Uranus boils with the prospect of freedom and movement from deep inside. While under Saturn one must learn to live with restrictions, under Uranus, one learns how to break free of restriction. For a Pisces, accustomed to taking the shape your environment dictates, and living on the schedules of others, this can be a strange feeling.

Uranus gives you a measure of freedom within the constraints of time. Uranus says the time for action is now. Action is creation, movement, exploration and considering the value of what you don't need long enough to leave it behind. This sounds awfully confident. an confidence is an issue for most Pisceans. But Uranus, coupled with the steadying influence of Saturn in Cancer, is teaching you what you're capable of, and the two themes join together to present you with a realistic picture of the risks you want to take, the rewards you want, and what you're willing to exchange. Before you start digging into what you love and value and offering it in trade, remember that there are plenty of antiques in your attic that would get a gold penny at auction, and you wouldn't miss them a bit.

Astrology students know that the 5th is the house of risks, fun, kids, art and romance, and Saturn there may not seem too thrilling. But with a power as strong as Uranus acting on you, you need Saturn's assistance there. This is like the ballast at the bottom of the ship that helps it sail sleekly across the water.

Message from Eros

Uranus and sex have a lot in common, and you can expect to notice that your sex appeal has gone up quite a few degrees. To the bartender who once said that 'Pisces guys don't get laid', you might want to suspend that theory pending observation of this transit. This will arrive as very good news to some -- and as an astrologer who works predominantly with women, I can tell you that though women seem to play by different rules (and can seem [to many men] the 'luckier' in sex), issues like self confidence and the need for the right partner keep plenty of them sleeping alone most every night. So this shot of confidence will help everyone born under Pisces have a lot more fun with sex (it's going to be exceptionally good for Scorpio too).

Still, the prevailing message from the stars is to bide your time and make your choices consciously. With increased power comes the need for responsibility, for discretion, and for conscious choosing. You will have more options than you have time for, and more than you rightly have inclination to deal with. That you must use your intuition when making sexual and amorous choices is an understatement, but you also need to know your relationship partners well before diving into an experience from which there is no turning back. The point of these years is to explore freedom without making a lot of karma you'll have to deal with later. Saturn in your 5th is helping you clear karma; let's keep it that way.

Pisces Moon

One of the most distinguishing properties of all things Pisces is the ability to withstand confinement and restricting circumstances, monotony and long periods of waiting. While you may enjoy excitement, the reality is that you can wait for it as long as you need to -- except under certain circumstances, as are becoming manifest in your life right now. Life is offering you quite a lot at the moment, but you're not going to be able to receive it sitting still. Boredom is the message that you're in the wrong space, mental or physical. Shake it up, shake it out and get it on.