Here are some of the charts used in the creation of aquasphere. The base charts are all cast in Io Edition (b/w) or Io Star Sprite (color) and the asteroids, centaurs and trans-Neptunians are calculated at, which uses the Swiss Ephemeris. The list of extra points I use is at the bottom of this link. Charts are all cast for Seattle (where I happened to be doing most of this work), save for the elecion chart. Comments below the charts will evolve as I make new observations or wildly inappropriate wisecracks.

April 19 partial solar eclipse.

April 19 partial solar eclipse, in detail.

May 4 total lunar eclipse

June 8 Venus-Sun conjunction.

June 8 Venus-Sun conjunction in detail.

Oct. 13 partial solar eclipse.

Oct. 13 partial solar eclipse in detail.

Oct. 27 total lunar eclipse.

Nov. 2 presidential election.

Nov. 2 presidential election, in detail.

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Major planets and asteroids only.

chiron, pholus, nessus, asbolus, chariklo, hylonome, pelion, thereus, elatus, 1992 QB1, varuna, ixion, chaos, huya, quaoar, psyche, hybris, minerva, orpheus, panacea, persephone, phaethon, nemesis, niobe, requiem, sisyphus, urania, kassandra, pandora, apollo, diana, eros, sappho, amor, hidalgo, bacchus, hebe, child, hopi, dionysus, isis, icarus, sphinx, tantalus, siva, toro, lilith, arachne, achilles, atlantis