Your Weekend Ahead Astrology for Friday, Feb. 7 through Sunday, Feb. 9 — The Day of Utopia

If Your Birthday is Friday, Feb. 7
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You’re turning the final pages of one chapter in your life story this year. It tells of certain outstanding relationship issues that hook into intense, unconscious forces you’re ready to bring to the surface. The tale describes a potential for exciting breakthroughs, opening up a whole new phase of social engagement. To reach that turning point takes courage, however. And right on cue, a passionate flame springs up in the heart of our hero or heroine. That’s you, of course. Prepare for adventure.
— by Victoria Emory

Your Weekend Ahead Astrology for Friday, Feb. 7 through Sunday, Feb. 9

Welcome to the Leo Full Moon weekend. The Moon-Sun opposition is exact Sunday, Feb. 9, at 2:33 am EST / 7:33 am GMT. So the aspect will be building between now and then, and still strong all day Sunday. To visualize this, imagine the Moon to one side of the Earth and the Sun exactly to the other. We are dangling between the two.

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Full Moon time is a peak of energy. It is psychic and emotional high tide. This is an event that has fascinated humanity back to the dawn of time. It also has a practical value, as it provides light at night, which is good for both hunting and traveling. It is an aspect of expression, like most oppositions.

The Leo-Aquarius axis that it lights up describes the relationship between the individual and the group — one of the biggest themes of our time. This is an opportunity to study how you relate to any of the groups in which you might share your energy.

Be aware that Mercury is getting ready to turn to retrograde motion. While the retrograde is from Feb. 16 to March 9, we are in the first stage called “shadow phase,” and the effect is noticeable. Remember that most of Mercury retrograde — most, not all — is in your mind. That means the best remedies are preparation, mindfulness and patience.

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— by Eric Francis Coppolino

Almanac: The Moon begins in Cancer, then enters Leo today (Friday, Feb. 7) at 5:45 pm EST.
Venus enters Aries today (Friday, Feb. 7) at 3:02 pm EST.

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