Week Ahead and Sunday, Feb. 9 — The Day of Vibrancy

If Your Birthday is Sunday, Feb. 9
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High-octane fuel powers your Full Moon birthday chart. Supportive aspects between allies, partnerships and shared ideals stand out among the key signatures. With mindful intention and both hands on the wheel, you should be able to steer down fairly open roads toward long-term objectives. Openings are also available to heal old wounds in the relationship department. Deep communication that ventures into challenging territory has profound potential. Even writing about outstanding relationship histories can be therapeutic this year. Your voice is strong. Use it.
— by Victoria Emory

Week Ahead Astrology for Week of Sunday, Feb. 9

This morning’s Full Moon, which was exact at 2:33 am EST / 7:33 am GMT, is still vibrating. Notice how any of the circumstances of your life have shifted over the past 24 hours. The Venus-Chiron-Salacia conjunction is still focused.

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That alignment has a theme that is relevant to the times we are living in, when there is so much sexual pain, confusion and alienation. Yet many people are also feeling the strong drive to discover themselves and get into their feelings.

Here is the potential conflict: currently, our “culture” is making a lot of rules for what is right, wrong, correct, appropriate and legitimate where sexuality is concerned. Where personal evolution is involved, that is something that must come entirely from inside of you. You must explore and set your boundaries. You decide who you are — nobody else can do that.

The options that are put out for you — that whole LGBTQIA alphabet soup — just might be irrelevant to yourself and your feelings. No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, no matter who you love or how you love them, your primary task is to make peace with yourself.

This allows something else — the freedom to explore your relationships and your feelings, on your own terms, without guilt.

That will change as you get to know yourself, and figure out who and what interests you. Just remember, nobody is your judge and jury. You determine what is right and wrong for yourself, and you set your own definition of honesty.

I’ve said much more about Venus conjunct Chiron and Salacia on the new Planet Waves FM.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino

Almanac: The Moon begins in Leo, and enters Virgo today, Feb. 9, at 6:39 pm ET.
The Leo Full Moon was today, Feb. 9, at 2:33 am ET.

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