TUNE IN 2022 for Taurus :: By Eric Francis

Lanvi Nguyen

TUNE IN 2022 for Taurus

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Last year’s reading — All of Us Here for Taurus

Resource Area for Tune in 2022

PDF of all 12 charts used in Tune In 2022

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by Dale O’Brien

Video Introduction to Fixed Signs:

Saturn, Pluto, Eris and the Centaurs: Melanie Reinhart and Eric Francis in a conversation about 2022:

Taurus Chart for 2022 hand drawn by Eric Francis

PDF of all 12 charts used in Tune In 2022

1 thought on “TUNE IN 2022 for Taurus :: By Eric Francis”

  1. Well…just listened to Tune In for Taurus, and I am both wildly impressed and comforted by how right on your reading is….I really thought I was doing something unmentionable in my current spiritual quest…which has not kept me from talking about it with a few close friends. Now at least I can carry on without the thought that I’m beyond the pale, so to speak. Instead, I seem to be bringing the pale with me…I’m right on schedule!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gifts and your generosity!

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