The Slow Reveal: Jupiter Square Neptune

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You would think that with so many objects still moving through Virgo, that sign and its qualities might be the only thing to focus on. But here’s the thing: all of those Virgo planets are gradually making contact with a slightly slower aspect that is characterizing the entire month of September: Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces.

Technically, Jupiter square Neptune won’t be precisely exact until Sept. 21. But they are currently within three degrees of each other; even without Neptune’s wide and permeable orb of influence, that would be close enough to count.

Figure emerging from the fog; photo by Amanda Painter.

Eric has noted that, “With Neptune you have to see what you’re not usually noticing. The invisible is at work. Perception cannot be fully trusted; it takes time to verify your experience. You can’t just guess how fast you’re driving — you have to look at the speedometer. You can’t guess how drunk you are; buzzed is drunk enough.

“This is a challenge to not take anything on its face, no matter how beautiful it may seem, how great the promise. Not pessimism but ‘show me’ and ‘time will tell’. Along the way there may be many dreamy, fantasy-like experiences that vanish like smoke. Have fun while they last. Push your imagination and see where you go, but nobody is superman.”

To put this in more specific terms, consider that the first of the Virgo planets to pass directly through the Jupiter-Neptune square is Venus. On Monday it squares Jupiter and on Wednesday opposes Neptune.

If you’re working rather than enjoying a long holiday, it may be helpful to build little breaks and rewards into your day, or to take time to do something relaxing, fun or otherwise indulgent before you get down to business. The idea is to reduce distractions to your imagination as you try to focus on necessary tasks, since self-discipline could be low. Food, alcohol and shopping are areas where you could easily overdo it.

Relationship-wise, remember to take off the rose-colored glasses periodically. Know when you’re fantasizing about someone, and filling in holes about their character and experience with wishful thinking; this goes for established partnerships as much as for new encounters. Invoking the ‘time will tell’ mantra is essential: enjoy the fun and beauty for what it is in this moment, with the understanding that the shape of things — or your perception and awareness of them — might very well morph as the weeks and months go by.

Rob Hand also describes Jupiter square Neptune as a test of whether you can translate your ideals into reality (applied to any realm of life: career and vocation, creativity, activism and worldview, spiritual growth, etc.). There will be challenges to doing so — and that does not necessarily mean you will fail. But you could discover your grasp on reality was not as great as you thought it was.

By the same token, don’t assume that what you want or would like to offer is “impossible” or “too impractical.” Paralysis is never the answer; and as we all know, every invention and innovation came as an answer to many people who thought it could never be done.

Not ‘The’ Light, just headlights in the fog; photo by Amanda Painter.

What we’re looking at with this current astrology is a need for gentle, steady persistence. There are other factors in Gemini and Sagittarius that describe a sense of pushing for an ‘all or nothing’ approach. Your challenge may be to use that leverage to get going without going for broke.

Tapping into the earthy grounded-ness of Virgo — along with Saturn in Capricorn (which is in aspect to Neptune, and also Venus currently) — appears key here.

This might look like making a plan and then actually following it (for the most part — all plans are subject to adjustment as progress is made). Or maybe try identifying a structure to work within — such as a particular modality, protocol of steps, or historical tradition.

Saturn also brings an additional emphasis on time, and your awareness of it. Long-range, you may have more time than it feels like you do; this works with the ‘time will tell’ side of Neptune. Yet on a daily basis, using time efficiently and staying aware of how quickly it can slip away can mean the difference between working toward a goal and spinning your wheels in a fantasy.

Water may not be solid, but it is persistent. Nothing is waterproof forever; just ask the Grand Canyon. You may not have several million (or billion) years to do your thing like the Colorado River has had. But then, chances are you don’t need that much time; you just need to gently use what you have.

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Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 (The Day of No Nonsense)

When you consider your strengths and abilities, do you acknowledge their entire worth, or do you tend to join those who underestimate themselves? This year, there is an opening for you to count yourself in fully as a valued participant in society. You are already cherished more than you know by friends and loved ones. Your charts are calling you to step forward and offer your views, your ideas and your works, and to let go any shyness or reticence. The spotlight awaits.

Monday, Sept. 2, 2019 (The Day of the Businesslike Attitude)

You have the determination and energy to succeed, regardless of any obstacles you perceive to be in your path. You know what you want to attain, and that perseverance is key to getting past any moments of self-doubt. This is a gradual but steady growth process that begins with you planting the seed of desire, and then gently nurturing it as it matures, strengthens and blossoms. Yet notice how that requires your action. The courage to seek for what you want is a crucial ingredient.

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019 (The Day of the Mold Breaker)

Perhaps more than anything else, the truth of your word is the foundation of your honor and character. This year’s astrology seems to be calling on you not merely to practice honesty, but to keep it at the forefront of all you say and do. Be especially wary when you feel absolute certainty on any point that isn’t as obvious as 1+1=2. That’s a signal you may need to slow down and examine your understanding. In many cases there’s more to a situation than what we think we know.

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019 (The Day of the Builder)

You may feel you want to pursue a particular set of goals, though unsure as to how some people might respond. Where possible, you could seek clarification; there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking other people’s viewpoints into account. However, ultimately you are the arbiter of your own life, and everyone else is in a peripheral role. Therefore, start by being clear within yourself, and prioritize what you feel and know to be right for you in any decision.

Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019 (The Day of the Fanciful Sovereign)

This is likely to be a busy year for you, potentially involving lots of action. Any project you have particularly in mind could very well take off; things appear set up so that effort put in will yield proportional results. Just be mindful of your physical and emotional limits, however broad. Watch for burnout, and set some time aside to relax and to make contact with your deeper thoughts and feelings. We all need to wind down occasionally, and it helps keep your ideas fund in credit.

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 (The Day of Unpredictable Fate)

As you explore new creative and imaginative territory, you may at times come across some mental or emotional barriers. These are often formed in our youth, possibly in the guise of safeguards or stabilizers. However, if they prevent you from understanding and exploring the full range of your potential, you no longer need them. Be gentle with yourself as you clear your path, though also be firm in your determination. You need to be free to run where you will.

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019 (The Day of Success Seekers)

Following the scent of your curiosity could very well be fruitful in the months ahead. Get yourself into a position where you can more easily access inspiration; read more, study people and scenery, listen to good music — whatever oils your creative wheels. Once you start to work on a specific idea, there’s a chance it may take off unexpectedly, or draw you in unusual and interesting directions. If you go along for the ride, it’s likely to turn out quite the adventure.

Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019 (The Day of the Puzzling Purist)

Imagine you’ve climbed a mountain (or at least a big hill) and are standing at the summit; you can see, clearly, vast swaths of land in all directions. Your concept of the size of the accessible world has changed; with so much of it under your gaze, you might well feel better able to travel farther. This is what you’re aiming for conceptually. If you feel somewhat hemmed in, that’s a sign you may benefit from a broader perspective, which encompasses the whole spectrum of possibilities.

— By Amy Elliott

Monday Morning Horoscope #192 for Sept. 2, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — If you want to take better care of yourself, start with your awareness. Notice how food (any and all food) makes you feel. Notice whether you feel warm or cool in a room, and pay attention to how the air feels and smells. This is the kind of basic feedback you need, which will lead to taking steps that help you feel better. Notice things like whether you’re bored or angry (they are related). Basically, I am proposing that you create a yoga of paying attention, and then responding to what you observe. More than you need “life/work balance,” it will help if you know when to slow down, when to stop, when to rest, and when to get some sunlight into your eyes. You might also take the opportunity to stay up all night and make dinner at 3 am. Your chart is packed with such diversity of potential that you may feel called in every direction at once. Well, you can’t go in all of them at the same time, but you can run through your various desires and try things one or two at a time, and keep moving. This is a great time to soak in the possibilities of your own existence.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Art is an experiment, sex is an experiment, and anything worth doing entails a risk: if only that it might not work out. Yet life is not about accumulated gain or loss; it is about experience. And such is never perfect or predictable; that’s the whole point. I suggest you proceed in the spirit of exploration and wonder, and not worry what your audience thinks of you. Rather, do something that is rarely done, and that is to study your environment. If that includes your audience, study it (or them, if you prefer) as entirely apart from you. Feel where you are, in time, and in place. Notice the currents and trends of the digital sphere as if you’re an anthropologist or sociologist, remembering that at this point what you actually are is an artist. By that I mean someone who does not shut down or numb out when the stimulation gets too intense.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Do you feel safe? When and where? What is your criteria? What is your threshold for feeling unsafe? I have a feeling you may be suppressing both sensations: thinking you’re perfectly fine when something is troubling you, and feeling threatened when there is nothing in your environment that would harm you. Most of safety and lack of safety is a mental phenomenon, which you may experience as emotional if you don’t give yourself words to describe your experience. Therefore, if you’re noticing any feelings along this spectrum of security, describe to yourself what is happening and you will start to get deeper insight and even some mastery over it. Pay special attention to physical spaces; that is, the four walls that surround you at any time. Most significantly, notice how you feel in your own home, and why. Incidentally, who are all these people who keep showing up? Make sure they stay out in the living room unless invited in anywhere else.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Though this has probably never been written in an astrology book, yours is one of the signs most inclined to literacy and to deep thought. Yes, you are more than a cuddly little ball of emotion. The intellectual, introspective angle of your chart is lit up right now. It’s likely ideas are flying through your mind, and you can trust that at least some of them are worth developing. What you would benefit from is organizing yourself like an airport, and getting those airplanes onto the ground. You only need minimal structure: a few words in a notebook, or a one-paragraph rough draft, will be enough to get you started. The other part of this is reading. You may be the type to devour books, and if you are, slow down. Take a thoughtful approach to something interesting, even a few pages of something that engages you more deeply than on the level of story. You are on the shore of a development process; there is something being born in your life and in your mind.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You are much clearer about several important issues than you were one week ago, and you can trust that the deliberation process will continue. Based on your astrology, I have two suggestions. One is to be cautious about the notion that you might be doing something for the sake of a commitment or a relationship. For quite a while, the central issue in your life has involved being faithful to your commitment to yourself. This whole concept gets lost in various notions of egotism, selfishness, narcissism and the like, which do not apply to you and certainly not to your current situation. The thing you are being called to do is to manage your priorities in a way that works for you; until then, nothing you do can really work for anyone else. The other matter involves how you manage your doubts. I suggest you not be deterred by any self-questioning that you may do, but rather engage in it willingly, and with curiosity, and as cheerfully as you can.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Last week’s astonishing New Moon in your birth sign has set off one or perhaps many chains of events, and these will keep going for a while. What you can rest assured of is that you are entering many new life cycles at once, which means many old things are ending. The background of your astrology, or perhaps the ground itself, has been the gradually building conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The purpose of that is to break up the big chunks of karma so you can actually process them, make use of them, or otherwise dispose of them. Now you have a gush of energy coming through your sign, and this is all that’s necessary to get things moving along. Whether you like what is happening now or not, the benefits of your current experiences will be tangible, and will not take long to manifest. You are, basically, setting yourself free from many old tales and fables, and more than that, the legacy of your parents and family. Keep that party going.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may as well make different mistakes from ones you’ve made in the past. Making the same errors over and over gets boring. At least when something new goes wrong, you have evidence that you’re conducting an actual experiment; that you’re trying something different. And you also have the chance to quickly adapt and make corrections, because thanks to something new happening, your attention is focused and your interest is high. As for past mistakes, it helps to learn from them, and it is possible, unless you’re determined not to. That all said, Venus is moving into opposition with Neptune this week, so you want to both dream big and be a little skeptical when it comes down to making an investment in something, be it financial or emotional. Particularly where business is concerned, focus on the pragmatic level: the actual numbers, the schedule, and whether the bills have been paid. Then go back to making music, art and love like a banshee.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Everyone is some shade of public figure these days, whether you use Instagram or are a realtor whose picture is shown on ads placed in supermarket shopping carts. You will have a lot of fun in the social spheres this week, though you want to stay a few drinks behind the crowd and the breathalyzer. In the alternate, you may eschew the whole going out thing and hole up somewhere and paint, draw, read or write. Yet there is real benefit these days in being out and among people. Our social skills are being atrophied, and people have a false sense of compassion fatigue. You will learn interesting things outside of the house, where a few people are gathered. I suggest you stick to quiet spaces where you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard, or strain to hear. Keep people talking by asking what may seem like trivial questions, then listen between the lines.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your astrology this week will have you craving peak experiences. That might be fun, though you will want some containment. Know where the edge is, so you don’t fall off the stage. If you plan to drink, stay home or stay the night. You would be wise not to make decisions under the influence of alcohol or other substances, but you might certainly come to a realization or two; these you will probably forget, if you don’t write them down. In the midst of whatever you’re experiencing, the thing you want to do is use your ears. Most people don’t listen, anywhere beyond hearing the words. I suggest you hear the words, and then repeat them to yourself several times until you internalize their meaning. What words exactly? Any that are spoken to you. In other ways, your hearing will serve you well as a means of testing the vibe. Listen like a dog, who gets the meaning from the tone of the speaker’s voice. Don’t be spooked by thunder.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You might take a break from your present situation and consider your possibilities for the future. It will arrive faster than you may be expecting. Get at least as far as having some notion of what you want to do and where you want to be, even if you’re not certain yet; you’re not making a commitment by entertaining the possibilities. And there are quite a few of them in your awareness. One thing I would suggest is that to consider a potential does not mean finalizing the plan. Yet neither is it idle thought, wishing or fantasizing. You have some definite ideas. Some of them may seem distant or a little exotic compared to what you are now doing, and have done in the past, though they all have a pragmatic enough angle to give them the three legs of a tripod on the ground. You will need to work out schemes and details and specifics and all that, but now is not the time. Now is the time to dream a little bigger and a lot bolder.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Keep digging, dusting, shoveling and filling trash bags, even if only for an hour a day. When you clean a closet or a drawer, drag everything out and put back only what you really want. This will be easier and more efficient. Don’t go one item at a time or you won’t feel like you’re making any progress. This is a metaphor for your mind. Put everything on the table or on the page: your desires, your fears, you needs, your hopes, your dreams. Next look at it all and sort it out, then move on to the next thing. That said, there may be some interesting discussions in the very human realm of commitment, finances and sexuality. You and/or a partner may be tempted to go into analysis mode. Keep your feelings in your body, and use your ears. There are some things that can never be understood, much less analyzed. Many forms of communication must occur on the physical and sensory level, rather than being translated into the metaphor of words. That said, in your current state of being, poetry works better than prose.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Keep your filters up. There are a lot of people buzzing around and a diversity of situations in play. Some individuals may seem wonderful, one or two may seem aggressive, others perplexing. You will be unlikely to distinguish what is real and what is not, what is helpful and what is not, at first blush. That is why you need to be discerning. I’m not saying wear a tee-shirt that says SKEPTIC, or even to let on that you’re in any doubt. Neither of these things may be true of you. Yet rather than make or accept commitments, listen to what people say, notice your own intentions, and make an appointment to continue the conversation in the near future. Under the current astrology, the thing you can stoke without hesitation is your vision for your life and in particular, your work. Usually grand visions are scaled down and made more modest, but they can start great and you work from there. Skip any disappointment; life is an experiment and a growth process.

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