A Very Busy Mercury (and New Year’s Eve Weather)

Dear Friend and Reader: This week we have another mid-week holiday, which will mix things up as much as any astrology might. Thankfully, we’re getting positive messages from the planets. This, as we approach first a lunar eclipse on Jan. 10 and then two days later, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction for the ages. Planet Waves contributor … Read more

Solstice, Eclipse, Conjunction: Everything, All At Once

Dear Friend and Reader: We are now in one of those moments where everything seems to be happening at once. Times like this require special care: you have to take care of your responsibilities, take care of yourself, and manage not to get overwhelmed. Several major astrological events are developing around the time of the … Read more

Across the Galaxy, Toward the Solstice

Dear Friend and Reader: This week the Sun aligns with the most important deep space point, the core of our galaxy. You will not read much about this on other websites because the Galactic Core has a way of disappearing. But it is very much there, influencing our lives and our experience of astrology. While … Read more

Thoughts Like Shooting Stars, Mysteries Like Hom

Dear Friend and Reader: Tomorrow (Monday) Mercury finally leaves Scorpio, where it’s been since Oct. 3 thanks to last month’s retrograde. It enters Sagittarius at 4:41 am EST (9:41:26 UTC). Mercury being the planet of the mind, this activates awareness of what else is happening in Sagittarius, and other activity that relates to it. Notably, … Read more

Raising the Roof? Jupiter Enters Capricorn

Dear Friend and Reader: Jupiter wraps up the past year in its home sign Sagittarius tomorrow, Dec. 2, entering Capricorn at 1:20 pm EST (10:20 am PST / 18:20:03 UTC). Capricorn is the home sign of Saturn (and Saturn is there, moving into its big conjunction with Pluto, in January). Jupiter moving through Capricorn merges … Read more