Solstice, Eclipse, Conjunction: Everything, All At Once

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are now in one of those moments where everything seems to be happening at once. Times like this require special care: you have to take care of your responsibilities, take care of yourself, and manage not to get overwhelmed.

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Several major astrological events are developing around the time of the civil holidays, which is adding to the pressure.

It’s important that you sort out what might be some obligation (real or imagined) from the outside, and what you must take care of personally, for your own benefit and sanity.

The overarching event is, of course, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on Jan. 12. That’s the one with the longest story arc; you might be addressing matters that go back years. So you may be trying to resolve things that are not necessarily obvious on their face. It would be wise of you to figure out what they are. Bring the important stuff to the surface and deal with it.

Saturn-Pluto is emphasizing the need to prioritize the truly meaningful issues. Make sure you’re taking care of them, and not getting lost in the sauce of things that really don’t matter so much. Many issues that people have a tendency to push back are the very things that will be coming to the surface under the influence of Saturn-Pluto.

You are likely to have several significant opportunities to resolve old material, relationships and family matters. Remember, you’re in charge of your life.

The winter solstice occurred overnight Saturday to Sunday in most time zones; the Sun is now in Capricorn. The solstice alone comes with a bit of a crux point: we’re just coming out of that moment of maximum compression (in the Northern Hemisphere) and maximum stretch (in the Southern). So just that can apply considerable pressure.

However, we are also approaching an eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn. This is an annular eclipse, at about 4 degrees of that sign. Note that this will be the last solar eclipse in Capricorn for this cycle; the next one is in about nine years. So this, too, is talking about resolving what you need to resolve.

The eclipse is close to the South Node, which says that it’s about releasing old material. It’s also close to Jupiter, which is about expanding into new possibilities. Both are going on at once. You might think of this as an exchange process.

May 10, 2013, annular solar eclipse — often called a ring of fire eclipse. The “fire” is really the sun’s brilliant surface, shining behind the Moon in the far part of its orbit around Earth. Photo by Geoff Sims.

Consciously let go of what you don’t want, and allow in what you do want.

One thing I’ve noticed from many years working as an astrologer is that people tend to fall in love with their problems. This includes the tendencies that surround their problems, but it’s really all one thing.

The other tendency is to throw away what people don’t want, rather than consciously addressing it.

But you want to take the time now to actually look through what you’re getting rid of, and consider how you feel about it, before you toss it into the dustbin.

This is going to be an intense few weeks, and this week’s Christmas holiday is sitting right on the bubble of a solar eclipse. You will need to use your spiritual mastery, or at least your training, to direct the flow of your life. Where family gatherings are concerned, I recommend directing your attention to children, cats and dogs — and stick to your one favorite relative. If political discussions ensue, you can save yourself trouble by not taking a position, and instead gently probing people, inquiring how they know what they know.

You will hear some entertaining things.

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Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019 (The Day of Continuity)

Complex dynamics in your birthday chart signal an exciting year ahead. Resources, relationships, self-expression and a need to break free or experiment all weave together as major themes. Supportive allies can open doors to opportunity and offer a steady hand to help you navigate epic changes. Creative breakthroughs are possible, but remain conscious of your bottom line. You need some joy to spice things up. Just don’t gamble what you truly value.

Monday, Dec. 23, 2019 (The Day of the Groundbreakers)

You’re at the threshold of reclaiming something of fundamental importance to your genuine identity. At first this opportunity may take the form of a painful activation of what is now buried history, but that’s just to get your attention. Gently peel back a few layers and feel around. An invitation to deep healing is at hand this year, and courageously expressing more of your unique individuality is the key.

Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019 (The Day of Complex Emotions)

Some of history’s great revolutionaries have taken birth under your sign, contra the Capricorn cliché that limits your tribe to standard-bearers for the status quo. A signature of creative rebellion stands out in your birthday chart: an invitation to break free of conformity or limiting self-concepts. Bold self-expression and a bit of excitement are in order. Inspiration, when followed, can lead to liberation beyond what you’d imagine.

Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019 (The Day of the Supernatural)

Capricorns need to identify with some kind of ‘Great Work’ to feel satisfied: personal objectives that inspire total commitment. Whatever outstanding issues must be resolved to clear the decks for the future you envision — that’s your priority this year. A degree of reverence is appropriate. Approach closures with appreciation for lessons learned. Focus on where you know you must go, so tying up old business feels less like a burden and more like exciting preparation.

Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019 (The Day of the Indomitable One)

A New Moon eclipse on your birthday indicates big changes ahead. But more than that, it’s an opportunity to reset patterns and trajectories. Where you point your canoe is of utmost importance; put yourself in the stream that flows in the direction of your intent. Take steps right now, no matter how modest, that line up with your aspirations. Your attitude is your greatest asset this year; believe in yourself and others will too.

Friday, Dec. 27, 2019 (The Day of the Clever Contributor)

You’ve reason to be optimistic about the year ahead, especially if you take the moment seriously and bring a disciplined game. Jupiter conjunct your Sun in your birthday chart signals a major cycle of growth and opportunities to broaden your horizons in far-reaching ways. A key factor in taking full advantage of this powerful year is your willingness to receive the gifts of deeper self-knowledge being offered. Reach out to supportive allies who share your ideals.

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019 (The Day of Simple Sophistication)

You’re right on the verge of a light-bulb moment. Something lurking in the shadows of your awareness, or information you need to move forward, should soon become clear. This may tie in with an apparent conflict between security and freedom, or questions about assessing risk factors in some speculative venture. Keep an open mind and work it through step by step; this will help you line up with the potential available to enhance personal resources.

Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019 (The Day of Preeminence)

Prepare for the tempo of your life to accelerate this year. Communicative skills play a central role, and with good time-management you’ll minimize the potential for overwhelm. An opportunity to significantly deepen your awareness is at hand: to tap into a source of wisdom and healing that’s been buried. This may initially appear in the form of a conflict between your self-concept and wounds from past history. Your psychic depths hold treasure. Go there.

— By Victoria Emory

Monday Morning Horoscope #208 for Dec. 23, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — The Sun is entering the career zone of your chart in grand style — in the formidable presence of Jupiter and many of the small, potent new planets. And then there’s the eclipse in a few days, and the grand conjunction on Jan. 12. All of this tells you it’s time to engage your highest aspirations. “Eventually” has arrived. However, you want the feeling of shifting through the gears (if you’ve never done so, imagine the feeling). You start with a lot of leverage but only a slow to moderate speed. Then as you gain momentum, you also gain velocity. Right now you have considerable traction; you can even move uphill if necessary. And as you proceed, there will be unexpected openings; you must know them when you see them. Please don’t let your anxiety or insecurity get in the way. To succeed implies change. Change means facing the unknown. The game is rigged in your favor.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You may have to give up something to gain something else, though I suggest you not think of it as a sacrifice. Rather, this is about you doing your part, which means taking leadership in a world where there is a troubling crisis of accountability. At this time, your choices count for more than usual. There are cyclone-force winds blowing many places. People are struggling. And many in positions of power lack any and all sense of duty. Let yourself be driven by what you know is the right thing, even if it’s inconvenient. Stay just slightly detached from your goals, and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. It’s likely numerous other people are involved, and that you are in some kind of key position. Your great strength is your knowledge, and your ability to apply it. Do not be distracted by emotions — yours or anyone else’s. Focus and proceed.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You may feel overwhelmed, as if everyone you know is trying to get a piece of your action, or have their way with you. This could involve some of the most sensitive aspects of your life. It is, however, essential that you set limits and boundaries, and establish your independence. I assure you this can only come when you are fully in charge of your finances, and divested of those who would attempt to control you with money. This problem has very old roots, going back to your childhood and your relationships with your parents. These will transplant over and over again until you decisively take full ownership of your life. That’s what this is about. Yet what may stand in the way is guilt you might feel in response to claiming your existence, your freedom to choose, and ultimately, your power over your life. This is an important topic, though till you understand it, don’t let it stop you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The astonishing collection of planets in your opposite sign Capricorn tells us that plenty is moving in your life. Important events are developing; there are significant people around you and many options are open. You need to focus your priorities and not be overwhelmed. The two go together. Feeling like you cannot handle your affairs is a matter of focusing on what is important first, and on what only you can do. Be mindful of that; you have enough people around you to spread out some of the work. Yet you cannot delegate your own intelligence. You must keep setting the agenda, and revising it day by day as you proceed. At the same time, seek the counsel of those you trust the most, and factor their opinions and observations into your own decisions. Organize a consultative process, and remember you’re the one who is ultimately responsible for your life and your business.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You must take care of yourself. You have a lot to do and more than your share of responsibility, and it looks like you’re loving that about life. Yet it’s essential that you make sure you manage your time and nourish your body. I’m not talking about “life/work” balance. Fuck that noise. I am talking about maintaining yourself like you’re a high performance sports car in the midst of a road race. Keep everything oiled and keep your fuel tank full, by which I mean: eat actual food. Get as much actual rest as you can. And manage new commitments: you have your hands full. If you get some fantastic prospect but you know you’ll be stretched, tell them to call you in two months. There is certain pressing business you have to complete, and that will lead you in certain new directions you were not expecting. Leave room on your dance card and don’t feign monogamy.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — We all live at a rest stop along the Information Superhighway. Yet with Neptune on its long trip across the relationship angle of your chart, you must be on the lookout constantly for what is not true. I don’t mean be suspicious. I mean be aware. I can offer you some tips from my life as an investigative reporter. One, notice when you’re believing something. I’m not saying the belief itself is good or bad. Rather, it’s dangerous for being a belief. Go right to questioning the basis for your notion. Two, notice when you want something to be true. That does not make it any more or less likely to be true. You need to identify your bias, and make sure you compensate for it. Three, fear is not an argument for truth, though it’s treated like one. Our current cultural equation is: the more frightening something is, the more credibility it has. Learn to see the rank absurdity of this point of view.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You live on shifting ground. We all do, though you’re most keenly aware of the situation. For some this will feel like being in a quake zone. Others will feel their foundations settling in. Others will get the message to “keep it moving.” Pay attention to what signals you’re getting, and see if you can parse them by filtering out your fears. Rather, try to use all information in a constructive way. Times like the ones we are in afford opportunities to those who are enterprising and a little courageous. Sometimes it even pays to be foolhardy, particularly if you don’t fall for the notion that something is impossible. One thing that may be shifting is your relationship to your family. You cannot depend on them like you used to, nor is it healthy for you to do so. That means standing on your own feet, on your own ground, with (at least) a room of your own.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may not know what you think, or how to think; there may not even be time to think. However, it’s essential that you settle down and ponder any situation that calls for action. The stitch in time that saves nine is having correct information pertaining to any decision you must make. That includes working with several viable options and never allowing yourself to feel like you’re boxed into having no choice. This may involve one specific matter that might seem like all or nothing as the next few weeks develop. Any time someone appears to claim power over you, or to exercise your choices for you, stop the show. Be bold about asserting your right to make the decisions that affect your life, and to have some say in anything that might so much as potentially affect you. You must tell yourself again and again that you are an adult, willing to fully take on adult responsibilities.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You must get your finances organized, which can start with something as basic as knowing your bank balances and how much you owe. This becomes the beginning of your financial master plan. Then you want to know the bottom line on your overhead costs, and your probable income — and set about fixing any disparities. Whatever your situation, you have the power to turn it around, turn it to your advantage, or work for radical improvements. Yet you have to know your situation as you stand today. And it will be beneficial if you have someone you can work with who far exceeds your knowledge and experience. The next month may prove to be a turning point you benefit from the rest of your life, if you have the awareness and devotion to make it so. There is a book going around called Know Your Worth. That’s one thing; you also have to establish your worth.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — With the Capricorn solstice, we are now officially, and celestially, in the zone of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. What you may notice about this time is that events have a fated quality (as also emphasized, more immediately, by the solar eclipse in your sign this coming Thursday, Dec. 26). What you will notice, though, is that present events have roots that may go back 10 years, 20 years, or even longer. When sussing this out, pay particular attention to any connection with the summer of 2001, which relates to the present moment rather directly. It is, in part, events from that time in your personal history that you’re in the process of resolving. What is pressing about this time is that from here, you must proceed on terms where you’re fully responsible for your own affairs. There can be no more parental-type authority figures in your life. It’s up to you to level out your relationships with anyone who would hold their power over you. Them days is gone.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The truly unusual astrology we’re living through is calling you to search inwardly, rather than out in the world. The time to expand your horizons will come soon enough; before then, you must be fully aware of your psychological and emotional situation. You still seem to be working out some deep material, and you must take full ownership of that. Otherwise, it’s likely to spill out into your intimate relationships and professional situations, in the form of projections. Do what so few people do, which is to assess and question their role in any controversies that may seem to enter from outside. Stick to “I statements,” meaning, use language in a way that places you in the position of taking personal responsibility for your experiences. Work your stuff out inwardly, rather than on others, with them or through them. Your dreams will be particularly revealing of your true motives.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You are well situated to benefit from the same astrology (and related events) that have most people wondering how they are going to handle all the pressure. One benefit you have is that you can witness developments from a safe distance, but still close enough to see exactly what is going on. Be careful and conscious in your choice of what to get involved with, and where to lend your energy. Make sure you take care of personal business first, and pay particular attention to your closest friends and colleagues. You are in an especially brilliant position to establish new business plans, or to develop ones you’ve been working on. Yet your success will depend entirely upon your ability to work closely and cooperatively with people. Know who your friends are. Know who your allies are. Ask for their help when you need it. Keep an eye on adversaries, and remember: there’s no time to hate. There is no time to wait.

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