The Day of Creative Isolation — Astrology for March 4, 2020

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If Your Birthday is Wednesday, March 4 | The Day of Creative Isolation

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It is one thing to avoid conflict as a means of escapism. It’s another thing to recognize drama for what it is, and step back from it. Be mindful of the ways that people try to drag you in, and the ways you tend to fall for it. You have the opportunity to work with the miracle of what some call “art” and transform your personal challenges into experiences that offer you growth, and create beauty. Your most productive world is within you, rather than around you.

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This is a momentous time in collective history, and a turning point in your life. As the year develops, most of the movement — including Pisces’ ruling planet Jupiter, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction — will be pointing into Aquarius, the most sensitive and innermost angle of your chart. I also cover the retrogrades of Venus and Mars, and the forthcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in your friendship sign Capricorn. Mostly, I help you orient on your profound journey, and offer guidance how to harmonize with the world at this unusual time. Get instant access to this reading.

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Almanac: The Moon is in Cancer and enters Leo on Friday, March 6, at 4:27 am EST.
Retrograde Mercury enters Aquarius today at 6:07 am EST.
Venus enters Taurus tonight at 11:07 pm EST.

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