Sun Square Chiron: Quest for Self-Expression

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This week the Sun, newly in Cancer, forms a square to Chiron in Aries. Sun-Chiron aspects suggest a discussion about the ways in which self-expression is damaged, stunted or actively resisted by forces in society and psyche.

Jim Morrison, Sun square Chiron poster child.

Sun square Chiron happens twice a year (the conjunction and opposition each happen once a year). The aspect on Thursday, June 27, is the second time for this Chiron in Aries cycle that the Sun has made a square to Chiron in Aries; the first was a year ago.

If you were listening to a client with Sun square Chiron, you might hear some version of the story about how their father was hobbled by some force they could not control: maybe they were really an inventor or an artist but were trapped in some other role in society because they had to work to pay the family bills.

The client would also be discussing their own experience. This is how charts work. A point like the Sun will often describe something about father, and then also describe how the owner of the chart experiences their own self-expression.

The Sun refers to what is often called the “masculine side.” Juan Revilla once wrote that the Sun in our chart is where we seek our glory. Take a close look at the Sun in your chart and ask yourself how you go about doing that.

The Active Principle: Hot, Fiery, Yang

The Sun’s energy is expressive, hot, fiery and what Chinese philosophy calls yang (which means bright). As the yang expression of life force, it has an opposite or complementary force, yin, which means dark. Yin is the receptive principle and yang is the active principle. We tend to assign gender roles to these modes of expression, and in that dualism, the Sun can be counted as the masculine force even though everyone has it.

This is partly the result of conditioning, and there would also seem to be some biology at work. In any event, the struggle for self-expression runs through the whole human story, no matter what kind of human we’re talking about. Such is often injured or inhibited by parents who are either bent on controlling the children, or who pass along an unwholesome example because their own lives were such an unresolved struggle.

I’ll say this a different way. Self-expression is something that everyone struggles with on some level, whatever forces they may seem to come up against. Yet when the Sun is square Chiron, anyone interested in astrology would do well to investigate what was going on with the men in their early environment, and the injuries they have suffered.

Mr. Perfect, J. Edgar Hoover, had Sun square Chiron, was a closet case and led the “red scare” against male homosexuals and transvestites through the 1950s.

These tend to be invisible, largely because men are conditioned not to express their feelings. People criticize men for this, often harshly, though it makes an interesting study to see how people actually respond when men open up and express themselves. Is anyone really interested? Is it “too painful”? Is it “too much” or “uncomfortable”?

Does it tarnish our treasured concept of strong and stoic masculinity? What about when men are honest about their sexual desire? That’s an important form of opening up.

We think that society has come a long way here. I’m not so sure about that. Men are pressured to follow certain rules that tend to be as invisible as the special privileges they are accused of having. One of my favorite metaphors of this is visible on Oscar night or any other “red carpet” type of event. The women wear one outfit more interesting, stunning or breathtaking than the next. Then men all wear black tuxedos; we might commend them on how well their lapels are stitched.

Tuxedos are a little like formal military dress, on which they are no doubt based. When you see Sun square Chiron in someone’s chart, consider the military history of the men around them. Jim Morrison had this aspect, and his father was Admiral George S. Morrison. He’s the guy who was in charge of the Tonkin Gulf naval fleet the night of the Maddox Incident in 1964. That was the false flag non-event that was used to provoke full U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. It’s fair to say that Jim used this aspect well.

Joseph McCarthy also had Sun square Chiron. So did J. Edgar Hoover and for that matter, D. H. Lawrence. Oh, and Robert Oppenheimer, co-inventor of the atomic bomb. So did Frank Sinatra and Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh. Among living persons, conservative commentator Lauren Southern comes up.

Sun Square Chiron in History

This morning I cast the chart for the Stonewall raid, which galvanized the queer movement back in the summer of 1969. This was not the beginning of the gay liberation movement; that had been going on for quite a while by that time. But it was most definitely the first major eruption of the movement, which served as a catalyst for quite a bit of progress on a global scale.

I’ll have more to say about this chart in tonight’s Planet Waves FM and Thursday’s edition. However, the one thing immediately relevant to today’s theme is that the chart has the Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries, just as we have this week. Chiron runs an orbit of just over 50 years, so we’re at the Chiron return of Stonewall, and this aspect repeats within one day of the anniversary.

The chart is asking us to look at something that has come full circle.

Stonewall uprising, New York City, summer 1969.

It’s clear that the gay rights movement was, at that time, about the quest for self expression. The thing you hear over and over again from people who were alive and paying attention during that era is: thanks to the existence of a movement, many no longer had to lie about who they were.

Lying about one’s sexuality, or concealing one’s true being, is a profound burden. We’re doing a lot better on this topic vis-a-vis queer than we were doing 50 years ago. Gay is now, in every way, a protected class or category. Many see them not as ‘other’ but as people.

Yet the struggle for expression, including sexual and relational expression, still burns through society. The reason that “straight” people (to use a ridiculous word) are seemingly so safe is because they say so little about who they are and what they do. Straight is safe, as long as one is a closet case.

Thanks to my work, I’m in a position where many people tell me the details of their sexuality, which often comes with the postscript, “I cannot talk to my friends about this. They would think I was nuts.” What is the “this”? Well, it’s anything that departs from the Better Homes & Gardens-certified organic vanilla, hetero, monogamous way of going about things.

You’re OK if you’re currently partnered to exactly one person, if you claim to have only had three to five past lovers, and if you don’t talk about what you’re really into. Women are allowed to be bi-curious. Parents, including atheists, are allowed to revolt when their children’s public school wants to update the sex-ed program, or get one in the first place, since of course sex-ed leads directly to sex — kind of like heroin leads to beer.

To me, that’s a description of a struggle for expression. It’s certainly not anything resembling freedom. Anyone who shuts up because they’re afraid they’ll be judged, fired or persecuted by the school board if they talk about how they actually live out their relationships and sexuality is living in the closet. And that is a lot of people.

As Kurt Cobain wryly put it, “What else can I say? Everyone is gay.”

With love,

Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Monday, June 24, 2019 (The Day of the Blissful Wizard)

If you want to be trusted, first resolve to be trustworthy. That means knowing what you want and how you feel, and expressing that honestly with everyone. You will earn other people’s confidence as they notice you being consistent and handling challenges with maturity. You don’t have to get it right all the time — just keep aiming in the direction you need to go, and be prepared to admit to and repair any errors or oversights along the way without being told. Such an ethos is a sure sign of responsibility.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 (The Day of the Sensitive Receptor)

What might seem like a challenging or stressful situation in terms of your career path has the potential to serve as a spur that drives your development. You’ll need to engage with it actively: take that course, seek out the promotion, start your own venture — and make it your own. If you’re bored, irritable or restless, check whether you’re angry. You might not need more stimulus; you might need to address a situation you have not considered before. Though the idea may seem scary, it’s a necessary step toward acknowledging your true capability and sense of purpose.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 (The Day of Stamina)

You seem impatient to reach a new phase in your professional life, though it would help to ensure you follow all the necessary steps. If you want to fit into a specific role but don’t yet have the qualifications needed, get the training, or apprentice yourself to someone who will teach you and answer your questions. You are never too old to learn new skills, and few prizes worth gaining require zero effort. Set aside any preconceptions you have of how things ‘should’ be, though your enthusiasm can serve as an excellent source of fuel to drive you onward.

Thursday, June 27, 2019 (The Day of the Defensive Developer)

You’ve come a long way and worked hard to get to this point in your life. The fruits of your efforts are beginning to show themselves, though try not to cling to any specific ideas about how they’ll pan out. This is a journey you’re still on, and what happens over the next few months will propel you toward the future, be it one of “fate” or of your own choosing. Be open to surprises, and if you’re feeling unsure or apprehensive, keep in mind that the achievements you’ve already made cannot be taken from you.

Friday, June 28, 2019 (The Day of Emotional Stimulation)

It would appear you’re fluctuating between two states of mind. In one, you really need to rouse yourself in order to push toward your goals; and in the other, you’re barrelling ahead at such a fast pace you’re liable to break the sound barrier. Finding a happy medium may seem like a challenge; the first thing to do is catch yourself when in either mode, and figure out what’s going on. Then plan out a pace that’s healthy and works for you. You don’t need to get it perfect every day; persistence is almost always a better friend than speed.

— By Amy Elliott

Saturday, June 29, 2019 (The Day of Airborne Dreamers)

Hold out your full respect for the power of desire. That is what drives you, on whatever level you may need to be motivated. The words, “I shall not want” represent the surrender of your personal volition, the most potent force in your psyche. The challenge, though, is knowing what you want, which is also about knowing what’s true for you. This is your quest. As you embark on it sincerely, you will notice there are a lot of things you have no use for, and should not be part of your life. And you will notice what really turns you on. Mark the difference.

Sunday, June 30, 2019 (The Day of Motivation)

Normally I would never recommend that anyone scale back their ambitions or even suggest to keep them realistic, though your chart is sending you the “reality check” message. The sticky point is knowing what you want, rather than investing considerable energy into a goal or ideal that turns out not to be the thing that really gets you going. Keep exploring. Keep asking questions and, most of all, persist in your experiments — without making a major commitment. At just the right moment, your project will pick you.

— By Eric Francis

Monday Morning Horoscope #182 for June 24, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Acknowledge what the men in your life have been through: your father and grandfathers, your partners, your sons. There is a level of struggle men carry that I observe is not fully acknowledged, and which is often ridiculed. The injury to men is really an injury to the male side of the psyche for all of us. This counts for individuals and for society. I propose it’s time to take this seriously. I propose it’s time to bristle at the mention of “the patriarchy” and all its ills, and consider how we feel about, and think about, and treat, the men in our lives. This may be difficult in our age of nonstop propaganda, but with a little awareness raising, you can do it. Notice in yourself any craving for the attention of men, and how you relate to that feeling — and how you relate to men in its context. It’s the male aspect of your own being that needs love, attention and healing — from you.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Your role is to be of service. This is often confused with making a sacrifice, in a sense of the idea that’s not really helpful to anyone. When you offer yourself, the gift you are giving is something that must come through you rather than directly from you. There are several forms that may take, including an acknowledgement or confirmation being the thing that comes through. What you want to be vigilant about is guilt. It is unlikely to be related to the matter at hand, but rather a hangover from some distant situation that is lingering in your consciousness. The problem with guilt is how convincing it is. Yet its logic is always circular, or obverse: you feel this way, therefore you are wrong. If you can question that, you may start to peer through a veil that seems much thicker than it really is.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — One of the most significant themes of your life in this time of your history is understanding the power that certain others seem to hold over you. You can probably guess my next line: it is far less about them, and far more about you. Your emotional investments and involvements open the way for you to be what some call manipulated. And most of this comes through the process of your “self image” or “identity” (both of which are fictional). It will be through focusing your awareness on this process that you will set yourself free from this type of scenario, to the extent that it exists. I suggest you evaluate all situations where either sex or money, or both, are factors, and study the dynamics. There is one other thing. How do you present yourself to the public (however you think of that term)? Do you in any way manipulate who you are, to get a certain effect from others? Consider carefully.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You are in the process of claiming back something about yourself — and it may be so old you have no concept of the underlying reality. That does not matter, as long as you notice that, step by step, you are claiming your right to exist. This may seem like a strong statement, though that is ultimately what it comes down to. This week’s contact between the Sun and Chiron is an invitation to express something about yourself, in an honest, bold and gentle way. Yet you will know you’re doing it when you feel the tension, the ache and perhaps the pain of emerging from that space where you are a child subject to the unquestionable power and will of mother. This manifests as authority in every form, particularly the kind that makes no sense, and is essentially authority without responsibility. Your quest at this time in your life is to find the sweet spot where you access both of those as one thing.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Mercury arrives in your sign on Wednesday, which indicates a message. Start by receiving one rather than delivering one. However, the issue here is seeing the message randomly in everything. So I suggest you ask when you need information — and only count that as a valid response. There’s a guy on my street who likes to blurt out random things to people. Once I sensed the wisdom in some of his statements, I took my own approach. Now when I pass him, I say, “George, what’s the good word?” and he says something to me. When I open a fortune cookie, I make a conscious inquiry, and take the printed message as a potentially valid response. I do the same things when I read a horoscope column. Are you following me? Count as a message what you ask for information about. Not every bumper sticker contains a meaningful synchronicity. Be conscious what you take in as valid.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — The realm of what you consider spiritual is far, far from what you were told was such as a young person. It may be so remote and removed that you can’t believe there is any connection between what you now recognize as being of a divine nature, and what was in some way pushed onto you previously — but alas! There is more to Heaven and Earth than those muggles tried to convince you was true. Yet in some sense there was a scant element of reality, muffled by all the baggage that adults tend to pack around anything they don’t understand or don’t have direct experience with. For you, this phase of your journey is about experience. Your quest is the quest to experience the world through young eyes. Let yourself be motivated by curiosity and thirst for life. More than humans need goodness, or nonexistent purity, we need to rekindle our craving for what we don’t already know. Understanding is another matter entirely.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Ask yourself honestly: who supports you, and who does not? Let’s use a boring concept to illustrate the point: percentiles. If someone helps you 51% and distracts or harms you 49%, that is not a winning bargain. I would say that you’re still not in good standing if you’re helped 80% and distracted or harmed 20%. Helpful people are only that. They may not be perfect; we are all human. Yet loving intention, and the focus on doing the correct thing for the right reasons, are basic to what you are seeking. You are in a position to accomplish something beautiful, new and unusual in these days. Yet to do this, you must have the support of your environment; and for that to happen, you need to cooperate fully, and be honest with yourself about the role others play in your life. For the next few days, take a neutral, nonjudgmental stance, and observe carefully what others do when you have a need, or they have a commitment to you to fulfill.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Make professional moves this week with care and caution, and focus on the human level. Listen carefully for signs of envy, jealousy or contempt — whether coming from you or someone else. If you notice any of these emotions coming from yourself, address them immediately. They are the result of values and expectations that are no longer valid for you (and in truth, never were). If you notice them from someone else, you will need to handle the matter gently, and in a way that does not require a blow for blow confrontation. Given that throwing down is currently the way of the world, and how the only thing that seems to matter is absolute power over other people, this will require you acting in a way that is contrary to your environment. Yet confrontation of the style I am describing wastes far more energy than it can possibly create, and runs contrary to your goals — which are in no way assured to be fulfilled. You will have to make that happen one small step at a time.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — What do you really have to do, and why do you have to do it? This will take some careful and reflective pondering. To get a sense of the bottom line, you will need to think slower, rather than faster. And you will benefit from the use of a calendar, so that you may structure time in a conscious way, and make the most of it. Currently there is a distortion that is leading you to believe everything has to happen fast, and that you owe things to people when you really do not. Once you have a handle on time, then evaluate your actual commitments to people, whether professional, social or emotional. I would propose that you need to relieve yourself of at least half of them or more. This will be efficient, since there are likely to be certain people or situations taking up more than their fair share of bandwidth — your bandwidth. Be meticulous, persistent and focused in making the changes.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You have just been through an odyssey you may not fully understand. This involved the passage of Mars through your opposite sign Cancer. Mars (nearly done with this transit) is the fast mover, playing off against several slow-moving developments in your sign. What happened over the past five or six weeks was a kind of test, designed to bring out the true nature of your underlying growth process. What exactly occurred during this time? Did it reveal any weaknesses, cracks, or points of immaturity that you need to address? Is there something from the past that you are now on notice you need to handle consciously and attentively? You have a finite amount of time to turn certain problems into solutions and opportunities. The first step is recognizing the problem so that it can be solved and turned to your advantage. Do not speculate.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Consider the possibility that you’re being driven by forces you don’t understand. To get that far, you would need to admit there may be something about you that defies your immediate comprehension, or that you have not noticed. Recent events at work, or related to your health (such as over the past four to six weeks), will give you a clue what this is about. You will need to do the detective work, and draw some inferences what might really be going on. That means “conclusions reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.” Then, subject your inferences to a little skepticism, and verify you have them right; look for other potential observations or outcomes. Consider scenarios where you give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and ones where you give others the benefit of the doubt. Then evaluate both, and see which makes more sense to a reasonable person.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The Sun moving through the most creative, curious and boldest angle of your solar chart is encouraging you to go forward, to try again, to give it (whatever it is) your very best. The Sun is retracing the path that was just taken by Mars, making aspects to a great many planets on what is called the cardinal cross (where most of the energy in your chart is contained). This will shine light on past events, as well as reveal new strategies, ideas and approaches to certain goals you cherish. While you may be inclined to think of these as related to business, I suggest you recast that and consider them creative opportunities. Art does not mean that you get to relax and let things happen, or let the good things come to you. Rather, art is risky, and it takes three times more energy than the usual day-to-day of the planet. Do you have it in you? I reckon so — but we will soon see.

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