STARCAST – Leo Full Moon and a Lot of Chiron

Misty morning in the Astrology Chalet in Rosendale.

Dear Friend and Reader:

I am taking off from writing duties through the February monthly next week, though I do have a few thoughts about today’s Full Moon.

In that spirit, today’s STARCAST looks at the Leo Full Moon chart. The Moon and Sun (in an opposition — that’s the ‘full’ part) are also square Jupiter (90 degrees, tense and exciting) — so beware of various effects of exaggeration.

There’s another important square that I describe, which is Mercury and Mars, square Chiron. I give a good description of that setup, but forgot one thing — Mars square Chiron is in love with the appearance of integrity, which is really about bring rigid rather than integrated. So beware of pretend integrity, which may just be a kind of stiff, unidentified veiled anger or frustration looking for a home.

In a natal chart, Mars square Chiron will work over time to create the inner and outer conditions where integration is inevitable, though it can take a while. Today, it might result in a needless argument. If you’ve got an issue with someone, wait till tomorrow.

I’ve included the chart, and also the video I woke up to after falling asleep at around sunrise with YouTube running — some interesting thoughts; the idea of “tulpamancy” comes through Tanya Luhrmann. It’s a thing: using psychic techniques to create extremely imaginary “friends.”

Beware, they are not always so friendly. This seems to be another old thing revived and retrieved in a new form under full digital/generative AI conditions. In that spirit, look for a return of Journey Without Distance soon, now that I’ve completed the 2024 annual edition.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

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