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"You have certainly honed your craft. Well done, exceptional insight and effort. Your ability to speak humanly is enviously awe inspiring.” — Denis Picard

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Somewhere In Between: Ready and Waiting

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are receiving rapturous response to the new annual edition, Somewhere In Between. These are my 26th edition, with written and video readings for all 12 signs and rising signs. Purchasing options are below the testimonials. When you purchase, you will find them under Readings in your My Account area. 

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With love,

"Thank you so much for the written readings for Sagittarius and Aquarius. I have yet to reread them a few times to absorb all this deep and meaningful content. I can confidently say that I resonate deeply and find myself seen and understood in a new way. I truly appreciate and value your excellent work and beautifully crafted content." — Silvia

"Congratulations and thank you so much. Spectacular! I appreciate you and your work immensely. It is so helpful to this Pisces." — Marie Nelson

"I went through all the dates and planets you list over the years, and they correspond to very strong events in my life. I am stunned. Journaling some around the patterns revealed in that reading has brought back memories I stuffed. The literal feeling of a blanket being removed from my head in recent weeks or months and an inner compelling energy seems to now have meaning and direction, a vector with mass, momentum, velocity and direction." — Allen Abrahams

"Oh my! That was like reading my diary...I seem to be ahead of the times and this year's reading is an excellent reminder of thoughts and emotions that while at the time were profound, got lost in the fog. Thank you, friendly neighborhood astrologer! You're a potent weapon to carry on this field." — Janice Phillips

"I am enjoying the very interesting information you have written for my horoscope. I can relate to a lot of it. You do an excellent job of covering everything. I will continue to read my information again and again. I appreciate all you have written, and thank you so much for taking the time to do it. Again, my sincere thanks." — Elaine Veazey

"Your written readings for Somewhere In Between are extraordinary. Thanks for all you do, star brother.” — Watersnake

Somewhere In Between is available in the following options.

Written and video for all 12 signs

Video for all 12 signs

Written for all 12 signs

Single signs (written and video)

Two sign bundles (written and video)

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