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Two dozen eggs, two dozen readings.

Dear Friend and Reader:

The world is nervous, and many people are edgy, and looking for something that points to a better future. I know that I am. I suspect that you are. Part of why the fear level is rising is that confusion is rising. Astrology is here to help you address the chaos factor.

I recognize the mutual trust involved in presenting my extended readings: you openly allow me to influence you with my ideas, and I trust you will make the best use of my work. I offer them to the greatest good for all concerned.

The cost of these readings is minimal, and the benefit can be tremendous — if you match what I have done with your own willingness to grow, learn and explore. They are a collaboration.

Catskill Sunrise. Photo by Eric Francis.

Excerpts from Somewhere In Between

Today I have samples of what I’ve been working on the past couple of months — the written readings in the Somewhere In Between series. These are small excerpts from readings that run about 18 pages. There will also be a video reading added once we get these out (looking like late Monday on the written). I’ll start the video I take a day or two somewhere else to give my mind a rest.

This has been a real workout. I feel like I am relearning astrology once again as we head into the new era of Pluto in Aquarius and growing emphasis on the sign Aries. That peaks with a total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in April — this is big astrology.

Between that and Pluto in Aquarius, it will be all over the news, but nobody will know exactly what is behind the events, what describes them, and why so many people are experiencing something so unusual. What I am saying is that starting later this month and into the spring, the world is going to turn to popcorn. And if you know the astrology, you will have a window into what is happening.

Photo by Eric Francis

Upgrading to Video Format

I am a print writer, and I prefer radio to video. The written readings are made to print, and we are upgrading audio to video.

Writing these is basically telling the same story many different ways. I am using no boilerplate language in these readings; every sign is an original interpretation, set in context. The solar houses are a beautiful thing. Between this year, last year’s Inner Space, and the Aquarian Era readings, I have the makings of a Sun sign book.

Each written reading takes about three days of work, plus early preparation. If I did this for a client, the cost would be about $3,000.

I’ve decided for a change to do the readings in video. This will be much more personal, and will also enhance use of my simplified charts. I want you to know what I’m saying and why. This is part of why I give two readings with the annuals.

The annuals have been in audio since we added multimedia in 2003 or so. We will also have an audio version and add a PDF of both charts.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Package Includes Audio, Written, Plus Past Years

The design innovation of Planet Waves readings is I can get you work of this quality, that gets you most of the way there, for $44 per sign, and currently $133 for all 12 signs. The work is guaranteed. If the readings do not meet your expectations, we will refund you.

Your reading includes a written reading per sign, plus video. There is also a general introduction giving you ideas how to work with the information. Four past readings are also in the box, which you will find are as meaningful today as they were when released.

For those who already ordered any version of the single or two sign bundles, you will also be getting a written and video reading for each sign you purchased.

And even better, something new is coming. Right when we need it the most.

Your Somewhere In Between options are:

One sign for $44 

Two signs for $55

All 12 signs for $133

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,

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