Michael Lang, Eccentric Uncle of the Woodstock Generation

Michael Lang, center, at the Woodstock festival in Bethel, N.Y., in August 1969 with Steve Cohen, left, and Rocky Williams of the event’s production team. Automotive Affairs Editor Larry Allen commented: “Real male bodies! Not Justin Bieber!” Photo by Elliott Landy / The New York Times.

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On the new Planet Waves FM, pay homage to Michael Lang, one of the founders of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, who I knew from both journalism assignments and bumping into him in Woodstock (the actual town) and Kingston. Lang died in New York City on Saturday, Jan. 8 of a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Here is the original press report in Variety.

Read my prior coverage of the various Woodstock festivals:

In Search of the Ghost of Woodstock from AS WE ARE, 1994 is reported from on the ground during preparation for the 25th anniversary concert in Saugerties, New York.

Flashpoints: The Continuation of Burning Man from 1999 includes coverage of the Woodstock 1999 30th anniversary festival held on a retired Air Force AWAC base. Our man on the ground was Mikio Kennedy, Grateful Dead artist and my March 10 brother.

They Were Barefoot in Babylon from 2020, my most “controversial” article about covid so far, relating to the Hong Kong flu which was supposedly a big deal in summer 1969.

What if the Moon Landing Happened? is another “controversial” article because I dare to ask a question that many other people have asked. This takes place in the summer of 1969 and is an alt-view of astrology very similar to the Woodstock festival, which happened just a month later. Five years in the making, this article cost me several scientific sources who were (apparently) appalled that I would apply the principles of science to space exploration. It’s also one of my favorite examples of Planet Waves page design. Spoiler: the astrology of the Moon landing is the best evidence I can find that it really happened. Take that, astronomers! I find this particularly humorous — try though I may, I cannot get the physical evidence to add up to anything, and much of it speaks against the Moon landing scenario being true. When I read the astrology, I get: this probably happened. The charts look good.

Friday’s edition will include an edition of The Branching of the Road, from the Teacher’s Manual of A Course in Miracles. Here is the section I will be covering.

Noon chart for Michael Lang, and the commencement of the Woodstock festival to the right. I asked Michael several times for his birth time, and each time he said he did not know it. It is not published by any authoritative source or biography, so a noon chart is what we have to work with. The festival chart is for when Richie Havens took the stage, one hour past the scheduled time. Source is Bob Spitz’ book Barefoot in Babylon. Click chart for larger version.
Mike Lang at the festival site, August 1969. Photo by Henry Diltz.
Michael Lang is shown at the Winston Farm in Saugerties, N.Y., site of the Woodstock ’94 concert, in early August 1994, about two weeks before the festival. The concert’s North Stage is being built in the background. (Daily Freeman File Photo)

2 thoughts on “Michael Lang, Eccentric Uncle of the Woodstock Generation”

  1. Thank you Eric. I am one of those that listens to you every Friday night.
    I consider you one of my creative and intelligent friends from afar.
    It’s getting lonely out here. Feeling the walls closing in.
    I heard your exasperation tonight like never before. I’m with you.
    With gratitude,
    Lauren Mantecon

  2. Dear Eric,
    You have been my only reliable source for getting through this unending nightmare. The deception being spread, them throwing a web of fear over our country, our world, is so f’k’ng overwhelming – I am grateful beyond words for your research, your team’s work, and your constant help with understanding the true details beneath the lies. Your broadcast Jan. 8 was incredible. No matter how many times you go over it, explaining, interviewing guests, none of what you present feels repetitive. I loved “People Who are Not Experts”. I appreciate having a community – you and all your listeners and readers – with whom to unravel this mess. Thank you.

    “They” took the common cold (a coronavirus) and fear-coerced nearly eight billion humans into believing they’ve found a cure for a little old three-billion-year-old virus. Named each “terrifying” mutation, timed to extra jabs or anti-viral pharms. This could go on forever.

    Yes, I know people who caught some (whatever) virus and got quite sick for weeks, mostly because they don’t know about homeopathics and elderberry and garlic and a whole host of other yummy herbs. But seriously, timing and naming every new “found” mutation for profit and power? Viruses mutate. Science has found nothing, and Greek letter “little-o” (omicron) is a big joke.

    Thank you, Eric. Keep going.

    With love,
    Bambi Sterling

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