Planet Waves is Off This Week. STARCAST coming Friday.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Planet Waves and Planet Waves FM are off this week. Eric is traveling and planning a new STARCAST for Friday; watch your inbox for a messages from the Planet Waves list, and from Substack.

We do have two small features for you, though — before he left, Eric recorded a conversation about The Spiritual Crisis of Digital Conditions. He also recorded the first in a series of short videos about the basics of reading a chart. This first one is about the Anatomy of a Natal Chart.

We recently introduced two forthcoming readings. One is the Midyear video reading, called Trifecta. The second is Astrology Studio for Cancer. Both are included with the Backstage Pass.

Please see additional information below. Stay tuned for STARCAST some time Friday.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

— The Planet Waves Editors

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The Trifecta 2023 Midyear Readings are a series of 12 extended video readings in which Eric covers the dominant influence of the second half of 2023: Venus retrograde in Leo as it interacts with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and the ongoing transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius (the physical world to the digital). Designed for your Sun and rising sign, and to gain insight into the lives of people you care about, you will find something helpful, useful and intelligent in every video.

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Astrology Studio for Cancer will help you make sense of our complicated moment, whether you’re Cancer Sun, Moon or rising. The most helpful and exciting changes are developing in your social house, which also doubles as your house of professional revenue. The pressure is starting to come off of your one-to-one relationships. Love and romance are most likely to emerge from group and other social environments.

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