Planet Waves FM: The Mercury Retrograde Impeachment, Journeying Deep into the Heart of Scorpio, and a Little Bit of Baseball

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Tonight’s Planet Waves FM circles around and dives into the current retrograde of Mercury in Scorpio. Did any astrology fan in the world miss how the retrograde began just as the U.S. House of Representatives was voting on the rules for the presidential impeachment? First I discuss the retrograde from the personal angle, and then I expand to the political.

Eric Francis. Photo by Jeff Bisti.

I also respond to The Guardian’s utterly ridiculous article last week about how Kingston, New York, is a city preparing for the end of capitalism. That, and Trump is a very stable genius. I have my own news coverage of Kingston, in a satire piece called The Cranky Times, which I distributed on April Fool’s Eve.

Tantra Studio is an experiment — I play the last 40 minutes of the Scorpio Astrology Studio reading, The Creative Leap. Two additional samples are on the home page. Then there’s an extra bit at the end — a reading of the short story “The Thrill of the Grass,” by W.P. Kinella, read by John Shea. The whole CD is fantastic, and available here.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: The Mercury Retrograde Impeachment, Journeying Deep into the Heart of Scorpio, and a Little Bit of Baseball”

  1. Thank you so much all that you are doing for “our community”…I am grateful for your dedication & your commitment to bringing “light” and depth and understanding to my world at this tumultuous time. I always look afraid to hearing the music you have chosen
    for the Sunday night “talk” and I love hearing your assessment of the astrology and the political drama and the way you bring it down to earth. Thank you again, so much, for be-ing there and breaking it down!
    for myself and our world community.

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