Of Technicalities Minor, Major …

Of Technicalities Minor, Major, Mercurial, Aesthetic
and Functional

I spent much of my birthday Thursday involved in an investigation of how an unauthorized person posted to the Planet Waves subscriber’s list overnight Wednesday. As I am sure you can imagine, I was alarmed by that rather fishy development — the first time such a thing has happened. Someone from New Zealand, innocently sending email intended for me, managed to send it to many of you (it fortunately got caught in a lot of Spam traps, since Planet Waveswas not the sender — someone named Sandipa was).

With me sipping champagne and breathing little puffs of dragon fire, our ISP diligently worked much of the day, examining the list server’s logs and programming, attempting to figure just out what happened. We eliminated a number of unsavory possibilities, made some changes, but at the end of the day yesterday, there was still no theory. And I am always one who needs a good theory on which to hang my mittens.

So I broke out my favorite investigative reporting tactic — ask. I wrote to the sender and said, “Hi, how did you write to me? Please send copies of everything.” A little while later, I received a friendly note that thankfully eliminated the possibility of hacking (which I did not suspect), along with her original email, the code, and so on. Somehow an error message she received from our server provided an address that by odd coincidence was the same one that [used to] send mail to the whole list. For this breakthrough, I will be demanding my long-awaited promotion to deputy inspector. And the owner of the ISP will buy me a fine sushi lunch the next time I’m in town, to which you are all invited as his guests.

For the record, all email that goes to this list will look official, it will be signed by me, and originate from either the Horoscopes address, or my personal address. I don’t send anything random ‘for your information’ — just actual publications and occasional letters which will have the Planet Waves logo on top.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience and any minor shock. And — since it went out — I’ll mention a Web page link was offered in the post, which many of you visited. I have learned quite a lot about this group from people who were closely involved with it years ago; they have many interesting things to say; but it would make a much better article topic than unequivocal endorsement.

The ‘Astrology Secrets Revealed‘ Question & Answer page is updated at Cainer.com. The direct link is: http://cainer.com/ericfrancis/eric.html

Mercurially Yours

The recent spell of Mercury in Pisces had a feeling of crossed wires and odd phenomena. For example, a number of readers, intending to forward this publication to their friends, instead replied and sent the note to me (this had never happened before; it just started one day about two weeks ago). In all instances, I let them know what happened. Oh, Judy, your brother says he’s fine and is going on vacation in May. He needs you to watch the dogs again.

Ever-continuing to make things interesting, Mercury is now in its shadow phase, meaning that it has entered the degrees of Aries that it will be moving in retrograde motion between March 20 and April 12.

Mercury will cover between 14 Aries 06, backtracking to 1 Aries 44, during this retrograde. The timing is interesting, as it includes the Aries Equinox (March 20, the day of the station) and an eclipse of the Sun (April 8). All of this involves Aries, the most accurate keyword for which is beginnings. We can add initiative, identity, and a pioneering spirit of innovation.

Placing Mercury retrograde in this sign, and having it go back nearly to the Aries point, as a ‘back to the beginning’ kind of feeling. I see a lot of potential for self-discovery, for the rearrangement of and sorting out of relationships based on ‘who I really am’,

However, in the collective sense, Aries involves lots of people. The Aries Point, or the first degree of Aries (also called the Sidereal Vernal Point or SVP — the place that the Western horoscope is reckoned against the Eastern horoscope) — is a deeply sensitive spot. This retrograde will make news, and it’s likely to make big news. I am not thrilled that generally big means bad, but we have set ourselves up for that, as a society. Shock is the only thing that gets a response from most media punters, which is partly a result of being desensitized and partly a result of so much going on that there is not time to care.

Anyway — there are revelations ahead, but you might not notice then in all the fuss; so I suggest we get on our knees and pray that we don’t get fooled again.

As for Functional and Aesthetic

The Planet Waves Weekly subscriber area has been redesigned, along with the cover page of the weekly site. This will be live in a few hours. The way to check is to go to the normal login area (available on the PlanetWaves.net cover) and enter your keyword.

Many new features have been added: a daily blog that will give a short weather report of the day’s astrology, for five weekdays and the weekend; search facilities that utilize a specially-created index of the subscriber-only archives, that works better than Google, because it’s more thorough (Google can’t access the subscriber areas — so now you can search Planet Waves Weekly for things like the names of minor planets that have been mentioned); normal Google search features for the entire Planet Waves network of sites; an international clock that gives the time in London, Paris, New York, California and Sydney; a much more comprehensive world clock; and a cleaner, more organized look and feel.

Plus new, improved sales propaganda to convince more people to sign up.

There is also a printable, monthly astrocalendar. And there are links to all the different features to which I contribute. And we have other ideas brewing, but I did not have to tell you that.

Tracy Delaney, a 60s child who lives up on England’s northwest coast, has been working patiently behind the scenes of these various miracles. We collaborate on the idea level (Fish Power!), though I credit her entirely with the meticulous care and devotion to see projects like this through, in a true labor of love. I say ‘like this’: she deigned and programmed Bridge to the Core as fast as I could write it, and also (among other significant bits and pieces) created the new contents page on the free site, PlanetWaves.net — please have a look: http://planetwaves.net/WhatsNew/

Thank you, Tracy.

If any Planet Waves readers are published book authors, I have a question and would appreciate hearing from you — please drop me a note. Thanks! efc

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

You don’t need an explanation for the developments that are quickly coming into your life; you need, I think, to breathe every breath and meet every person you encounter with your eyes open — and let any possibility be real. Existence certainly has a larger-than-life feeling at the moment, or stranger than life, or more beautiful. Or perhaps more fragile. All of this is true.

Yet what you are living is only and always life; your life. Though it may seem strange to think of yourself as the source of all this experience, that is a far more natural way for you to relate to the genuinely extraordinary times that are ahead than any other. What is happening is intimately connected to your responses. Your responses create experiences, to a real degree; and your perceptions allow you to see certain things and not others. At this point, all you need to do is make your decisions one at a time, and remember that each ‘major’ decision is really a series of smaller choices that add up to the larger ones.

Those born during the last week of Pisces will be moving into the peak of their Pluto square the Sun transit. Pluto is now in the late degrees of Sagittarius; your natal Sun is in the late degrees of Pisces. So, if you’re born around March 11 or 12, you are currently in the peak of this transit; if you’re born from March 14 through 16 you are going into the peak, and if you’re born later, you will reach the peak over the next few years, but are most likely feeling the intensity build, and there is much you can do to synchronize yourself with the changes that are coming.

This transit is what, during my last astrology reading, the astrologer working with my chart called the ‘ultimate transformation’. True, it’s not quite Pluto conjunct the Sun, which people born in late Sagittarius are going through. But it’s not exactly a fair match, since most Sagittarians have an indomitable strength of constitution that most Pisceans parallel with overwhelming sensitivity. This sensitivity is your strength, it’s your safety net, and it’s your most dependable vehicle for relating to the world — but sensitivity it is, no matter how useful it may be.

Pluto square the Sun is has a kind of get-tough message, but Pisces-styled, tough means flexible, strong and willing to see the possibilities. Such a powerful aspect to the Sun falls in the category of ‘coming to terms with yourself’ developments and that, for a Pisces, can be challenging. You could say, ‘coming to terms that you are a self’ or ‘that you have a self’. There is certainly an energy of definition, of peeling back the layers, and of taking a true evolutionary step.

When in doubt, though, I suggest you retreat to a space of ease rather than a space of intensity or labor. The New Moon trine Saturn on March 10 suggests that gentle is the way to success. This is a powerful omen that what you focus on will grow, and that there is a direct blessing of some kind of authority — perhaps a reward for having come to terms with your inner authority figures, such as having tamed the voices of your parents and having seen them as the people they are.

Yet there is a real measure, for all Pisces, of official sanction. You are recognized as a fully legitimate member of society. Some of those do manage to pull off being quite rebellious which, needless to say, is a high priority for you in these years of your life. Just make sure that everyone in your world gets the same message: that you are you own person, who makes decisions about your own destiny. No Pisces needs to be reminded that he or she lives at the mercy of the oceanic universe, which you of all people must respect; but every one needs to be reminded to break out the charts and boldly sail the ship.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Developments of the coming two months present an undeniable phase of personal reinvention. To handle this energy well, consider every aspect of who you are a work in progress. And remember that in your essence, you are an idea: not a concept, but rather the manifested expression of the living Spirit of life. What is alive is subject to change, it impacts its environment, and most of all, it relates to itself and the world in a self-conscious way. These weeks promise to be some of the most vital and vividly aware of your life so far, and it will be very interesting to see what you experience and what you learn.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Your friends are everything, and you know it. The diversity of people in your life at the moment is nothing short of artful, that is, beautiful and shocking, and reflects the wealth of your own spirit. But moreover, the protection and inspiration afforded by the people around you is your passport to freedom. The people around you will teach you, guide you, set the example and, at times, take you by the hand and bring you directly where you need to be. The stars say trust the process with the pleasure of a child; but listen to your heart, like the child you are.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Bold, unlikely and even impossible professional developments are taking shape. The result is that you’re needing to take a higher profile and more visible role than in any recent time, or rather, circumstances seem to be demanding it. Your one main point of hesitation is likely to be this. You are someone who takes enormous solace in the ability to change and grow as you need, including the right to change your mind. Usually, you do this when nobody is looking. But it’s not so different when everybody is staring right at you. In fact, it’s quite liberating, and you’re more than ready for others to deal with your decision to simply be you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This week’s New Moon in Pisces, in the angle of your chart dealing with long-range plans, foreign cultures and publishing, brings surprising and more-than-welcome developments. It all may seem too easy to be true, but the truth of the matter is that you have worked and waited a long time for whatever develops. You are not what can truly be called a compromising person, but neither are you pushy. Instead, you have developed both patience and a sense of vision that work best in the long run: and this week, the stars seem to be talking about the home stretch of a marathon.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
These days, your life has been a torrent of passion if it’s been anything at all — not necessarily for anyone in particular, mainly for existence itself. This is a moment so powerful you can create anything at all; you can create something from nothing, or anything from anything else. You need just one thing, which is faith in what you feel, and faith in the people around you. Quite literally everything is negotiable, as long as you presume and accept the reality of the goodwill of those closest to you. Face it: people want nothing more than to see you happy.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
The world could hardly be more in your face, so you might as well get in its face. Nearly every planet worth mentioning (with notable exceptions) is in Pisces right now, your opposite sign: the cosmic sign of the cosmic mirror. The image in that mirror has a life of its own. It is the example, in many forms, of who and what you can be, if you want. The truth is you are so much more than you thought, but to come into a state of wild expansion certainly violates certain dear and long-held principles. So, it may come down to a choice between those principles and exuberance.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
I have received a few letters of the sort, “Jupiter is in my sign, but nothing is happening.” Some of the wiser spiritual traditions say to “seek not outside yourself,” and if you seek within, you’re likely to discover a vast state of awareness — as if you could gaze anywhere in the universe in the experience of self-understanding. You may, however, want to share. Jupiter is not just about receiving; it is about having an abundance to give, and realizing what you have in that process. People need what you have to offer, and if you offer, you’re offering to yourself as well.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Regarding all that’s happening, you may not know whether it’s going to turn out ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but if you check you may see that certain past situations are nagging you. This, in the form of playing an old tape which may be saying something like ‘you don’t deserve it’. The thing is, it’s not about deserving, and that tape is a complete fabrication of someone else’s insecure mind — long in the distant and disappeared past. Resolve to let nothing get between you and the brilliance and joy of this moment, and nothing will. Your heart is open and your creativity is glowing and rumbling like the natural force that it is.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
The breakthrough of this particular moment involves a certain inner wall breaking down under the tidal surge of your feelings, ideas, desires and sense of potential. I trust that you’ve lost all ability to experience your life in an abstract way, a development to which we must pop open the finest bottle of champagne in all of Paris and make a toast to the cosmos. You have an opportunity to fully indulge the complete fact of your being an extraordinarily emotional person at the depths of your being: not a thinker, not a mystic, but one who feels and feels it all.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
It had never actually occurred to me that under the surface of the ocean was an entire cosmos of fish and creatures till I put on the air tanks and went down there one day. It occurred to me that all my life, all I had been seeing of the ocean was the reflection of the light against the surface of the water. In your world, the undersea realm is opening up, and the lights are coming on. You can, if you look, see clear through the surface to the life inside your ideas — and that life is swimming, flowing and reproducing. And all that life is you.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
Day by day and year by year, you’re figuring out that your life is something that you are living, not something that is living you. Few ever make this distinction; few know it exists. You are not effecting this complete and likely irreversible change in direction by will; you are learning to see yourself differently: in essence, not as the effect of the world around you, but something more like the cause. How you feel about yourself radiates out and affects not just every perception, but also every feeling that you and others experience. It’s just finally happening that feeling truly good about who you are is dawning like the Sun.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Even if you had time to reflect on everything that’s happening, I doubt you would have the inclination. You may seem to feel it’s necessary to stretch yourself on the inside to contain all that’s pouring up from the deep core of existence. Yet you don’t need to stretch, or contain, or resist in any way. Just allow your experience to flow through you — not just because that’s all you can do, but because it’s the most pleasurable response. This is certainly a momentous time in your life; you will soon see why, and how. And if you let that flow through you too, life will become more brilliant by the hour.

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