Interview with Kevin McKernan and Bobby Rajesh Malhotra, Co-authors of the Corman-Drosten retraction paper

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Tonight I’ll have a special combined edition of Planet Waves FM and Planet Waves TV, featuring two of the lead authors of the Corman-Drosten retraction paper that came out in November.

They are part of a consortium of 22 European and American scientists who have challenged the basis of the “Covid test” as being scientifically groundless — a story I’ve been developing weekly since last April. This retraction demand has resulted in an international scientific controversy that has not been covered by mainstream news.

This morning with my guests on the combined edition of Planet Waves FM and Planet Waves TV. At the top is Bobby Rajesh Malhotra, and front and center is Kevin McKernon, who runs a private PCR analytical laboratory outside of Boston. This video will be featured in addition to a regular edition of Planet Waves FM.

They are Kevin McKernan, an American master of the PCR, who runs a private, top-end PCR analysis laboratory right outside of Boston that specializes in the testing of cannabis products for government and industry.
The other is Bobby Rajesh Malhotra, a digital artist who previously worked doing 3-D imaging, he was also part of the SARS-CoV-2 taskforce of his research center and stopped playing along the Angst-driven narrative.

This interview will go up as a video presentation as part of tonight’s Planet Waves FM, which usually posts at around 10 pm EST on the new website.

Wednesday, we also published Planet Waves TV on the Aquarius New Moon, which took place Thursday. Here is a link to that presentation.

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