Mercury Station Direct in Scorpio

Updated Sunday, Nov. 17

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Tonight’s program focuses on Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio, which occurs on Wednesday. Just ahead of that, Mars enters Scorpio. Think of the syntax of that: the motivation precedes the decision. Let this astrology influence you at its own pace, probably a little slower than you would proceed otherwise.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

This week I have two interviews — one with Samuel Dean, a friend who is an obsessive news watcher, avid and deep reader, and scholar of the law; and Michael Elia, a political science professor and attorney.

Here are Sam’s impeachment notes, as a PDF.

We discuss the implications of the impeachment in a calm and reflective way for quite a while. The interviews alone go for two hours.

Then I offer the last of the Scorpio Tantra Studios, on the theme of power. This includes handling what happens to you as you gain sexual awareness and align with your personal truth.

Music is by Vision Quest, produced by Daniel Grimsland.

I am planning to take two Sundays off from the program, in service of completing the RESPECT audio readings. That may change. Check Planet Waves (meaning for updates. I will have the Thanksgiving music special, once again featuring Bob Dylan, in cooperation with our friends at Special Rider Music.

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Mercury Stations Direct

1 thought on “Mercury Station Direct in Scorpio”

  1. Eric,
    I listened to the full 4 hours and loved it. I too can’t get enough of the news and watched a horrifying MSNBC broadcast with Richard Engel last night on the Kurdish peoples abandoned in Syria. Their called the nation without a home, however don’t they have a nation called Kurdistan in Iraq? Looking on google maps I could see how close all these nations are and how an invasion affects many. Nevertheless, after seeing the Turkish military uprooting and killing the so called invaders of their borders, I can see why the kurds hate us now. Trump has undeniably undone all the work in that part of the world, including Ukraine our Foreign service workers have done with a flip of a switch. Yes these nations have their problems, but the answer is definitely not to let them fight it out as children. It appears they have done their own fighting and dying with military assistance and training by US troops, who are heartbroken to leave friends behind to die. I am a retired 66 year old RN with no previous interest in following politics believing our leaders, elected fairly or not ( in this case) made decisions in our best interest and as a example for the world. I am saddened and angry at this administration and the overwhelming self interest it operates by. I want to throw up when I see the childish antics the President forces us to endure, weakening our nation under his authority to steer clear of wrongdoing by Executive privilege and his cronies huddling under his umbrella. When I learned Trump was running and saw him on TV lying to innocent idealists, my first thought was this is a narcissistic womanizing reality show host, he couldn’t possibly make it into the White House and pretend to know how to run a country, he can’t even keep his own businesses out of bankruptcy, I don’t understand the American people. I really don’t understand the Republican party in the committee either. How can grown men behave like this. Could it be true our nation is being run by a bunch of 2 year old men having temper tantrums. This man and his mayor are without a doubt the most corrupt men in the country and have hijacked our nation’s capital and what we stand for. There are so many things wrong with this picture that I don’t know how the committee can even begin to untangle the ball of yarn. Thank God for The sanity of Adam Schiff, even if he is a Hollywood screenwriter and Nancy Pelosi, even of she is a nervous Nancy. He is doing a fine job of keeping the narrative in perspective. America, read the transcript: “I want you to dig up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it.” Do not count on Amb Sondland to be forthcoming, he is the most repulsive lying snake to grace the office and belongs in jail for lying to congress the first time around. I’m certain the President is torturing him and Mick Mulvaney , the true never trumpers for their indiscretion and practicing their lines for the committee hearing. Thank you Donald Trump for educating me about what really goes on behind closed doors and forcing me to awaken to my responsibility to vote with a finely tuned discerning eye and a deeper knowing of what I want my President to stand for. And it aint a wall moron.

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