Mercury Direct Square Eris, and the Leo New Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:

Mercury stations direct Wednesday night in Cancer at 11:58 pm EDT (3:57:41 UTC Thursday). This happens just 46 minutes after the Leo New Moon is exact. ‘Hump day’ may feel more like ‘bump day’ with some unexpected moments, and it looks like they’ll arrive with an important question: Are you willing to see through the bullshit (including your own) — and can you have a sense of humor about it?

Here’s what’s up astrologically: Mercury is stationing conjunct the degree where the Sun was for the July 16 eclipse — which is square Eris in Aries. Mercury may be the planet of the mind and communication, but in myth he was also the Trickster — in kind of a little kid way. Eris also has an element of that, though seemingly less playfully in her myths.

Found object display from Bare Portland’s “unboxing party,” in which the contents of an auctioned storage pod have become the basis for a multi-stage, participatory theater piece. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Hence the idea that a sense of humor could be useful this week, particularly as we get to Wednesday and Thursday; Mercury stationing direct can be marked by a revelation of truth or previously missing information.

Given that the Mercury-Eris aspect is a square (rather than, say, an opposition), this may describe you revealing the truth to yourself as much as speaking it to someone else, or having someone speak it to you.

Or, to put it more bluntly (as Eric did in an email to me about this aspect): Start by telling the truth and stop believing lies.

You know what is true and what is not, so try not bullshitting yourself; open your mouth and say something real. Be real with yourself. Does this approach have the potential to change a situation you’re in? Of course. But that’s kind of the point with a square aspect: something must be done to resolve building tension; in doing or saying what must be done or said, circumstances change in some way; and as a result of that change, energy is freed up and space is opened for being real: for growing, healing, connecting, creating and so on.

Consider again the Marshall McLuhan quote that led off Eric’s Thursday essay:

“Only the small child and the artist have that immediacy of approach that permits perception of the environmental. The artist provides us with anti-environments that enable us to see the environment.”

Mercury stationing direct square Eris potentially describes a moment of, “Hey! Look at what’s really happening! Isn’t it wild we didn’t see it before now!” It’s about approaching the reality of a situation with the mind of a child; it’s the kid along the parade route who’s the only one willing enough, uninhibited enough, and honest enough to shout out that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

As shocking as it is that nobody else piped up, it’s also pretty hilarious to hear it coming from a child. So that’s the challenge this week: whatever you’re confronted with, or that you must confront, isn’t it kind of ridiculous and funny to finally be doing so now?

We’re surrounded by a lot of noise and distraction these days, and it’s all too easy to believe the hype — to think that the Kardashians are something to aspire to; or that it requires emptying your savings account to be ‘healed’ by a guru; or to fall for your own social media persona (or several of them), and then wonder why you feel a sense of disconnect or anxiety when dealing with people face to face.

One thing Eris in Aries describes is this fragmentation of self. But you are one person. Yes, we all have facets and ‘sides’ to ourselves; yet they all need to integrate into one whole.

Full chart for Mercury stationing direct, with the Leo New Moon just beginning to separate. The cluster of planets and points at the bottom of the chart is (l-r): the lunar North Node and Mercury in Cancer; the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Juno in Leo. Note that Venus and the New Moon are square Uranus in Taurus, on the left side of the chart.

Somewhere along the line, this gets scary for a lot of people: being known for all of who we are. There’s a lot of shaming and guilt-tripping that happens in childhood. And so we hide our true desires and needs from those closest to us — sometimes literally to survive, but often out of fear of rejection. Which can feel like a matter of life and death even though it is not really.

More seriously (as Eric described to me), this square between Mercury and Eris as Mercury stations direct equates to: “If I say something, I will change the situation.”

People generally have one of two responses in this case:

1. I better swallow it and shut up.

2. I need to say something.

You might make it your mission this week to notice — and to truly know — when you are rationalizing a situation and when you are lying to yourself. Dishonesty and silence do not solve problems.

Having an interpersonal blowup can feel like a ‘problem’ and something to avoid, but what are you really avoiding? Isn’t a blowup just a sign of something that was not working and was bound to happen at some point anyway?

Yes, that is easy to say; not always easy to do. I speak as someone who is on an ongoing path of learning how to walk this talk.

What might happen if you could see yourself through the eyes of that kid along the parade route in the fable? Could you have a good laugh, learn a little something, and then get on with being real?

I’ll be asking myself the same thing.

Yours & truly,

Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Sunday, July 28, 2019 (The Day of the Winner)

If certain friendships or associations are giving you pause, one method of obtaining clarity is to consider the net effect on you as a person. This doesn’t simply mean whether or not you’re happier — though that is an important factor. It’s also: are the people in question helping or hindering your progress toward self-actualization? Do you bring out the best in one another? Do you challenge one another, or stay firmly in your comfort zone? Considering these points will probably offer useful clues.

Monday, July 29, 2019 (The Day Of Cultural Assessment)

If you’re feeling restless, look for the root of the matter in emotions or needs you may have ignored or denied. You’ll almost certainly benefit from bringing them into the light and addressing them. One person’s security can be another’s dull stagnation, and if it becomes such, that’s the moment to shake things up. You may find there are certain aspects of yourself that you can no longer conceal. This is a sign of progress and an opportunity for you to live freely and openly.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 (The Day Of the Tangible Presence)

You are making discoveries about yourself — feelings, desires, inclinations that you might previously have set aside or not been fully aware of. Recent events or sudden changes may have precipitated these revelations, though they are no less genuine for that. Often we learn about ourselves through our reactions to external movements. It would be advisable to avoid any kind of self-judgment during this process; hold space for yourself and allow your understanding to develop without restriction.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 (The Day Of the Human Portrait)

Today’s powerful New Moon on your birthday signifies you coming more fully into your own — meaning your energy, your resilience, and your ability to make decisions. The year ahead is very likely to show how strong you can be. You can accomplish just about anything you wish to. All that’s required of you is to understand all this, and to keep going even if you have times when you’re not so confident. If someone tries to push against you, remember that only you can direct your life.

Thursday, August 1, 2019 (The Day of Original Style)

Think of shaping who you are as an ongoing experimental process. As the map of the sky is constantly shifting, so you are continually becoming and renewing from moment to moment. You will only stagnate if you are determined to. That means ultimately you have the power to choose who you want to be, and to alter course as necessary to get there, which is an amazing gift. Therefore, don’t surround yourself with imaginary walls. Keep your evolution moving and your ideas along with it.

Friday, August 2, 2019 (The Day of the Versatile Signature)

You’ve gained a number of skills over time, and the year ahead will probably provide an opportunity to use them all. Changes are happening. Using your gifts wisely should help you steer matters in a useful direction, and navigate through any difficult areas or sudden plot twists. You have more versatility than you may think, and resources you can use even in the thickest of briar patches, if needed. You also possess a certain innate charm at this time, which might help open some interesting doors.

Saturday, August 3, 2019 (The Day of the Dangerous Quest)

If you want to make more of a positive difference in the world, this year’s astrology suggests you have the resources — whether it’s money, time, energy or ideas. You might need to use some discernment prior to making a firm decision, though do be sure to consider the opportunities offered you. Part of this exercise seems to be about finding your present vocation, and building on your self-confidence. Few things can do that like knowing you’re in a position to help someone, or several someones.

Sunday, August 4, 2019 (The Day of the Guiding Light)

You may be feeling as if you want to break out of your current daily life and do something completely unfamiliar. This is likely to be based in deep-seated, intimate sensations connected with your development and healing on a fundamental level. Said another way, this is about something you need to grow toward, and behind it is an abundant well of energy waiting to be channeled. That’s where you come in: you set the direction, then steer into new and exciting territory with the wind at your back.

— By Amy Elliott

Monday Morning Horoscope #187 for July 29, 2019 | By Victoria Emory

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Courageous encounter is what leads to discovery of new forms, new ideas on which to build. This requires trust in your own validity — and distinguishes creative engagement that feeds your soul, from what amounts to vacuous play. Set the stage on which you want to perform; offer your inner child freedom to emerge and shine. Openings to connect with certain facets of yourself, perhaps long buried, are available, and Wednesday’s New Moon (exact at 11:12 pm EDT) initiates a cycle loaded with creative potential. Mercury dramatically stations direct at the same time, activating sensitive emotional history stirred up by recent eclipses. To bring forth your true self is the ultimate creative achievement. For you, now, that calls for honest reckoning with some outstanding issues concerning your family, your past, or where you live. Revelations may surface that call for receptivity and maturity as situations unfold. If unexpected tensions arise between your desires and personal resources, stay limber; an open-minded approach can yield innovative solutions.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Fill in the blank: If only I were free to ____. Follow your train of thought, and bear in mind that outer manifestations reflect inner conditions. If you haven’t yet felt the revolutionary insistence of Uranus in your sign, stay tuned. You’re expanding beyond limiting self-concepts, and this week something related to your roots, your home, or your private past will help prod you awake to immediate priorities in your personal liberation. Emotional imprinting functions instinctively, just below conscious radar, but the truth is that what we think, what we believe, determines what we feel. Wednesday’s New Moon and direct station of Mercury spotlight the relationship between your habitual mental patterns and psychic foundations. Let yourself dive inside for a period of strategic withdrawal; feel around for what’s holding you back. Observe your thought process and question assumptions. Real breakthroughs are possible now.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The wind changes direction this week to start filling your sails, building momentum to move forward on matters involving resources and security. As clarity emerges around longstanding financial issues, summon patience; whatever’s involved is complex, and ties into potentially intense family history. Tectonic shifts in your support system, emotional or material, may have triggered upheaval on the deepest strata of your psyche that you’re not entirely aware of. Keep tabs on how your inner dialogue and everyday interactions impact your subtle sense of ease or anxiety. Opportunities are available now to connect with healing guidance; choose mentors or counselors wisely, but even a word with a trusted friend could be a powerfully good thing. You’re well on your way to getting your groove back — and then some. To navigate your way there, focus your sights like a laser on where you want to be.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — As captain of your soul you’ve earned a few extra stripes this season. Challenging storms have tested your powers and your limits, and the strength you’ve developed is yours forever. Clearer weather approaches, but keep your hands on the wheel; your stance firm, but not rigid. Mercury stations direct in your sign on Wednesday, while the New Moon occurs in your house of resources, security and personal values. Your oracle this week: The Root of Confidence is Trust; The Root of Value is Strength. Your ability to focus on essentials, likely financial, will soon be easier — when in doubt, take inventory of your skills, your strengths, and trust yourself. Hang loose and don’t overreact if revelations or tensions emerge regarding relationships: professional, personal or in terms of your community. Give things time to unfold and remain open. Your sensitivity is matched only by your tenacious will, and your reputation for wisdom and leadership will serve you in good stead.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Wednesday’s New Moon marks your astrological birthday, the start of a new solar year. At this time, you’re naturally more focused on yourself in a positive sense, and can use power flowing in your direction to re-charge your batteries and consider priorities for the year ahead. This cycle brings with it a message of healing, of learning and spiritual growth. Channels are wide open to connect with those who can assist in this department, and as the week unfolds, confusion or static clouding your inner compass will start to clear. Keep your sensors tuned for signals you might have been waiting for without realizing it, to help illuminate your path. The spotlight is yours; just stay flexible if unexpected events related to your public role or career obligations seem to challenge your personal needs this week. Your good will radiates a very bright light, and your ability to shine is at maximum strength. The Force is with you and growing stronger.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You know which relationships help to iron your vibe; those with whom you share a kindred bond on a true soul level. Reconnecting with nurturing allies ties directly in to your own need for deep psychic healing this week. There’s a potentially difficult juxtaposition of social and interior focus, yet communication is essential to really shifting emotional gears and clearing the path. You may also provide for others just the support they need; as long as you’re coming from a place of love, rather than obligatory sacrifice, the sharing will serve you both. Mercury’s direct station is a reminder that your capacity for joy has been too long held in check, and your path this year involves community. Keep your receiver open as your solar year concludes; pay attention to intuitive prompts and examine fears rather than run with them. Take time to regroup and recharge.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Mercury stations direct at the top of your chart on Wednesday, focusing attention on your public role and profession. Though your heart may long to be elsewhere, sensitive communications related to your career might require your full attention. For optimal navigation of potentially stressful conditions, bring your best Zen master-diplomat to the table: calm, discreet, discerning. Whatever’s in flux will take time to shake out, so keep your wits and stay cool. That’s how to roll right now, but easier said than done. This potent event activates issues brought up by the recent lunar eclipse, and confusing uncertainties on the job could trigger insecurities related to upheavals you’ve weathered, and the need for solid foundations. You’ve got a lot on your plate, but the essential nutrient to restore your spirit is available in the form of trusted allies, perhaps some with whom you’ve lost touch. This week’s New Moon heralds a cycle in which connecting with friends and members of your community plays a vital role.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Ego gets a bad rap, but without it we couldn’t function at all. We’d have no means by which to pursue fulfillment or even take care of our physical needs. A strong sense of self is integral to a whole and healthy personality. Key word: whole — your ego is the means through which your Greater Self negotiates this realm. But it’s actually a small fraction of who you really are, and becomes a fearful, jealous god when left to its own devices, cut off from the mother-ship: the guidance of your Higher Self. Our culture’s dominant world-view supports this division, resulting in a painful state of affairs one needn’t look far to see. You have a golden opportunity now to embrace a more integrated path. Take advantage of it by consciously tuning in to assumptions you’re reacting to; question reflexive judgments; quiet your mind and open to wisdom that’s trying to penetrate the noise. Commit to this practice and let the process unfold. This is key to the worldly success you’re after.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your instinct to go for the goal, whatever it is, is part of what makes you powerful. You’re experienced enough by now to recognize the power of patience, however, in actually achieving it. Wednesday’s New Moon occurs simultaneously with Mercury’s direct station; if you’ve been champing at the bit to get going already, take heart. The broader horizons you seek will come into sharper focus as the week unfolds. Given changing conditions, you’ll navigate your way most effectively by allowing some wiggle-room in your intended route. Mercury activates the ongoing evolutionary process in your support system, and specifically counsels both receptivity and circumspection with regards to financial agreements and work-related projects, not necessarily directly related. You may receive information you’ve been waiting for that helps you get clear about how to proceed. Understand this will take time, but don’t be deflected. Train your sights on your objective and stay flexible. The journey, as they say, is the destination.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Emotion is power. To bring light to darkness, to effect meaningful transformation, one must venture into the psychic depths where that power resides and allow it to move. That requires courage to feel, and express that feeling. And nothing generates intense emotional response more than significant relationships: desire, the need for trusted, soul-level intimacy and the extent to which those are frustrated or fulfilled. This is potentially radioactive material and most don’t risk opening those doors. Your greatest evolution, however, requires exploring that territory. Never forget that this is about you — your transformational process — and relationship issues that move the dial at all reflect back to us, in one way or another, what we hold inside. Whatever dramas this involves for you, Mercury’s direct station mid-week opens the door to essential communications that call for patience, self-awareness and compassion, for yourself and others. Clarity will take time to unfold. Trust the process.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Shifts on tap this week may play out for you in several ways. One over-arching theme involves significant relationships and negotiating essential changes related to your base of operations: home life, emotional history and old family imprinting. In terms of domestic partnerships, Mercury’s direct station on Wednesday paves the way for overdue communication around the balance of power, responsibilities and how those impact your ability to function as part of a team. Proceed slowly, with sensitivity; look within for inhibitions or unexpressed resentments that feed into the situation. This is a dialogue that must unfold over time; overreaction won’t help. You may also be able to get the ball rolling on an intended work project, formulating ideas to contribute to colleagues. Finally, if you’ve been unclear or frustrated about health-related issues, opportunities open up this week to connect with appropriate guidance or specialists; follow up on leads and reach out.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Most of us avoid making changes in our routines, despite growing discomfort and awareness of how much we need to. Eventually, conditions exert enough pressure to trigger some kind of eruption, which liberates dammed-up energy, and we act. This may register for you regarding demands on the job, or frustration over health-related issues. If you feel ready to blow, just don’t do so at co-workers (or others for that matter). A good rant in an appropriate environment could clear the pipes and help you get going. Summer, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the time to get outside and, if you’re lucky, take a break. You might have to lean into a heavy work schedule, however. Yet don’t let this be at the expense of your physical wellbeing. Carve out down time. Getting organized now, adjusting regimens and work patterns, lays the foundation to re-engage an important goal related to your success that may have been stalled in the water. Tune up and refuel; activation of your creative power requires a full tank.

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