Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2021


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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Before the Sun enters your sign later this month, you have an opportunity to experience the beauty of your inner world. Not everyone knows this exists. At the moment, the only world most people experience is the internet and anything connected to it. Yes, there are a few people in our society who remember forests, but not most. Contact with nature would bring you closer to yourself. An ocean or large body of water comes to mind, though the natural world in any form will do. The feeling you experience with nobody else around, coming face to face with beauty, is a glimpse of your personal and private world. The longer you stay, the better, though you take your inner existence with you everywhere you go. Another approach is to consider food, which is one of the most intimate things about a person. Give yourself frequent experiences of eating exactly what you want, in a setting where you don’t need to justify yourself nor have your choices be subject to discussion. You would be amazed how much approval-seeking surrounds a matter that should be distinctly one’s own business. You may notice a particularly strong emotional charge around food, and all that it’s associated with. You are in an especially good time to adopt the maxim, “Let food be thy medicine.” On March 20, the Sun enters Aries, which is a refreshing moment for you and for the world. Unlike many people, you have considerable freedom of movement, and social options. But those will be limited by fear, and fear is fed by ignorance. You have a responsibility to know your personal truth, which is a matter of self-understanding and making a true effort to understand the facts of the world around you.

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2021-22 Aries Astrology Studio: The Continuing Adventure of Chiron in Aries

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Debbi Kempton-Smith (author of Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook) said that the best sign placement for your ruling planet Venus is Pisces. There, she will be in rare form this month. The New Moon of March 13 takes place in a conjunction with Venus and Neptune, along with the rainbow goddess Iris (a.k.a. Arc Iris). This is a picture of the good life, something to which you probably aspire. It’s also a picture of escapism, a word I’m using in my horoscope for the first time since August 1999, according to our database. The only reason I bring that up is because the public accountability angle of your chart is stronger than it’s been since, well, February 1962, when you were probably very young or not yet born. That is Aquarius. You have Jupiter and Saturn transiting your 10th house. It’s easy to ride on your reputation with this happening, or to think you have the Midas touch. Yet the real calling is to step up boldly to take responsibility for the issues of our day. This is not designed to be easy or convenient. There may not be any direct benefit to you, other than the satisfaction of a job well done, or less, having done your part to make that happen. There are no certainties, and the world and every single local community is facing a crisis that is barely understood or recognized for what it is. You have talent, experience, and other resources, and you are being called. Why you, why now? Call it karma. Call it dharma. Call it your life path. Taurus is an individualistic sign, though more than that, you wear the insignia of an officer, and are being summoned into collective service at a crucial time.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mars will be in your birth sign all month. That may lead you to wonder why it’s worth bothering to go after what you want in life when it’s fraught with so many challenges and often, disappointments. However, the mission and purpose of Mars is about discovering what you want and proving it to yourself, rather than immediate fulfillment. You need to sort through what you don’t value and what you don’t truly desire and then see what you’re left with. This will involve confidence building and learning how to work your way through various forms of inner and outer resistance. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to connect with people who support you, some in the form of offering teaching and mentorship. But ultimately this is your journey and your quest. It’s easy to say you want something, or to accomplish something. It’s another thing to apply your desire and to persist in the face of challenges. And when you go for what you want, it’s almost inevitable that you will face the basic conditions of existence on the physical plane. Don’t push this too hard. What you need is slow, steady persistence. You are not in a position to accomplish anything especially quickly. However, if you’re paying attention, you will slowly gain clarity around your goals and what you must do to make them real. Be careful about competing with yourself, working against your goals, or splitting your intentions. The thing you have to do is something of the ultimate karma for a Gemini, which is focus your whole self on the objective you want to attain. And this may not be about one thing only, as we all are living multiple lives right now; it’s a set of bylaws that you will need to apply to anything you do.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — This is an unusual time for you. After a series of eclipses shook you loose from your known reality (mostly in 2018 and 2019), Chiron entered Aries, which is the leadership angle of your chart. Yet the leadership style of Chiron is most unusual: it’s off to the side, or from behind, not at the top of the pyramid. It is a form of spiritual leadership that is enhanced by the impressive energy coming from Pisces right now. The New Moon on the 13th is calling on you to expand your vision, boldly, with the ocean as your metaphor. See as far as your mind’s eye can see, and use your imagination to stretch your concepts further. You may not do all that you imagine, and you may not think it’s possible, though you want to be drawing from a deep pool that you may think of as potential. Dive in, or tap in through what you might think of as your higher power. Then, stay in contact with that part of you, or with your vision, or however you think of it. When the Sun crosses the midheaven angle of your solar chart, you will be called into action, and you may need to proceed quickly. You have the formidable task of being someone who initiates projects and goals rather than merely following along with what has been established in the past. Beginning things requires special talent, special effort and a true calling, and you may find yourself in a position where you have all three. This is not an easy challenge, and you may find your abilities stretched past their limits. So be it. You will still have a good life, and if you are paying attention, you will notice all the help that is around you.

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2020-21 Cancer Astrology Studio: I Feel, Therefore I Am

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Have you let go of all the difficulties and challenges you faced last year, and the two years prior? It was all a lot, though you’re in all new territory now. It’s time to fully catch up with yourself and not leave any part of you lingering behind. Use these last few weeks of the solar year to tidy up old business. Get out of commitments that you’re not interested in, and close the book on them. The New Moon on the 13th would be an excellent time to aim for that process, and will give you plenty of time to both state and act on your intentions. When the Sun enters your fellow fire sign Aries on the 20th, you will want to proceed forward without hindrances and unresolved or dangling matters. So make your decisions and act on them. You do not need nostalgia. There may have been positive things about the past, though there is more that you’re ready to move on from. There is only one way to do that, and that is simply to do it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to take care of whatever personal business this entails. There are many factors in your chart indicating that now is the time to clear out old situations and relationships. You have power tools that will help you establish better boundaries, which begin with you being able to say the words, “I want.” They are more important than “I need,” which always must come with some justification. Desire is its own value, not subject to external review. You want what you want, and you must make that known. The exercise here is stating your intentions for your life, and ensuring that you are the only one who makes that declaration.

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2020-21 Leo Astrology Studio: Notes on Love and Courage

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — This is an unusual time in your relationships, with so much of the sky oriented in your opposite sign Pisces. The current pattern is likely to bring out the romantic idealist in you. Despite the allure and the temptation, I suggest you take a more practical, mental approach to relating to people. Romance is largely an illusion. Collaboration is real. Healing is real. Community service is real. You have all of these options open to you. You are more likely to meet a suitable friend and partner outside of a romantic context, by which I mean some form of online dating or any dating. This may not fulfill your desire for sweetness and starlight, though that’s generally not a good starting place. And at the moment, it will be difficult to make heads or feet out of anyone who you are not coexisting with in a more serious environment, and one where the expectations are more grounded. There, you will be able to make better observations about who someone is. Do they show up on time? How do they play with others? Are they the same person when you’re alone as they are in a group context? This is the information you need before you can consider a deeper relationship with someone. Many of your relationship experiences in the past have led you to invest yourself fully in someone without really knowing who they are. Yes, there is always some mystery, but we have enough of those these days. The risk you face now is projection: that is, seeing someone for who you think they are rather than who they actually are. What you think or believe does not matter. Only the truth is erotic.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You might avoid getting overly involved in any drama that emerges at work. It might be difficult, though what you want to be doing is your own style of creative projects. You are heading for a situation where there might be some competition for where you direct your energy. Emotional situations eat creative power. They eat time. So if something seems like it’s heading in the direction of drama, you might take your option and go another way, at least for a while. When this precious month or two is over, you want something to show for your efforts and outpouring of devotion. You have a most unusual opportunity to invest in the creative side of your nature, which has been calling on you to do this for as long as you remember. This calls for rising to a challenge. That means changing some of the patterns of your mind and your use of time such that you structure a place for what you want the most. The challenge here is that under digital conditions, our mental structures and life patterns have become more rigid than ever. We are gradually being convinced to act like robots, and to welcome injections that even the manufacturers say reprogram the immune system. To be creative is to be human. That means being flexible, adaptable and open to change. Mostly that means changing how you think and how you perceive the world. This will come through your relationship to yourself more than to others. The fact that you may face a challenge creating space and time to do what you value the most is revealing of how tight the patterns of your existence have become. Make the effort. You will find the challenge of growth and change to be liberating.

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2020-21 Libra Astrology Studio: Notes to Myself

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may wonder what you’re up against — and the answer is, yourself. Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini, a sign that for you is associated with deep bonding, commitment and exchange. Yet right now it’s a hall of mirrors. Yes, this is a property of consciousness many times. But there is a bold, compelling image of an echo chamber that is dominating your chart for the foreseeable future. So how exactly do you handle this? Gently, and without making assumptions — especially about other people. This is one of those times to consider an idea attributed to Anais Nin: we don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. Let that be your starting point, and stick with it for a while. Every time you think someone thinks something, or believes something, or has a certain motive, check in with yourself. You will need to be less emotional and more mentally detached to make an assessment, since emotional responses (and people having them) always think they are right. So you’re unlikely to have any objectivity if you proceed from that level. You will need to do something that’s extraordinarily uncharacteristic of people in the 21st century: use your intelligence. That will mean checking with multiple informed viewpoints, observing yourself over time, and consulting with two or three people whose viewpoints you trust (no more; you must concentrate the discussion and not allow your thoughts to be diffused by random, uninformed opinions). And be cautious if you hear too much talking about what you want to do, without you doing it. When the equinox engages fully on March 20, it will be essential that you adopt an all-about-business attitude. So catch your breath, and get ready for action.

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2020-21 Scorpio Astrology Studio: The Scorpio File

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Yours is considered one of the most cosmic and visionary of the signs. Yet it also has a tendency to get stuck in thought patterns that can seem impossible to change. Reorganizing your mind and your perceptions is much easier, if you connect with your need to do so. The ‘stuck thought pattern’ issue is due to the power of the sign Aquarius in your chart, which falls in your 3rd house. This shows a strong tendency to get into mental habits and to stick with them whether they serve you or not. However, your ruling planet Jupiter, plus the mighty Saturn, both in Aquarius, are urging you to get onto a new brainwave. Habits are helpful, until you are enslaved by them. Hanging out with your chosen group is fun, until you find that you’re not learning anything from them. Jupiter is urging you to expand your horizons. Saturn is calling on you to be brutal about what does not work for you, and to look for and see the places where you’re invested in beliefs and rigid concepts that do not reflect reality. By that I mean they may not serve your ability to navigate your environment. This takes flexibility right now, and you can be sure that is a new kind of discipline for you. The challenge with either Jupiter or Saturn in Aquarius is thinking you are right; thinking you know when you do not. That is also true of Mercury in Aquarius, all of which are extant now. You are firmly in “know when you don’t know” territory. We both know you like an adventure, and when you admit that, you are well on your way to beginning one. Knowing when you don’t know is your passport.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You are likely to be feeling some desire for justice and to make things right in the world. This will never happen until people do right by one another personally. Many are granting themselves all kinds of license to treat people however they want, and this is not making the world a better place. However, the problems when they arise are rarely thought of as such. Rather, they are reactions that come from the place of an injured child. That may come up for you this month. First, residue from competition among siblings may arise. If you recognize that, grab it — it will be an easy scenario to work with. Closer to the core is how you may feel that if you act and speak in ways that are true to yourself, you will be rejected by your family. This is a deep fear for many, and a source of anger. It’s also the source of a ‘survivalist’ way of life where suddenly it becomes legitimate to elevate one’s needs over those of others to the point of actual unfairness. Strive for balance. Share what you have and be generous with your spirit (your love, your attention, your intelligence). If others say you’re not being helpful or not doing your part, hear them out. Notice if you’re being argumentative, especially at work. A better world is better in all ways. And we humans on the ground have many areas of influence. However, that only works if you’re listening, and take to heart what you hear. You have it better than most people on the planet and can afford to be more generous, asking nothing in return. That spirit would do well for everyone. It is the essence of true justice.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — There is a difference between what is true for you, and what is true generally, or what can be proven. The thing about personal truth is that it’s personal, and for most people does not require evidence. That is a problem, and while everyone needs to raise the bar on what they accept as personally valid, you simply must do this now. As for what is generally true, establishing that is an odyssey, though it begins with the process of identifying and questioning all of your assumptions. And I do mean all, because they may all be wrong. One challenge you have is the exercise of holding multiple viewpoints at once. That means not deciding who is strictly right or wrong for a while, but rather, holding open all of the possibilities. Said another way, standing in the face of the unknown. This is more than most people can bear, so they jump to false conclusions and then pretend such a thing does not exist. But such can be costly now, given the kinds of pressure that society is putting people under. Yet the circumstances demand that you rise wholly to the occasion and become an actual individual who can stand up for yourself. And everything I’ve written leading up to this thought is involved. One error often made through the Aquarius filter is the idea that intelligence is purely mental. It is much more than that; much more than can be emulated by a computer. True intelligence is not an algorithm of any kind. It is a process of observing, feeling, gradually gaining understanding, and keeping the questions in your mind alive. Then you live what you think of as truth, and see if it works for you.

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Pisces Astrology Studio 2021

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Some people are into baseball to cheer for their team. Some are into the game, and will cheer for a fantastic play by the other team. One is about competition. The other is about quality — and that is the thing you want. Your chart is about doing things for their own sake, and doing them well. This is about devotion to beauty, and to purpose, and to your own artistry. You would do well to consider everything you do to be an expression of artistic integrity, which means both beautiful and purposeful. With so many planets in your sign, and your ruling planet Jupiter so well situated, you are no doubt feeling your potential. Yet to engage that, you will need to get physical: build things, go places, conduct experiments, and gain experience with people. It is the “making real” process that has been replaced in our times with downloading an app, or with buying some new piece of technology. The quality of your ideas is your greatest asset, though those exist only in potential until you get into the workshop and start doing things with them. You need to go far enough into the process that you know you can make a mistake — and you would be well served to do that a few times. You want to get it wrong as much as you want to get it right, because those errors are essential to the creative process, and the self-creative process. Remember all the time that you are integrating intellectual integrity and beauty. Keep an eye on how things work and how they look, following the maxim “function precedes form” (or if you prefer, “form follows function”). You are on the brink of something both excellent and relevant. Let it happen.

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